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High Hill Academy

High Hill Academy


High Hill is a school that is pretty good school with every subject covered although you don't need to go to every subject. There is lots to do here at High Hill...

585 readers have visited High Hill Academy since FrankieFrightful created it.


Welcome All!
This is High Hill Academy, a school for ALL species to co-exist and get a good education. The early history of this castle has been lost
with time, but the known history begins in the 1800's. This prestigious school began as an orphanage in the early 18-1900's for those "unwanted" children. Cold, isolating, and lacking love many perished here until it was closed down in 1923. It is said that the spirits of children still haunt
the castle today. There are also some unfriendly spirits who roam about too. A few nasty ones are said to live in the woods. After some renovating, it reopened as a school in
1930 and goes from Preschool to 12th grade. It's located in the beautiful
mountains with what are said to be healing hot springs. This place also has a few secret passages, so watch where you are going. The school dean still works with Social Services to do adoptions because many orphans end up here, but there is no abuse and cruelty like back in the 18-1900's. Private tours are available by appointment for those who are
interested in enrolling their child or are adopting a child and would like to keep them enrolled in here. These tours are led by a responsible, older student (Often 11th and 12th graders) who know his/her way around. During the Summer, there are tours of the castle for those who want to learn its history.
And yes, the school is handicap accessible.

Let me give you the tour!

This is the entrance hall. In the middle is a grand staircase that leads to the classrooms and dorms.

To the right of the staircase you can find the offices where new students can enroll and take care of important business, and to the left is the very large cafeteria and the ballroom.

School Hours are from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM for 9th grade through 12th grade, 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM for 6th grade through 8th grade, and 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM for 1st grade through 5th grade of the Day Class.

The Night Class is from 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM for 9th through 12th grade, 6:30 PM to 12:30 PM for 6th grade through 8th grade, and 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM for 1st through 5th grade.

Preschool and Kindergarten are the Morning Class, which is from 10:00 AM to 12:55 AM.

And the Afternoon class which is from 1:00 PM to 3:55 PM.

The Dusk Preschool and Kindergarten Class is from 7:00 PM to 9:55 PM. And the Night Preschool and Kindergarten Class is from 10:00 PM to 12:55 PM.

Weekday visiting hours for the families of students
are only during the student's study period. Most students go home for the weekend, but for students that don't, parents are free to visit and spend time with their child/children any time on Saturday and Sunday until the curfew hour for the student's class.

The Day class is for day creatures such as humans, nekos, and elves.

The Night class is for those who roam the night, such as vampires, demons, and werewolves.

During the day, the night class isn't allowed to wander around on school grounds where they can be seen by the day class, which would be around the classrooms and such. The only exceptions are the library and the computer lab.

Likewise policy with day class students at night. Students have weekends off and are allowed to go home to visit family. Same goes for long holidays. Older students(teenagers) are also allowed to get jobs at the local town where the hockey takes place. On Saturdays, the orphans are given the chance to meet prospective parents who are given a free tour of the school and get to meet with the children as they play or do any other activities. Prospective parents are allowed to also go up and interact with the children and start the paperwork that day, which takes about half a year or more to finalize. Also, during the months that are taken to fill out the paperwork, the prospective parents must do at least three more visits with the child. Teachers are allowed to adopt too as long as they're responsible and pass the home study and everything. Adoption Day lasts all Saturday starting at Midnight on Friday, which is really the beginning of Saturday and goes all the way into Sunday morning until 8:00 AM. Many different sorts of activities are planned and offered for those who choose to stay for the weekend or those who have to stay. Younger children are supervised at all times while they play. Note: All students get a map upon arrival and a guide with tips and the school's rules. If they lose either they can get a new one in the Main Office.

On the sides of the stairs there are small sitting areas or lobbies for the students to hang out.

And here, to the left of the stairs down the little hallway is the Cafeteria.
It's much larger than it appears in this photo. This is where all our
students eat, but at different times so as not to crowd the area.
Kindergarten and preschool's times are their snack times.
Day Class preschool and kindergarten morning class dines at 11:15 am,
Afternoon preschool and kindergarten dine at 12:15, both in a separate area
in the cafeteria.
1st grade-3rd grade dines at 11:00 AM,
4th grade-6th grade dines at 11:30 AM, 7th grade-10th
grade dines at 12:00 PM, and 11th and 12th grade dines at 12:30 PM.
Snacks/Breakfast are available all morning before school
begins and during study periods until the lunches start.
Night classes have their "lunch" time also. Dusk Preschool
and Kindergarten dines at 8:15, Night class Preschool
and Kindergarten dine at 11:15 PM in a separate area of
the cafeteria 1st grade-3rd grade dines at 8:00 PM,
4th grade-6th grade dines at 8:30 PM ,
7th-10th grade dines at 9:00 PM,
and 11th and 12th grade dines at 9:30 PM.
Snacks are also served during study hall. Recess is right after
lunch and lasts 40 minutes for each group of grades leading up to and including 5th grade. 6th grade and above do not get recess.

This is what the serving area looks like.

This is the kitchen. Students are advised to stay out of here, but many still try to sneak meals back to their dorms. Only small snacks are allowed in dorms but MUST be bought! If the staff catches you trying to sneak/steal food, they can report you.

This is the Grand Ballroom which is next
to the cafeteria. Formal events such as school dances are held here.

This is the hallway to the right of the stairs.
On the left are entrances to each office.
The first one is the Main Office where
new students take care of any important matters.
The second one is the Admissions Office
where new students register.
The third is the infirmary/nurses' office where
injured or sick students go. The fourth one is the
Guidance office where students can go to talk to
counselors about their feelings. They also guide
students in choosing what colleges they apply and
are accepted to. Each students gets a counselor.
The fourth door is the Finacial Aid office where students
can apply for financial aid. The fifth door is the Student
Exchange Program office in charge of the Student Exchange
Program. And finally the 6th door is the Adoption Office where
all adoptions are taken care of.

This is the Main Office.

And this is the Admissions Office.

And over here is the infirmary. Here sick or injured students
will be helped by our kind, loving doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses also have the option of a staff dorm, but within the infirmary
there is a small office for doing paperwork and for the doctors and
nurses to get some sleep if they do not want a dorm. There are also a few examining rooms.

This is the Guidance Office.

This is what the guidance counselors' small personal offices look like:

We also have a Financial Office to take care of monetary issues. Students with poorer families can also apply for financial aid here.

And this is the office of the priest who runs the chapel. This office is next to the chapel.

And this is the Student Exchange Office which is in charge of the Student Exchange Program where students can spend time in another country learning about their cultures and go to school there, living with a host family for a few months or living at the school. We also have exchange students come here
from around the world.

Here we have the Adoption Office where all Adoptions are applied for, processed, etc.

Here is the security office where security guards can be found on and off duty. The guards also have options of a staff dorm, but there is a small area in back to sleep or relax if they would rather not have a dorm. You also can report any crimes or suspicious activity here.

This is the School Store where you can buy school
merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, instant and snack
food, uniforms, etc.

This is the Gym where all our P.E. classes are
held as well as indoor sporting events.

This is the workout room, also known as "The Pit" to
some people. No one knows how it started being called
that, but this is a place for students to work out and stay
in shape. All students must sign in before and sign out after using
the workout room.

These are the Locker Rooms. The two locker
rooms are essentially the same. They come with full
shower and bathroom facilities. There is one for the boys
and one for the girls.

These are what the showers look like. The toilets and stalls look the same as they do in the normal bathrooms on every floor and the stalls/urinals are in another small room across from the showers.

This is the newly installed indoor playground for the
children to play on during indoor recess due to inclement weather.
Older kids can play too when the little ones
aren't there. The room is also soundproof from the outside because the walls are two inch thick soundproof glass.

This is the theater where our
Drama Club and Acting/Singing/and Music Classes perform. Also, every Saturday is Karaoke Night. Karaoke Night is from 8 PM- Midnight for everyone.

This is the Chapel where Mass is held every Sunday and
Wednesday. Masses are at 9:00 AM, Noon, 6:00 PM, and Midnight.
The Chapel is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for prayer. Reconciliation is offered all Day and Night Saturday and into Sunday Morning until 8:00 AM. There is also Sunday School in the regular classrooms upstairs on Sunday for kids in Preschool to 8th grade.

This is the mail room where all the student's mail
goes through. Each student who lives at the school
has his or her own P.O. box, regardless of whether or not they get mail. Adoptive parents send letters here to those kids they are in the process of adopting.

This is the Tutoring Center where students can get help if
they are struggling with any subjects. There is also a writing center to get help with writing papers.

These are the elevators for those who are impaired or
for those who are just too lazy to take the stairs, though
we do encourage a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

This is the what the bathrooms look like. Every dorm has
a bathroom, but there's also a boy's and girl's bathroom
on every floor and a handicap bathroom also on each floor.
The bathrooms look the same, but the boy's
bathrooms have urinals as well as a couple of stalls
and the girl's just have the stalls. Both have sinks too.
The handicap bathrooms are unisex (Both Sexes).

And here is what the Handicap Bathrooms
look like. Each one has rails so those in wheelchairs can safely get up and down off of the toilet and other accessibility features.

This is a small daycare for the teenage mothers at the school. The school does not approve or encourage teenage pregnancy, but we try to support those who make the decision or unknowingly have children of their own. This daycare allows students to be parents, but to also finish school. The daycare watches mostly the babies and toddlers, but will care for children of all ages until they are old enough to stay in a dorm alone while their parent(s) is/are in class or get old enough to be involved in school and after-school activities.

Here on the first through seventh floors are the
hallways with all the classrooms.
All the halls would stretch out a few miles on each floor
if you were to lay them straight. The first floor are Pre-k and
Kindergarten. The second and third floors are elementary school (1st-5th),
the fourth and fifth floors are middle school (6th-8th), and the sixth and seventh floors are high school (9th-12th).

These are the lockers for the students who don't live at the school.

This is what the Preschool rooms look like.

And this is what the Kindergarten rooms look like.

This is our Special Education Classroom. Yes, we do offer Special Ed. We take all students, including Down Syndrome and Autistic children. We also specialize in helping those with Learning Disabilities.

Here is one of the the Art Rooms where students express themselves visually.

And this is one of the music rooms for those "musically gifted" students. Of course, music is required until 6th grade. We offer lessons in Trumpet, Trombone, Drums, Violin, Piano, Bass Guitar, Regular Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Tuba, Saxophone, French Horn, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Voice coaching and lessons.

This is the Computer Lab where Technology and Computer classes take
place and where students have Internet access for homework
and other such things. There are fourteen computer labs in all throughout the school. Two on each classroom floor.

These are our science laboratories where students explore how things work. Also, Alchemy is taught in these labs.

This is the Observatory for Astrology Class.

This is the wood shop for our Wood Shop class.

And here is our classroom for Home Economics.

This is the Automotive Class classroom.

We also offer driver's education to people ages 16 and up.

This is the dance studio where our ballet, jazz, ballroom, salsa, modern, Bollywood, and tap dance classes take place. We teach all levels of dance.
This studio is also used for the karate classes. All levels are taught in that too.

This is the photography classroom. The Dark Room is in the back.

Here's what the regular classrooms look like. Not all classrooms have windows, though.

This is the student news room. Every day at 6AM, Noon,
6PM, and Midnight the news is on which contains daily school announcements and events. It also contains the major stories of events around the world and the local weather report.

On the 8th through the 13th floors are the dorms.
Floors 8-10 are for the day class. Floor 8 are the all girl
dorms for the day class. Floor 9 are the all boy dorms
for the day class and floor 10 are the co-ed dorms for
the day class. Floors 11-13 are for the night class. Floor
11 are the all girl dorms for the night class. Floor 12 are the
all boy dorms for the night class and floor 13 are the
co-ed dorms for the night class.
Living in the dorms is for everyone, though usually
it is students in fourth grade and above because the
younger ones often get homesick, but we DO accept young boarders beginning at pre-school age. Of course the orphans
automatically get dorms, despite age and those who
live too far to travel everyday also are allowed dorms.
The dorms go from 0-100,000. There's alot of dorms
because the hallways twist and turn. If you stretched
the halls out straight they'd be over 5 miles long.
There are carpools and buses in various places around the school
for the younger students who don't live at the school and
students who don't want dorms. All dorms are for at least two people,
though there can be as many as four in a dorm,
except for the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who are
the oldest students and have the option of a single dorm.
Rooms are optionally co-ed, but same-sex is also available.
There are a few room styles to choose from for students.
Each style of dorm can be adjusted to fit in four people.
Each room is adjoining on both sides, except for single
dorms, but each side can be locked as well.
The 8th through the 10th floors are very dark to
accommodate the night class students. All dorms
are equipped with bed(s), dresser(s), nightstand(s),
desk(s) with a computer on each desk, a bookshelf
for each student, a bathroom, a small kitchenette and
a television. There are also teacher and staff dorms
at the end of each hallway on each dorm floor. Teachers
and staff also have a few dorm styles to choose from. Yes,
some do choose to stay here. They help maintain order.
There's also a few Resident Assistants, or R.As on each
floor. These are adults or student volunteers who are in
grades 11 and 12. They also help maintain order and make sure rules
are followed. Teachers and staff have single dorms and a full kitchen,
along with the features of a student dorm. Day class curfew is
8:30 PM for grades Pre-K-6. Night class curfew is 6:30 AM for grades Pre-K-6.
Older students may stay up later, but should get to bed at a reasonable hour. Students may not have friends over, play any loud music or cause a ruckus after the curfew for the younger students. Have some common courtesy to fellow students. We have adult volunteers and student volunteers come and help the smaller children get ready for bed which includes bathing, brushing their teeth, getting tucked in, etc. There is also a cleaning crew that comes and changes sheets and such every other week. Also, not all dorms have windows.

The R.A Desks

Group Student Dorms:

Regular Quad:


Loft Bed (Can Be With or Without the Third Bed Underneath and Available in Dark or Light Wood or White):

Bunk Bed:

Single Student Dorms:



Loft Bed (Available in Dark Wood and White):

Student Dorm Bathrooms:



Teacher/Staff Dorms:




Teacher/Staff bathroom:



Also, some dorms have a balcony. The doors can be closed and locked so little kids won't go out on it without adult supervision, but mostly the rooms with balconies are given to older students.

Here is the library where students can
do homework, study, or do research for
projects. There's also a cozy fireplace
with sofas and chairs where students
can curl up with a good book. The library
is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Same during the Summer.

We also have a childrens' section for the younger kids set in the back of the library.

This is the Student Lounge where students can relax and
maybe get some sleep. The room also has vending machines, games,
and other fun things to do.

This is the Teacher's Lounge where teachers
can relax, grade work, or talk to other members of the staff.

This is the headmaster/Headmistress's office. Stay out of trouble and you'll never have to go here.

The headmaster/headnistress also has his/her own quarters to stay in. He/She also has a full kitchen.

This is the Detention Room for the misbehaved students.
Day Class detention is from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM every day and
Night Class detention is from 2:00 AM to 2:30 AM every day. Saturday Detentions are from 8:00 AM to Noon for the Day Class and from 8:00 PM to Midnight for Night Class students.
The school punishment system is as follows: 1st offense students get a verbal warning.
2nd offense students get detention. 3rd offense students get sent to the dean's office. Depending on offense the dean can give students Saturday detentions which are half a Saturday each, a suspension, a spanking with the paddle (3 Licks/Hits), or expel the student(s). Also, a student has the option to getting 3 licks with the paddle instead of one Saturday detention.

And over here we have the indoor pool.
Students are allowed to swim here when the
swim team isn't practicing or when there's no gym class in there.. It's open 24/7.

This is the laundry room. Dirty laundry is collected every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Clean laundry is delivered to the dorms. Please make sure all clothing has labels on it so that the right clothes are delivered to the correct dorms.

Underneath the school are the dungeons
where it is said that they locked up the
orphans in the past who misbehaved repeatedly.
Many ghosts have been seen here.

This is what the cells looked like. Very dark
and dank, often
the children would be locked up for days
and weeks with almost no food and water.
Tragically, many perished in here. It has only been kept
for historical reasons.

Outside, this is the playground for
the small children to play on during recess.
Older kids are allowed to play on it too
when the younger ones aren't there.
Everyone is allowed to be a kid again!
There's slides, swings, monkey bars
and even a tire swing. There is also a
mini playground for the preschool and kindergartners
who don't feel comfortable on the larger one.

Big Playground:

Smaller Playground:

We also have a groundskeeper who takes care of the lawn and flowers around the school. He lives in a small shack, and he is NOT like Hagrid from Harry Potter!

Here is the forest next to the school.
Teachers will take their classes on
nature hikes and such, but the only
students allowed in here without
supervision are students in 6th grade and above.
Deep within the woods lies a lake and an elven village.

Here is the lake that lies within the forest.

This is the Elven village, though few have been able to find it.

And over here are our outside sports facilities.
Yes we have an outdoor
pool. Some students do
stay over the summer because we offer many
camps. The outdoor pool is open until 2 AM and the
gate is locked after hours. Our school's team name is the White Tigers!
School colors are black and white!
Our sports are (Both Varsity and Junior Varsity
and boy and girl teams) Sports are offered at all levels:

Indoor Track
Outdoor Track
Ultimate Frisbee
Lancing/Fencing/Sword Fighting
Dodge ball
Ice Hockey (At local rink in the town 40 miles away)
Street Hockey
Dance Team
Little League Baseball
Tee-Ball (For Preschool and Kindergartners)

Higher up in the mountains is our hot spring where people
like to hang out and relax to get rid of
stress. There is also a small juice bar.

This is the graveyard where the dead children who
lived in the orphanage were buried. It is said that at
night you can see their spirits wandering about if they're
not in the castle.

Here is the courtyard where
students can relax, do work in the beauty
of nature, or just chill with their friends.

Near the courtyard are the gardens. One garden is full of flowers for students to sit and relax by. And the other one is a separate garden where fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown by the garden club and used daily in the school's meals and by the home economics classes.

align=center]~~~~~~~~~~~~Staff Positions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/align]

[b]Note: All language and elective classes such as art, technology, etc
come at 3 levels. They are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Also,
Teachers may teach more than one class and/or subject if the ones they teach are related. For example a history teacher could teach American History and Western Civilizations, a science teacher could teach Biology and Anatomy, etc, etc.


Disciplinary Dean (In charge of detention, etc):

Laundry Workers
Day: Mrs. Keen
Night: Mrs. Isani

Doctors(Can be Male or Female)
Day: Dr. Handra-Leigh
Night: Dr. Beacon Zain

Nurses(Can be Male or Female)
Day: Ms. Abran
Night: Mrs. Sabden

Cleaning Crew
Day: Mrs. Sack
Night: Mrs. Rever

Reverend/ Priest
Day: Mr. P Sanders
Night: Mr. P Sanders

Day: Mrs. Asani
Night: Mr. Well

Day: Ms. Forster
Night: Mrs. Panol

Admissions Officers
Day: Mr. Keenforn
Night: Mrs. Selby

Office Workers
Day: Bruce Williams
Night: Kurt Williams

Financial Office Workers
Day: Mrs. Apple
Night: Mr. Apple

Day: Wendy Woon
Night: Sampson Fendra

Preschool Teachers

Kindergarten Teachers

1st grade Teachers

2nd Grade Teachers

3rd Grade Teachers

4th Grade Teachers

5th Grade Teachers

Earth Science Teachers

Biology Teachers

Chemistry Teachers

Anatomy Teachers

Psychics Teachers

Ecology Teachers

Life Science Teachers

Psychology Teachers

Sociology Teachers

Ancient/ Old Age Philosophy Teachers

Modern/ New Age Philosophy Teachers

Microbiology Teachers

Health/P.E Teachers

Algebra One Teachers

Geometry Teachers

Algebra Two Teachers

Pre-Calculus Teachers

Calculus Teachers

Economics Teachers

Statistics Teachers

Accounting Teachers

American History Teachers

General History Teachers

European History Teachers

World History Teachers

Western Civilizations Teachers

Daytime Inhabitants History Teachers (Day Class Only):

Nighttime Inhabitants History Teachers (Night Class Only):

African American Culture and History Teachers

Asian Culture and History Teachers

English Teachers

Shakespeare Class Teachers

Creative Writing Teachers

Journalism Teachers

Greek Mythology Teachers

World Religion Teachers

Old Testament Studies Teachers

New Testament Studies Teachers

Religious Sacraments and Their Meaning Teachers

Music Teachers

English As A Second Language Teachers

Russian Teachers

Spanish Teachers

French Teachers

Italian Teachers

Latin Teachers

Japanese Teachers

Elven Language Teachers

Ancient Languages Teachers

Chinese Teachers

German Teachers

Play writing Teachers

Choir Teachers

Band Teachers

Chamber Singers (Advanced Choir) Teachers

Art History Teachers

Photography Teachers

Advanced Photography Teachers

Sculpting Teachers

Advanced Sculpting Teachers

Painting Teachers

Advanced Painting Teachers

Pottery Teachers

Theater Arts Teachers

Swimming Lessons Teachers

Wood Shop Class Teachers

Home Economics Teachers

Automotive Teachers

Driver's Ed Teachers

Life Science Teachers

Sports Medicine Teachers

Athletic Trainer/Medics

Elemental Magic Teachers

Non-Elemental Magic Teachers

Archery and Fencing Teachers

Civics Teachers

Geography Teachers

American Government Teachers

Ballroom Dancing Teachers

Ballet Teachers

Jazz Dance Teachers

Tap Dance Teachers

Yearbook Teachers

Basic Computer Tech Teachers

Advanced Computer Tech Teachers

Advanced Technology Teachers

Graphics Design Teachers

Web Design Teachers

Criminal Justice and Forensics Teachers

Trial and Law Teachers

Astrology Teachers

Alchemy Teachers

Sociology Teachers

Psychology Teachers

Special Education Teachers

Security Guards

Playground Supervisors

Daily Children Supervisors

Weekend Children Supervisors


Guidance Counselors

Adult Volunteers

R.A Volunteers(Adults)


Cafeteria Worker(s)

Groundskeeper ( Works both day and night)

[align=center]~~~~~~~~~~~~Clubs/After School Activities~~~~~~~~~~~[/align]

Note: Any student involved in after school activities must maintain at least a D+ average. Any "F's" will result in not being allowed to participate for the rest of the semester and until grades improve. This includes sports. The only exception to this rule is the Teen Mother Support Group.

Teen Mother Support Group
Table Tennis Club (Ping Pong)
Anime Club
Archery Club
Chess Club
Gaming Club
R.A Volunteers
Math Club
Science Club
Renaissance Club
Student Government(Student Council)
Young Republicans
Young Democrats
GBLT-Straight Alliance
Gay/Bi/Lesbian/Transexual Rights/Activists Club
4-H Club
Weaponry Club
Use of Magic Club
Movie Club
Young Artists Club
Young Authors Club
Future Leaders
Music Club
Drama Club
Spanish Club
French Club
Italian Club
Latin Club
Japanese Club
Wold Languages Club
Jazz Band
Model U.N.
National Honor Society
Yearbook Committee
Student News
Student Tutoring Program (Must have a 3.0 Average)
Drama Club
Guitar Club
Mountain Daily (School Newspaper)
Tech Club
Student Volunteer Club (Helps Smaller Children And Does Services for The School)
Women's Self-Defense
Men's Self-Defense
Sci-Fi Club
SAAD (Students Against Alcohol and Drugs)
Garden Club
Sowing, Knitting, and Crochet Club
Debate Club
Mock Trial/Student Justice Club
Prom Committee
RPG Club
History Club
Yoga and Meditation
Young Rappers Club
Anger Management
Young Rockers Club
After School Program (Planned activities for students with teacher supervision)
Young Historians History Club
Young Scientists Club
Early Authors Club
Church Choir
Church Alter Servers
Pep Rally Organization
Happy Hands Club
Nature Conservation Club
The Paranormal Investigation Society
Student Exchange Program
Junior Youth Group (Ages 3-12)
Youth Group (Ages 12-15)
Senior Youth Group (Ages 15-19)

Note: Students may create clubs, but they must have two teacher sponsors/leaders.
1. This is my RP so what I say, goes.

2. Obey Roleplay Gateway's TOS

3. This RP is rated pg-13. No content above pg-13.

4. No spamming, bumping or anything else like it.

5. No insulting, flaming, or disrespecting the other rpers.

6. Keep it literate and use Full sentences, and Use Third Person! No using Asterisks (*, ~, or -) for actions. Talking in "Chat speak" is annoying (So, none of this-OMG ur so ulgy u need 2 stp tlking. rly.). Also keep swearing to a minimum. It ok here and there, but don't make it a constant thing. And no using emoticons in your posts.

7. Please Cut OCC to a minimum. Try to keep personal and social matters to PM.

8. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER!! But make sure you can handle being multiple characters before deciding to be more than one. Small Pets are also permitted as long as they behave.

9. Try to RP with everyone. Don't confine yourself to one or two people. Try to interact with everyone. Also, romance is encouraged, including yaoi and yuri. But,
make the romance reasonable. Up to 10 years old boys are probably icky to most girls. At 11 or 12 they start to become interested and may start to group date. Then, in their teenage years they start to date more privately.

10. No Killing/murdering Anyone else. You may get into little arguments and such, but not kill. No, absolutely NO God Modding!

11. NO Home weapons in the school! the school provides all equipment for the Archery and Fencing classes. Also, No cell phone use during school hours except for emergencies. During free time, cell phone use is permitted, but NEVER during class. During class, cell phones are to be turned off. Any student caught using a cell phone during class will have it confiscated and be given a detention.

12. No drinking others' blood without permission. The only exclusions are animals in the woods or no-name characters you create and RP as (extras). No drugs or alcohol are allowed. Vandalism is also a crime and can get you expelled as well as arrested.

13. All students in 1st, through 12th grade are required to wear school uniforms during school hours. During Free time casual dress is allowed as long as it is appropriate.

14. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for classes, etc. PM me. I'll be happy to help you.

15. ALWAYS check this page because I'm constantly updating rules and the setting itself.

16. Have fun!

~The Uniforms (Dress Code)~

-Uniforms consist of a plaid jumper with an oxford or polo shirt underneath for girls from 1st-5th grade .

-Girls 6th grade and up wear an oxford shirt or a polo shirt and a plaid skirt. Or they can wear the dress pants if they like.

-Boys wear a belt, and also all boys must wear a button up oxford or school polo shirt in white, blue, or pink, and ties. They must wear either tan or navy dress pants as well. Designs are allowed on the tie as long as they are school appropriate. Boy also may wear the dress shorts instead of the dress pants during the same months as they wear the polo shirts.

-The girls must wear the button up oxfords or polos too, including the little girls who wear them under the jumper, and may wear ties if they like, but they aren't mandatory. Older girls wear the skirts with the oxfords or polos.

-Girls can wear ankle-length socks or knee-highs and boys must wear regular sized socks or ankle socks. Girl's socks are allowed to have designs on them like the boy's ties as long as it is school appropriate. Same goes with the belts.

-Dress shoes must be worn during school hours.
Also, school sweater vests are allowed and so are school sweaters which come in red, white, blue or black. Sweaters are optional, but come in handy when it's cold because the halls can be drafty sometimes.

During Free Time casual dress is allowed considering my character in this can't live without her cute animal costumes.


-School Polos are worn from September through the end of November and also from May through June.
Modifications can be made for tails, wings, etc.

Here is a visual on uniforms. They're based off the girl in the picture of the regular classroom:

Girl's Jumper (Black with White Strip)

Girl's Skirt (Black with White Strip)

Boy's Pants (Available in Black or White):

Boy's Shorts {Shorts are longer than they appear. They actually go down to the knees. Black or White}

Oxford Shirts (Available in White and Black Strip):

School Polos (Available in White and Black):

School Sweater Vests (Available in White and Black)

School Sweater (Available in Black)

It looks like the pic for my Avatar in this RP but more school type. I know you can't see it like that. You can accessorize your uniform.



Character Sheets:





Dorm Number:

Class you Teach (If teacher):

Staff Position (If staff):

Day or Night Class (Which you are in or which you teach):


Blood Type:


Zodiac Sign:


Languages spoken:









Sorry The Pics did not work...

BTW I am not copying Suzuki Boarding School because that was my idea as well...

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