Alice Thorne Malkin

"I am NOT a witch"

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a character in “The Abandoned Kingdom”, as played by Thundera


Alice is thought to be a witch becuase of her mother being one. But Alice is not so dont be confused

Alice has long dark hair often worn back. She may be no witch but she is a fine warrior you could call her an Assassin becuase she has killed many under the order of her master.

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She is brave and fearless she is very admirable.


brave and fearless. She is skilled and will stick up for ehr friends and herself.


She has one long blade and that is all she needs to survive


Her mother and father were killed but only a few months ago she evanged them killing their killer. She is wild and free now and has been since October 19th dont stop her dont even try becuase she will honestly kill you!!

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Alice Thorne Malkin's Story