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Henry walked the halls with his usual long and lazy stride. For once he wasn't sleepwalking but it wasn't like anyone could tell either way. Henry wore his usual attire of beige board shorts that stop below the knees and a shirt with tangled forest with mythical creatures peaking behind trees and bushes and from the shadows. Henry liked the pictures and all kinds of art. He had a great imagination but lacked the skills to produce anything real. After all he wasn't Apollo or one of the muses.

Henry noted the usual of people yawning as he passed by. Perhaps I could see some good daydreams today. He walked by such a person. A girl had dozed off while waiting for the school to start. He looked at her and saw she was dreaming of an amusement she wanted to go do after class. Henry had never gone to the amusement park himself, no point to go on your own and he didn't have the initiative to ask anyone to go with him. He sat down on the opposite side of the corridor the girl and closed his eyes and full immersed himself. Piece of cake for the God of Dreams.
He opened his eyes and he saw the girl walking towards a roller coaster called 'To Hell and Back'.

"Mind if I join you?" Henry asked as he caught up to her. " She looked shocked at first but smile and nodded. She was pretty, but what do you expect from divine beings. Henry was quite average looking in real life but now, in the her dream, he appeared as very tanned surfer with wavy blond hair with cerulean eyes. No shirt, six pack, and hawain style boardshorts. Henry didn't like people knowing he entered the their dreams. He didn't understand why not, most of the time he usually improved them in a way that made the person happier in some aspect.

"Wow, nice dress" Henry said and as the girl looked down, or current school wear had been replaced by bright and flowery skirt. " She looked pleased with the appearance. She took Henry's hand as started to run off towards the first roller coaster. Henry was a bit surprised by the physical contact but smiled nonetheless.

"Let's go, let's go!" she giggled and pulled.

Not too bad, he thought. A trip to the amusement park right before school. He followed keeping pace with the girl.