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Herald Ward

0 · 121 views · located in Canterville

a character in “Night Shift”, originally authored by Gohon, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Herald Ward
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Herald is 6'1. Has brown hair and hazel color eyes. He wears plain color shirts because he doesn't like attention in anyway directed towards him.
Personality: Herald doesn't like attention and is completely fine staying home on the weekends and not going out. He likes to draw and enjoys watching anime. He doesn't have any friends because he doesn't like to talk at school and only does when called on by the teacher. Herald isn't shy and if need be he would stand up for someone being picked on.
Bio: When herald was born his mother died from the giving birth. His dad was sitting right next to her when she died. Ever since then his dad hasn't blamed him for the death but hasn't given him any love or support when he needed it the most. Herald wants to go into the military and plans on dropping out of high school to do so.
Role: Male 3
Likes: to draw, watching anime, swimming, science, and working out
Dislikes: attention, his dad, math, being bored
Strengths: he is strong, will work until the job is 100% done with the least amount of breaks
Weaknesses: Doesn't talk a lot, can seem not trusting
Fears: burning to death, heights and spiders

Creature Name: Verlameir
Creature Appearance:
Creature Gender: Male
Creature Age: 37
Creature Personality: Verlameir's race is one of the most feared from the great forests. Verlameir is different from the others though. He likes to find his food convince his meal that he isn't like the others and when he has gained its full trust he eats it. He likes to take long walks and think about all the wonders in his head. He likes to have fun and doesn't like to just sit around and complain about a problem he gets up and try's to fix the problem.
Creature Bio: When he was 6 years old Verlameir captured his first meal and felt bad that the animal was scared of him. He convinced the animal that it was ok and he was different. Once he did so he didn't feel bad about having to eat it. Ever since he did this so he wouldn't feel bad after he eat his meal.
Likes: Swimming, the sun, philosophy, people liking him
Dislikes: People not liking him, being feared for the way he looks, crabs
Strengths: strong, good persuasion skills, swim fast, good endurance
Weaknesses: Fast temper, not as fast on land, shiny metallic items can distract him.
Fears: Being crushed, heights, being worthless

So begins...

Herald Ward's Story