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Charlie Lapore

Guys, hey guys-

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a character in “The Facade of Eden”, as played by CrashQueen



Charlene Lapore.
What could be said about her?

A once cheerleader, now self-proclaimed 'badass bitch', Charlene (or Charlie, as she likes to be called) made her quick, dirty transformation towards the end of her junior year after a spring break vacation to New York "changed her life". But it may stem from a far more devastating incident. You don't make a complete 180 in personality just because you got some culture.

Her style is something vintage-grunge, though still too disorganized to be considered one of the school's trendsetters. She's alienated herself from her old friends more-or-less, and she's more often found hanging around a contingent of marching band geeks than anything else. It's suspected that she might be sleeping with the drum major- but nothing is solid in the world of high school gossip.

She also fronts a local band, a three-piece alternative thing called "Last Stop Mulholland"

She's lined up to go to FASHION school because that's what all kids who dress like idiots try to do.

Once a control-freak, Charlie's philosophy became 'fuck-all'. She tends to think about herself before others until she's scolded, then she becomes the most THOUGHTFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD for like a week after before becoming selfish again. Despite this, she's not as impulsive as her looks make her out to be, but even if she thinks long and hard about something, there's a good chance she'll still make the wrong decision.

She's a tad flirty, but harmless about it. She smokes cigarettes because it makes her look so cool.

Airplanes crashing, getting hooks stuck in her eyes, and ghosts because like, she totally used to see them when she was a kid, man. It 'really messed her up'.

So begins...

Charlie Lapore's Story


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#, as written by LeBeau
Note: This post was written by CrashQueen, FizzGig, and LeBeau

Day 1 - 9:09 - Bathroom

Something towered over the girl, crouching down to his knees. Horns made of bone twirled out of his skull, sickly wings extending from his back. "Don't you dare tell a soul about me-" He barked, standing to his full height "Or ill gut you next time" In a moment he was gone, leaving her by herself.

She only moved to grab a towel off the rack to wrap herself in, shivering from combination trauma and cold. Small, choked off sobs escaped her lips every once in a while, and it felt like ages before she slowly stood to pull back the curtain to exit the shower. She'd clean up, pack up, get the HELL out of here. Demons were usually bound to a certain house, right?

She opened the curtain to Andy getting ready to puke into the toilet. "Shit!- ah! Um...h-h-hi..."
She was leaning against the bathroom counter, her good hand pressed to her mouth as she struggled to just breathe. Her right arm hung at her side, fingers twitching occasionally as she tried and failed to lift the arm to the bathroom counter. When Charlie suddenly appeared, she straightened, falling back against the wall as a choked cry cut off her breath.

"Where did you come from?!" she half-shouted. Why was she covered in blood?!

She was white-faced, shaking all over, as though seeing Charlie suddenly standing there was more terrifying than rescuing Gabe from the motherfucking pool monster.

A pair of eyes watched the two from behind the window of the bathroom, camofloughed mostly by the dark. It began as one, but then another pair joined it, and another.

"I-I've been here," Charlie replied, shifting the towel to avert not only Andy's eyes, but the others that she could sense were on her. After what happened, obviously being gutted had to be worse, or why threaten it. She couldn't stand it. Her face was pale, bloodstained, and yet she looked to be unharmed. "Patrick's dead-" she began, playing her trauma off as still being in shock. "I needed to- be alone."

Andy struggled to catch her breath, unaware of the eyes that watched them. Her skin was crawling, hinting at the lingering horror of what had happened. The blood was what disturbed her most.

"I, here.." Andy took a washcloth, soaking it in the sink before coming over to Charlie and tentatively cleaning the mess off of her face. " get hurt? Are you okay?"

The injured shoulder was beginning to purple in an ugly fashion, the ripped muscle and tendon beneath starting to make visible manifestations on her skin.

"I must've, eh...scrubbed too hard-" she lamely excused herself, taking the washcloth and cleaning herself up a little more. She balked at the shoulder. "Oh shit- what happened to you? Did that...THING come back?"
Charlie had run off pretty much the instant she smelled blood in the water. Smart girl.
But not really considering she'd set herself up for the other horrors in the house to prey on her.

"It tried to grab Gabe.." Andy explained. "Wrenched my shoulder when I got a hold of him and the door."
Talking made her feel less like she was going to throw up. This was good.

Light snickers could be heard outside the window aswell as the rustling of dried leaves. "I wannah eat that one" the eyes seem to whisper, quiet enough to be unheard.

Charlie shook her head. "Fuck that noise- man. I'm packing up and I'm getting the hell out of this cabin. Bad juju and shit. Wouldn't be surprised if it was on an indian burial ground." She looked at her reflection in the mirror- pale- pathetic. And then she could see them- the eyes. Though the whisper was too faint to be heard, the hairs on her arms stood up on end. "Shit...something's here..."

When Andy looked towards the mirror too, she felt herself stiffen with anxiety. "Lets get back to the others." she murmured. "Get dressed quick. Let's get the hell away from here.."

She didnt' want to stick around any more than Charlie did, after all.
She didn't need to be told twice, making a steady beeline for the bedroom to haphazaardly throw shit in her bag. Her hair was still wet, but there was no time for primping. She had to get out, and she had to get out NOW.

Andy watched her go, her brow furrowed in concern before she made her way back to the living room.

Day 1 - 9:30 - Bathroom

The setting changes from Bathroom to Eden Isle


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Character Portrait: Charlie Lapore
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#, as written by LeBeau
Note: This post was written by LeBeau (Demon) and CrashQueen (Charlie)

Day 1 - 09:35 - Eden Isle

She wiped the last bit of mascara from her eyes onto her arm, tossing shit into her bag and zipping it up, throwing it over her shoulder. Her jacket hood up to keep her wet hair from killing her in the cooler air, she moved out of the bedroom and tried to slip away in the chaos that was going on in the living room with the injured cabin mates.

She held her breath for long periods of time. She wouldn't be able to breathe freely until she at least got onto the mainland. She started to make her way down the road towards the bridge.

As the women walked down the croded darkness that was the forest, a pair of eyes followed her intently. They were red, resembling that of a bat.
In a heavy gust, it dove infront of the girl. It was a large, bat like creature. It stoof nearly 6 feet tall, its fangs stained red.
It pounched forward, knocking her to the floor. The bat opened its mouth, growling loudly at her. His breath feeling like a heavy storm against her skin.
She was ready this time, and she swung her bag at the creature as it pounced, connecting. but not enough to deter the creature. "Fucking hell!" she snarled, foolishly slamming her first into the bat monster's lower jaw in hopes of at least getting it off of her, if not breaking its jaw completely. "Ugly thing!"
It whimpered with pain as its head twisted sideways. It turned back towards her, the strike only suceeding in angering the bat more. It raised one of its wings, bringing the sharp spike at the end of it down on Charlie's hand. He did the same with the other hand, punning her to the ground.
It lowered it's head intently, opening wide as it readied itself to sever her head with it's teeth.

Being more than royally fucked, and nailed through the hands like Jesus on the motherfucking cross, Charlie did the only defiant thing she could think to do, spit vehemently into the bat's eyes before it would inevitably bite her head off. "Fuck you and fuck this island!"
Spoken like a true junkpunk, Charlie. God bless.

The bat didnt falter, it reached down, ready to tare her head off-
Before it could, a loud yell cut it short "Stop!" His voice was harrowing and defiant. It was-
The demon that had attacked her earlier? The one with the horns and wings. Was it back to finish her off?
The bat looked up at the Demon, slowly pulling its wings out of the girls hands. It stepped forward, hissing at him. "I found her, i'll do what i please" The bat hissed.

"No, you wont. Be gone, beast, or i'll kill you where you stand" The Demon seemed all too confident.

The bat stepped forward-

"You know what i am capable of-" The demon warned.

With a heavy grunt, the bat turned away. "You wont always be the strongest creature around, there's things stronger than god on this island" It taunted, and with a mighty gust of its wings, the bat was gone.

The demon turned to Charlie, reaching down and pulling her up by her shoulder. His wings flapped idly behind him. "Are you trying to die? This is not a playground"

She tested her hands. They still worked, thankfully, but she'd have to get them taken care of as soon as she got over to the mainland. Upon the Demon's return, she rose her her feet and backed away. "N-no. Nonono," she shook her head. Sure, he saved her, but why else other than to eat her himself?

"I want to go home BEFORE I die out here."

He growled "Stop whimpering, women" He reached down and grabbed her hands. "He could of ripped these off you know" Running his thumbs roughly across the wounds, the skin would seeminly reconnect, healing her palms. "Weak, pathetic humans"

Why was he helping her? Had the demon taken a liking to Charlie?
"The bridge is gone, look for yourself" He pointed to the former location of the bridge. "Its invisble for us on the island, you cant see nor touch it. Meaning, you cant cross over it. It's a one way thing"

She glanced over the treeline and noticed that indeed, the bridge was gone. "You're kidding...You're fucking KIDDING me." She blinked at her hands, confused as to why he would even bother healing her. Wasn't he one of the monsters that wanted them all dead? "I don't know what you want from me- but...the others are probably so much tastier."

"Stop attempting to throw your friends in front of the bus, its unfitting. Your facade doesnt phase me, you arent as you try to appear" He turned, watching the tree's cautiously "I dont want to eat you, im an incubus you fool" He growled.

"Go back to the cabin, it's not safe here"

She picked up her bag with narrowed eyes. "Friends. What friends? The only person I cared about in that group is already dead." Owch Charlie, owch. She was probably still speaking out of hurt/shock, but still.

He looked at her intently "You're a liar. I swear, human's are worst than demons. At least we are honest"

As soon as the last word escape his mouth, a handful of shadowy creatures would appear infront of them. "What did we tell you about hording the humans?" They spoke in monotone, closing in on the pair. The demon instinctively pulled Charlie behind him. "I'll do what i please" He spit.
"W-what are those?" she stuttered out more than happy to have the demon between herself and the shadow creatures. She was starting to consider that maybe the cabin was the safest spot on the island.

He ignored her question, stepping forward to face them. He withdrew a deeply blackend sword, pointing it at one of the creature's neck. "You're not taking this one, so leave while you can"

"Oh, you silly incubus. These humans do not love you, they dont care for you, why do you cahse them endlessly?"
In a moments time they darted forward, slashing down at the demon with bladed hands. He brought his blade up, trying his best to fight off the endless waves of attacks. He managed to seperate from the group, taking one of the creatures with him. He threw it to the floor, stabbing the edge of the sword through it's neck. The other's wailed in pain, throwing themselves at the demon.

He seemed small, weak, even fragile against the monsters. He tried to fend them off, cutting down a majority of the creatues.
But he was tired, worn out. He staggered as they peirced his skin, beating him to his knees. The two remaining creatures readied their final blow, but as their bladed hands flew down words in an attempt to deliver the fatal blow, he whipped his arms out from under him. He knocked the two to the floor, standing over them.

"Im not as weak as you believe"

He bent down, picking the two up by their necks. He brought his fingers together as they turned to smoke in his hands.
He sighed heavily, dropping to his knees. He panted, blood curled coughs falling from his mouth. His body was strewn with scars.
He was a demon. He was tormenting her. But he was hurt, and he saved her not once, but twice. Charlie couldn't stay cold forever, as much as she tried to act the bitch, she just wasn't. "Are you...are you okay?" She glanced at the blood and shuddered. "I don't know if I can do anything to help."

He grunted, standing slowly and facing her. "Dont touch me" He coughed, his tail swinging idly behind him. He grabbed her by the back of her shirt, placing her over his shoulder. "We're going back to the Cabin"
She squealed as he picked her up, making sure to grab her bag in the process. "I just wanted to-" she dropped off quickly, slumping. "...thank you for saving me."

He looked away in feigned disgust, taking off into the air. "Don't thank me, im not your knight in shining armor. I just dont want them to get to you before i do"
He attempted to avert her gratitude, he was a demon after all, not an angel.

Charlie yelped and really grabbed onto him then for fear of falling. Did I mention she's afraid of heights, no? Well she's afraid of heights. "Ohgodohgodohgod..."

He came to rest at the window-cell, dropping her back in. "Now stay"

Her heart pounding so hard she feared it might rip from her chest, she collapsed onto the bed, assuming they were back in the bedroom. It was as if she'd never left.

Day 1 - 10:23 - Bedroom 2

The setting changes from Eden Isle to Bedroom


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#, as written by LeBeau
Day 1 - 18:33 Bedroom 2

Upon hearing of Callie's disappearance, Charlie could only think of one culprit: the Demon. Just because he was with her didn't mean he couldn't do it with like, a proxy or something. Some demons were omnipresent, if she recalled correctly. The door didn't slam open, and so it lacked the dramatics she wished it had. She pointed at the creature perched in the tree outside her window. "You! I know you did something. Where's Callie?"

The Demon had been sitting there for a while now, quite literally licking its wounds. As Charlie shouted at him, he looked up with confusion, then with spite. "Dont you dare scream at me, mortal" He snarled, jumping through the open window.

He appeared before Charlie, cornering her against a wall, roaring loudly. It felt like a heavy storm had enveloped the room. "I can scream much louder than you"
She glared despite this. "She's been grabbed by something, if it's not you, what else is in this damn cabin? You said it was SAFE." She pushed him back, clearly not shaken enough yet. She had a little more fight in her, a little more boldness.

"I told you i have no need for your fucking friends! I dont care for them in the least" His breath was labored from his wounds. Still, it contained the ever-present feeling of great power and force. He grabbed her by the neck, raising her into the air infront of him. "I said it's safe for you, im not here to look after them!"
His fingers slowly pressed against her neck.

"But is it if there's some creature running around snatching people from beneath the goddamn be-ack!" Her retort was cut off as he lifted her into the air by the throat. She grabbed at his hand to pull him off, kicking her feet. "!!!"

His glare wavered slightly as he tried to keep on a facade of uncaring. He loosened his fingers, letting her slip to the ground. He crouched infront of her, rubbing the side of her neck. "I'm a demon, i could kill you in a second's time. Just because ive taken a liking to you doesnt mean i wont" He eyed the bruise on her neck.
She rubbed her neck as well, wheezing through an injured windpipe. "Sorry, I'm just scared out of my mind." She sat herself up. "I don't want to die. I don't want anybody else to die, really...but I'm guessing that can't be helped..."

He turned to her, a look of clear and sincere regret spread elegantly across his face. He attempted to keep that facade, of anger and torment, spite and pain.
"Im sorry, if you listened i wouldnt need to hurt you. I hate doing it, i do. But its what's expected of me so its what i give"

"I don't understand why we just can't leave? Are we all going to die here?" She picked herself back up. "Is there a point to prolonging the inevitable?"

"You're not going to die here, if you want to leave ill find a way" It was the last thing he wanted to do... to send Charlie away. He had already took a liking to this girl, so much that he'd actually hold her happiness above his. That was rare for a demon.

Hell, it was rare for a human,

She thought on this. What did she have back home anyway except for a few busted friends and 'fashion school' to look forward to. And even then, she wasn't really excited about it. "I don't know what I want to do."

It was more that she felt like she had a chance to make amends with Patrick, and blew it completely.

"Then think before you speak" The demon growled, perching on the window-cell. "Ill be back later, scream for me if you need help" With that, he was gone.

Day 2 - 00:21 Bedroom 2