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Nylsah Winterbrook

She tries her best

0 · 289 views · located in Half Moon Academy

a character in “Half Moon Academy”, as played by Krazaz


-Name: Nylsah Winterbrook, call her Nyl

-Age: 15

-Race: Namuh (human from a dimension of opposites)

-Appearance: This train wreck of a girl stands at 5'2" She has shoulder length blonde hair with a rather petite frame, her eyes are blue. In casual dress she prefers her Ceremonial robes but will begrudgingly wear these silly uniforms. She also has a ceremonial tattoo on her back, a creepy vibe emanates from the eyes that stare back at you, but Nyl insists it's harmless. Often she will appear in contrast to herself, one moment she will be listless and arbitrary, the next she will be a scrambling nervous wreck, ever so rarely a confident nature will shine through her.

-Day class

-Powers: Her natural powers are illusionary in nature, she isn't exactly good at them, but she tries what she will, this will usually be sounds but sometimes she can conjure images too. She was also gifted with being raised as an Oracle. Her powers include:
Truesight, which lets her see entities that are of typically unseeable nature, most typically those that are invisible.
Oracle growth, which allows her to grow and incite change in plants.
Treesight, she can see through the Oracle Trees as though they were cameras, this ability spans over any distance/dimensions.

-Inventory: Bag of Oracle Seeds (15), Special School Uniform, Ceremonial robes, other Dimension appropriate clothing, a framed picture of her with her Alternate Ashlyn. A mass of school supplies, and a backpack.

-Backstory: Nylsah was born in a hospital like most people and her early childhood was similarly bland, she lived in what is called an Alternate dimension, (what gives them the right to call us Alternate?) which meant her world mirrored another, when she was about 5, due to magical circumstances she was brought to a different Alternative dimension where she quickly met and befriended her Alternate known as Ashlyn, she seemed nice at first. But after a day she realized she couldn't return to her home dimension, because she was so young and caught up in the circumstances, no one knew exactly where she belonged, her alternate parents offered to shelter her but the authorities couldn't condone this, she was instead given to the Oraclisme who raised her as an Oracle. Ten years later she is assigned to stay in Halfmoon Academy for continued education and eventually to grow up with her own choices.

So begins...

Nylsah Winterbrook's Story

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#, as written by Krazaz
Today was the day, today was the day Nylsah would leave the Oricalcum, she had finished her lessons only last week and had become an Oracle, however, as her mentor, Ohl, had told her for her entire time there, her lessons would never be complete without leaving for the worlds beyond, deep down she hoped to return to her home, but amidst the millions of realms, the likelihood of that was beyond laughable.

She prepared herself nervously, relearning how to dress herself in the clothing Ohl had recovered for her, the bra was the hardest part as she never wore one before, she only had recollections of her mother wearing them. After having a bite to eat, she exited her room in her Livingtree, immediately she was bombarded with stares by the Oraclisme and their apprentices, as her unfamiliar garb took them aback. Nyl could only smile nervously at the populace as she stuck out like a sore thumb. She felt a little bad that she couldn't be part of the daily prayer ritual but that feeling was canceled out by her nervousness.

Eventually she had come to the house of Ohl, she knew the doorframe by heart and she felt comforted by it. She walked inside to see the familiar sight of her mentor. Ohl turned to see his former apprentice. “My, don't you look… beautiful” he lied. Nyl could easily see it in his face, the modest culture of the Oraclisme definitely saw this uniform as perverse and awkward. “I know how you feel Master Ohl, but this skirt isn't even that short” Nyl responded.

Ohl scratched his bulbous yellow head, "Well, if you get attacked, you know what to do” he said concerningly. “Master Ohl, you worry too much, I’ll be fine” Nyl was lying as well, she didn't know about the world she was assigned, only that the officials assured her that the people and culture were similar to that she came from. “If you insist” Ohl sighed, “Just know that I am proud of you young Nylsah” he placed a small bag in her hand, she knew right away what was inside, “Here's your parting gift” he said as he opened a portal from thin air. “Off you go”. Nyl stood for a second at awe of the white swirling hole that had opened before her. “Thank you for everything Master Ohl” she said as she hesitated at the opening. “Please, I am no longer your master, I am only Ohl,” he pushed her in with all the force his old body could muster. The portal closed “She is going to get her ass kicked” he said to himself.

Nyl fell flat on her ass as she was dropped into the realm of portals, “That was a bit rude of him” she said aloud, the voice echoed quickly before her as she stood up. There she was, alone. A white void stretched infinitely before her. She looked around, for miles, stone structures dotted the blank landscape, behind her there was no portal, only more structures. She did the only thing she could do, walk. She soon approached a stone structure, it was a portal to another dimension, a marker glowed atop it, she looked down on the card she had been given. The symbols looked nothing alike. Suddenly she felt the dread of being trapped here, roaming infinitely to find her destination.

She panicked a little, running to the next structure for yet another denial. She began to sprint to the next but then felt a hand on her shoulder stop her and turn her around. A man, approximately 20 years old had stopped her, his multicolored hair stood out but she quickly spotted his Oracle robes. “I've been looking for you” he said, “wha, huh, wh-who are you?” Nyl asked. “My name is Mas, you must be Nyl” he said, “Mas?” She said, that name was familiar but she couldn't put her finger on why.

“I have been waiting by the Oricalcum Portal for awhile, what are you doing over here?” Mas said, “Mast-uh, Ohl opened a portal here” she said, holding her tongue. “Ohl? That old bat is still training apprentices? When will he retire?” Mas shook his head. “Alright, follow me and I'll bring you to your new home, Kerectus is nice, I've been there once or twice” He said at last. Nyl followed behind nervously but trusted her fellow Oracle to bring her to her destination. They stopped at another doorway, this one matching the symbol she sought. “Welp, here we are young Oracle, don't study too hard, wouldn't want to miss out on all the action”, Nyl was confused by the statement until she was pushed in by Mas “She's going to get her ass kicked” he said to himself as he reascended.

An old portal on Kerectus flickered to life and plopped out the disoriented Nyl “not again” she said, brushing herself off and gathering her things. She peered at her instructions that would guide her to this Halfmoon Academy, the instructions were carefully written as though what she needed to do had already happened. She exited the hidden portal and made her way through an alleyway to a busy road where she called a cab who appeared as the instructions described. The car ride was about an hour, and the cabbie was rather untalkative but did give her funny looks. She quickly guided her way through the congregation of students who were in similar garb.

The School itself was both beautiful and discomforting, it was one of the few buildings she had seen since she got here and this was the first she had really looked at. Something told her there would be plenty of secrets within this old castle. She immediately felt something was missing about the picturesque scene before her, she reached into the bag Ohl had gave her and plucked a soft yellow acorn, she could feel its warmth radiate from within its protective shell, she gently made a hole in the dirt far from the fence and gently placed the young Oracle Tree within before joining the gathering that led to the heart of campus. She made her way through the crowd, eventually approaching the building at the core. Inside she saw another girl standing hesitantly at the desk with no one on the other side.

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Character Portrait: Katherine J. Rithe Character Portrait: Nylsah Winterbrook
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#, as written by Krazaz
Nylsah began to approach the desk, she could hear the ding of the bell that the girl had pressed, the girl turned around seemingly unaware of her presence, as she did Nyl came to a halt as a looming figure popped up stealthily from behind the desk. As the girl turned back, Nyl swore she jumped about two feet at the appearance of the man. The man’s brash voice could probably be heard across campus as he stopped the girls words in its tracks, even Nyl felt paralyzed by the man’s words, as though some magic came over her.

The interaction lasted only a minute before the man ducked away into his office. The paralysis lifted, Nyl couldn't tell if it really was magic or some kind of psychological effect. Nyl shook it off, her mind immediately went to the girl. Ok Nylly time to make your first friend, don't screw up she gathered herself and changed from her nervous face to her ‘cool girl’ look, filled with listlessness and melancholy.

She approached the girl and spoke up behind her “Something tells me he's been waiting to do that for a while, he just walked into the office as though the fact he needed to help the other students skipped his mind because he was only thinking of his gag”

Nyl hoped the man couldn't hear her.