M-Photon wielding Wayfarer member

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Lightning Flash



Kofleur is 18 years old and a Mavo.


Kofleur is, bluntly, a ditz. She always is trying to lighten the mood from her dark boss and tries to be a pleasure to be around. After all, who wants to hear doom and gloom all of the time. However sometimes she tries too hard to make a joke and it will end in an awkward situation. She is often straightforward with her opinion and is also not afraid to state her opinion, even if it is contrary to that of her boss'. She always tries to be charitable and does a lot of the field information gathering for the Wayfarers, as the others would stand out in a crowd in an instant. However, while still being a ditz and sometimes clumsy, Kofleur is also intellegent and well educated. Although she does not like to share where she got her education.


Kofleur does not use a weapon in a traditional sense. She uses cards to focus her ice M-Photons which are very powerful she can also heal, which isn't as strong but very good nonetheless. However they are not as powerful as they once were, much to Kofleur's frustration, as the fight with Chronos drained M-Photons from her body. These take a long time to replenish, which they haven't yet.


Kofleur hasn't shared her history from beyond when she joined the Wayfarers with anybody except Laryn and Teisha, so that part is unknown to others, but she will readily tell why she is a member of the Wayfarers. Her family was vacationing on Earth and accidentally got involved in a raid on the Beasts that were there. They were misinterpereted as collaborators for an escape and sentinced to be executed. However, Laryn learned of this (Because he actually DID do the escape) and was able to rescue Kofleur. But in the raid he was not able to rescue her parents. So with Kofleur's persistance to help him and coupled with his guilt about her parent's death Laryn let her join him as a Wayfarer. Except her name wasn't Kofleur then. She had a different name then, but Laryn gave her the name Kofleur for being a Wayfarer. Nobody but Laryn and Kofleur knows who she is.

So begins...

Kofleur's Story