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Legend of Zelda: Awakening of Evil

Legend of Zelda: Awakening of Evil


Once again, the forces of evil attack Hyrule. But this time, the leaders have allied!

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"Once upon a time, as Evil menaced to engulf the lands, a shining hero appeared to save the kingdom of Hyrule. He wielded a legendary sword able to banish all evil, and the mystical power of the Triforce protected him as he defeated the darkness, banishing it into the Void.
Since then Evil has gathered in the safety of darkness, emerging from their slumbers to bring destruction upon the world once again. But it now knew that it was not able to defeat the Hero of Time, as he was known today, and that he would arise once again to defeat it if they attacked. Therefore they remained hidden at first, and allied to form an army stronger than they all had been by themselves, before beginning to launch their devastating attacks at the kingdom, sweeping through the defenses of its boders and heading for the Royal Castle, as the Hero of Time returned as foreseen.
Will he be able to stop them? On his own, he won't, but what if he finds allies? Who knows..."

Two months have now passed since the first assault of Evil on Hyrule. Link, the Hero of Time and Royal Knight of Hyrule, has returned to the Kingdom from his travels with Epona, his loyal steed, to lands that no one knows. He wants to help Hyrule against the dark forces, but a lone man is not enough this time to defeat such power, even the Hero of Time.

Therefore Link took Epona, and traveled to the many Nations in and around Hyrule to gain them as allies against the evil forces, but some have already chosen to be on the side of Evil instead. Link also gathered the Seven Sages, as now not only Hyrule is being menaced by Evil, the whole world is! And Hyrule is the only force which can hope to win the war: if it falls, there will be no more hope for the good ones.

Since then, the teams have formed, and almost all nations, including the kingdom of Labrynna and the country of Holodrum, have taken their decision. the two camps are now facing each other, and it is a mystery of who will win...

This is the story's setup. Below are the camps which you can pick from (or you create a new one instead), and an optional character sheet to guide you if you want. You can also choose to be a specific pro-/antagonist or dungeon boss from any of the known LoZ games.

GOOD CAMPS (On the side of Hyrule)

-Hyrule (Under the command of Princess Zelda, Hyrule has a small army of well-trained knights at its disposal. They also have some mages, among of which Princess Zelda herself)

-Holodrum (Under the command of Princess Zelda, as there was no clear ruler who could have handled the affairs instead. All Holodrum forces are at Hyrule, as the country of Holodrum itself will be safe as long as Hyrule still stands)

-Labrynna (Under the command of Queen Ambi, the Labrynnian forces support Hyrule from their own country as it is directly menaced by the forces of Evil, but they are adjacent to Hyrule, which means that they can support them easily)

-Goron Nation (living on the Death Mountain in Hyrule, the Gorons, big humanoid beings that survive by eating rock, have decided to support Hyrule. They are ruled by the tribe commander Darunia)

- Sheikah (More of a clan than an actual nation, the Sheikah are ninja-like people who hide in the shadows. They are befriended with Princess Zelda, and Impa, Zelda's personal bodyguard, is one of them, which is why they help Hyrule without a second thought. Their ruler is unknown)

-Kokiri tribe (A tribe of child-like people, which have stayed hidden in their forests for many decades. They are currently ruled by a king, which in turn listens to Link, who has passed his youth among them)

NEUTRAL CAMPS (Have decided to stay uninvolved, or have not picked a clear decision yet)

-Gerudos (a tribe of desert inhabitants, the Gerudo generally were isolated from all other nations, and it has stayed this way. They refuse to help any of the two sides, although some individuals or fractions have picked their side)

- Zora Merfolk (fish-men that live in the waters of Hyrule mainly in the Lake of Hylia and its springs. They are not certain whom to help, as they fear that Hyrule might get destroyed, and if they help them they will be annihilated in that case)


-Twilight folk (under the former rulership of Midna, the Twilight folk has been influenced by the subordinates of Ganondorf to remove Midna from the throne and place Zanto on it once again, to get their revenge on Hyrule. Midna has fled and joined Hyrule)

-Bulblin forces (commanded by Bulbog, which is loyal to Ganondorf, the Bulblin forces are green orcish creatures riding on boars)

-Ganondorf's subordinates (One of the two greatest evil forces, ruled by Ganondorf. In it are various outcasts from different nations, and he also indirectly commands a large variety of evil camps)

-Vaati's subordinates (One of the two greatest evil forces, ruled by Vaati. Many wild beings and demons summoned from various dimensions are in it)

-The Twinrova's forces (mainly Gerudos and magically animated corpses and golems, the subordinates of Kotake and Koume, the adoptive mothers of Ganondorf, known as Twinrova when together, are not numerously powerful but much more as individuals)

Character Sheet
You should fill the following information:
appearance (a picture can do too),
age (optional),
equipment and abilities,
history (optional).

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Character Portrait: Creeden Blagget


Character Portrait: Creeden Blagget
Creeden Blagget

A happy-go-lucky Kokiri whom is proud of his herritage.


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