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Bruv I dont even know who I am.
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Bartholomew Finch
"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
Apparently, Role-playing. Reading. Writing in general even though I suck. Gradually sinking into the abyss. And surveying my land for government spies. All in a days work. Also fond of blood rituals and sacrifice.
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Welcome To Crown City

A Citywide Broadcast foretells the arrival of five strangers amongst the strange citizens of Crown City. A place that is home to an array of creatures, beings, and humans alike.

The Falls

When their friend goes missing, six young adults set out across the dangerous wilderness of a world frozen over in order to find him. (Full)

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ImageImage If you had asked either of them before if they thought they would one day be travelling overseas to play their music at a festival that hosted a crowd in the thousands? They would have laughed and said ‘No way man.’ But neither of them were laughing now. This was as real as it could get. They were a week off from the festival still but the decision to travel early came easy. Neither had ever been outside of the usa before, and really only Pippa had a lot of experience in travelling. Courtesy of her parents dragging her to and from distant relatives houses for the holidays. Cody rarely left state, until their recent rise in popularity that is. So the chance to travel, see new things, experience new adventures. That was enough for both of them to empty their savings and hit the road. Yeah, not the most responsible adult thing for them to do - but, they never claimed to be.

“I hate planes,” Cody said, for what must have been the millionth time. “If we were meant to fly, we’d have wings, this is unnatural.”

Pippa groaned, head flung back hard into the headrest of her seat. Maybe if she did that hard enough a few more times she’d knock herself right the fuck out. It would be a welcome distraction from the discomfort of being smooshed into the window seat (Cody refused to be that close to the clouds, whatever the hell that meant) struggling to find a comfortable position between the flailing of Codys ridiculously gangly limbs and the reclined seat of the asshole in front of her. She was practically scrunched into a ball, and still every once in a while Cody would twitch and jab her with his elbows.

He wouldn’t stop moving - couldn’t maybe. He was visibly sweating despite the Ativan he had popped prior to the flight. So much for anxiety relief. His legs were continuously finding new positions to be in without his full awareness. Feet tapping out a maddening rhythm as he tried his best to distract himself from the whirling in his gut.

Pippa was lucky enough to start dozing halfway into the flight. She must have truly fallen asleep at some point because the next thing she knew she was being shaken awake by Cody, who seemed far less jittery than when they had boarded.

“How the fuck do you sleep like that?” He questioned, as she blinked blurrily up at him. Face twisted into a scowl as she watched him contort his body into a similar position to what she had been sleeping in. “Your spine must be made of gelatin.”

“Shut up,” She laughed, pushing him back as she stood. People had already started to file one by one off the plane. “Come on, I want to get some real sleep in a real bed.”

Thankfully, with a little bit of help from an actual adult in their lives - Cody’s much appreciated, and very thoughtful mother - they’d manage to get a good deal on a hotel stay. The Ambassade Hotel was even nicer than the pictures had suggested. Cody had never dreamed he would stay in such fancy digs. It was close to the airport too, which meant there was very little issue getting there and getting checked in. Once they finally got their bags up to the room he had shaken off the nervous anxiety from the flight and no longer felt as if he needed to take off in a nervous sprint.

“Jesus, I bet the room service is killer here.” Pippa said, as she dropped her bags to the floor and flopped face first onto the bed. All of the energy had drained out of her and now all she wanted to do was curl up and sleep for the next twenty four hours.

Which is in fact what she did.

They didn’t really leave the hotel room for the first day. Pippa too jet lagged to function and Cody just basking in the fact that he was on solid ground. Eventually though the call to the streets hit and they both took off to see the sights. For the most part they stuck together, visiting a variety of touristy places and buying a boatload of kitschy souvenirs. Their most frequent stops were to a variety of coffee shops though, where they would sit for a while, sipping hot chocolate and indulging in other activities. And if, at night, they chose to go the route of harder partying - well, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam.

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The thing about attending a school like Hogwarts is that there is a certain grandeur. A ceremony to the whole thing. A repetitive set of events to follow every single year. The train, the sorting, the feast - it was a never-ending stage set for the overenthusiastic first years to gobble up with their grubby hands. Louis remembers being that excited in his first year, can picture his first day on the platform in stunningly accurate detail. The way he stared in awe as his mother and father led them through the wall. The way he clung to Victoire, afraid she would slip away in the crowd but stunned also by the sheer amount of people that were clogging up the station. Dominique had looked at the two of them with as much annoyance as a 10-year-old could muster because she wasn't old enough yet to attend.

He remembers ignoring her cries of 'it's not fair' as he tried to school his expression into something more befitting of himself. Apathy failed to plaster itself over the spark of glee in his eyes.

Much different from now. Now, apathy battles annoyance - the platform is swarming with first years and he is absolutely done with all of it. His parents are speaking, giving them some sort of speech no doubt about being good. He's long since learned to drone out their drivel and focus on searching the crowd for one of the few people who matter to him most.

Unsurprisingly he finds Louis first. A hand finding its way to his arm and tugging him away amidst cries of "Hey! I was talking - " But the sound of his mother's voice is drowned out by Louis shouting a quick 'see you later' to Victoire and waving amiably at Dominique, who resolutely ignored him. Louis shot Scorpius Malfoy a lazy grin and threaded their hands together as they boarded the train. Victoire would find them later, of course, they were each other's shadows, but she usually took to helping out the first years on the platform before boarding herself - he didn't fault her for being kind, but he certainly didn't pretend to understand it.

They always sat together, it was an unspoken rule, just like them.

Off towards their seventh and final year of this madness.

Rose's invitations were always a touch on the dramatic side, but he couldn't deny she had great taste. They'd been doing this long enough now that nothing about the presentation surprised him. His attendance was as garunteed as the party itself, and he wouldn't miss the opportunity to let loose for anything in the world. Though his attention was mostly on Scorpius he let himself search for his sister in the crowd a time or two, always keeping an eye on his other half - because merlin knows he would break bones if some idiot tried anything with her.

His attention was swept away however as Scorpius started to tug him through the crowd. A common occurence between them, neither were privy to using their words to get the other to follow. They just knew to follow. Into whatever mess there may be.

Moondew clouds danced inside his head as he was led outside. The fresh air clearing up some of that haze and leaving him far more aware than before. Though that awareness was quickly replaced by hands and lips, and the feeling of warmth that spread through him from each point of contact.

“Teds should be bringing the good stuff tonight,” The good stuff, he wondered what any of their parents would think if they ever discovered their kids were indulging like this. Then again - he preferred not to think of them when he had better things to focus on. Those better things being the blonde devil before him.

“Until then…?” Scorp prompted.

Louis sucked in some of that crisp, cold air and pushed off the wall. Hands sliding under the folds of the others shirt and exploring the warm planes of skin.

"Until then..." Louis pondered, returning to the question. Then pausing with a slow, languid kiss as he became distracted once more. "We do whatever the hell we want." He finishes in a whisper, grinning in a way he reserved only for Scorpius.

But he knew that they had been outside too long. His skin where not covered by clothing or Scorp had begun to prickle with goosebumps from the chill. He pulled away, knowing they would have plenty of time to play later. Besides, he wanted to see if Teddy had arrived.

"Lets go back in, see if we can find some of that good stuff yeah?" He bit down on the grin that threatened to split his face and led the two of them back in. Slipping through the crowd as he spotted the blue haired heathen.