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The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri

The Dreamscape


a part of The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri, by TheKeeper.

The home and last refuge of the free Dreamers.

TheKeeper holds sovereignty over The Dreamscape, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

265 readers have been here.


A large city that sits upon a large mass of floating land. In the center of this city is a structure simply known as The Pyre. The Pyre is surrounded by seven smaller towers that serve as both headquarters and homes of each of the Pillars. The city is arranged in tiers, with each level being unique in some fashion. The floating landmass is large enough that it bears its own ecosystem, with temperate forests covering the areas that are not settled. This mass sits above a great chasm with cliffs on all sides, and bears much greenery. The surrounding area is bare, void of any vegetation.

Dreamers are able to traverse the gap to the mainland via shuttles if necessary.

The landmass being located far to the northwest in the middle of the raging seas, this city experiences a wide variety of weathers, with storms being fairly common in the spring and summer. Autumn is blustery nearly all the time, and winter is still and unforgiving.

The Dreamscape is hidden from the view of non-dreamers by a massive barrier. This barrier prevents non-dreamers from entering without the aid of someone who possesses powers.
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The Dreamscape

The home and last refuge of the free Dreamers.


The Dreamscape is a part of Atrium.

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Yoishirou Takana [0] A man who seeks to surpass his dark past.

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