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Lorcan SCamander

"Careful what you say. You never know who's listening."

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a character in “Hogwarts Next Gen: All is Well”, as played by Blueshadow


"Sure it might be dangerous, but hey at least it'll be fun!"

Lorcan Newton Scamander



March 10

Sexual Orientation

11', Spruce, Dragon Heartstring

"Nothing but the best for me!"

"I probably could've made seeker, but being a Beater is so much more fun!"
Beater on the Slytherin Quidditch team

Blood Status
"Yup Half-Blood."


"He's pain sometimes, but he's a good cat."
He has a cat named Grimsby.

Lysander hasn't taken them yet, though he will be sometime this year. He's not really worried about them.

Quidditch"Such a great game! What a rush!"
Flying"Best way to get around if you ask me."
Adventure"Everyone needs some excitement in their lives."
Pranks"I'm not gonna lie, its fun to mess with people sometimes."
Dueling"If Lysander's the brains then I'm definitely the brawn."
Defense Against the Dark Arts"It's a fun class, and I'm surprisingly good at it."

Water"I'm not afraid of it or anything. I just don't like getting wet that's all!"
Boredom"No one really likes boredom, but I really can't stand it."
Losing"Losing is not fun."
Reading"Honestly I don't know how Lysander does it all the time."

"Mess with my friends, and you'll deal with me."
"So maybe we've got a bad reputation, so what?"

Lorca is an attractive youth, and looks identical to his brother. Despite looking identical when side by side people generally agree that Lorcan looks better. Lorcan stands at 5'11 and sports a pair of vibrant blue eyes. His normally unkempt dark brown hair is kept nice and short.

Distinguishing marks
Lorcan has a rather noticeable scar on his left shoulder, which he received from a flying accident in his first year at Hogwarts. Though it is usually covered by his robes, it is the one true noticeable difference between the twins.


"Let's make one thing clear. I am not afraid of water, I'm afraid of dying in it."
Lorcan's boggart is his own drowned corpse staring at him with lifeless eyes.

When people see Lorcan and Lysander they assume them to be fairly similar. However that couldn't be further from the truth as they are near polar opposites. Where Lysander is cautious, hardworking, and selfless to the point of causing himself harm, Lorcan can at times be, lazy, and often selfish towards others. Most people view Lorcan as the dumb twin, though he is more unmotivated and lazy than actually lacking in intelligence. As a result he ends up leaning on his brother for much of his academics. However when he actually finds something he enjoys and can be motivated about he applies himself in surprising ways. Of course as a slytherin his intelligence often manifests in other ways, as he can often come up with clever way to avoid doing work, and with a sly tongue can convince most people especially Lysander of almost anything.

Though it is well known that Lorcan is not the nicest of twins those who know him can recognize that he's not all that bad a person. While not kind in the end he would never truly go out of his way to hurt people and should he find that his comments and insensitivity has actually hurt someone a great deal he has been known to apologize. Lorcan also has a surprisingly strong sense justice, his own code of justice of course. While he may be rude and occasionally, though unintentionally cruel with his words he does not stand for overt, intentional cruelty, and should he witness this he will unleash the full force of the cunning and manipulative tendencies that are expected of his house.

Ever since he was a child he had been a sly, and somewhat manipulative child, which would often come to bite him. Thankfully he's always had Lysander by his side, to save him from the brunt of his foolishness. Lorcan would always be sure to look after his little brother, with Lysander returning the favor at every opportunity.

Lorcan had always heard stories from his parents about Hogwarts, and how his mother at even participated in the final battle against Voldemort. Those stories always made him look at the school as an exciting place, and his mother as something of a hero. As such he was completely ecstatic on the day he finally received his letter to attend the school he'd always dream about going to. He could not wait to finally make his way there.

When it came time for Lorcan to be sorted he was sure he would wind up in Slytherin. Sure enough the hat placed him in Slytherin almost as soon as it was placed atop his head. Unfortunately it seemed that Lorcan and his brother were soon going to be separated as Lysander was sorted into Hufflepuff. Though Lorcan was worried about the separate houses this didn't stop the boy from teasing the newly sorted Hufflepuff.

Though his brother was initially displeased with his sorting Lorcan felt right at home in Slytherin despite the nasty reputation they received. He made several friends quite easily, and cemented his reputation as a trouble making, trickster. Still he wouldn't have enjoy his time there nearly as much without his brother, so they both agreed not to forget about each other.

So begins...

Lorcan SCamander's Story


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It was early. Not early enough for Lysander who walked with an eager grin towards the platform. Too early for Lorcan walking beside his brother trying to stifle a yawn. Grimsby perched himself on Lorcans shoulder meowing here and there seemingly as tired as his master. Zeus simply hooted happily in his cage.

Lorc tossed a smirk his brothers way "Ly remind me again why we had to get up so early. I mean you rushed out like we didn't have a few minutes to spare." Ly could only roll his eyes.

"Well it is our first year getting on the train without mum and dad, them being on their zoology trip and all. The earlier the better. Besides I don't want to be late and get separated like last year!" Lysander tossed an accusing glare at his brother to which Lorc responded with a sigh, ."Ugh I can't believe you're bringing that up little brother! I said I was sorry and that we were never to speak of that train ride again!" Lysander of course said nothing, only continuing onward to the platform. Upon reaching the pillar they discretly walked in and saw a rather large number of people.

Lorcan sneered at his brother "Guess we didn't leave early enough after all! Look at all these peopel Ly." Stifling a sigh, and desperately not wanting to make the journey to Hogwarts alone he grabbed Lorcan by the wrist and started walking toward the train."Come on Lorc. If we hurry we can probably snag a compartment together." Lorcan merely rolled his eyes but refused to say anything. As far as he was concerned this was ridicolous. They didn't need to ride to school together every year, which of course was why Lorcan had taken steps last year to ride with some other friends. Of course Lysander the pile of nerves he was did not take the separation well and so Lorc decided traveling together ws best for now on.

Once they boarded the train they began looking for a suitable compartment. Well Lorcan was, Lysander didn't care where or who they sat with so long as he was with his brother. As such he followed Lorc's lead. He was keeping an eye out for any compartments with his friends, or people that were fun to mess with. He spied a few likely candidates, There were the Potters of course Lilly and James, they got along and Lilly was fun to mes with. He saw Teddy and his "almost surely someday wife."There romance was sweet and he could tolerate it on some days but not today. He knew there was likely a familer group of slytherins sitting somewhere in the back. He checked them off his mental list almost immediately. AS he was walking past compartments trying to find a decent one he walked by a compartment with only a single occupant. The other Slytherin Weasly Lucy, they've never spoken much and as fun company Louis could occasionally be he was also highly annoying and blood boiling. Perhaps this one would make for better company? He realized there was no harm in it as he approached Lucy's compartment with a charming smile, dragging his brother beside him, and walked in. "Hellooo there Lucy. These seats taken?" Lysander walked in after giving a small and shy wave."Oh. Hi Lucy."


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Scamander Brothers | Lucy Weasley

Lost in her people watching, it took a moment for Lucy to realize (with some disdain) that someone was talking to her. She corrected her expression from that of utter boredom to an amiable smile as she shifted in her seat to look at whomever had chosen to take up space in her compartment. To her surprise, and p l e a s u r e it was the wildly attractive Scamander brothers. One, Lorcan she recalled, gave her a smile that for a moment she couldn't help but genuinely smile back and asked if they could join her. The other gave her a shy wave and greeting that almost made her giggle. She was about to say she would welcome a little company on the long train ride when Quinnly popped her head out from under the seat across from her and ran up to the two. She did a circle around them, sniffing and pawing before she settled her attention on Lorcan. She stuck her head between his ankles and gave a 'pet me' yip. Lucy fin ally let out a tinkling laugh like that of silver bells, before nodding.

"Well since Quinnly has taken a liking to you I don't see why not" Lucy said smoothly as she inclined her head to the seat across from hers indicating them to join her.

Lorcan watched Lucy carefully as she turned to greet them keeping a close eye on her body language. A skill Lorcan found to be quite important when dealing with people but especially so when talking to a fellow Slytherin. Finding her smile to be genuine he gave a smile of his own with a pleasant nod. Lorcan looked at the fox with a chuckle Turing into a full blown laugh at the sound of Grimsby’s jealous meow. Lysander merely stood there rolling his eyes at his brother, and soon they both took a seat across from Lucy. The twins watched as Grimsby jumped onto Lucy's lap cuddling up to her and giving Lorcan a jealous glare. "looks like you upset Grimsby Lorc!"

Lorc tossed a glare first to his brother than to the feline. "stupid cat. Looks like he's taken a shine to you though." Lorc sighed and glared at the feline for a few seconds while Lysander rolled his eyes and looked at Lucy. They knew each other of course their families being as close as they were the twins managed to be on good terms with a number of the Weasley children, though they never had much interaction with Lucy. Somewhat awkwardly he spoke "so Lucy are you looking forward to another year at Hogwarts?" He looked away as he spoke slightly nervous in his attempt to break the ice.

As the midnight colored fur ball slinked into her lap she smiled and ran a hand down his back. He stretched out and let out a soft rumble like purr. She scratched behind his ears and cooed at him. She felt her cheeks flame as she realized she was letting herself be open.

"What a sweet heart..." She murmured as she brushed a strand of her fiery red hair out of her face as she examined the two boys sitting across from her. She crossed her legs and continued to lavish attention to the cat while picking the differences between the two. Lorcan was charming, & striking while Lysander seemed to be sweet, and handsome.

"Actually, yes. I am particularly excited for Magical Creatures with Professor Hagrid. I have always been fascinated with his class." Lucy said shyly as she tried not to get too excited about her passion with animals.

Lorcan sat there watching Lucy examining her surely as she was them. It payed to know the tendencies of one's house sometimes. She seemed genuine but there was an unmistakable hint of preparedness and grace in her actions. Lysander was surprisingly at ease here talking to someone whom he had traded perhaps all of two words before.

As Lucy spoke of her excitement for Care of Magical Creatures Lysander's face lit up into a smile, as did Lorcan's though he was of course feigning his interest. Despite the family being filled with magizoologists of varying amounts of fame the beasts never did much to catch Lorcan's interest, Lysander however was positively filled with delight though he did not say anything, despite recognizing a similar passion for animals within Lucy. Knowing he ill likely keep silent Lorcan through an arm around his brother and a charming smile at Lucy. "Ah interested in fantastic beasts huh? You and my brother have a lot to talk about then. He's a typical Scamander really. Me I'm a bit more unique.

Lucy tilted her head, her dark eyes focusing on Lorcan, and arched a delicate brow in his direction with a smirk that could have been taken as a challenge.

"And what, may I ask does it take to catch your interest?" She asked as her fox jumped up on her lap and snuggled with the cat. She petted each of them individually as she watched for a reaction. She liked people watching, it had been one of her favorite pass-times since she was little.

Lorcan met Lucy's smirk with a smirk of his own all while Lysander let his head rest in his hands like he knows what is going to happen next. Zeus was hooting from in his cage with anticipation."Now you've done it."

With a charming smile and a disarming voice, he looked her square in the eye and began to speak."I'm really glad you asked me that Lucy! First of all, the only thing I really need to catch my interest is an attractive young woman like yourself. But I also love moon lit walks by the beach, laying waste to Gryffindor and the Quidditch pitch, and causing a bit of harmless mischief every now and again."

Lorcan's smirk blew Lucy away though she didn't let it show. No wonder the girls swooned at him. Made sense now. She however could not stop the tale tale rush of blood to her cheeks at his complement. He thought she was a t t r a c t i v e. Despite her Slytherin traits she could not stop her traitorous Weasley characteristics.

She shrugged off the heating of her cheeks and turned her attention to Lysander who seemed to have shut down. She smiled at him and was about to ask if he was alright but was interrupted by a growl. She glanced down just in time to catch a tooth on her index finger.

"Ouch, Quinnly you brat. I'm going to turn you into a scarf." She said in a teasing tone as she scratched the fox under her chin with the finger that wasn't bleeding. She searched through her bag with her other hand for a band-aid.

"She gets jealous..." Lucy explained with a grin.

Lorcan couldn't help but notice the red rush to her cheeks at his words, he mentally gave himself a pat on the back for a job well done. Lorcan looked at his brother with a confidant smile, which Lysander returned with a bemused, if somewhat exasperated smirk. It was obvious to Lysander that Lorcan was the much more confidant twin, and not wanting to ruin their moment elected to stay quiet, though she did return Lucy's smile.

Lysander was about to speak up, and try to make conversation until he jumped slightly her finger going red at a jealous nip. "Aw you alright? She's not the only one that gets jealous though." He said with a slight chuckle gesturing to Grimsby who was still greedily cuddling up to Lucy casting a glare at her master.

As Lorcan dug through his pockets certain he had a band aid somewhere Lorcan threw an arm around his brother. "Oh don't be jealous brother dear. Lucy's no threat to our brotherly love." He spoke with a smirk as his brother simply rolled his eyes holding out a band aid to Lucy."Here you go. I always keep a band aid or two on hand. Never know when you'll need one. Especially when you live with a jealous cat and exotic animal lovers."

Lucy put on a fake pout at Lorcan's comment about her being no threat to their brotherly love.

"Challenge accepted" she said jokingly as she grinned at their hug.

She accepted the band aid graciously with a slight nod, though she couldn't seem to fully take her attention from Lorcan. She placed the band aid on her finger and grinned at the two.

"Want to kiss it better?" she asked teasingly as she held out her delicate hand in Lorcan's direction.

Lorcan looked at Lucy as she stuck out her wounded finger, asking for a kiss to make it better. He looked at her and grinned. Taking her hand in his like a gentleman, and then letting go.

"I could do that. But it's more fun to make you wait for something so intimate don't you think?" Lysander merely watched on sharing an odd glance with his owl.

Lucy grinned at him and nodded.

"Well, I guess I have something else to look forward to this year" She said with a small smile as she ran a hand thought her hair and turned her attention back to the passing surroundings.

Yes I n d e e d, she had something new to look forward to this year.


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The Scamander Twins

AS the train stopped the twins or at least one of them was far to excited to make their way into the castle. Lorcan quickly made his way off the train, practically sprinting, while Lysander was left to gather the bags his elder brother oh so unintentionally forgot. Once off the train Lysander handed the bags back to his brother and the twins each made their way to the carriages. As they walked to the Great Hall they walked slightly slower than the others. A habit perhaps to draw out their time together, the twins even Lorcan knew of their strong attachment to one another, to Lysander at least splitting up for the sorting was the perhaps most difficult part of the new school year.

They lingered slightly at the door. Lorcan gave his brother a knowing look and an all too familiar smirk. "Well brother dear it looks like this is it. This is where we part ways. It was nice knowing you Ly." Lysander simply smiled. Lorcan sounded sincere but then again there was no one that knew the Slytherin boy better than Lysander."Oh don't be ridiculous. I'll see you tomorrow."

Lorcan made a genuine pout and turned from his brother. "Fine be that way! It sounds like you would rather never see me again." Lysander turned away wearing his own pout seemingly in agreement. Though within seconds they turned to each other laughing and smiling. They pulled each other into a small hug, and waved good bye, each one walking to their respective tables.

Lysander quickly made his way to the table and took his place among the other Hufflepuffs. Lysander sat next to his friends and after a few moments to ease into the conversations began chatting away.

As Lorcan walked to the Slytherin table he smiled and waved at all the right people, and plainly turned away from all the wrong ones. He took a seat next to a few friends, across the table from Louis, Scorious, and Albus just in case they decided to make themselves pleasant company. He off course didn't bother with an actual greeting and only sent a small but genuinely friendly smile their way


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Once the excitement of speaking to the twins passed, the compartment fell into a companionable silence which Lucy had no problem with. She watched the scenery pass with a sense of peace. Lucy's eyes drifted shut as she was lulled by the movement of the train. She smiled in a dreamy fashion as both the feline and her fox purred.

When the train stopped, Lucy woke with a start. She hadn’t realized she had fallen asleep. As she it was only moments before the twins vacated as if it were on fire. Lucy took her time collecting her things and re-loading Quinnly into her robes before heading off the train. The Thestral’s pulling the carriages fascinated Lucy, so much so that during the ride she took the opportunity to sketch one out. Lucy found herself disappointed when the ride came to an end as she did not feel her sketch was complete, however she knew she would get other opportunities to study the beautiful creatures.

There was no one she was truly eager to see, so there was no reason to rush. Once inside she followed the tell-tale silence and occasional snickers that where her fellow housemates. She greeted all her housemates with her typical half assed smirk and a tilt of her head.

Once in the great hall Lucy took a seat across from Scorpius and his group. She acknowledged them with a look boredom and a quirk of a delicate brow before she pulled out The Great Gatsby and immersed herself within it.


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Louis Weasley

#a8baab || Hogwarts || Subdued


In the end the ride isn't the worst he's ever faced. Long, and boring, just like every single year before it but for once Louis doesn't nod off halfway in and wind up motion sick by the time they roll to a stop. He is, however fairly annoyed by the lack of reaction from Albus in regards to his snide comment. Scorpius however, reacted just about as expected of him. Louis rolls his shoulders in a half shrug, satisfied by the undercurrents of mild annoyance running through the compartment.

Once the train screeches to a stop and the de-boarding begins, Louis follows along with his two companions. Watching the steady stream of first years, their giddy excitement almost enough to rub off on him. Only, less excitement and more unstoppable energy. He's been gearing up all ride to start talking shit. The true gossip in him festering under the pressure of keeping mostly quiet the entire ride. Once they arrive in the hall, seated and watching the first years get sorted, he'll let all those nasty comments fly free.

The sorting ceremony is always long and ridiculously flashy. Louis often times ignores it entirely, but, sometimes it's fun to poke some less than innocent fun at the firsties. With Scorpius on his side, it's easy to make early enemies out of people. All in all, it's the worst sort of boring. Where there's nothing to do, and no way to cause a public scene without having major consequences. Which, usually wouldn't bother Louis, except that his parents are already insufferable. He's afraid one of these days they'll forgo sending him howlers and just show up in person.

Its about halfway through that he notices one of his many cousins sitting across from them. Quieter than usual, Lucy was one of the few he actually got along with unconditionally - albeit, in a manner that related more to butting heads than anything. They were known to trade quips on occasion, and he's surprised that this didn't happen to be one of those times. He examined the book in her hands with an open half-frown and an eye roll. But, he chose not to berate her for her reading choice - he didn't know that much about books anyways and knew she'd wipe the floor with him if he said anything.

Lorcan had also taken a seat across from their trio. Louis doesn't mind him most days, though he knows that the other prefers the less asshole-ish version of their group. Which, was a rare occurrence. He gave a Lorcan, a small nod. As polite of a greeting as Louis is capable of.

Instead, he turned to Scorpius, who no doubt felt the same boredom. "We could always Jinx someone," Louis suggests. Completely serious. He already had his wand halfway out of his pocket. Looking for a target in the crowd. Would it be more noticeable if it were a student who shared his house or someone outside of it? Maybe he should hex Teddy, but no, wait, that bubbly idiot would just smile it off anyways. That's no fun.

"We could Jinx your dad," he whispers, conspiratorially, "It's not like he can hate me any more than he already does." Which isn't true at all. There's always room in people's hearts to hate Louis just a little bit more. But it would still be funny. Ugh, but better yet, it would be more trouble than what its worth. Better to just talk crap on everyone, starting with his sisters and working towards the teachers, nobody can be spared from their random and usually biased comments; maybe he'll find a good target to Jinx later. He's been itching to try out Tarantallegra on someone.


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#, as written by Miyer

Albus didn't even blink at Louis's remark, getting used to the boy's rudeness a long time ago. It had always bemused him that Scorp was friends with the Weasley child, but never being one to rock the boat, he had simply chosen to employ a tactic of patients and tolerance, with a large portion of selective hearing. After all, if Scorpius had decided Louis was a worthy friend, who was Albus to question him and his choices.

Speaking of Scorp, Albus turned and offered the boy a silly smile at the feeling of his hand around his wrist. Albus was still vaguely reeling from the new developments in their relationship. He could never seem to get rid of the stupid fluttering in his stomach or the blood that rushed to his cheeks whenever he thought of or touched the blonde haired boy. Although, if he was honest with himself, the new found nerves were a small price to pay for the unexpected bursts of happiness that seemed to occur when Scorp would hold his hand for a second to long or whisper something secret in his ear.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Albus turned and dug out his latest obsession. A hardcover, illustrated collection of novels by Arthur Conan Doyle known as Sherlock Holmes. He prattled on to Scorpius about it for little under an hour before realising the boy probably hadn't a clue what he was on about and so instead settled down to read the journey away, enjoying the gentle movement of Scorpius's fingers on his leg.

By the time Albus is drawn back into the real world, the train has come to a stop and the sun is setting, leaving a beautiful orange glow to fill the sky. He was thrilled to be back at the beautiful and magical place he had called home for the last few years. Hoping into one of the carriages that would take them to the castle, Albus was already looking forward to just getting into his usual bed and forgetting about the world, again, for a few more hours.

But first, he had to survive the sorting ceremony and his father's knowing looks, neither of which were going to prove particularly easy or pleasant to endure. Sitting down, Albus was glad of Scorp's maintained position in the middle, blocking him from any further interaction with Louis. He was also proving to be an incredible pillow, as Albus leaned over and rested his head on the other boy's should, closing his eyes slighting and dozing, vaguely aware of the rest of the world around him.

A few minutes pasted, and upon hearing people sit down across from them, Albus dragged his head up and blinked at Lucy and Lorcan, before his eyes were immediately drawn down towards Lucy's chosen reading material. Immediately a soft smile bloomed on his face at the memories of the book. "Good choice... The whole story written without the letter E. Very intelligent man Fitzgerald.", he commented. The Great Gatsby was always preferable conversation material then having to listen to a bored Scorp and Louis, who often found mean gossip and scheming to entertain them at their worst.


Vicky smiled as she felt the weight of another body sit down next to her on the seat, turning round to be greeted with a similar expression from the gorgeous metamorphagus she had the pride of calling boyfriend. "Hay, and no, you made it just in time.", she muttered as she moved closer, her shoulder pressing against his ever so gently. Of course, he hadn't been as early as she would of liked, with there already being 2 other prefects in the carriage, but she hadn't expected him to be as that just wasn't who he was. Waiting for the rest of the prefects to arrive, Vicky distracted herself by playing absentmindedly with his fingers.

Once the last prefect was accounted for, all expect Scorpius of course, Vicky proceed to offer up quick and brief instructions, returning to full business mode. The meeting lasted about 20 minutes, with the prefects leaving to preform the duties soon after. Grinning, Vicky let herself relax slightly, leaning back against Teddy's chest. One of the few pleasures of being head girl and boy meant you could hid in the prefect carriage without any real consequences.

Her and Teddy spent most of the journey in comfortable silence, with frequent break of conversation revolving around friends, family, the new academic year and briefly the discussion of their future. Throughout all the time, they never broke physical contact for more then a few seconds to rearrange or readjust themselves. It was moments like this that Vicky found herself most happy, where she could truly relax without to much worry about what anyone would think cause it was only Teddy there to witness her.

Finally the journey came to a close and immediately business mode reengaged. Quickly pressing a soft kiss to her boyfriends cheek, she got up to leave. "I promised Hagrid I would help him with the first years this year. Meet you for the sorting ceremony!", she said before turning and making her way towards the first year meet point. Though it was tedious to guide a large heard of nervous and over-excited eleven year olds into boats, the journey across the lake was definitely worth it. Almost poetic really, her last journey to Hogwarts mimicking her first.

Once at the Castle, Vicky left the first years in the capable hands of the professors and made her way towards the great hall to take her seat, glancing and making brief eye contact with Teddy where he sat at the Hufflepuff table, before turning and sitting next to Rose Weasley. Offering the girl a sympathetic smile as she noticed her tired expression. "Hiya Rose, how you feeling? Not gonna lie, I am craving my bed right now.", she joked at the other Gryffindor girl.


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#006400 || Hogwarts || Amused/Intrigued

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer---

"We could always Jinx someone." Words floated into her consciousness. She liked to keep an ear out in case something interesting happened, however unlikely that may be at a sorting.

Louis. One of the few tolerable people in her family. Trouble that one...but who was she to judge. She wanted to insult him as way of greeting, and suggest one or two of her personal favorites such as Tarantallegra or Langlock but then she might be obligated to speak with him which, she decided, was not worth it. She did not have sufficient interest in the situation to want to get involved, and she and Gasby had a date so to speak. She was however, going to keep an open ear to see if they decided to liven up the joint. A Jinx would be quiet entertaining. A little mischief was always nice.

"Good choice... The whole story written without the letter E. Very intelligent man Fitzgerald." Albus said.

Lucy felt a twinge of surprise as she glanced up from the book she had been engrossed in only moments ago.

"Oh? Interesting to think one could be such a well written author that one would write a book without the letter E as a challenge." Lucy said with a small knowing smile. She had read the book a million times and yet she picked it up every few years to read again.

"One of the things I enjoy about this book is on the surface, it appears to be a story of the thwarted love between a man and a woman...but in reality it is highly symbolic of America as a whole and its decline. Specifically the disintegration of the American dream in an era of unprecedented prosperity and material excess. Fitzgerald is even so clever as to position the characters as emblems of these social trends." Lucy said as she slipped a phoenix feather bookmark into her book and set it aside. Her dark eyes focused on Albus as she tucked a stray strand of fiery red hair behind her ear.


Lucy loved discussing her latest readings in great detail, weather it be something she had read and re-read or something new. She rarely found anyone who shared her interests, and where intelligent enough to hold a knowledgeable conversation.

"And I suppose I have a weak spot for color symbolism....So I am particularly enamored with the green light that is mentioned throughout the novel. The one situated at the end of Daisy's East dock?" Lucy paused for a moment to make sure Albus was following before continuing:

"I personally think the green light represents Gatsby's hopes and dreams for the future...." She trailed off as she realized she was getting overly excited and rambling. She glanced down, away from Albus for a moment, in order to compose her expression from embarrassment to that of her cool Slytherin mask.

"Sorry, I got carried away. Ah...needless to say, yes...I have to concur Fitzgerald was a very brilliant man." She said as she rested her hand on the cover of the book