The Concrete Jungle: Surviving the Apocalypse

Modern, Infected City


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Modern, Infected City

OOC lobby for questions, comments, and info. ^^


Modern, Infected City is a part of The Concrete Jungle: Surviving the Apocalypse.

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Kseniya Skier [0] A surviving preteen.

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Kseniya was still adjusting to the new life that she was going to live, still eating a bit to much of her limited supplies but trying her best to have some sort of will power to stop her self when she started. And could often hear the faint sound of guns shots from the distance. But never left to far from the tree house some times visiting the armory nearby but it wouldn't be safe to wonder the streets alone especially with how small she was. However she was running out of options... most people that panicked and fled the cities took all the food and water, what was left was being taken by both man and animals. Maybe she could practice on killing the turned with her sling shot. With that in mind, she climbed half way down the ladder to the tree house, and pulled the string back with a rock in it. Letting it lose on a metal plate that was being used as a wall patch for the tree house, sending a loud echo through out the forest hoping to attract some turned. But until then Kseniya started gathering decently sized and shaped rocks for her sling shot, sliding them into her pocket as she gathered them. When she heard leafs and twigs cracking at the feet of something she almost instantly darted back to her ladder, looking toward the sound a bit to see a lone turned doing the fasted limp it could manage to her, when she got a good foot grip on the tree house, She got a rock and loaded the sling shot, aiming it at the turned and quickly letting it go so the rock would fly directly of the turned. Her aim was still a bit rusty and only hit its shoulder blade, knocking a gauge of its rotten flesh open. And she was quick to load the sling shot again, This time the large rock crashing against its skull with a disgusting cracking sound from the skull, however it kept its way to her and she fired it again, this time hitting right in the turned forehead. Similar cracking sound before it fell to the ground lifeless. And she had a large sigh of relief, just watching it from above for now.