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Anna McHall

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a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by crybloodredtears


The mix-and-match family of refugees


Anne-Marie Elizabeth McHall


"Cogito, ero sum."
"I think, therefore I am."


Role: Biological Child of Benjamin and Antonia McHall

Gender: Female

Age: Four-hundred and Ninety-Nine

Apparent Age: Seventeen

Nicknames: Anna

Species: Half-Breed/Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid

Birthplace: London, England (United Kingdom)


Height: 5'5''

Build: Slender and willowy

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue-Green

Markings: She has tattoos of the Lunar phases on her back, down her spine. Other things you may notice about Anna would be her piercings; tongue, bellybutton, as well as having five in each ear (double lobes, five cartilage, and one anti-tragus).

Brief Written Description: Anna stands at 5'5'' tall and can be found to only weigh 120lbs soaking wet. She is neither well-endowed nor flat-chested, and is perfectly content with what "her mother gave her", with a flat stomach, small hips and bum. She has a roundish facial structure, a pale complexion and bright eyes that seem to switch between blue and green. Her long blonde hair is naturally wavy but she's been known to wear it down straight, in curls, or in some sort of trendy up-do. Additionally, she has elegant eyebrows, a few shades darker than her hair, with a good arch and full pink lips.
As the daughter of a Vampire and a Werewolf, Anna is actually strong despite her fragile and youthful facial appearance. In wolf form, Anna is pure white with average length fur and piercing blue eyes.

Clothing Preference: Anna's style changes up a lot. She loves any and all sorts of clothing styles and leaves her outfit choices up to what she feels like wearing.. And if that means she wears jean shorts with a sweater, so be it. It is what it is; clothes. Although, she typically won't wear something if it looks bad on her.. She's quite particular about that.
Additionally, make-up is a very close friend of hers.

Face Claim: Dove Cameron


Skills: Anna is rather fast, regardless of form. Additionally, she is quite strong and has interesting regenerative abilities. Each of her senses are heightened to an extraordinary degree, attributed to her mixed lineage. (*ahem*Mommy and Daddy*ahem*)

Quirks: Anna tends to tap her fingernails on objects. Whether it's on her cellphone, on a table, or even on a wall, it's just something she does. Another thing, if she is not tapping her nails then she is most likely tapping her feet. It's usually one or the other but don't try to make her stop. It won't work.

What is the saying? "Old habits die hard"? Well then, that's something that describes these habits of hers.

Likes: Anna adores the colour blue and the shade black. Strawberry happens to be her absolute favourite, none of that Cotton Candy flavoured crap. Cats are her favourite pet to own, particularly Siamese. Any sort of music with a good beat, and easy to dance to, is her preference. Loyalty is a trait she admires greatly. Anna also happens to be heterosexual which means she prefers men and men alone, although she has nothing against homosexuals, etc.

Dislikes: Truthfully, she doesn't like really big dogs.. Or snakes. Physically harming another is not a thought she relishes either although, only should a situation call for it, she will do so. Anna doesn't like arguing with her parents, or any of her adopted siblings, either.

Fears: Anna is terrified of losing a family member, regardless of their species and the fact that most of them aren't biologically related to her. In addition, her own death (not just her family members') is yet another fear that squeezes her heart tightly within a cold, hard grip. Rejection from a family member, close friend or even a lover is a feeling she is scared to even think of.

Written Description: Seemingly unemotional, Anna is calm and reserved when it comes to others, particularly those she does not know well. Usually very practical and rational, Anne-Marie relies on reason and logic, however she can still become rather uncertain and indecisive. She tends to have low self-esteem and can be quite introverted at times. However, she isn't afraid of solitude and even prefers to maintain one or two close friendships rather than several less authentic relationships. If you count yourself among her friends then this is because she considers you worthy of her attention.

Not particularly spontaneous, she can, however, be over-sensitive and emotional although she typically hides this part of her personality from anyone that doesn't know her well-enough to see behind her mental barriers. Anna's "self-control", for lack of a better word, could easily be mistaken for indifference and she often has the impression of being misunderstood. She is proud and doesn't like to show her vulnerability, which she perceives as a sign of weakness. Likewise, she would rather try and manage for herself than consider asking others for help. Even if this means struggling to figure something out for hours.

Hard-working and conscientious, she is quite organized and a bit of a perfectionist. She has a strong sense of duty and is meticulous in all that she undertakes -- to use authority and force with her is strictly unnecessary and even counter-productive.

Despite her rather logical and altogether cold ways of thinking, Anna is a true romantic at heart. She tries to hide this but she yearns for someone to love and love her in return, regardless of her species, family, and behaviours. This being said, a flirty side of her seems to come out when she feels a bit comfortable in a male's presence; human, vampire, or werewolf.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

McHall Family
Patriarch/Biological Father: Benjamin McHall
Matriarch/Biological Mother: Antonia McHall
Sister: Perizada McHall
Brother: Augustus McHall
Brother: Ashton McHall
Sister: Jayson McHall
Sibling: --

[I have full intentions on listing and arranging family by age, just to warn you.]

So begins...

Anna McHall's Story