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Riyo Santo

The Painted Lady of Iwa

0 · 279 views · located in The Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: New World Order”, as played by Valium


Name: Riyo Santo
Name Meaning: From the Spanish 'Rio', meaning River.
Nickname(s): -
Title(s): The Painted Lady of Iwa, the Dragoness
Age: 57
Gender: Female
Notable Features: Youthful appearance, tattooes of dragons along her back and on her shoulder. She tends to wear her revealing black knee-length dress and a pair of heeled sandals.

Personality: Riyo is a woman who appears to be quite intense and overbearing at first glance because of her icy cool glare, but in truth she is playful and flirtatious, constantly teasing the men around her regardless of their age. Riyo hides her own age well by not only her constant transformation technique which gives her the appearance of a young woman at the prime of her age, but by her interest in current trends in the latest in fashion and technology. Riyo is viewed by many as a charismatic leader with a talent for speaking and boosting morale, and her dedication to Iwa and its people are second to none. She is immensely stubborn to the point where she will die for whatever the cause was, even going so far as to be willing to die for her village.

- Mother (Deceased)
- Father (Deceased)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 9th
Height: 5'11
Weight: 119 lbs
Marital Status: Divorced
Goal: The protection of Iwa and its people, and the upholding of the strong alliances between villages.

History: Born into a mercantile family in a small village within the Land of Earth, Riyo never expected that she would become a Kunoichi. In fact, she never dreamed of becoming one, let alone becoming the Tsuchikage. Instead, Riyo anticipated carrying on with the family business of shipping products throughout the Land of Earth as well as to the other villages nearby. Their village was quite far from Iwagakure, and because of the family business, it was prone to attack and raids from small groups of bandits. Teams of shinobi from Iwa were often sent to the village to serve as guards, but one night the village was raided by a large group bandits that had managed to capture the Iwa-nin and seize control of the area. Thankfully, Riyo and her parents managed to make it out of the village mere hours before the attack after being tipped off by a close friend. The family traveled by horse to Iwagakure, and Riyo swore that one day she would grow strong enough to find and punish every single band of mountain bandits in the Land of Earth. Riyo was admitted into the Iwa Academy at the age of 8, where she learned the basics and graduated at the top of her class.

She trained for two years under the tutelage of the retired Tsuchikage Oonoki, who praised her for her skill in Earth Release techniques. He made a deal with her, promising to teach her the secret of Dust Release if she could come out on top at the Chuunin Exams. Taking this deal to heart, Riyo trained hard until the exams and managed to surpass her fellow Gennin during the battle rounds. Riyo breezed through the exams, reaching the final battle rounds before just barely losing to a Konoha shinobi. Despite her loss, Riyo was recognized for her brilliance and prowess on the battlefield and was promoted to the Chuunin rank at the age of 10. Riyo continued her training with Oonoki until he passed away from natural causes.

Despite Oonoki's passing, Riyo continued her training as per his request, becoming the apprentice to the serving Tsuchikage. By undergoing training with the Tsuchikage, Riyo became a potential candidate to become next Tsuchikage. Riyo would later be promoted to the rank of Jounin at the age of 17, and five years later, after mastering Dust Release to an acceptable standard, the girl was promoted to become a member of the ANBU, where she donned a mask that resembled a bird with red markings. In addition to her duties as a member of the ANBU, Riyo worked alongside the Tsuchikage as his assistant up until his retirement, where the title of Tsuchikage was passed down to Riyo.

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Tsuchikage
Fame Level: Legendary Status - Riyo is known throughout the Shinobi World to be a fierce leader who singlehandedly brought down every single criminal organization within the Land of Earth. Her skill with Dust Release is told in stories amongst shinobi in not only Iwa, but in other villages as well, and despite her age, Riyo is still known to be a powerful fighter with strength that even men in their prime are unable to match.
Classification: Sensor, Kage
Clan: -

Academy Grad Age: 8
Chuunin Exam Age: 10
Jounin Age: 17
ANBU Age: 22
Kage Age: 31

Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken
Chakra Nature: Image Earth Release, Image Fire Release, Image Wind Release
Kekkai Genkai: Image Dust Release
Tailed Beast: -
Summoning: -

Chakra Level: Immense - Riyo is known to boast an immense chakra pool that, when sensed by sensors, has been mistaken for that of a jinchuuriki. This comes from years and years of countless, nonstop training with Jinton.
Chakra Control: Excellent - Riyo's Chakra Control is most evident in her constant transformation technique which allows her to maintain her youthful appearance. It has gotten to the point where Riyo is permanently transformed and exercises minimum concentration on it to maintain her appearance.
Hand Seal Knowledge: Immense - Riyo's knowledge of Hand Seals allows her to perform techniques with blinding speed.
Speed Level: Experienced --> Advanced - At the most basic level, Riyo's speed allows her to cover a large distance in the least amount of time. When in flight, Riyo is known to be able to fly at amazing speeds, preferring that over most other modes of transportation.

Skills and Abilities
Riyo, like the previous Tsuchikage of Iwa, is known to be able to fly, and pass on the ability to fly to others that she touches. Her mastery over her ability to fly is said to be so great that she often chooses to fly instead of taking alternative modes of transportations, especially when traveling between lands.
- Ninjutsu: Riyo's skill in Earth Release and Dust Release is legendary. She is well-versed in Earth Release, capable of performing techniques with single-handed seals and reducing the necessary seals for most earth release techniques by half and still be able to perform them at maximum level. She is capable of injecting more chakra into a piece of earth to harden it, and even capable of circulating earth chakra through her body to give herself a boost in strength and defensive capabilities. With Dust Release, Riyo is capable of forming a cube, cylinder or cone with dust release, but she tends to use the spherical form. Riyo is even capable of performing Iwagakure's Kinjutsu and is known to be able to knead explosive chakra into simple objects for self defense when needed, which comes in handy when dealing with surprise attacks.
- Taijutsu: Riyo is known to be quite a tough fighter, possessing a vast amount of strength capable of shattering bones with a well-placed hit. When she imbues her body with earth chakra, Riyo's strength is increased to a fearsome level and she becomes a deadly close-ranged fighter capable of withstanding powerful blows and coming out relatively unscathed, but as a result becomes more easy to be damaged by lightning-based techniques.

Signature Techniques:
- Flight Technique
- Hiding With Camoflauge Technique
- Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
- Chakra Sensing Technique
- Body Replacement Technique
- Body Flicker Technique
- Splitting Technique
- Iwagakure Kinjutsu

- Rock Clone Technique
- Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Ultra-Added Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Light Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Ultra-Light Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm
- Earth Release: Moving Earth Core
- Earth Release: Earth Flow Rampart
- Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears
- Earth Release: Earth Dome
- Earth Release: Earth Flow Divide
- Earth Release: Earth Flow River
- Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin

- Fire Release: Mist Blaze Dance
- Fire Release: Dragon Flame Bullet
- Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work
- Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction
- Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation

- Wind Release: Pressure Damage
- Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

- Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique

Paraphernalia: -
Notes: -
Theme Song: Nagi Yanagi - Laterality

So begins...

Riyo Santo's Story

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#, as written by Valium
Riyo Santo
The Painted Lady of Iwa
Location: Iwagakure - Tsuchikage's Mansion / Streets of Iwa

As the sun rose over the peaks of the mountain and bathed the village in its warm rays, the figure of a woman could already be seen standing atop of the Tsuchikage's Mansion. It was none other than Tsuchikage Riyo, the Dragoness herself, out on her daily morning meditation session. She was dressed as she normally would be - a revealing knee-length body hugging black dress that only wrapped around her neck to expose the dragon tattoo on her back. She wore a matching pair of black heeled sandals, and slung a dark brown long coat over one shoulder to finish her look off. Despite her age, Riyo was the perfect picture of youth and health, a beauty best admired in small doses because of the intensity of the colors and general appearance of the makeup she chose to put on every day. Riyo took a deep breath in, admiring the fresh smell of the mountainous terrain. The air was crisp and fresh with a hint of mountain pine, not yet polluted by smells of the various food stands and restaurants that would soon open its doors to travelers and people looking for a quick bite to eat with no time to cook for themselves.

"Such calmness.. it's beautiful." Riyo muttered quietly to herself, not once taking her eyes off of the village below. This was her village, a place entrusted to her by her mentors and predecessors. A village that took her in when her own home was attacked and provided her with the best training in the Land to allow her to become a kunoichi. As the village leader, she swore on her life to protect it and its villagers at all costs. Riyo was famous throughout Iwa, known as the Painted Lady because of her various tattoos that stretched from her neck down to her lower back. She was also called the Dragoness, and not only for her tattooes, but also for her ability to fly and the powerful aura around her that commanded attention and almost always received it. She is known as the woman who singlehandedly spearheaded a movement known as the 'Great Mountain Purge', which brought every bandit and criminal organization dwelling within the mountains to justice and created a sense of security to all of the smaller towns and villages within the Land of Earth.

After one last look, Riyo slipped her brown coat on without bothering to button it. After stuffing her hands in her pocket, Riyo jumped over the side of the building, but instead of falling, she slowly floated to the bottom, landing softly before beginning to wander through the streets, greeting the early birds that were also beginning to wander and set up shop for the day.

"Riyo-chan, you've come to visit?" Asked a tiny elderly woman who sat on a high wooden stool. Her bundle of silver hair was kept together in a bun at the top of her head, and she wore a large pair of spectacles that magnified the size of her eyes. She was slowly fanning the flames under a clay pot filled with water. The old lady ran a tea stand, brewing what Riyo always told people was the 'best tea in town'.

Riyo smiled, nodding to the woman. "Of course, I forgot to visit you yesterday, Tsubame-sama. One cup of your finest tea, please?" Riyo asked, a grin on her face as she took one hand out of her pocket and placed two silver coins on the wooden stand.

"Finest tea? All of the tea I create is the best there is!" Tsubame croaked before letting out a hearty laugh. "But for you, Riyo-chan, I will make sure your cup is extra delicious." The old woman said before adding hot water into a stained porcelain teapot. She set it on the table before turning to Riyo. "How is the office treatin' ya, Riyo-chan? Not too stressful, I hope. No.. couldn't be too stressful, you look younger than the last time I saw you."

Riyo laughed, shaking her head. "You flatter me, Tsubame-sama. I think you are the one that has been getting younger. I've been getting more and more lines on my face the longer that I've been in office, I can see why females rarely become Kage now." She responded with a smile before pouring herself a cup of tea. "Thank you, Tsubame-sama. I have to be off now though, I'll come visit you a little later." Riyo said to the woman before giving a slight bow and walking along the street once more, cup of tea in hand now.

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Yuki Kootta
Disguised as extremely old man
Streets of Iwa

Kootta had found his current disguise to get into Iwagakure surprisingly effective. At first glance he'd appear to be a man into his nineties but was still fit enough to keep up with some of the younger folks despite having to lean rather heavily on a walking stick. His disguise even worked on paper after all Lu Hanshu had been a Chuunin of Iwa many years before who'd retired and left the village before working at a steel mill around the border of the country. Of course, the real Lu Honshu had died less than a day ago, he'd seen to that after getting every scrap of memory possible from the man. It wasn't enough for him to come and go as he pleased, village defenses had been beyond this particular man's knowledge but he managed to get it simply enough.

Kootta had been an infiltrator his entire ninja carrier so had little trouble flat acting his way through situations, but he'd found that the use of a very subtle genjutsu on himself made things that much easier. After all if he truly believed he was his target and only vaguely remembered who he really was, the lie was that much more credible. Such was the situation he was in, looking about the village like an old home he'd come back to see before he got too old to make the trip. Though at that point a voice rang out, triggering his hypnosis a bit. "Thank you, Tsubame-sama. I have to be off now though, I'll come visit you a little later." The title name rang a bell, but something about the way it was said also seemed familiar, but the young beauty in front of the tea stand didn't match either memory. There was a vague memory of a little girl he knew becoming a ninja of importance, and the speech pattern seemed reminiscent of that...but it couldn't be.

"Tsubame," Hanshu called out with his usual overly familiar tone despite a long absence. "This Lu Hanshu is old, but has he gotten so old that the young beauty from back then is wise woman before him." At that moment the full memory came through, "I've gotten old indeed then, for I'm not a babbling on man then the young lady before me must the daughter of little Rio." He had a warm smile on his face, remembering the old days, " Last I saw her, she was just a little thing, but the resemblance is frightening"

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#, as written by Valium
Riyo Santo
The Painted Lady of Iwa
Location: Iwagakure - Streets

Riyo continued her walk down the street, meeting and greeting the villagers as she went. There was nothing out of the ordinary, or at least nothing that Riyo could sense or feel. Riyo passed by a street vendor selling steamed buns. Fresh.. and delicious. Should I? I don't really need to watch my weight.. let's do it. She thought to herself before purchasing a bun from the man. Though it was a plain white roll, Riyo still enjoyed it as much as she would have enjoyed some savory delicacy. Riyo ate away at it in her own unique way - peeling off small chunks and eating it as slowly as she could without seeming too weird to people who were observing her. The Tsuchikage continued her stroll until she reached the end of the street and found herself staring at one of the Stone Monuments erected throughout the village. This monument was no different from the others - a pebble placed upon an intricately designed pedestal, with more pebbles around it submerged in a small pool of water. It represented the Will of Stone, Iwagakure's nindo. She stood at the edge of the pool, looking with a sense of fascination at the monument.
((OOC: Kinda crappy, didn't know what to say.))

Mei Uchiha
Little Red
Location: Konoha - Academy

As the students themselves were sorted into groups, another official came by and handed each Jounin a slip of paper, detailing the team members and the designated meeting spot. When Mei received hers, the color drained from her face as she read over the names. The one that made her most nervous was "Uchiha, Ryu" - She was going to be a mentor to a Uchiha? The thought horrified her, but in a way such a pairing made sense. Who best to teach a Uchiha the way of the shinobi than another member of the Uchiha clan? Or at least someone with knowledge in the clan's dojutsu. She kept going, learning that she was teamed with a Hyuga as well - a child prodigy that she had heard about multiple times from her peers. It was commonly said in tales by the elders that the Sharingan somehow was derived from the Byakugan, and though Mei never believed such a tale, perhaps this pairing would change her mind. The next name was slightly more shocking - a Kaguya? She had only heard about the Kaguya clan from textbooks. The clan was from the Hidden Mist, capable of a Kekkei Genkai that allowed them to use their own bones as weapons. They were fierce taijutsu fighters, but after the death of Kimmimaro it was believed that the clan had gone extinct. This certainly wasn't true as the clan is back and thriving now, but Mei expected the Kaguya to have returned home to Kiri. However, even if she seemed to be a 'foreigner' of sorts, that didn't mean Mei was going to treat Ken any differently.

After reading that she was assigned to meet them in Room six, Mei turned, locking eyes with Klin and giving her a look that seemed to say 'follow me'. At that, Mei weaved through the crowd, emerging at the other end just in time to see her group leave into the halls. She couldn't help but to wonder what the Gennin would think after seeing that their Sensei was going to be the girl who was famous throughout Konoha for constantly having to go to the hospital. Perhaps they wouldn't even know that Mei had been sick for most of her life. She headed out into the halls, waiting for Klin to catch up before heading towards her meeting spot.

When she finally arrived at the room, Mei found the kids talking amongst themselves already. She smiled to them. "Well, looks like you three are going to be under my care for the next two or more years... I'm glad to see that you're all getting along. My name is Mei, and yes.." She said as she held the back of her hands up to show the Uchiha Clan crest that was printed on the back of her gloves. "... I, like Ryu, am part of the Uchiha Clan. But don't think that means I'm going to go easy on you, Ryu." She added, looking straight at him with an 'i'm not kidding' kind of look in her eyes. "I'm going to be your sensei. Now, before we begin, does anybody have any questions?"

((Fortune, I hope you don't mind that I'm pushing your character along. I don't want to just leave her in the middle of nowhere :P))