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Of the Forest

Village in the Forest


a part of Of the Forest, by リンーちゃん.


リンーちゃん holds sovereignty over Village in the Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Village in the Forest is a part of Of the Forest.

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Sayo Nakazawa [20] "It's okay. I can help you."
Yuuta Masaki [18] "Right! So I had to work on a weapon today and get that all fixed up and- Is that a bear?" WIP
Rin Kamiya [17] "I'm not going back, so please let me stay here."
Michio Hayashi [15] There's only way and that's the right way. What you are doing doesn't come close.
Sakine Dedori [12] "You sure you want to be picking a fight with me, punk?" WIP
Oskar Heinrich von Stryk [11] "Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity." WIP
Tsuru Vite [11] Oh hi! What's your name? *runs to new person* Oh hi! What's your name? *repeat*
Tobi Katsuragi [5] A travelling swordsman who loves danger.
Kumiko Hiretsuna [2] "Its not the darkness you should fear..its whats in it"

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Kumiko released a breath of relief as she sat up from her cramped position, and watched her newly brown hair spread around her. "Finally.." Its been the transformation from the cold to the heat and as always, her body changed for the climates. The relief was amazing after its over, since its so painful, but she got more used to it after a hundred years or so.

Yawning, she slipped out of the sliding doors and began to inhale the warm air. What bliss. No sting, no pain. The air wasn't like poison anymore. It was just.. Air~ And as a gentle breeze came, Kumiko welcomed it with insist, until she froze at a strong scent. Of not just one..but two? 'Human...And Michio.' The other male trainer who she appeared to have a sort of rivarly? OR was it a one side thing? She'll never know what the other thought of her exactly, but their relationship was fine. A little sparr here and there.. but no blood. No real fights...

They were pretty close, if she had to say anything.

Brushing her hair behind her ears, she closed her eyes and concentrated. The energy flowing in her body seemed to shift and physically she began to shrink. Her arms shorter, the same with her long legs, but they held more muscle.

Opening her eyes, one of the many features that remain the same, she sprinted off towards the direction of the two. But in the meanwhile, she couldn't help but purr slightly. It felt so good to run once more. Her legs stretch and the rest of her body seemed to just slide into place~ This kind of pleasure happens once every year, as the painful transition is an annual thing.

She couldnt help it, and she let out a cry of simple joy. Small but expressive. And it was the only thing heard from her as her steps were as silent as the night... Even the birds remained preoccupied as she passed. But she was sure that michio could sense her. They both were trained after all. Running up a tree, she climped onto a thin but well covered branch before relaxing.
Below were the two, and she was correct- 'A human..' Letting her brown and black spotted limb hang, she watched their interaction without a thought to bother.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Michio Hayashi Character Portrait: Tobi Katsuragi Character Portrait: Kumiko Hiretsuna
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#, as written by Arik223
He sensed it, even now as she hid in the midst of the forest he sensed her, as she sensed him. Michio glanced at the strange man in the woods, another lost traveled who has no idea what he stumbled upon. Michio shook his head. "My name's Michio, I'm one of the Villages trainers. Your not the first human to stumble in our territory." He pulled out a dagger from his side and cut a piece of cloth he carried around. He approached Tobi and wrapped it around the wound. "Its nothing serious, but I would go get some rest if I were you. Don't cause trouble." Michio waved the lad off and walked a little deeper into the forest, he knew Kumiko would follow which was a good thing as he needed to speak to her. Michio didn't want to startle anyone else, someone might end up hurt, so he decided to have his interaction out of sight. He walked a little deeper and stopped. "You can come out now Kumiko." He looked up at the tree's, "Lots of lost human's coming around lately, better be on our guards." He waited for her to show herself.