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Moka Anima

"I came to heal injuries not get stuck here"

0 · 249 views · located in Planet Earth, 1041 years later.

a character in “Made of Steel”, as played by Iezobel



Moka Anima


Birth date:
21 of December




Designing things
Being around others
Helping others

Being alone



Image [color=navy blue]
Moka is quite artistic. She is always looking at things in a different perspectives than everyone else. She is quite calm and always does her best to not have to raid her voice. She always sees the good in people. Moka is quite solitary. She does enjoy the company of others but she doesn't have many friends. She didn't really find a job that suited her so she decided to go into medicine. She took to it quite well and soon became a surgeon. She was asked to go to earth and immediately accepted looking forward to the adventure. Izumi is quite the fighter. She hasn't really trained much but she is quite good at it.

Injuries caused by the crash:
Two broken ribs and the odd cut or bruise.

Trauma processing:
Quite well. Her first reaction was to help others and see to their injuries were cleaned and looked after.

So begins...

Moka Anima's Story

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#, as written by Iezobel
Moka slowly opened her eyes. She looked around and realised she was among thick overgrowth. She didn't remember walking or falling here but she did remember crashing. She sat up and felt a searing pain in her side. Moka attempted to gasp but the air was to thin. She fumbled with an air tight bag before she was able to open it. Once she had activated the air pod she was able to gasp. She lightly touched it. Broken ribs. She put her hand on a rock and hauled herself up. She saw smoke not to far away, was it the crash site. She ran through the thick and towards the site, ignoring the burning pain of her broken ribs. She stopped suddenly just before she reached the crash site. She heard a familiar voice.
"Sam? Sam!" she said,"It's me," She walked from the overgrowth with her hands up. She realised it was Sam and ran to him and wrapped her arms around him. She didn't really know him but it was such relief to know he was alive. She suddenly moved back clutching her side. The impact of the hug must have crushed her ribs slightly. She closed her eyes and realised she wasn't the only injured one. She pointed a finger at Sam's leg and raised an eyebrow in question.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Moka Anima Character Portrait: Samson Wenthworth
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"W-what? Moka! You're alright? I'm so relieved!" Sam yelled, truly relieved by the sight of one of the survivors. He gasped for a moment when the girl grabbed his waist to emerge in a hug, complaining about his injured leg.
"Easy, easy." He warned her, slightly dragging himself back to the chair he came from. "I don't know what happened. It's... Blurry. My memory... I don't remember why we crashed." He sighed and took a look at the injury on his leg.
"But that's not important right now." He looked up at her, forcingly smiling.
"I'm glad I'm not the only one, I really am." His facial expression changed to a painful look as he felt the scrap of metal stuck in his leg. After swearing a few unfriendly words, Sam tried pushing himself up from the chair eventhough it was not a good thing to do. The best thing to do was to keep sitting down in his current position, as he might injure himself only more.
"Did you find anyone else?" Sam asked softly, hoping anyone would still be alive from the severe crash they made.