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Cynthia Rose Dukane

"Whats love? never heard of it"

0 · 374 views · located in The Vampire City

a character in “My Darkest Secrets”, as played by Wolflover2217


"I've died over 10 times...I think I can handle this"

Full Name
Cynthia Rose Dukane




her master
never able to die
watching her love ones die

Pysical Apperance
she stands at 5'6, with a slim and menacing figure. she has icy pal skin, and blood red lips. her eyes are a brilliant jade green, but sometimes turn darker during the cold seasons. She has jet black hair that is down to her shoulders. She has it down, and it is naturally curly. Some might say she is pleasing to the eye, but she doesn't believe it. Cynthia wears black, and leather.


Tattoos, Piercings ect
Cynthia has a black rose on the nape of her neck. She can't remember how it got there, but she thinks it is important. Cynthia has a wolf paw on her wrist, and piercings on her ears.

Cynthia has a very short temper, due to her past. Though she is very friendly and kind, she sometimes has random outbursts. Cynthia is often lonely since she can't spend anytime with people.

Cynthia had lives with her parents, brother and sister in a small house in the forest. Legion, the demon leader summoned his army to kill all her family, in front of her. He made her sister suffer. Cynthia and her mother were the only ones to escape. They had set up camp deep in the forest. Just when she had thought she made a best friend, her friend got turned into a 'pet' by Legion. her friend revealed Cynthia's and her mothers hiding place, and her mother was killed. Cynthia had never trurted anyone after that, and sticks to herself.

Theme Song
Name: going underArtist: evanescence

So begins...

Cynthia Rose Dukane's Story

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"Jasmine?" I pulled Jasmine closer, no, no!
The vampire scanned the room, Jasmine let out a sob, and the vampire walked over to us, I noticed her features, black hair with pale skin, "come on," she whispered as she chained Jasmine up. I slowly got up and Ruby grabbed my wrist up I shook it off, I looked at the vampire with hateful eyes, "she's not going any where with you" I spat at the vampires feet.
Ruby got up and tried to pull me back, "Ok, I know you're a monster, but torturing a little girl? I don't know what to call you now, how about disgusting? Or maybe sick? I don't know what one do you think fits what you are?"
I could feel everyones eyes turn to me, I didn't care, someone has to tell these monsters what they are, "Tristan-" I grabbed Rubies hand and that seemed to silence her "I don't know if you where born a monster or if you decided to betray your own kind, but-" I watched the vampires face, her eyes where filled with pain.
"Look, you don't have to do this, if you want take me, but let this poor little girl go, or shall I keep calling you a inhumane monster?" I wasn't ready to beg, I wouldn't give this beast that satisfaction. I was hoping that I had done something, "just let the girl go" I whispered, I looked down at Jasmine, her face was stained with tears, Ruby was tightening her grip on my hand and everyone in the cell was waiting for her to do something.

I meet the vampires stare, I waited for her move, her eyes where scanning my face, I knew what she was thinking, why isn't he afraid? Because I want death I thought to myself.
Jasmine pulled on the Vampires chains, trying to get free, two big buff guys walked up behind the vampire, "oh look, are they vampires who feel like torturing little kids? Or are they you're human friends?" I said teasingly.
"Tristan, theirs a vampire and two guys, think about this" Ruby whispered in my ear, I smiled coldly at one of the guys, "oh look, the vampire master though I needed some friends, how nice." The first one leaped at me, I ducked and pushed Ruby to the side, tripping over she fell out of the way.

"Please, give me a challenge" I smiled cruelly again, "enough!" A husky tone filled the silence, I noticed people crept back further into their cells. Crap I looked at the vampire master, also known as Legion "Cynthia, I thought I gave you a simple task?" Legion asked and Cynthia looked down. Legion looked at me sharply, "who are you?" I looked him straight in the eyes.
"Tom" I smiled and a few laughs passed over the cells, Cynthia stared at me, I glanced at her than turned my attention to Legion, "very funny Tristan, now, I believe I heard you say that you think us, vampires are disgusting?" I nodded.
Legion laughed, Ruby was shaking behind me, "please sir, Tristan was just having fun, he didn't mean any offense" Ruby quietly spoke. Legion frowned, "we'll I'm afraid that I don't have time for 'fun' and I'm a very busy man, Cynthia take the child away."

I didn't even think, I leaped on Cynthia and cut her arm with my dagger, I didn't know how much harm I did but I made her drop Jasmine, Cynthia hissed and threw my against the wall.
Ruby grabbed Jasmine and pushed her behind her body, Legion beat Cynthia to me and grabbed my by the throat "now, now, lets all be friends here" Legion teased. I spat just below his feet, Cynthia watched in amazement, probably shock as well, Legion pushed me agains the wall picking my off my feet.
I gasped for air, maybe if I just stopped struggling, this would all be over, I would be with my family, "go on, kill me" I barley managed to say through gritted teeth.
Legion sunk his fangs into my throat, "Tristan!!" Ruby screamed, she fought her way through the crowd but Cynthia held her back, I gasped for air, I could feel the blood leaving my veins, I stabbed Legion in the arm and he let me go.
"You!- next time, I want stop" he hissed and the buff man lead him out of the room, I sunk down to my feet, everyone's eyes on me.

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Character Portrait: Tristan Dexter Character Portrait: Cynthia Rose Dukane
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I watched Legion and his gang of demons leave, Cynthia stared at me for a bit, Ruby Haden broken free and was fussing over me, I was a little tired but was welcome to more insults.
"Come in vamp girl, you said you would take me, let the girl go" Cynthia hesitated than she undid Jasmines chains and locked them on me, "Tristan!" Ruby stood in front of me, I frowned "Ruby, come on, I'll be fine, take care of Jasmine." Ruby turned slightly to me, "promise?" I nodded "promise." Cynthia snickered in the background, "watch your promises" I turned to her, "you better watch yourself vamp girl." Ruby walked over to me, she wrapped her arms around me, with out thinking I leaned down and kissed her gently, when the kiss was over I walked over to Cynthia, "ready?"

I walked down the hall, Cynthia lead the way, "so, what's your little sad story?" I asked her but she ignored me, "shut up, you'll want to save your strength" she snapped back, I chuckled to myself "temper, temper."
I knew she hated me, but it was a two way party, "brace yourself young lad" a person from the nearest cell to me called out, "their demons who don't have a soul!" I turned to them, their faces were pale, I could see their ribs sticking painfully out, most of them were my age, some younger.
"Oh don't worry, I know" Cynthia turned sharply to me, "oh please don't go all demon on me" I teased, I watched her open a door, I stepped in slowly, I could see a chair, cables pointy instruments lay on the table next to it. I sat down not waiting for instructions, "so, how long will this take Doctor?" Cynthia was amused "your awfully cheerful for a guy who is about to go through extreme pain."

I smiled, "no matter what you do, everyone in the whole world, save the people you have killed, wish you could burn in hell?" Cynthia didn't look at me but I could tell she was getting annoyed.
"Why did you want to save that girl? She was just a stranger?" I laughed, "well, first, I know her, second, she is just a kid, she shouldn't know pain like this, in fact it was your race that killed her parents, so I would go easy on her." Cynthia turned to me, pain stuck her eyes, "so come on tell me, why did you become a vampire?" Cynthia ignored me, but she flashed me her fangs, "Tristan, or whatever your name is, I don't have to tell you anything! Wouldn't don't you pick this life over death?" I laughed coldly.
"No, see you know nothing about me, unless your master has told you, I don't fear death" Cynthia looked at me, "their are two kind of people in this world, people like you, who are too weak to give up life, they would rather watch their loved ones die than die themselves." I stopped and watched a few tears swell up in Cynthia's eyes, but she willed them away as soon as I saw them.

I continued my theory, "than their at people like me, like everyone in this prison, we are sting we don't want to become a demon, we just want our song to end, so be can be set free!" I didn't realize I was yelling. "If I had a choice, I would want to die a human than be turned into a monster..."
I turned my head from Cynthia, "come on let's get this over with, unlike you, I have people waiting for me and hoping I'm safe."