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Dweyth, the Mud Knight

Death upon you is a dream come true.

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a character in “Tale of Six Kings”, as played by lovechanningforever



If men choose to fight on seas or land, a man like Dweyth favored the cool and comforting world of mud. Unlike ordinary people, his kinds moved fast despite the sinking effect it has to most people and giving advantage to Dweyth which often leads him to moving faster on land or water.

He was the soon of a Reed, a bloodline who often called the Frog eaters or Mud people. They are almost undetectable and are often on the move. They were almost invisible until Godwin decided to use wild fire on the mud and sending souls to the 7 heavens and hells. Dweyth was able to escape the wrath of Godwin when he was merely a 5 years old. A man grabbed him even before the wild fire was set ablazing. His family died with the rest of the Mud people.

The man introduced his self as Foros, a man their people would often make fun off for being a weakling. He took care of Dweyth until a fatal cold took his life. From there on he lived his life alone. Getting in trouble and would often result to getting beat up by patrolling King Guards.


And soon, having no other choice Dweyth grew up became a well skilled thief, sold to different masters each time and was expected to bring back gold or jewelry. It was when he turned 10 that he decided to live a better life and run away from his then master, he decided to row until his arms gave up. That was when Adirex Nightfix and his men found him unconscious by the river banks with cracked lips and dehydrated body. A day after he woke up feeling better but still he was in no where near good shape to stand up from bed.

Days after he slowly had the strength to walk around when he bumped into a small and measly little boy, it was evident that the boy was really particularly smaller than the children his age. He stood there laughing and the little boy gave him a frowned look but all he could do was snicker at the boy's size and perhaps the boy got annoyed that it kicked him in the shin and run off. It wasn't until days he finally saw the little boy again. A few of his play mates were making fun off him. At first he wanted to laugh with them but then he remembered how his family and people were mocked and laughed at when Godwin and his men murdered them and it wasn't something Dweyth allowed.


He grabbed the little boy up and started pushing the other children away, they landed on their butts but fought back. But it was an easy fight for Dweyth because he handled more than this, he has suffered lashes and beatings from his former masters. He was able to beat the other kids good that they had to run away to their mothers. He looked at the little boy but when he turned around, Adirex was towering on them with his hands folded on his chest.

He took the blame and explained what had happened and he got a good punishment for it. And from that day forward, the boy who called his self Huntley and Dweyth had become friends. And soon the two become almost inseparable. Dweyth continued to train like his people and ancestors did, both legs in mud and his body sometimes emerged in it thus earning him the name the Mud Knight.


So begins...

Dweyth, the Mud Knight's Story

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To most people, the pelting rain got in their way of training or traveling but to Dweyth it only meant more mud. As he dragged his legs up and down the mud that reached half of his thigh, he expertly maintained his balance while his arms each held a bucket of stones which in turn he lift to strengthen his upper body. The rain was washing away the splashes of mud from his face, clearing it and exposing his expressionless eyes.

Some of the other men grunted at him, waiting for a chance to bring him down. Dweyth didn't exactly got along with most people, a trait that often leads him to trouble. He would often prefer being alone or hunting with Huntley who happens to be his dearest friend. They have been friends since the day he stood up for the boy and he couldn't help feel proud that the measly boy is now a knight in his own rights.

"Been do'n goo' in pig shit boy?" One of the toothless warriors asked as he ripped off a piece of cured meat with his remaining teeth, and as soon as he mocked Dweyth, his companions were automatically sent roaring into laughter as they watched him soak half of his body in the mud. "Ain' it righ' that yoo mud people eat thows frog weeout washing em? People haf been sayin' yoo get 'em green teef fo' eatin' too much of dem frogs. Might we see em?" His accent grew deeper and continued to throw stupid questions towards the silent man. He knew he could all take them down but over the years that Nightfix has taken him under his wing, Dweyth managed to gain patience and a cool head.

"Gorger, green teeth are always better than not having teeth at all you know?" He said through deep breaths and then he gave him a smirk and continued with his training. He knew he had hit a sensitive spot about Gorger's teeth, it was something he didn't allow people to mock him for.

"Wha' yoo sey boy? Yoo makin' foon of me teef?!" He threw the remaining meat on the ground and pushed everyone out of his way. He held the hilt of his sword as he threatened Dweyth with it. He stared at him as he continued to lift the buckets of rocks up and down. "You doo know who yoo ta'kin to, ain't it righ'? Yoo think yoo can lif to see ano'fer day when yoo make foon of me teef huh?!" He kicked one of Dweyth's bucket, making the stones fly and hitting some of the other people. The bucket clanked as it landed on the wet ground, leaving a huge dent on the sides.

"See what you've done to my bucket Gorger? I suggest you fix it for me and I'll forget about all this. Might be even that I ask the smith to make you some metal teeth to help you chew that meat. It has been in your mouth for too long," He laid the other bucket down on firm ground and lifted his self out of the mud. This time he towered over Gorger for about a couple of inches, half of his body was covered with mud, the rain still running down on them.

And just when Gorger was about to pull his sword, Dweyth gave the man a good punch to his left face, sending him coughing and spazing his breath on the ground. When he turned to face Dweyth again, his mouth had blood in it. He coughed some blood and a tiny white thing was in the middle of the blood pool. "Look wha you deed! My toof fell off!" Gorger whined, still on the ground. He tried to pick his tooth and tried to place it back but he knew it was a lost game.

"You should have thought that you were bound to loose some when you kicked my bucket. I need a new one by tomorrow, if I don't see any I'd have you running to a horse to borrow em chompers. Is that understood?" Dweyth asked in a calm but authoritative voice. "Am I understood?" He repeated.

Gorger continued to groan and just spread his arms on the ground, looking at his tooth with sadness.

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With the arrival of Arthas and his men, Winterfell fell into a wind of mixed emotions. With him, he brought food and gifts…and Robert seemed to welcome the man joyfully. Even Marcellus, who trusted few, boasted of these strangers arrival….but Ossia feared the worst. No, not because of Arthas, nor his men, they were good souls who only wished to lend a hand in the approaching battle. It was the people of Wineterfell she had begun to fear. Men of Robert’s army felt their places were threatened, and although none dared raise a sword to the strong warriors…talk of abandonment had begun to spread.

Despite these worries, a celebration took place, and for the first time since the leaves turned...Winterfell wasn’t such a dreary place.
Not long after the soldier’s arrival Arthas, Robert, and Marcellus decided to make their first move. King Godwin would know they existed, and what strength their allies had brought to them. The outcome of what the messenger would bring back to the north was uncertain…but they remained strong.

Many mornings passed since the messenger was sent off, and no word had reached Winterfell. Despite this, they trained endlessly, and there were times she thought she would die from the bitter wind rather than the sword of Godwin’s men.

Just after the messenger was sent, Marcellus learned from one of his many sources of a threat hidden within the walls of Kingslanding. A soul-less man, he killed many great men…most of them the flesh and blood of our very own fathers. He called himself the Kingslayer.
With the following dawn, she decided to seek answers. With Marcellus gone to seek answers of his own from his source, and Lord Robert nowhere in sight…she approached Arthas.

She has to admit the sheer size of the man alone had her rethinking her decisions at once. Dweyth was the only man, besides my father, she ever forwardly approached.

Cautious as ever, Ossia entered the home Arthas resided in. Head held high and shoulders broader, she reminded herself who it was he saw, Huntley, son of the knight.

“Excu…*cough* Excuse me, sir.” Glancing outside for a moment, Ossia considered bolting “About the King slayer…is he? What I mean is…” Once again Ossia raised her head “What is to be down with the bastard?”

Placing his hands along the throne of his fathers, Alexavier fought off a grin. His father may wear the crown, but he would rule soon enough. His father had become weak and frail. The man he once longed to mirror had become an embarrassment.

Glancing to his human shield, a brute by the name of Bortaveous, he sneered at his marred face “My father is a drunken fool, and my mother is a woman. What does that make me?”

“Our bright future, My Lord.”

Turning towards the knight, Alexavier nodded his head appraisingly as he strutted to where the man stood. “That is where you are right.” Looking to a painting of the Godwin family that hung just above the iron throne, Alexavier tisked is spite.

“My father allowed weakness. He allowed his own men to make choices of their own. I will not stand for it.” Turning to Bortaveous once again, he spoke “You are my shield. You will do as I say, and ask no more.”

Walking to the window overlooking the edges of town, Alexavier narrowed in on the home of the blacksmith. He was not unfamiliar that his bride-to-be fraternized with the commoners “I understand that scar on your face was the result of the losing of a duel?”

“Yes, My Lord. It was only a friendly..”

“I did not ask what it was, beast!” Snapping his head toward where to Bortaveous towered behind him, “The old blacksmith Stonehammer, he knows you are my shield. Your sword was not properly fastened. You could have lost your life.”
Turning away, Alexavier strolled towards the hall, before stopping to speak over his shoulder “Kill him.”

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He had slowly submerged his body in the freezing cold water as the mud slowly gets washed off by the soft current heading south. Bigger fishes nibbled at some rocks and quickly swam away as soon as Dweyth moved his body into the deeper part of the river. He was still waiting for his dear pal to come out of Arthas' tent, waiting for her accounts on what was currently happening in the Seven Kingdoms.

Dweyth quickly dipped his whole body and run out of it just as quick, he shivered as he snatched his jerkin from the large rock and quickly dressed his self. He walked towards the camp while his lower part dripped with water. Well at least he is cleaner and mud free.

He was about to enter his own tent when he met a server with a tray of goblets for Arthas and his guests. Looks like Huntley will be gone longer than he expected so he went straight to his residence and changed his dripping pants.


You must stop A voice made Adarra release the dagger's hilt. If he dies here, you'd be the only one to be blamed. Then everything else is for nothing. She wasn't sure if it was her thoughts or if someone was really trying to communicate with her but she found herself dragging the King down from the top and taking over the mating. She rode him like a knight of to war as her mind raced with thoughts. She must get rid of him before he does something to her child- their child.

As the King savoured her womanhood with closed eyes, her own pair found the servant's flask. A plan immediately was formed in her mind. As the King released all his energy she kissed him in the mouth. A bitter sweet goodbye as her heart and mind fought each other. Her heart told her to not harm him while her mind wanted him without breath.

"My princess, you have no idea how much I craved for you," They were beside each other, laying naked on her bed as he bent his head to kiss her on her shoulder with one hand caressing her breast. She wanted to give off a sarcastic laugh when he called her his princess. She is a princess, bastard she may be, she knows she can have the crown one way or another. And it will only be possible if everyone in his family is dead. Her hand slowly dangled on the side of her bed, reaching for the flask of poison.

The king moved up once again, spreading her legs and entering her once more as she slowly lifted the cover of the small flask. And as soon as Godwin grunted and lowered his head next to hers, she made sure all of the flask's content is poured into his goblet. She then quickly hid it under her bed and embraced the King's torso, her fingernails digging in his skin. "I have always loved you... Father." She whispered, unsure if the King even heard her over his grunting.

Minutes after, she lay on bed as Godwin dressed up once again. He was adjusting his belt, making it more comfortable for him to breath as she noticed how he had gained weight. He pulled her up and slobbered her lips with his and smiled, "I will see you again peaches." His hands grabbing her buttocks. He then let go of her and walked towards her door when Adarra spoke, "Wait my King. You must have been thirsty for all the fucking that we did," She followed him a smile in her red thin lips and with the goblet in her left hand, she held his hand with her right and guided them to wrap it around the goblet. She nodded, urging him to drink the poisoned wine. "They have been just delivered straight from the Arbor, sweet and strong the way you preferred it." She sweetened the deal and watched as he sipped them. As usual he drank the goblet dry, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and left Adarra. Everything seen by Claudette behind the hidden passage.

Now all Adarra has to do was wait.

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Seated on his father’s throne, Alexavier stared emotionless at the man before him. As his words seeped into the young lords ears, Alexavier felt a chill. Not of disgust, fear, or remorse….no, this was something primal, almost satanic. The black of his eyes expanded as a grin spread across his angelic face. The boy looked the part of a twisted demon, which it would appear he was.

Death excited him in ways no women ever could. The sight of blood made his fluids rush, screams brought pleasure, and lifeless eyes staring back into his own brought satisfaction he couldn’t explain. The identity of the head dangling before him in his shield’s hand only brought that feeling of bliss to a greater high.

Boraguard Stonehammer was a fool, and an old one at that. He was filth, and seemed to lack the knowledge of being so. Alexavier couldn’t see why his father would allow such a disgrace of a man to make the armor, or the weapons for that matter, for the Kingsguard. Just the thought that the blood splattered chest plate Bortaveous wore was made by such a man took a portion of the young lord’s pleasure away. “I want it.”

The words echoed through the empty room with a fierceness matching that of an angry lion warning others away from his kill. Bortaveous could only nod as he took his leave, head once again placed in the satchel he wore over his shoulders.
Stopping momentarily, Bortaveous noticed the mangled pigeon that lay at the bottom of his bag. Reaching inside, he tossed the small corps to Alexavier’s feet.

“I appreciate the thought, Beast, but birds aren’t to my liking”

“O’Connel was seen sending word to his followers at Casterly Rock, My Lord. I was able to shoot the bird down. I have not seen what the message relays.”

With a flick of his wrist, Alexavier sent the bloody shield on his way “You are beginning to reek. Go bath, Beast. You know what is to be done with the head.” Reaching down, he grasped the rolled paper at the end on the birds clawed feet. What the paper had hidden would send him into a rage.

Moments later he was bursting into his mother’s chambers, tossing the bird onto her writing desk “The bastard Graham means to send Lillian away! He says he fears the secrets he holds over you, as well as others, may endanger her. What, pray tell, are these secrets mother?”

Arthas words sunk in, and Ossia narrowed her eyes and pure understanding. Robert had done many things for her in her "boy years" and now that she was a "man" in his army, she know owed her life to him "I can assure you, Arthas, Lord Robert will not see harm as long as I am here." Even as the words left her lips, Ossia believed them. Any doubt she had felt towards the man before her, or his men dissipated. They would win this battle, and hell or high water...they would win the war.

Existing the tent, Ossia took a breath as relief washed over her. Noticing Dweyth was gone from his previous location, sigh sighed angrily. the boy had the patience of a toddler at times!

Pushing her bangs from her face, Ossia grumbled.Her hair would no doubt be taking a lethal chopping tonight. She had neglected to do so lately, and it had begun to thicken and wave. Nothing too noticeable yet, but it would have to be taken care of.

Deciding it could wait, she turned her attention back of finding Dweyth. Where could he have run off too..

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Dweyth adjusted his pants and made sure that the strings on his crotch were tied properly, there's no room for them to fall especially at times like this. Then he wore his leather boots and scrubbed his short and still wet hair, he often have the soldiers shave it for him but he manages to keep a bit of stub growing from time to time. He grabbed his jerkin from the make shift hammock that was tied on two sturdy trees and exited his tent. He stretched his arms and realized that he needed to feed himself. Other men enjoyed their meat and ale as he walked towards the cook, his eyes roamed the camp and looked out for Huntley. They must have been discussing something important that it already took them a-, his thoughts were then interrupted when his body bumped into a smaller frame. He looked down to see that it was his good pal, Huntley.

Dweyth's naked torso glistened under the afternoon sun, any woman would be wanting to take him to bed but since he has been surrounded by men for days he didn't have any chance, so an idea came to his mind. "There you are peep squeak!" He often teased the man regarding his size. "Whatch say we grab some food and ride towards the next town? I reckon you'd be glad to have a woman or two for the night? My treat!" He spoke roughly and chuckled, waiting for Huntley to accept his offer to go whoring.