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The Leader of Tarantula

0 · 214 views · located in Konoha

a character in “Neo Generation”, as played by Azure Limit


Name: Reimaru
Alias: Senkusha
Age: 25
Classification: Ninja, Tarantula

Birthplace: Village Hidden in the Rain
Loyalty: Tarantula
Personality: Calm, Stoic, Harsh, and is the kind of person who does not tolerate people betraying him or hampering his plans.
Likes: Heavy rainfall, the quiet
Dislikes: The Hidden Villages, Dry places, loud people
Family History: Unknown
History: The only thing known about him was the appearence he made at the assassination of the Hokage.

Abilities and Techniques
Elemental Attributes: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Water
Clan History: Unknown
Bloodline Ability: Rinnegan

-Path of Water: Tsunami-: Using Water Jutsu, the clouds pour massive amounts of water, flooding the earth and making any ranged attack almost useless. He can also hide his chakra in the storm, making him and others invisible.
-Path of Fire: Inferno Divide- A sword based Fire Jutsu creating a wave of flames hot enough to turn the earth to glass.
-Path of Wind: Almighty Break-: Creating a small sphere of wind chakra, he shoots it forward, causing it to explode on impact creating a massive crater.
-Path of Lightning: Sky Fall-: Holding his swords to the sky, large bolts of lightning crash down, chasing whomever he points his blades at until he stops the justsu, or is stopped.
-Path of Earth: Empty Mirror- This Jutsu creates a clone of a person, giving the clone all of a persons fighting capabilities and powers. However the clone can only last for fifteen minutes.
-Path of God: Rebirth-: Using the life force he has absorbed from his opponents, he can recover from any wound, no mater how fatal. He may only do this a set number of times, and the amount of times he can do it is unknown.
-Final Path: The End of the World-: Reimaru's ultimate Jutsu, utilizing all of his chakra he creates a sphere of black energy capable of wiping a city off the face of the earth.

Skills: He is a skilled swordsman, allowing him to hold his own at close range.
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu, Bushido
Strengths: Utilizing any form of Chakra
Weakness: Rest is needed after utilizing his Rinnegan for too long.

Armor/Clothing: He wears a black kimono with a red undershirt, and a red sash. A string of prayer beads hang around his neck.
Weapons: Two kodachis with black and red hilts and jet black blades.
Physical Appearance: Tall, average build

So begins...

Reimaru's Story