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Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty



a part of Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty, by VindicatedPurpose.

A jungle planet, it is the sixth planet orbiting the binary stars of the Arcturus System.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over GX-871A, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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GX-871A is orbited by two moons which reflect the suns' light, thus bathing the planet in various lights during the day. A voluptuous jungle of a planet with ocean covering 58% of the planet as well as various old monoliths. Currently undergoing exploration to prepare for colonization and settlement.
Atmosphere: composed of a variety of gases that are breathable by humans.
Climate/Weather: Humid, subject to torrential rains and monsoons.
Capital: None.
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A jungle planet, it is the sixth planet orbiting the binary stars of the Arcturus System.


GX-871A is a part of Arcturus System.


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Character Portrait: Roman Durant
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Two weeks before the Salient's arrival in the Arcturus System

The room was dark, until a small orange glint started to unveil the shadow. It was a chemical lamp that activated once a certain time of day had been reached. The light spread to the fountain prism, with the water flowing to the top, before rolling down the sides of the fountain walls. The prism was established near the blast doors as sort of a decoration at the entrance to welcome visitors. The light spread to the nearby desk with the terminal quietly inactive, and to the oval viewport which was sealed off with blinds that worked similar to blast doors. A man with flowing black hair was laying on a bed nearby the lamp, he was sleeping in an awkward pose. As the lamp light shone, he turned toward the bright source, and opened his eyes slowly. It was a bit of a struggle to lift his eyelids.

"Right then," he said to himself half awake. He immediately tossed aside the covers of his bed, and proceeded to establish himself in an upright posture while sitting on the side of the bed. The chemical lamp was the only source of light in the room, that is until he approached the oval viewport and pressed a key on the control panel beside it. The viewport's shades pulled apart sideways to reveal light of Arcturus, which seeped into the room slowly, as the suns had just awoken as well. He peered past the viewport and into the sprawling jungle that enveloped the land. The greens were leafy, and the vegetation was teeming. They swayed and danced slightly, while trees with whiplike leaves rested against the ground. Violet and blue flowers sparkled as if they had been sprinkled with magical dust and glitter. The sight of these exotic flowers was a visual overdose, but Roman was not one to care how intoxicated he was until it affected his ability to concentrate.

He turned away from the plants that were gathered outside of his viewport, and he proceeded to don his dress shirt, followed by his labcoat. He walked over to a table that was beside his bed, and he grabbed a small rectangular case that stood on the table. He opened the case and unhinged his glasses from the case before setting it back to rest on the table.

As he placed the glasses on his face, he turned to the terminal on his desk and spoke to it.

"Bring up yesterday's files please."

The automated intelligence voice responded, "Certainly."

The holographic orange glow of the terminal's keyboard came to life, while the screen flashed on. Several images began to dot the screen at random, while Roman inspected the images as he buttoned his cuffs.

"Thank you, that's all I needed, hibernate."

"As you wish," the voice spoke, the screen went black, and the holographic keyboard disappeared. Roman left the room, but not after grabbing his communicator off the nightstand with the blast doors sealing shut behind him.


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Character Portrait: Roman Durant Character Portrait: Jean Anthony Brocard (John Harris Davidson)
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(Co-written with Colonel_Masters)

They had been lucky that the climate was relaxing, the heat and humidity had taken a break and given the research group some breathing space to actually do their jobs. They had been about half an hour into the trek, and already most of the scientists were in awe at the spectacular surroundings that had revealed itself, unsheathed following the torrential rains that had battered the planet in the previous weeks. Doctor Rinehart and his specialists were leading the trek, with Doctor Lothar somewhere near the front. Lothar was busy keeping an eye on everyone, making sure that they nobody got lost. Rinehart for his part, eagerly led the way using the data that Jean had procured.

Meanwhile, Roman engaged in a conversation with Professor Isoroku Hidei and Jean. Professor Hidei was an old man, but he had an adventurous spirit. He was shorter in stature than most of the other professors. Although his eyes were small, there seemed to be an exuberant spark in them. That coupled with his bald head and his constant smiles made him an odd figure in the camp, but no one questioned his ability as a microbiologist. Hidei walked with his hands clasped behind his back as if he were on a simple stroll through nature, and Roman thought that Professor Hidei had the right idea. It was simply just a walk through nature, even Professor Lothar couldn't stop for two seconds to keep track of a fellow scientists without averting his gaze to some other miracle of nature.

Jean was once again surprised at how calming these jungles could be. An hour of walking seemed to pass in an instant, yet each breeze of wind felt like an eternity. Despite this being no lonely journey like those he had embarked on so far Jean still felt as if he was being absorbed by the jungle's vastness. Only the presence of two colleagues disrupted this meditation, Jean thought he would grow irritated of their chatter, however, unlike other examples of mumbo such as Lothar's he actually liked what he heard and was thus tempted to join their conversations.

"It's quite a sight," Roman nodded, as they heard exclamations of surprise and awe at the aesthetic barrage constantly leveled against them. In the jungle, they seemed to be more like tourists than laboratory experts and professors with their khaki dungarees instead of their usual stark white lab coats. Everyone had a breather of course, the atmosphere was still being tested. Scientists were a paradox of sorts, they were people who were adventurous and ready to explore, yet they did so cautiously.

"This jungle is old…very old. It is full of the ghosts of distant eons like a graveyard of ages past. It is so lonely to be out here in this wild yet I am drawn to this place as if remembering a long forgotten dream." Jean had not noticed he had spoken aloud, but saw no reason to take back his words. This was a discussion of the jungles; what could be more fitting than his own raw thoughts? Roman looked to Jean as he said this, and pondered on his thought.

"It does that sometimes." Professor Hidei chuckled.

"The planet seems to be teeming with life," Hidei said, as they passed more of the trees with whip-like leaves curled along the ground. They passed by some cone-like planets that fanned out and then retracted the petals in a repetitive manner as if they were breathing like humans.

"From the tiniest grain," he picked up a sample from the ground. It was a minuscule, yellow shelled creature, tugging along endlessly on Hidei's finger until he returned it to the soil.

The professor pointed at some giant creatures with massive featherless wings that flapped by overhead as the tall sprawling grass swayed around them, "To the largest creatures."

Jean was astonished at the strange "birds" he had never seen such a sight in the jungle during his journeys. Where did such a creature come from?

Roman finally spoke, "There are more worlds out there that may hold such untold beauty, I feel a bit saddened that I may not live to explore them all."

"Don't be, what beauty you have surveyed here will do. A wise man once told me, don't cry because it ended, smile because it happened." Hidei, taking his own advice, gave Roman a warm smile, to which Roman could only chuckle at.

"We have hardly even begun to emerge in this galaxy….there are still plenty of worlds yet!" said Jean excitedly as he attempted to capture a visual record of the strange creatures.

Jean allowed himself to enjoy the moment and forget the past, forget the future. Roman might be an odd sort but he was the right sort of odd sorts and his words where worth thought… at least here and now. Doctor Tannenbaum met them and joined the conversation, with a visual recorder in hand. She was keeping track of the entire trek on the device, filming bits of Roman, Professor Hidei, and even Jean.

"It's just so...I'm at a loss for words on this world," Elise scanned the area with the recorder, "To think that it was only a month ago we arrived here amidst the heavy storms which rather soiled our views."

"Indeed," Professor Hidei agreed, "Such a fascinating landscape, perhaps it is a dream," Hidei gave a nod to Jean as he chuckled.

"Blast and bother," said Jean as he attempted to get a Satellite linkup going so he could identify their location. The small comm fuzzed with interference and Jean was getting at least a dozen errors every few moments.

"Seems like we are near the dig site." said Jean as he finally got the comm to work, he was quite angered. He had asked the repair crew to fix up his comm…couldn't they do anything right?


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Character Portrait: Roman Durant Character Portrait: Jean Anthony Brocard (John Harris Davidson)
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(Co-written with Colonel_Masters)

Afternoon had reached the trekkers, and they were in the middle of the jungle. They were several hundred klicks away from the lab, one would guess.

"I suppose we can set up camp here for the next three days?" Professor Lothar propositioned to everyone.

The area they had chosen to set up camp was a shady spot, in the middle of dense vegetation, but there was enough space to set up the temporary habitation units.

Jean shut the Comm in disgust and broke into a brisk run in order to catch up with the others. Had he been informed of the imminent buggering of his puter he would have brought a full printscan of the damned jungle with him.

Jean looked down at the Comm one last time trying to make out his readings and nodded. "Well sir, there are some issues with the Comm at the moment but if memory serves I think our target area is only a few klicks to the west so we would be well placed for further investigation."

Roman watched the young man run up to Lothar with the news, he was waiting for Lothar's reaction. He expected one of two things, either for Lothar to yell at Jean, or for Lothar to yell at the comm. What came next, was a combination of the two.

"Blast it man, can't you fix it?" Lothar was a man who was quick to lose his temper.

Jean would normally have given the good doctor the almighty fuck you, but he found controlling himself not too difficult. Like everything this was a game, a play and he was acting the part of the loyal footman and the professor was acting the role of the royal asshole.

"No sir, its not the Comm which is the problem; something is interfering with the satellite uplink, once we set up camp I will be able to bring our more powerful systems online"

Lothar huffed, "Fine, you said we'll need to continue a couple of more klicks before we reach the designated site, right? Well then, let us continue. Once we arrive, you'll need to get the systems online." Lothar continued along, propped up with a hiking stick.

A couple of minutes later they had finally arrived at the designated spot, it was cleared of trees as expected. Though, the larger towering flora overhead kept them shaded. The little flowers and their curved petals sheathed glowing little orbs dotting the stigma. Large cone-like plants with thick red and interwoven leaves resembling an Earth bromeliad swayed before the wind. Roman noted the little orbs nestled within the plant's core, they were sacs filled with a glowing liquid, and some gaseous substance.

The scientists set to work establishing a temporary field post from which they could make and record their observations.