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Locke de Chevin

"99% of war is just killing time. The other 1%, is Killing Time."

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a character in “Heretics: Chronicles of Baekoth”, as played by Solo Wing Pixy


Behold, an angel of vengeance,
white crippled wings beating the sky.
Marching along, like a good soldier does,
I try to picture me without you but I can't.

Locke de Chevin
"True style comes from innate cunning and mendacity. You can’t buy it."


Locke Dubrellion is an attractive man. At least, that's what all the girls tell him, and it's gone to his head. While he is broad of shoulder, he is by no means hulking, like many gladiators. Instead, he possesses a lean build, giving him a good mix of maneuverability and endurance. His features are not extraordinary, but nor are the plain. Although he is handsome, he is remarkably unremarkable in the facial features department. This has proven advantageous, since he can quickly gain the trust of someone through false-facing, and then discard his persona and never be recognized again. His jaw is angular, but strong, and his chin sports a light stubble that will not, for the life of him, become a beard.

Locke's hair, of course, is the stuff of legend. Silky, wavy, and obsidian in color, Locke's Luscious Locksβ„’ are always messy and casual, and no matter what Locke tries, his hair remains in this constant, sexy state of perfect balance. Most women seem entranced when they get too close, obsessively determined to run their fingers through it, which Locke is perfectly happy to let them do, as it tends to prompt them to touch other parts of him as well. Even combat does little to damage his look, and despite it's length, his hair virtually never clouds his vision.

Locke's attire is variable, and changes with the job. He tends to prefer lighter armors, mostly leather and fur, occasionally some metal. He likes to be able to move. He generally prefers black because, in his words, "It really highlights my hair."
Hair: Black, wavy, and casually ruffled.
Facial Hair: Light stubble
Eyes: Dark grey, like storm clouds.
Build: Athletic, muscular but lithe.
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Voice: "It's a windmill."
Handed: Ambidextrous
Body Markings: Slave branding on his left shoulder.
Scar Tissue: A great deal of scars, earned throughout a life of fighting.
Unique Body Features:

Locke de Chevin

Blackfox(Lord of Ravens alias)



Visual Age
Mid 20's

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Mage Ranking



Some see the world as serious business, a place where assassins murder kings, bandits rape and pillage, and grim heroes arrive to save the princess, but at what cost? Locke, on the other hand, had a different idea. His philosophy was a mixture of three famous schools -- the Cynics, the Stoics and the Epicureans -- and summed up all three of them in a single phrase, "You can't trust any bugger further than you can throw him, and there's nothing you can do about it, so let's have a drink."

Too often, Locke has found, are people so absorbed with the bad things that happen to them, that they ignore the good, even if that good is something as simple as getting the first cup of ale straight from the barrel. That sort of outlook strikes Locke as self defeating, a circle of misery that spirals ever downward. Sure, bad things happen, but Locke believes that you can't let those things define you. Even if you get dealt a shit hand, you still have to play it. He'd never even bothered with thinking about folding. Doing that would just mean some poor sod would be stuck cleaning up his mess, and that's just not fair.

Instead, Locke takes the shit in strides, never letting it put a damper on his spirit. It might be this enthusiasm that garners Locke so much attention from the ladies, an idea he is certainly keen to. He possesses a curious sense of humor, equal parts sardonic and witty, and his nonchalant attitude towards life and death is a big part of his charm.

That's not to say Locke can't be serious. In fact, he's serious most all the time, even when he's joking. He just doesn't like to let the seriousness of the moment ruin the fun. He is, however, a professional, first and foremost, and he won't allow too much goofing off if it interfere's with a job. The Lord of Ravens demands certain standards, and Locke has not excelled in his service by being overly flippant.

Locke is best known, if he is "known" at all, for his loyalty. He may not particularly like the Lord of Ravens or the work he does for him, but he owes the man his life, and he believes he is far from paying it off. This trait isn't exclusive to the Lord either. Anyone who earns Locke's friendship, a feat which varies in difficulty seemingly arbitrarily, has earned themselves a true friend for life. The same goes for romance. All though Locke has little experience in long term relationships, being that his job involves a lot of travel and secrecy, he has always been loyal to those who hold his heart, even for a short time. Despite his flirtatiousness and womanizing, Locke would never be unfaithful.

Prone to brooding and blank stares. Likes to draw his sword a few inches from it's sheath, and then put in back in. The feeling makes him feel safe and secure. He usually fights with his left hand, despite being more skilled with his right. He loves to reveal that he is not, actually, left handed.

Moral Alignment
Neutral. Leaning towards Neutral Good

Loyalty is the truest measure of a man, more than family, strength or knowledge.

Loyalty to the Lord of Ravens.

Returning to slavery: This is probably Locke's biggest fear. He'd rather die. And he really doesn't want to die.

Dying: Did he mention he really doesn't want to die? He hopes that when he does, Aule isn't there to judge him.

Nothing currently. He is content taking orders from the Lord of Ravens.

  • Getting his hands dirty. Not to say he enjoys killing, but he loves a good fight and a challenging opponent.
  • Travelling. He goes many places in service to the Lord of Ravens.
  • His sword. He named it Killing Time. 99% of war is just killing time. The other 1% is killing time.
  • Beautiful women. He never fails to look behind him to get a glimpse of dat ass.
  • Meeting new people. Most of the time, they either become friends, or they fight to the death. Either way is good.
  • Delicious food. He's a foodie, but for some reason never gains weight. He's like a bottomless pit that burps.
  • The stars. When he was young, he would imagine that they were giant balls of fire, very far away. Now that he's older, he's discarded those fantasies, but he still loves them nonetheless.

  • Cheating. When he does it it's okay though.
  • Lying. See above.
  • Slavery. Hate is probably a more apt description of his feelings in this regard.
  • Feeling confined. Both literally and in a broader sense. He needs to be able to stretch his legs and move freely.
  • People with flippant loyalty. Anyone who would sell out their boss for a few pieces of gold needs a sword in the neck.
  • The Messiah Queen, her God, and her Inquisition. Bunch of self righteous assholes. They've ruined red as a color.

Expert Swordsmanship. Not really any particular style. Knights and nobles call it dishonorable. Locke calls it being proactive.

Charming. Locke always excelled when it came to the fairer sex. He attributes it to his hair. And his abs.

Underworld knowledge. As one of the Lord of Raven's trusted agents, Locke knows much about the seedy underworld.

Charismatic. Locke is known for his ability to talk his way out of a jail cell and into a princess's pants.

Loyal to a fault. He owes the Lord of Ravens everything. This loyalty is sometimes abused.

Arrogant. He often overestimates his ability. It is considerable, no doubt, but he is known to pick fights he shouldn't.

Impatient. Locke doesn't like to plan. He likes to charge headfirst, damn the consequences. If he sees a problem, he sets out to solve it. Typically with a sword and some harsh language.
Is your character literate? In what languages?
Can read and write common, but often pretends that he cannot.


A hood or nothing. Locke dislikes wearing metal helmets.

A scarf or more often, a cloak.

Light leather armor or a tunic. Nothing fancy.

Locke likes to wear long cloaks and capes. It makes him feel fancy and lordly.

gauntlets or vambraces. Pauldrons, if he's expecting heavy fighting.

Right Hand
leather glove

Left Hand
leather glove

Right Accessory

Left Accessory

A belt for his sheath

basic trousers. maybe leather or fur greaves

a good ol' pair of leather boots. Black. Duh.


Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat:
[Excellent] - Locke has practiced extensively without weapons, as his former master often enjoyed weaponless fights.
Melee Combat:
[Excellent] - Locke's ability with a blade is a sight to behold. It's more than just slamming his sword really hard into an opponent. It is that, but with style.
Ranged Combat:
[Average] - Locke has some skill with a bow, but he prefers to be up close.
Magic Combat:
[Very Poor] No magical ability.
Mounted Combat:
[Below Average] Riding was never Locke's strong suit. He prefers to dismount before fighting.
Racial Abilities
[Excellent] - Locke is good at improvising. Really good if his life or pride is on the line. Unparalleled when getting laid is a possibility.

[Excellent] - People simply like Locke. He doesn't really know why, but assumes it has to do with his dashing good looks and razor sharp wit.
Natural Talent
[Good] - Sometimes, you simply need to tell a lie. Make that, "usually".

[Good] - Maybe it's thick skin, maybe it's fate, or maybe he just has bones of steel. Whatever it is, Locke can take a beating without losing too much steam.

[Excellent] - Locke dislikes being bogged down by heavy armor. Plus, doing a banister slide is fucking cool.

Class Skills
[Excellent] - Fighting for most of his life has turned Locke into someone who is objectively good at fighting.

Pressing the Advantage:
[Excellent] - 90% of the fights Locke has been in have consisted of him fighting someone better armored, better equipped, better trained, or a combination of the three. All those fights have taught him to see and exploit every weakness, every chink in his opponents armor.

[Good] - Why play fair when you can cheat?


Weapon Name: Killing Time
Weapon Type: Sword
Material: Mithril
Length: 2.5 foot blade.
Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Weapon Description/Info:
Killing Time is the name of the blade that Locke wields when possible. Named for his favorite saying, "99% of war is just killing time. The other 1% is killing time. The blade itself is unadorned, but upon closer inspection, it is of incredibly fine make. He won't say how he came to own it.

Weapon Name:
Weapon Type:
Weapon Description/Info:

Weapon Name:
Weapon Type:
Weapon Description/Info:


Group Affiliation
The Lord of Ravens

Marital Status

Kelder - Father - deceased - Locke's father was a slave gladiator in service to Lord Barris of the small hold of Val Chevin. He was killed in what was to be his last fight, sabotaged by Barris, who would rather see him die than care for a retired gladiator slave.

Arrianni - Mother - deceased - Locke's mother was another slave in service to Lord Barris, and she raised him in concert with some of Barris' other slaves, until she was caught stealing a healing salve in order to cool her fever. Her punishment was her right hand, but after it was cut off, Barris decided she was useless without her hand, and had her fed to his bear in front of a crowd.

Sixpence - Half Sister - ??? - The result of Barris' first attempt at breeding a strong warrior son from Kelder, Sixpence was born to a different mother than Locke, and when she came out, Barris realized she was female, and had the mother executed for incompetence. He still had the baby girl though, and decided to sell her at a discount, only six copper pieces. She is ten months Locke's elder, and though he knows she exists, he has no idea how to find her.

Val Chevin, a small hold to the north of Citha.

Social Rank
Commoner. Often poses as many different things, from slave to noble.

Technically mercenary. However, he is exclusively employed by The Lord of Ravens

Locke was born to a slave mother and father in service to the cruel Lord Barris of Val Chevin, a small city to the north of Citha. His parents weren't married, nor did they have any love for each other. His father, Kelder, was an aging gladiator, chosen to sire a son by Barris because of his, "strong stock". His mother, Arrianni, was fifteen when she gave birth to him, and though he was forced upon her, she loved him anyway.

For the first six years of his life, Locke was decently cared for. Barris, not wanting to lose his investment, made sure that he was properly fed and cared for. He didn't live comfortably, but at least he wasn't sleeping in the rain and scrounging for food. When his mother was killed, that changed. Barris believed Locke was old enough to start learning the sword, and so began Locke's life of violence. He was still fed and housed by Barris, but now, there was no time for playing. Every waking moment not spent eating or shitting was spent training.

Locke killed his first man at twelve. It wasn't a challenge, as the man was tied to a post. Barris wanted to give the boy a taste of blood without threatening his life, to get him in the spirit of killing. The man, another slave named Morsel, was being punished for some crime, or another. Locke doesn't remember. All he remembers is being told that Morsel was a bad man, and that Locke had to kill him. Barris didn't give Locke a weapon, either, preferring instead the visceral "art" of killing with one's bare hands. Morsel had been whipped extensively, and Locked shoved his dirty fingers deep into the lash wounds, until Morsel fainted from the pain. Locke then tore into his neck, using nothing but his teeth and nails, until there was more blood than dirt on the arena floor. Locke never cried. Somehow, he knew his life would consist of things far worse.

By 18, Locke was Lord Barris' favorite pet. His investment had paid off, and he possessed a skilled and lethal little gladiator. He even gave Locke his own blade, made of mithril, to better kill his opponents with. And kill them he did. Not a day went by, barring recovery time from injuries, that Locke didn't kill someone. Barris was simultaneously rich and sadistic, as well as having an eye for bargains. Thus, he always had a stock of people or animals for Locke and his other prized fighters to slaughter. Barris was known for guarding his slaves well, however, and he never let his best fighters off of his lands. Sure, the fights in Nydoecia were more lucrative, and Barris did send fighters to them, but never his best.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the moment Barris broke this self-imposed rule, was the moment of his downfall. Lady Talia Tane, who Barris was attempting to secure as bride for his son Vendrin, was spending some time in Nydoecia, and very much wanted to see Barris' legendary pit fighters. Eager to win her favor for his son, thereby expanding their family's power exponentially, Barris conceded, and for the first time, sent Locke and his other prize fighters to Nydoecia. Not a half-day's ride from Val Chevin, Barris convoy was waylaid by bandits, who killed Barris, his wife Ailene, and Vendrin, and freed their slaves to bolster their numbers. That's the official story, anyway.

The truth is that Barris caravan was waylaid, but not by mere bandits. Locke remembers the day clear as ever. A lone man blocked the road ahead of them, atop an ebony steed and shrouded in pitch black, finely crafted armor. No simple bandit. He ordered, not requested, that Barris, his family, and their guards disarm and relinquish the slaves. Needless to say, Barris scoffed and ordered his men to kill the man in black. A second later, Barris, his family, and all their men found themselves riddled with arrows. The man in black came forward smiling, his compatriots now all coming out from the woods. He introduced himself as Candlewax, a lieutenant of the Lord of Ravens, and explained that his master had witnessed their skill in the pits, and sought their services. As free men.

Locke, incredulous that any "Lord" would both free him and pay him, accepted the offer quickly. Two of the other three accepted as well, and the third was told he was free to go, just like that. Locke and the others returned with Candlewax to his base of operations, an abandoned fort in the hills, curious to learn more about his savior, the Lord of Ravens.

Five years later, Locke, himself now a high ranking agent by the name of Blackfox, performs jobs for the Lord of Ravens that others can't. Assassination, spying, and deception are his trade, and though he knows a bit about the inner workings of the operation, he is still just as ignorant about the true nature of his employer. He works directly under Candlewax, and though he knows the Lord's network is vast, he has no idea of any of the other lieutenants or cells. However, he is content not knowing. The Lord of Ravens pays well and gives him an unprecedented amount of freedom compared to his last master, so he is happy to assist him in achieving his goals.

So begins...

Locke de Chevin's Story