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Star Trek: Sigma Quadrant

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Stranded in the Sigma Quadrant aboard the U.S.S. Nobunaga, a small crew must learn to work together against foes on all side. Whose side will they take, and will they survive to get home?

Cast So Far:
Admiral: Kujarm Rel (Male, Joined Trill) [PC, Magus1108]
Captain: Zekr Rulit (Male, Bajoran)
Executive Officer/Commander: Shiro Yamada (Male, Human)
Chief Security Officer: Tyvya Idrani (Female, Andorian) [PC, WendyDarling]
Chief Science Officer: Beto (Male, Ferengi)
Chief Medical Officer: Mercedes Agosti (Female, Human)
Chief Engineer: Lal (Female, Android)
Ship's Counselor: T'Nal (Female, Vulcan)
Ship's Pilot: Alexia Gallagher (Female, Species Unknown)[PC, Magus1108]
Assistant Medical Officer: Edas Hagan (Male, Betazoid)
Assistant Security Officer: Dorath Yevel (Male, Cardassian)
Assistant Science Officer: ?
Assistant Counselor: ?
Assistant Engineer: Valkris (Female, Klingon)

Toggle Rules

1. Be awesome.
2. NPCs are for anyone to control, so follow their character description as much as possible BUT feel free to flesh them out further as the story needs, upon discussion with all authors.
3. Be as true to Trek Canon as possible.
4. As much as we'd all like to, Q is not allowed to show up and meta the crap out of the RP. NO. NOT ALLOWED.

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 2 authors


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Character Portrait: Kujarm Rel Character Portrait: Tyvya Idrani
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Captain Zekr nodded. "Agreed." Pressing his comm, he contacted Lieutenant Idrani, passing along this suggestion and then sending others to assist in outfitting the small shuttles with the right supplies.

Tyvya and the others rushed to load up the shuttles. As there were thirteen, some would now be filled with what was required to set up a small but functional med bay on the ships, and others would be largely personnel.

Zekr joined them in the hangar just as Tyvya began to explain, "We will first ensure each of the eight ships has adequate life support and essential functions, as our sensors cannot verify those at the moment, and then set up our temporary medical bays. Each medical bay on each ship will have a member of security, who have already been assigned, and will ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. The other contingent will use the emptied shuttles to retrieve survivors from the escape pods and transport any critically injured survivors to the Nobunaga for treatment."

"Our priority is to help any survivors," Zekr added, walking to stand beside the taller Chief of Security. "So if there are any signs of warring factions or hostilities, you are to protect and evacuate whoever you can back to the Nobunaga where we will find a plan to deal with them in the best way possible."

It grated on Tyvya to have to retreat, but orders were orders. She hoped, however, that any secondary plan would include quite a lot of fighting back, should it come to that.

The assigned crew finished loading the shuttles and climbed in, Tyvya's in the lead. She had hoped to leave more than two of her staff aboard the Nobunaga, in case of an emergency, but Zekr had preferred to prioritize the survivors despite her objections. The shuttles were fast and the ship close, so she would still be able to get back quickly, but the whole situation was not as she would have it. Getting used to a new Captain was always rough, and this rather unusual scenario they had all found themselves in would not make anything easier.

The shuttles waited for the Ambassador to board, doing final checks. Back in Sickbay, Meredith bustled about, curly hair tightly pinned back, as she and her Assistant tried to prepare the area for anything with as many beds as possible. Other crew had been assigned to set up temporary beds in a neighboring room, but they only had so many tools to help the survivors and so space would be extremely limited. There would undoubtedly be hard choices ahead as to who to help first, but Meredith was confident they would save as many as they possibly could. Her experience and training would allow her to do no less, and she had utter faith in her staff of two.

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Character Portrait: Tyvya Idrani
Character Portrait: Kujarm Rel


Character Portrait: Kujarm Rel
Kujarm Rel

"Come now, my dear. Surely we can get along?"

Character Portrait: Tyvya Idrani
Tyvya Idrani

"Duty. Honor. And a bucket of, shall we say, butt kicking. Shall we go, Captain?"


Character Portrait: Tyvya Idrani
Tyvya Idrani

"Duty. Honor. And a bucket of, shall we say, butt kicking. Shall we go, Captain?"

Character Portrait: Kujarm Rel
Kujarm Rel

"Come now, my dear. Surely we can get along?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Tyvya Idrani
Tyvya Idrani

"Duty. Honor. And a bucket of, shall we say, butt kicking. Shall we go, Captain?"

Character Portrait: Kujarm Rel
Kujarm Rel

"Come now, my dear. Surely we can get along?"

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