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Stand By Me

Some small town in the US


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Some small town in the US

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Some small town in the US is a part of Stand By Me.

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Dammit, this makes no sense. Can this post get deleted?

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Delete also.

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She was staring at what would be considered a baby's costume, Madeline Fowler- or Maddie (as her parents would often call her), never had the chance to wear frilly and colorful princess costume during Halloween. Considering that it was her birthday, that wish of hers never came true. Other things on her list were to become a fairy, a ballet dancer or just be normally pretty and for once kids in her school would stop laughing at her.

But somehow Maddie was thankful that she was able to go to the Boyer's Halloween Party, at least she gets to celebrate her birthday without her mother scowling at her.

Owen Fowler was one of the trusted dentist of Forks. Most of the kids in her class would get their teeth checked by her Dad on a bi-yearly check up. Aside from having a private clinic, he was also the school's dentist and this year he would be attending a conference in Chicago, far from Maddie. But her Daddy managed to buy her a gift this year even if he won't be able to be at the exact date of her birthday.

"Sweetheart!" Maddie pressed her ear closer to the wall as she heard her mother complain about something. Earlier she heard shuffles of feet being dragged up the stairs, a soft squeaking of the bed and hushed voices. She didn't bother peaking out to see who it was since she had heard her father's car engine when he arrived. Normally he would knock at her door when he gets home but today was an exception. His wife, Hannah, had dragged him in the bedroom and disappointedly asked what was in the box he was carrying. Madeline still has no idea what they were arguing about.

"Look Honey, she deserves to have some fun. You can't lock her up every time you disapprove of what she does. She's a child for crying out loud," There was exasperation in his voice. "And besides, it's Halloween. Let our daughter have fun. This is the least I can give her." Noises of a paper was then heard.

"What? No, no, no, no. She'd look like a huge joke Owen! I am trying to discipline our daughter but if you are going to defy me in front of her, she'll never learn!" Hannah argued back. Maddie knew they were fighting about her again. It was the fifth and final day of her punishment when her mother saw the candy wrappers underneath her bed. M&M's, Snickers and Butterfinger wrappers were mushed against the side of her bed, a few collection she had for sneaking behind her mother's back. Hannah had confronted her when she came home from school that day. She started sobbing as her mother gripped her wrist and started spanking her hand. She was sent to bed with no dinner and was sentenced on a 5-day no TV, no Phone and No Books grounding.

"Come on, she's just 10! She'll look adorable in this costume. You'll see," And as soon as Maddie realized that the shuffling of feet were going towards her room she rushed back to her bed and pretended to be asleep under the covers. She squeezed her eyes and curled into a ball wishing that her parents wouldn't be suspicious- especially her mom.
She then heard a soft knock and the door squeaking, bright light from the hallway entered her dark room. She could feel the weight of her dad as he sunk his body on her bed, shaking her lightly with a smile and said, "Maddie Bear? Wake up Princess." Owen said sweetly.

Count to 5, Maddie thought to herself quietly. Count to 5 before you open your eyes... 2... 3... 4... 5 She then opened her eyes to see her mom standing by the door way with her arms folded on her chest, not looking a slight happy about her father's gift and her dad holding a big white box. Maddie pretended to rub her eyes with her fists and let out a fake yawn when it fact what she wanted to do was to eat. Her stomach grumbled, now if only she could have a slice of pizza and some coke- "Maddie, I have a surprise for you!" Her food thoughts were interrupted as Owen opened the box to reveal a, well- a little too orange-y Pumpkin costume with a head piece.

"Surprise!" He then walked over the her room's light switch and turned her lights on, Maddie squinted as her eyes had gotten used to the darkness of her room. "I know it's sad that I won't be here for you birthday aka Halloween so I decided to buy you a costume for the Boyer's party!" Apparently it was only her dad who was enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Maddie wasn't really friends with the Boyer kids, she saw them everyday at school but she technically doesn't know them. But since her Dad was pretty popular in town, she gets to be invited in all sorts of stuff. "Thanks Dad!" She sat up and gave her father a hug as her mother shook her head. Staring sternly at her as Maddie quickly shifted her gaze towards anywhere except her Mom.

"You are most definitely welcome sweetie! Now go and try it on," He pulled her up from bed and urged her to try the gift on.

"Hurry up Madeline! Or I'll be late!" She heard her Mom shouted from the base of the stairs. The two of them would be at separate parties as well, not minding that her Mom forgot that Halloween was also the day of her birthday, Maddie wasn't really in the mood to celebrate it without her Dad around. "Coming!" She called back. She then took a deep breath and released it. Surely the kids would be laughing at her once they see how ridiculous her costume was. Gertrude Rose, one of the bullies in her class would surely laugh at her face but she was expected to come when Mrs. Boyer had personally called her Dad (and her) about the party.

Maybe she'd just get some treats and run back home, she knows the secret place where they hide their spare key. She'll just wait until the night was over.

Maddie went down the stairs to see her mom dressed as a beautiful gypsy as she hooked her last hoop earring and stared at her reflection in the mirror. "There you are. I told you I need to be at the hotel's party early! Why can't you seem to move faster?" Hannah complained. "I told you to go on that diet I gave you and yet you never seem to listen to me!" She grabbed her bag, keys and coat and opened the door. "Hurry and get in the car, I'll just lock up." Shaking her head, she moved and gave a little space barely enough for Maddie to fit by.

Madeline squeezed herself in the space and hurried towards the passenger seat of their car, she plopped down at the seat and wore her seat belt. Few minutes later her Mom followed. The whole drive to the Boyer's was eerily silent. She could only hear the car's engine as she looked at the window to see older kids trick or treating or holding hands with their boyfriends. Maddie blushed at the idea of it, none of the boys in school thinks she's pretty enough to hold her hand.

Hannah then stepped on the breaks as they arrived at the Boyer's beautiful house. "Come on, just go with your friends and walk back home. I won't be around until 11. I'm in charge of everything in the party. Make sure you have locked everything in the house okay? You have my phone number and don't eat any of the sweet stuff. Am I clear?" Maddie removed her seat belt and nodded at everything her mother said. And as she was about to lean to kiss her on the cheek, Hannah pulled out her phone from her bag and answered a call. "Lindie? Yes, yes. I am on my way. I know!" She then followed it with a laugh, not minding her daughter. Maddie decided to just step out of the car and closed it behind her. She stood there as her mother drove away, she would have waved good bye but she knew Hannah wouldn't be paying any attention. She twirled around and looked at the magnificently designed yard. She wished her mom was as awesome as Mrs. Boyer.

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-ignore this-

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#, as written by Aradia
Brown eyes were fixated on the thick black lines – eight of them to be exact – as the pad of his index finger traced the latest one. He felt the slightly raised bumps in the plaster wall and noted that this line was higher than last year’s. While Jason’s thoughts were swimming with a newfound purpose (to calculate just how tall he’d grown), Thomas Sinclair was crouched down beside him. The older male steadied his hand and began to scrawl the words Jason at 8 onto the golden paint with a much thinner marker and grinned to himself when the task was completed.

“Look at that! You’ve shot up from last year, Jace. Before you know it, you’ll be just as tall as your ol’ granddad,” Thomas boasted with that ever present gleam in his eyes and a huge toothy grin. Jason could only give him a somewhat crooked smile in return. To the little boy’s surprise, Thomas pulled him into a hug. He stiffened at the sudden display of affection but his granddad only laughed.

It felt like eons passed before Thomas let go. At the sight of his granddad’s expression, Jason let out a caveman like grunt and crossed his arms. The retired veteran just shook his head at the unusual sight – barely concealed amusement present on his face – and did his best not to burst out in laughter. It was a rare treat to see his eight year old grandson act his age because, most of the time, Thomas found himself face to face with a child who seemed so beyond his years. He mentally scolded himself for not bringing his camera along to document the moment.

“You messed up my costume,” Jason mumbled disapprovingly and pointed to his now wrinkled Batman suit to somehow emphasize his point. His granddad could only shake his head as the childish moment was shattered. Straightening himself out, Thomas took a hold of his grandson’s hand and pulled him along. “Cheer up, bud. C’mon, let’s go see what your grandma can do about it.” He sighed in response and trailed behind his granddad obediently. The pair bounded down the stairs and toward the kitchen – where Francesca Sinclair was sure to be baking her homemade goodies.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!” A chorus of cheers erupted from a nearby cassette player as the track continued its loop. Jason turned his head instinctively toward the sound and put on a rare grin. The joyous tune was a sharp contrast to the ghastly ghouls and wicked witches on the television screen but, for those residing in the Sinclair household, it was hardly something to bat an eyelash about. Why? It was because, while everyone was only celebrating one holiday, they were celebrating two! Sure, Halloween was fun and all but what could be better than Halloween and your birthday? Jason couldn’t think of anything better than that, especially when neither grandparent were ever going to let him forget it.

“Oh my, I didn’t know we had Adam West in the house!” Francesca giggled as two of the most important men in her life entered the kitchen. Despite the crazy concoctions and vast amounts of flour littered on the linoleum floor, she looked like the picture of calm and collected – almost as if the mess she made in the kitchen hadn’t fully registered in her mind yet. Jason could only furrow his eyebrows in confusion. “Batman’s name is Bruce Wayne. Not Adam West.”

“Ah! I must have forgotten. How did we get such a bright young grandson?” She gave Jason a smile, flashing her straight row of pearly whites and offering him a chocolate chip cookie. “Don’t mind your grandma, bud. She’s just gotten you confused with the actor,” Thomas said as he bit into his own cookie. The little boy nodded. He didn’t exactly understand what an actor was or why his grandma would call him Adam West – when clearly, he was Batman – but he wasn’t going to ask now. That would mean more talking on his part and talking was exhausting!

Jason nibbled on his cookie and eyed his birthday cake in the corner. It was a large chocolate cake that reinforced the Batman theme that he was going for this year – with bat shaped sprinkles all over and various Batman and Robin figures that his granddad promised he’d get to keep later. Despite having blown out his candles during lunch earlier, he had only been given one slice. It was odd for him to only get one piece of his birthday cake, especially when he’d get at least three or four slices on previous birthdays. When he had questioned the sudden withholding of cake, they both said they didn’t want him to spoil his appetite for later. Jason could only assume they meant that dumb party he was supposed to go to.

He wasn’t really excited about it. Everyone in his class had gotten an invitation and they were all really happy when they got one. Jason? Not so much. In fact, only minutes after receiving it, he stuffed it into his backpack and hoped to never ever see it again. Ever. He had forgotten that his granddad checked his schoolbag every night to make sure he didn’t forget an assignment and that his grandma was always talking to those other old ladies around town. Maybe if he had eaten it and stopped the noisy mothers from coming over for book club…he certainly wouldn’t be in the situation that he was in now.

Jason was so absorbed in his thoughts that he failed to notice that his grandma smoothed out the wrinkles in his costume and that his grandpa was already rummaging through his pockets for his car keys. Quickly finishing off his cookie, he wiped the crumbs off of his hands with a nearby dish towel and frowned. Did he really have to go?

“You two have fun, ok? I want to hear all about your new friends when you get back,” Francesca stated cheerfully and kissed them both on the cheek.

He plopped into the backseat as Thomas started the car engine and they were off – headed to the Boyer’s Victorian home for an extravagant Halloween bash. Jason’s eyes watched the passing scenery and counted just how many kids (and even a few teens) were trick or treating. He had counted up to twenty kids when his granddad slowed to a halt and parked the car. Thomas twisted in his seat to face the eight year old boy – who looked anything but excited to be here – and said, “This’ll be fun. I promise. And if you want to go home early, then we’ll go and eat all the birthday cake your tummy can handle.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Removing his seat belt and sliding out of the seat, Jason instinctively took his granddad’s hand. He gulped when he looked at the decorations. They were really scary – though he’s never say so out loud. Thomas, sensing his grandson’s anxiety, squeezed his hand in reassurance and they walked past the gate and toward the entrance. Focusing on anywhere except the décor, Jason noted the families arriving and felt a pang of jealously gnaw at him. Everyone was arriving with their mom or dad and here he was, arriving with his granddad. Even if he had wanted to come with his mom and dad, he couldn’t have. His dad was all the way in Germany and his mom…no one really knew where she was; or they did, they just didn’t want to tell him. He could keep a secret!

He tugged on his granddad’s hand and was about to suggest turning around when the Boyer kids came into view. Jason wasn’t too familiar with either of them – they weren’t in his grade at school – but he’d heard about them. They were supposed to be new to the neighborhood. He stared blankly when the two introduced themselves to the newly formed group of kids who had arrived, that group including Jason and his granddad.

Thomas gave his grandson a nudge after the boy in the red Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers suit – apparently named Aidan – stopped speaking. “Jason Sinclair,” he mumbled feebly. Jason was going to add a nice to meet you of some sort but decided against it. Batman didn’t talk a lot either, so why did he have to? He felt his granddad pat him encouragingly on the back and he grimaced. They were really making sure he saw through with this. Jason dragged his feet across the front yard and followed after Aidan and Lily.

Despite the tantalizing thoughts of candy and treats waiting for him in the back, Jason still had every intention of heading for the hills. He knew that he couldn’t though. His grandparents would be very unhappy with him if he even tried. He was right behind the brother and sister duo when the girl in the Disney princess costume – Lily – stopped right in front of a very Halloween inspired table. He shook his head when she asked if he wanted to play. All Jason wanted to do was find a quiet spot and eat a bunch of treats before he had to go home.

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#, as written by Meesha
“How’s my little witch baby?” Taylor glanced over her shoulder at her mum and smiled. “Okay…I think.”

Taylor loved dressing up and she did love Halloween and trick or treating with her friends but back in England. Being out in Forks she was slightly less enthusiastic about going out for the 31st of October, everything the American’s did always ended up being so flamboyant and big it made her nervous of what to expect at the Boyer’s house.

Molly Johanson stood in the kitchen with a blithe smile stretched across her face. “You look gorgeous. Look at my little girl!”
Taylor cringed and blushed as her mum came forth and hooked her into a tight squeeze before planting a slobbery wet kiss on her forehead. "God! Mum no." Taylor snapped pushing her away with both hands. “You’ll mess up my makeup.”

Wiping at her forehead furiously with a look of mild disgust Taylor watched as her mum went on to call forth her brother from the other room. Taylor had heard a few grunts of disapproval and then a couple of giggles a little later from the front room as her mother had prepared Tommy for the neighbourhood party. Now as he shuffled out she could see what all the fuss was about.

Ahh look! You’re my little black pussy cat!” Taylor leapt away from the breakfast table and fell upon her brother in a mass of squeals and snuggles. Tommy was dressed in a head to toe cat suit and he looked the bomb. Taylor stood up with a crazy smile her confidence suddenly boosted. “We match” she exclaimed happily whilst dragging Tommy over to the black reflective fridge.
Tommy giggled at his reflection whilst looking back at Molly with an infectious smile. “Dook Mummy I dook funny”

With a kitchen full of laughter the family of three prepared for the night out. Taylor couldn’t help bossing her brother about telling him how he had to stand, how he had to purr and meow like a cat and how rubbish he’d look if he kept barking. Tommy tried to retort in his own way with a muddle of words that probably meant something around the lines of ‘shut up’.

With Molly herding them out of the door and into the car Taylor scrambled into the front seat whilst her mum strapped Tommy into his car-seat. Watching her mum with wide eyes Taylor touched her face consciously. Molly was dressed in a baggy red shirt, tight high-waist jeans and a pair of shades. Despite the fact it was getting dark and she was wearing sun glasses didn’t matter because some how she still looked amazing, you couldn’t pluck a more perfect person from the shelf of society to show you how it’s done in fashion. Taylor twisted a strand of her hair around a finger as she studied her mum thoughtfully.

Getting in the front seat Molly smiled at her two kids. “You both look great" she confirmed knowing both children were anxious of their costumes, well mainly Taylor, Tommy was more focus on picking his nose now then what he was wearing.
“Seat belts on” She added whilst strapping herself in. Taylor pulled her seat belt across and clicked it into place beginning to feel the butterflies. She was excited but nervous. She’d never really spoken to the other children in the neighbourhood.

"Mummy why are we driving?"
The Boyer's lived literally round the corner it seemed silly to go there in the car.

Molly smiled and gestured to the house across from them. "I offered to give Stella and Marcus Huntington a lift down there"

Costumes: Tommy Taylor Molly Johanson

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#, as written by Meesha

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#, as written by Mousie
If there ever was a Pirate more Piratey than the rest it would be Maisy Cotton. Stella Huntington leant up against the bedroom door of the youngest girl and suppressed a smile. Whilst her two older sisters were sporting Power-puff girl outfits Maisy had refused to complete the threesome and had vowed it was essential that she go as a Pirate. She’d been so fixated on being one that even after a weeks worth of bullying from Holly and Jane hadn’t changed her mind.

“Come on you scurvy water rat” Stella called as Maisy adjusted her eye patch in the mirror. “Ms Johanson’s waiting outside.”

With a contagious beam Maisy run past her with an “ARHHG” and hurried down stairs to join the mismatch posse of power-puff girls, Dracula (Uncle Marcus) Dracula’s bride (Auntie Stella) and herself. Gathering up some pies and treats they had baked to say thanks to the Boyer’s for the invite the rowdy bunch piled out of their house and towards the car waiting for them across the road.
Ms Johanson got out of the car to give them a wave.

“Marcus put your tongue away” Stella hissed whilst shooting her husband a mindful eye. Marcus gawped at the implication but closed his mouth all the same with a pout.

“Hello Molly you look lovely. Not dressing up? No I'm starting to wish I hadnt. So nice of you to offer us a lift I don’t think you’ve met my husband Marcus, and these are the children Holly, Jane and Maisy. Are we sitting on laps? Yes, yes I see alright me and Marcus in the back with Jane and Holly. Is it alright for Maisy to sit on your daughters lap? Taylor? Taylor is that alright?”

The pretty girl in black seemed reluctant but gave a slight nod anyway. Maisy looked up at the girl in the front seat with a grin. She didn’t look like a witch, witches were ugly that’s why she told Holly and Jane to go as one.

“Hey I’m Maisy! S’cuse me” Maisy jumped up onto the girls lap and brought the door shut behind her with an almighty bang.

“Maisy!” Aunt Stella snapped. “Not so hard.”

Maisy looked over her shoulder at the girl and grinned. “You smell nice.”

The girl stared back with made up eyes and smirked. “And you smell…like a pirate.” Whether that was good or bad Maisy smiled all the same. Smelling like a pirate was a thing good.

They pulled up outside the Boyers to an assemblance of other vehicles parked outside the front. Maisy’s eyes widened at the sight of the Halloween mansion. She’d been dreaming about this party all week, getting to dress up as a Pirate and eat lots of candy and cake. She hoped they had sausage rolls…Pirates liked those. Barely able to contain her excitement Maisy tumbled out of the car when she spotted Kelsy and a few others from school making their way down the drive.

“Hey Kelsy!” Maisy liked Kelsy, she had squinty eyes and that made her cute. She also made a great first mate when she felt like it.

“Maisy wait” Stella and Marcus squeezed out of the car with Holly and Jane whilst Ms Johanson pulled a big cat out of a car seat. It looked funny seeing them all get out of the car with their pies and costumes on.

"Come on I can already smell the sausage rolls!" Maisy cried jumping up and down with her sword bumping at her side.

Stella and Marcus straightened themselves out and hussled them all together at the front of the gate. "No pictures first. Come on everyone. Your two aswell Molly"
The kids all shuffled close together and plastered their cheesy smiles on for the camera. Maisy glanced over her shoulder to see Holly and Jane looking ugly, the Taylor girl looking pretty and the little fat cat looking cheeky as she realised it was actually a little boy. She turned back and smiled brightly knowing she looked like the coolest Pirate in the world.

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"Come on Kelsy we don't want to be late" said Glenda as she walked into her daughter's bedroom holding her costume in the crook of her arm.

Kelsy was sitting at her table playing with a doll and the stuffed Rajah that went wither Princess Jasmine costume. "Is it finished Mommy!" she jumped up excitedly as Glenda smiled and nodded.

"Yes, it is let’s get you ready" she began to dress her daughter.

Kelsy loved the feel of the satiny fabric on her skin; her mother had started the costume a month before and had just finished some last minute touches. Then the phone rang Kelsy sighed and watched Glenda walk to the kitchen.

She picked up the receiver up from the phone on the wall "Hello.... oh Hi dear.... oh no Kelsy will be so disappointed... alright don't beat yourself up for it. I'll explain it to her and I’m sure she'll understand. Yes I love you too... by honey".

Kelsy stood behind her with a sad look "Mommy Tammy isn't coming to the party is she?" Glenda shook her head and sighed.

"I'm sorry baby but Mommy Tammy is stuck at the hospital a little boy got into a very serious accident and needed help" Glenda wasn't surprised on Halloween. Lots of kids running around trick-or-treating if a parent wasn't careful and took allot of care accidents were bound to happen. Tammy had just started working that shift, after taking a second job working for the hospital.

"Don't worry honey I'm going with you so you don't have to feel so bad" she picked Kelsy up and began to tickle her. Laughter filled the house "Come on munchkin lets finished getting you ready.

After all was said and done Kesly looked at herself in the mirror "I love Mommy it looks just like the move!" she spun around. Kelsy always loved everything Mommy Glenda made and it was always so pretty. Aladdin was her favorite movie every day she had her mother put the video in at least once.

It was still a little early, so mother and daughter decided to walk to the Boyer's party. At first glance people would comment on how cute Kelsy's costume was. Then they realized who it was and whispers would be spoke after Kelsy and her mother had passed.

This was something that often times bothered Kelsy, she had a feeling she know what they were talking about. It was something that happened when she was at school too, other kids would be nice when Kelsy was right next to them but as soon as she walked away it was different. They would laugh and talk about how weird she was for having two mommies.

It wasn't long before they came up on the Boyer's house, Kelsy eyes gleamed as she looked at the house. "Mommy it's so beautiful it looks like Halloween Town" she said with wonder.

Glenda smiled the yard looked great she was sure it had taken them a long time to get it ready, they stood at the front gate and Kelsy clung to her mother.

Kelsy could see lots of children including some big kids she always felt uneasy around bigger kids.

Glenda tried to encourage her along when they noticed a young girls standing in front of the gate in a pumpkin costume watching a car drive away. Kelsy recognized her as the little girl that lived down the street, she was a little bit older then her and her name was Madeline. She remembered it because it reminded her of the stories she'd read.

Glenda felt sorry for the little girl her mother had just dropped her off and drove away. She walked up to the girl "Kelsy and I just got here would you like to walk in with us so you don't have to go in by yourself?" the woman asked with a gentle smile.

Kelsy gave a shy wave "Hi I'm Kelsy" she said still clinging to her mother.

That was when Kelsy heard cheering coming from the house, she could see Lilly jumping up and down. She smiled noticing that she was dressed like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she liked that movie too but not as much as Aladdin.

The Lilly and a boy came up

“Hi, I’m Aidan.”... “That’s Emma, my sister” said the boy Kelsy smiled.

“My name is Lily!” this made Kelsy giggle a little but she still clung on to her mother's sweater.

“Thanks’ for coming,”... “my mom made food and stuff, so you can come in the backyard. That's where the party is...” said Aidan.

Glenda smiled at the shy boy "Thank you for having us" and she urged Kelsy to go forward.

“Come on!” Kelsy smiled and followed Lilly to the back yard glancing back occasionally at her mother who was just standing there smiling.

“Wait till you see all the candy!” Kelsy's eyes went wide looking at all the treat.

"My mommy made stuff but this is a lot" she said in a soft tone of voice as Lilly took a bite of a cookie. She was still a little uneasy with so many new people around. But being around Lilly made her feel a little better and not so shy.

"So, do you wanna play?" Lilly asked her mouth still full of cookie.

Kelsy nodded and smiled "Oookay".

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As parents and their children in tow started arriving after Maddie, she felt so lonely but not for long as younger and smaller girl who appeared to be Asian said hi to her as she clung to her Mommy. A pang of jealousy hit Little Maddie as she wished her own mother was just like any ordinary mother. She smiled at the girl who had introduced herself as Kelsy and she was wearing a really pretty costume of Jasmine from Aladdin. She gave the girl as shy smile and looked at her mother and shrugged as if she was giving an excuse about her lame costume.

Just then a young boy came rushing from inside the party house as Red Power Ranger while a girl rushed after him and she was wearing a yellow Belle costume “Hi, I’m Aidan. That’s Emma, my sister” said the boy. “My name is Lily!”
“Thanks’ for coming, my mom made food and stuff, so you can come in the backyard. That's where the party is...” said Aidan.
Maddie's tummy grumbled by the mention of food, the last thing she had was veggie lasagna served by her mother who thought that if she was "satisfied" with dinner then she wouldn't pig out on candy.
“Come on! “Wait till you see all the candy!” Lily exclaimed. It was enough for Maddie to follow the girls into the backyard. She just wished the other Mommies won't tell on her.

As they entered the backyard, Maddie's eyes widened. It was so much better than the front yard. It was exactly how she imagined a Halloween party would be. She rushed to pick a hotdog on a stick and happily munched on it as the others picked on something else. She took another bite when Lily spoke again, "So, do you wanna play?"

Maddie nodded and followed Kelsy and Lily. They were nice, she just hopes they wouldn't bully her after. "Th-thanks for inviting me by the way." She looked at Lily and offered her hand. "I'm Madeline by the way, but everyone else calls me Maddie." She also looked at Kelsy and smiled. "I- I- I hope I can join and play with you girl," She stammered as she looked down on her black sneakers.

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#, as written by Leon21
"Mo-om! We're going to be late!" Ian jumped up and down with impatience. The young boy was dressed as a knight, complete with cloth armor and even a foam sword, which he was currently waving all around him. A plastic helmet hid his head, two inquisitive brown eyes peering out from underneath the visor. "Hurrrry upppppppp!" he complained. Like many younger children, Ian was impatient, incredibly so. He always thought they would be late, even if they were going to show up an hour early for something.

A tall woman with jaw length curly brown hair and the outfit of a sorceress casually walked down the stairs, clearly in no rush. "Yes, Sir Ian," she said, just the hint of a laugh in her voice. Clearly, she was quite accustomed to Ian's impatient behavior; a fact that was probably rather obvious, considering she was Ian's mother. "Don't worry, my little knight. We'll get there on time."

This didn't sate Ian over, though, and he impatiently grabbed his mother's hand, tugging her towards the door. "Hurrry!" he said once again, before dashing to the door, stooping down to pick up a pumpkin shaped bucket, which he would keep any candy he got in.


By the time Irina Summers got to the car, Ian was already sitting in it, buckled in. With a laugh, she climbed into the driver's seat, buckling herself in and starting the car. "So, off we go."


Ian wouldn't have gotten out of the car faster if someone had lit it on fire when they arrived at the party. The thin male tumbled out, grabbing his sword and dashing to the backyard, having seen everyone else already heading there. As he approached the group of kids standing there, he lifted the sword above his head - or, well, attempting to lift it; he wasn't strong enough to completely lift it up, so the point was resting on his shoulder - and shouted, "Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!" Clearly, he was quite the extrovert.

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~Reserved for something later in the role play~

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#, as written by Leon21
By the time Ian had caught up with Emma, he was panting heavily, a wide grin on his face. "Caught..... You...." he gasped, trying to regain his breath as he spoke, a task which was never a simple one. His grin widened as he spotted Ricky. "I caught... her first..." he said quickly, his competitive nature taking over. Of course, he had absolutely no clue whether it was he or Ricky who caught her first, having been caught up in the adrenaline rush of chasing after Emma, but, claiming that he caught her first was just as good as actually being the one to catch her first.

The boy cringed as the woman approached, scolding Emma. He wasn't the one in trouble, that was clear, but one of his friends was, and that was perhaps even worse. Ian hated it when his friends were in trouble and he was just standing there. Sure, he would push the blame onto his friends if he did something bad every now and then, but at least he wouldn't have to watch them being scolded.

Thankfully, the scolding finished fairly quickly, even if it was a rather long one, and Ian found himself heading inside with all of the other children. His mother had dropped off his pajamas, and, soon he was in the bathroom, struggling out of his costume. The foam armor was rather difficult to get off, but, eventually, Ian managed to pull it off and climb into his PJs.

Once he was all ready for bed, Ian sat on the floor of Aidan's room, waiting for all of the others to come in as well. "And I'm Ian!" he added, after Ricky introduced himself. It wasn't like he didn't know the other kids, he just didn't want Ricky to be the only one to introduce himself.

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The short lived joy William had experienced was gone by the time he had entered the house, everyone was smiling laughing and generally bring happy but William was getting increasingly irritated with the noise they where making.

William didn't answer the Boyer kid... what did he want with him anyway and what was this super Mario? William didn't like this at all; confusion was one thing that could make him quite angry and this seemed to be no exception. As if adding insult to William's growing confusion the Boyer kid then started to make orders as if he was the king on the hill, enraged William walked away towards the table upon which stood a few bottles of soft drinks.

William saw that most of the bottles where already open however only a few of them had their lids on.

"Idiots... all the gas was going out and the coke would taste like medicine before long" thought William now choosing an unopened bottle.

William made sure to return the lid once he had served himself however he soon found himself opening the bottle again for another glass, this was what happened when William was nervous; he drank more then he would normally do.

Suddenly William felt someone touch him, William turned abruptly and stared at he person who was responsible.
It was the Boyer kid again... what the hell did he want? William sighed, whatever he wanted the Boyer was certainly persistent.

William's anger however was soon replaced by cautious curiosity as the Boyer mentioned a term William had no understanding of.

William wanted to know what the Boyer was talking about... he didn't know why however something within William decided that the Boyer kid was an ok person and not the idiot William had first thought.

"Ok... i guess but whats a video game? is it a kind of film series or something?"

William was cut short as some kid in mock up Armour rushed after the Boyer girl, the kid pushed William slightly sending William's coke flying sky high.

William chose to ignore it, normally he would be chasing the kid with the intent of beating an apology out of him if necessary however this video game thing sounded like fun and William wanted to learn more about it.

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One month and twenty three days have passed since the children's first encounter at the Boyer's Halloween party. A lot has changed with the children over this time, as each influence one another in different ways, but it's not just the kids who are effecting the lives of those around them; Family problems as well as personal demons begin to roar their angry heads and seek to destroy the happiness the group has found.

Christmas Eve Wednesday December 24, 1997
Talent show: Ms. LaBouve's Talented Arts Academy
Christmas Party: Boyer's house

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRicky Barlow
| Everleigh Turner|:There's a bit of mystery to Everleigh, a mystery he finds undeniably attractive
| Aidan Boyer|: Ricky sees Aidan as the older brother he never had.
| Ian Summers|: best of friends, like two peas in a pod, or more like two components of a perpetually exploding bomb.
|Emmaline Boyer|: Emmaline is like a younger sister to Ricky.

Emmaline Boyerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| Richard Barlow|: He isn't somebody Emmaline pushes away or becomes annoyed with easily. She follows the boy like a shadow, and looks up to him.
|Michael Foy|:He is rude, dangerous, and a bully...but he also treats Emmaline like a girl, not just Aidan's sister.
| Noah Salt|: Honestly, Emmaline isn't sure how she feels about the boy. He can be a real jerk, but she can't seem to hate him
|William Flint |: At first he was intimidating to be around, and there are still times when the girl finds herself avoiding his presence altogether, but his shy nature makes her want to press further to see what he is really all about.
|Aidan Boyer|:He's her big brother, enough said
| Ian Summers|: She has mixed emotions about the energetic boy. He makes her laugh, yet annoys her all in the same visit. She doesn't take to well to other girls playing with him
|Madeline Fowler|:Emmaline has liked her ever since she showed up dressed as a pumpkin and Aidan called her "weird".
|Eryka Salt|:Emmaline has adored the girl since their first meeting, and thinks of her as a little sister even if they are the same age.
|Jason Sinclair|: Emmaline is determined to win the foul natured boy over!
| Zoey Carter|:The absolute worst! Emmaline can't stand her.|
|Michael Foy|:He is rude, dangerous, and a bully...but he also treats Emmaline like a girl, not just Aidan's sister.
| Noah Salt|: Honestly, Emmaline isn't sure how she feels about the boy. He can be a real jerk, but she can't seem to hate him
|Everleigh Turner|:It's not her personality or presence that annoys Emmaline, the girl is fun and always nic, but the way the boys treat her....especially Ian and Ricky.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAidan Boyer
| Zoey Carter|:The girl is a beauty and has the courage to back it up. She knows what she wants and Aidan knows it's him. What more can a boy want?
| Ian Summers|:His love for video games and Power Rangers set in stone he would be one of Aidan's best freinds.He always knows how to lighten the mood, and surprisingly keeps Aidan and Emmaline from going at each other's throats.
|Richard Barlow|:His competitive nature and up-front personality gained Aidan's respect, but he can be jealous of his little sister's tolerance with the boy. Despite this, he is also one of Aidan's best friends, and Aidan would have his back no matter what.
|Michael Foy|:The two formed an odd sort odd bond, and although they are no where close to being best friends, Aidan knows he will never tun his back on him.
|William Flint|:He's hard to get along with sometimes, but is always willing to give things a chance and always has their back. In an odd way, Aidan finds him cool.
|Emmaline Boyer|: He's her big brother, and despite her being a girl...he did teach her everything she knows, so she's cool.
|Madeline Fowler|:She can't defend herself, she's always upset, she's embarrassing to be around, and she makes Aidan feel guilty about hating her. Aidan thinks the girl needs to just go away...but only for a little while.

Madeline Fowlerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| Jason Sinclair|:Jason would often play with her as well but Maddie knows he prefers playing with boys but that's okay since he would give her a cookie before he leaves. She also has a bit of crush on him but just because his grandparents are nice.
| Richard Barlow|: He is really nice and as energetic as Ian but sometimes he gets pissed when Maddie commits a mistake during their games but then he'd smile back again. Maddie just shrugs it off since he gets back to his nice self after a while. She likes to see him with his baseball bat as he rounds up the corner
|William Flint|:Maddie is a bit worried about William, he always seemed to be frowning at Maddie and this makes her queasy. She tries to avoid him since he would often hang around with Aidan
|Noah Salt|: He is often quiet but he sometimes talk to her when she visits Eryka maybe because she's friends with his sister. But she often sees him getting into fights because Eryka was being bullied. She thinks he's great with a lot of things and she would be often impressed at his skills.
|Emmaline Boyer|:the girl maybe younger than her but Lily had proved to be her Knight in Shining Armor most of the time. She'd stick up and defend Maddie better than her own mother does. Truly a sister she never had
|Ian Summers|:He was like a magnet for Maddie, his hyper activeness fills the lonely spot in Maddie's life. He often makes her giggle and Maddie knew there's no boring moment when Ian is around. He is also like the brother she never had
|Eryka Salt|:Maddie had to admit that the girl spooked her at first. Her dark eyes and pale skin reminds the girl of the hunted porcelain dolls she saw on tv but as soon as they get to know each other, they became really good friends.
|Everleigh Turner|:The two of them gets along really fine when it comes to books but Maddie is greatly jealous of her pretty face and the attention she gets. You see Everleigh is often a crowd darling while people make fun of her. Maddie is greatly insecure of her friend.
|Aidan Boyer|:the boy never failed to look at her menacingly whenever she visits Lily. He often make snidey remarks at her that leaves Maddie crying before going to bed.
| Zoey Carter|:Maddie always saw her as the girl she wanted to be, but Zoey had to always make fun of her size.
|Michael Foy|:If there was one guy who was more mean than Aidan, it would be Michael.
|Britney Welsch|:Zoey's #1 drone. Her freckled face would often sneer at Maddie. She would laugh at Zoey's hurtful words towards Maddie. Sometimes Britney would stick a note at her back with hurtful names

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWilliam Flint
| Emmaline Boyer|:William feels that he could never allow Emmaline to be harmed and it is this connection which puzzles William the most; it is as if it is his duty to protect Emmaline from harm but rather then wonder how such thoughts came into being William just accepts them.
|Everleigh Turner|:While William knows barley anything about her William can't help but stare at her, especially while she is reading. William can't really explain it but he is curious even fascinated about Everleigh however he is yet to even speak one word to her.
|Aidan Boyer|:William trusts Aidan more then he trusts anyone else, however, even that trust is cautious and reserved
|Ian Summers|:The grudge started over the stupidest thing imaginable; during the Halloween party Ian while playing had unintentionally pushed William slightly and made William's coke spill all over the floor. Since then it seems that every action Ian takes ends up pissing William off.
| Richard Barlow|: William finds Richard's energetic personality and ever changing mood swings irritating and confusing.
|Madeline Fowler|:What makes William angry is Madeline's inability to stand up for herself against the taunts she faces and to William proves beyond doubt the Madeline is a cowardly, spineless, weak and a crybaby. If William ever losses his temper with Madeline it would be over this issue and no other.

Everleigh Turnerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
|Ricky Barlow|: He's her closest male friend and she enjoys spending her time with him when they are out playing
|Noah Salt|:Even though he has an odd accent and is new here, Everleigh can tell the boy is smart and she likes that about him, even if he does pick on her on occasion.
|Madeline Fowler|:Maddie is one of the fellow readers Everleigh knows and they can usually be found talking about books they are reading or swapping the books they've just read.
|William Flint|:William is a little stand-offish and Everleigh has really never spoken to him. He seems nice, maybe she'll make an attempt to talk with him soon.
|Zoey Carter|:Although Everleigh can't stand the clique that her and Britney have, she believes that deep down this girl is secretly nice and has no problem with her. She just keeps clear of her when she is with her friends.
|Ian Summers|:Ian is a very nice, very hyper boy. Almost too hyper for Everleigh to even keep up. They have spoken on occasion and get along well, but never became close friends.
|Aidan Boyer|:They're not close but they have played a few times without any trouble.
|Jason Sinclair:|:Everleigh usually sees Jason off to himself. He never seems to want to be bothered, so she hasn't bothered him.
|Eryka Salt|:This girl always gives Everleigh nasty looks and she can't figure out what she's done to her to deserve it. She seems like a hateful girl and Everleigh doesn't want to necessarily become her friend.
|Emmaline Boyer|:They could possibly get along very well, due to the fact that they both like the outdoors. But there is something about Emmaline that Everleigh just can't put her finger on that makes her dislike her.
|Britney Welsch:Britney is a straight up bully. Everleigh stays out of her path as often as possible.
|Michael Foy|:Michael is a mean boy and Everleigh has been at the other end of his rudeness. She doesn't understand why some kids are like this.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIan Summers
|Aidan Boyer|:He likes soccer, Power Rangers, and video games, 'nuff said. Ian loves anyone who has similar interests as him, and, considering he and Aidan like so many similar things that they could practically be clones, he is exceptionally fond of him.
|Emmaline Boyer|:She is incredibly sweet, so who wouldn't like her? Ian personally finds her lovely to be around, unless Aidan is also around.
|Richard Barlow|:Probably his best friend ever, Ian adores Ricky. The two are practically inseparable, Ian finding something about the Brooklyn boy oddly appealing.

Zoey Carterxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
|Aidan Boyer|: Aidan is the love of Zoey's young life, and she has staked her claim. Her eyes may wonder, but Aidan is hers!
|Ricky Barlow|: There's something about the way he talks that makes Zoey hang on every word; The fact that almost every girl wants him is a bonus too.
|Ian Summers|:Zoey doesn't truly like Ian...he's more of a way to annoy little Emmaline.
|Britney Welsch|:The line of friend and lacky becomes blurred with Britney, but she is over all Zoey's most trusted clique member.
|Michael Foy|:The boy is rough around the edges, but Zoey has lived next door to him her entire life. He;s the male member of her group, and almost blood to her.
|Emmaline Boyer|:Despite the girls constant avoidance of her, she's Aidan's sister, and therefor is "adored" by Zoey. She clings to Emmaline whenever giving the chace..'Where is your brother?"
|Everleigh Turner|:The girl is well liked in her group, therefor Zoey plays nice. Wouldn't want to upset anyone would we?
|Noah Salt:|: The boy is rude! How dare he not give into her sweet smile and charm? Zoey isn't use to rejection, and holds a grudge towards Noah over it.
|William Flint:|: William is another who has rejected "poor Zoey", and even have the nerve to treat her coldly.
|Eryka Salt|: The girls timid nature and shy smile directed to Aidan get under her skin.
|Madeline Fowle|: Probably the once person Zoey hates the most. If her appearance wasn't gross enough, she holds place with the Boyer children Zoey can never seem to reach. For now, Aidan remains Zoey's, and she'll make sure Maddie remembers that.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNoah Salt
|Everleigh Turner|:To Noah, Everleigh is the most captivating girl he's ever seen. He likes that she's intelligent, preferring to read books instead of play with dolls like his sister. He teases her often, but always in good spirit.
| Emmaline Boyer|:Though she seems to be a little frightened by Noah's abrasiveness, he can't help but feel warmly for the free spirit. It isn't so much a crush, per se, as it is an affection.Noah never teases her like he does with Everleigh. He tries his best to be a gentlam around her.
| Aidan Boyer|: Because of the fact that Aidan is becoming friends with the boy who teases his sister, Noah simply cannot be friends with him. Nor does he approve of Eryka's secret crush on him, either.
|Ricky Barlow|: Solely for the juvenile reason that he, too has a crush on Everleigh. He won't treat him badly, however, nor will he pick fights or bully. He had nothing else against the boy; he simply does not associate with him.
|Michael Foy|:Noah's sworn enemy; he absolutely cannot stand the bully who causes his sister and her dear friend such torment. Though he hasn't fought him yet, he is always on edge whenever Eryka comes home in tears because of something the boy said, and swears to beat him up if the opportunity presents itself.

Britney Welschxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMichael For
|Everleigh Turner|:The girl is a beauty, and Michael can't seem to stay away. He'll go out of his way to speak to her, even if it's to tease her. Her quirky nature and love for books leaves Michael second guessing himself at times, but at the age of ten, he quickly pushes "romantic" thoughts aside.
| Emmaline Boyer|: Aidan's baby sister. Despite Michael's treatment of her, he holds a soft spot for the baby faced child. He see's her need to be seen as more than the sister in the group, and goes out of his way to provide it for her. You wouldn't call it a crush per-say, but he does tend to flirt.
| Aidan Boyer|:Michael enjoys the boy's company, and acts decent towards him. The Boyer's are the family he never had, and Aidan is the brother he needs.
|Ricky Barlow|:Far from friend, but still holds Michael's respect.
|Ian Summers|:Far from friend, but still holds Michael's respect.
|Zoey Carter|:The only girl Michael views as a friend. Her sour nature doesn't bother him, although she can annoy him with her obsession with Aidan.
|Noah Salt|:The kid is a joke, and honestly Michael would punch his face in if not for the boy being friends with two of the girls he holds dear to Everleigh likes him. Enough of a reason to despise him.
| Eryka Salt |:Michael didn't hate her, but he defiantly took his aggression against her brother out on her. Her timid nature annoys him to no end, and he is confused about why Feisty Emmaline even speaks to her.
|Madeline Fowler|:The girl is far too easy to crack, and Michael uses it to his advantage. She is another "outcast" to him, and he considers her the weak link in her little group.
|William Flint|: He is the one person Michael would never fight, and frankly the kid freaked him out. He was sure he needed some help... desperately.

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