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The Facade of Eden

Living Room


a part of The Facade of Eden, by LeBeau.

A large and open living room containing a couch, television, bar, fireplace, and table.

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A large and open living room containing a couch, television, bar, fireplace, and table.
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Living Room

A large and open living room containing a couch, television, bar, fireplace, and table.


Living Room is a part of The Cabin.

3 Characters Here

Andy Brannan [2] She puts the spice back into 'Ginger'
Devin Lidrit [2] "Nerd, no. Bad-ass Techy? Hell yeah!"

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#, as written by LeBeau
Day 1 - 08:06 - Living Room

Patrick and Charlie had taken seats on the couch, casual flirting with one another, some strange tension between them. As Devin walked in, he caught Patrick's attention "Hey nerd, hook up those damn speakers why dont you? That's the only reason we brought you along anyways" He barked. Devin peered across the room, finding the source of the command "Im here because Gabriel invited me, who exactly invited you? And my names Devin, not 'Nerd"

Gabriel walked in just as Patrick spoke, "Fuck off, Patrick. Devin's here because he's my friend and you'll leave him be." His attention was elsewhere, looking around curiously for Andy. He found her, walking down the hall with Calleigh. "Hey Andy, wannah go exploring?" He smiled, nodding a greeting to Calleigh as he walked up beside the two. "Uh...Sure" She smiled politely back at him. She looked back to Calleigh "You want to come with us?"

"No, its ok, ill go unpack" She didn't want to disturb the two, heading off into the bedroom-

"Let's go then" Gabriel took Andy's hand, leading her off to the pool-

Devin brushed Patrick off, patting his speakers as if they were small children "At least you're all ready to go" He smiled slightly before noticing the Gabe and Andy were no where to be found. "They didnt leave me in here, did they?" He asked himself before veering off into the hallway-

Day 1 - 08:14 - Bedroom

In one of the bedrooms, he spotted the silent girl. The one who had annoyingly been fiddling about with the car window. "Ah, I thought everyone had left me to do their dirty work. So nice to know that I am not the only one in-doors.

No response. "Hey? Don't tell me you're ignoring me as well..." Devin sighed, slowly approaching Callie. "Hey, something wrong?" The tech boy poked the girl's shoulder, trying a physical manner of getting her attention.

Callie jumped a mile when Devin poked her. She stared at him confused for a moment, like a deer trapped in headlights. After a couple of minutes of awkward silence, just staring at Devin, Callie finally managed to form a sentence in her mind.

"I'm deaf." She spoke quietly, her speech was off because she couldn't hear herself talk. "I didn't hear you come in."

Ah, that explained why she didn't at all react to his chatter. Devin tried to figure out how to talk with this girl then. Or wasn't it deaf, deaf? But more like, partially deaf-ish? "Sorry, I didn't know that." The tech boy awkwardly tried to explain what he said with weird hand movements. He never spoke to a person who was deaf before. "I thought, since it seems we are the only ones in-doors. We could... Chat? A bit, maybe?" Devin laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head with his left hand.

Callie sat awkwardly not sure how to talk with Devin. Especially with all the hand movements. "I can lip read. You don't have to do the hand movements. I just need to see your lips move. I'm Callie." She gave a small smile and formally held out her hand.

Devin couldn't help but feel extremely awkward. "Ah, I see. It's just that... Never mind. I'm Devin, pleased to meet you Callie." The Tech buy gave the girl a smile of his own, shaking her hand as he did so. "So you like it, here?" Devin asked, pondering on what he should even say. Although his question was rather cheerful and confident in tone, it was difficult for him to get a simple chat started. Not giving her a moment to respond "Wannah go over to the pool?"

She smiled lightly, "Sure"

Day 1 - 08:14 - Living Room

Charlie spotted Stefan, hanging idly by the window. He was watching the forest, taken by it's ominous appearance "Scary place-" He mumbled under his breath.

"Hey, come socialize Stefan" Charlie shouted across the room, catching his attention. He made his way to the couch, eying Patrick as he fired out a flurry of rude remarks. No one liked this guy, why was he even on the trip? He noticed something odd between Charlie and Patrick, they flirted but they had acid in their tone. Lovers fueled by hate. The two had a history back in Millerton-

1 Year Earlier - Millerton Hostpital

"Jacob's dead" He hung his head, standing in front of her as he looked idly at the floor. "No Patrick, no- He can't be" She fell into his arms. He stood there, holding her in the hospital lobby. People swarmed around them, continuing on their day as Patrick and Charlie's seemed to freeze. He fought back a tear, looking down at her, unable to speak.

Ever since then both their lives went down the drain. Patrick grew up with Jacob, he was practically his brother. Charlie and them were inseparable. Patrick had a bright future before the accident, stunning academic's, and early decision into Harvard. Jacob's death changed him. He was enveloped by guilt, misery, and depression. He acted out, vandalizing the streets and throwing himself into fights he couldn't possibly win. His parents should of stepped in, they should of care, but they were too preoccupied in their own affairs. The only person who gave a crap about hims seemed to be Jacob, and he was gone now. Eventually, Harvard retracted his acceptance. He was left with nothing, a broken and beaten man. He became cold, mean, and most of all, he became lonely-

Charlie met a similar fate. She was the school's head cheerleader, everything going for her. She was dating Patrick, leading an almost perfect life. When Jacob died, she looked to Patrick for support. When he began drifting away, thats when she cracked. Her best friend had died, and her boyfriend wanted nothing to do with her. She tried to carry on, god dammit she did. She wanted to be happy, to go back to the way things were. Finally, she couldnt take it any more. The grief, the loneliness: She ran off to the City, returning weeks later a completely different person. She quit the cheerleader team and allowed her grades to slowly drop. She sat back and watched as her life crumbled in front of her.

Day 1 - 08:20 - Living Room

Patrick looked at her, opening his mouth to speak- Charlie hung there, fear struck. She didn't want to speak of it, not now and not ever.

He remained silent, standing and attempting to put on a facade of carelessness. He saw Devin and Calleigh heading off the the pool "Starting the party without us?" He tried to be loud, but his voice quivered. He followed the two out to the pool.

Stefan turned to Charlie, realizing something was wrong. He flashed her a sympathetic expression "You coming?"

She reached into her pocket, withdrawing a cigarette, resting within her quivering fingers "Imah have a smoke first"

Stefan nodded, disappearing to join the group at the pool.

Day 1 - 08:30 - Living Room


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Andy Brannan Character Portrait: Gabriel Smith Character Portrait: Devin Lidrit
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#, as written by LeBeau
Day 1 - 10:01 - The Living Room

Before he could finish, Devin came into the room screaming. "Calleigh, she's gone-"

Charlie was hiding behind a nearby doorway, watching the scene unfold. The dicleration of Calleigh's death stunned her. "This must be the demon-" She stormed back up to her bedroom to confront him.


Andy was back on her feet again, stepping around Gabe as though he wasn't even there, all but storming up to Devin.
"What do you mean she's gone?"

"Gone. Disappeared. Just, gone. I don't fuckin' know!"

Gabriel stood, putting a hand on Devin's shoulder. "People dont just disapear, did something grab her?"

"I'm not standing around to listen to this," Andy said sharply. "Have you even looked?! She can't just disappear."
Without waiting for an answer, she backed up from the pair, and immediately began to search the house.
Tears ran down her face the whole while. "Callie!"

"Something grabbed her from underneath the bed." Devin said, glaring back at the hallway for no apparent reason. "I pulled the bed on its side, nothing was there. She's fucking gone, man!"

He eyed Andy, shaking his head. He immiediately looked back up at Devin when he began to give his description. "It was a Lulu-" Suddenly, his expression turned to panick. "Andy!" He looked over Devin's shoulder. "I know you're upset, you have every right to be, but im NOT letting that thing get you too. Come here!" He shouted, a stern expression taking to his face.

She was already out of his sight, disappearing around the corner and into the room. There she saw the bed over-turned, and no sign of Callie.
"For God's sake," Andy breathed, putting a hand to her mouth and closing her eyes. "What in the flying fuck is going on?"
As she turned back to the doorway to leave, it slammed shut, and the lights flicked off.

She stumbled forward, her throat going dry as paper as she scrambled for the wall, for the doorknob, anything.
"GABE!" She shrieked, her voice shrill with panic. When she came into contact with the door, and found the knob, it was superheated, like it had been held to a flame for hours. She couldn't touch it.

Gabriel jumped at her sceams as he ran down the hall way. He stopped at the door, attempting to turn the handle.
"Motherfucker!" He yelled, pulling his hand back.

He placed his hands on the door, attempting to gather Andy's attention.
"Andy, listen. Breath. It's a Lulu.... the boogeyman" He shuttered for a moment, realizing how insane he sounded.
"It's out from under the bed, it can only hurt you if you fear it. Calm down Andy, just breath"
He pounded on the door, "Fuck!"
"Andy, please~"

She had shoved herself to the wall, the flat of her spine pressed painfully into the wood. Her eyes were wide, pupils stretched to accomodate for the thick darkness, and her hands clenched the carpet so tightly she could feel her nails tear.

"Hey Andy," A voice came from the darkness, one hand gripping her ankle, sliding up towards her knee.

She felt like she was going to throw up. The belonged to her brother.

She turned her head to the side, rolling her jaw as she squeezed her eyes shut. "You're...not here. You can' can't hurt me here." she whispered, one hand coming up to clasp her mouth.

"Just leave me alone."

"Not likely."

A dark chuckle. She cried out when her ankle was visciously jerked, dragging her away from the wall. "It isn't WORKING Gabe!" she said loudly, trying to scramble back, yanking her ankle from the monster's grasp.

It got her higher on her legs, painfully digging its nails into her skin.

He banged against the door, cringing at her screams. "Andy!"

He slid down to his knees, the palms of his hands resting against the door. "Andy" He spoke in calm whispers "Listen to me. I'm write here, you know id never let anything hurt you. I've never broke a promise to you, and i don't plan on starting now"
He paused for a moment, listening intently.

"Andy...i said i'd get you out of here alive"

"Im right here, you're safe. It cant hurt you if you don let it. It cant even touch you. Just dont be afraid, dont show it your fear"

"Im right here"

She grit her teeth. Nice of him to say those things when HE wasn't getting pinned by the motherfucking boogeyman.

Ugh, men.

"Muuuhh." she groaned, drawing up her leg and kicking the monster square in the gut. The creature huffed, collapsing a few feet away from her. She scrambled to her feet, staring into the darkness at the shape that loomed across the room.

"Listen here, you cheap excuse for a Hollywood movie prop, you're going to stop impersonating my shitty brother and open the goddamn door."
The sound of scuttling steps met her proclamation, and something crashed loudly on the other side of the room.
Might have been the bed.

There was a breath of silence, then the lights flickered back on, and if Gabe were to try getting in again, the door would collapse in on him, and she would find freedom.

Day 1 - 23:00 - Living Room

Devin had gone to sleep, Stefan too. Charlie was upstairs seemingly talking to herself last time they checked, and she seemed to have grown tired of it and fallen asleep as well.

Gabriel sat on the couch, his arm wrapped protectively around Andy. One hand gently brushing her shoulder.
The telivision was playing some horror movie, probably not the best idea with what had happened earlier that day, but neither of them were really watching. Gabriel held her like she could be pulled from his grasp any minute.
Despite the fact that she could clearly fend for herself, he sat there like a guard dog. He would'nt lose Andy.


He Couldnt.

She leaned against his side, her eyes half-lidded from exhaustion, but she had no interest in sleeping. Even if Gabe was here, she was afraid that something might happen, that she wouldn't be prepared. It was awful, sitting here and just waiting for the next horrific event. Looking out over the others, who slept as soundly as one could in this scenario, she turned her head to the side, lightly pressing her mouth to his shoulder before mumbling,
"I think I yelled at you at some point today. I don't remember when or why, but you didn''t deserve it. M'sorry..."

He peered down at her from the movie, tilting his head curiously as the girl shifted in his arms. "You dont have anythin to be sorry for, Andy" He moved his other hand to her cheek, running his thumb across her fordead.

His hand slipped beneath her chin, propping her face up towards him. He stared into her eyes for a moment before turning back to face the tv, letting his hand slip from underneath her chin.

"You have pretty eyes, ya' know"

She smirked, turning to nestle against his side and closing her eyes.

"Nice move, Cassanova. Wrong party though."

She was referring to their situation, of course. "Not that I don't appreciate the compliment."

He moved his hand through her hair gingerly, his eyes idly tracing the figures on the television screen.

"We cant cease to live our lives. I mourn our friends just as you do, but if we give up, if we curl up and cry-

We arent doing any of them justice"

He sighed, peeking back at her for a moment before his eyes wandered back to the television screen. He had dealt with loss before, it made him somewhat -

Tolerant against the subject. It hurt him none the less, but he refused to show it. He owed Andy that much, a shoulder to lean on, not a broken mess.

"I'm not giving up." she promised him, closing her eyes again. "Just a lot to take in."

She reached to take his hand, wincing slightly when her shoulder twinged with pain. "I'll try to keep it together. Usually I'm really good at that."
She was very good at hiding what was really bothering her.

He looked back at her once again, allowing his hand to rest in hers. "I'm sorry, the last thing i asked of you is to hide your emotions.

He looked at the expression on her face, searching for some sort of cause behind it. "Did i do something wrong? Im sorry if i did" He frowned idly.
She looked up at him and smiled just a little. "Nah, you're great."


She blushed, turning back to the tv and taking in a breath. "Just no need to be a hysterical mess, you know?"

"You know im not going to let this go, can you tell me Andy? After everything thats happened-"

"I dont think we can get much closer and there's really nothing you cn say that'll make me think any less of you"

She shifted, glancing up at his face, his eyes for just a moment. "I don't know what your'e talking about..."
But she was pretty sure she did.

"Andy-" He spoke sternly

"What do you want me to say?" Andy replied, attempting to pull away. "If there's soemthing you want to talk about just say so. I don't like this evasive beat-around-the-bush shit." She glared at him, her brow furrowed, walls coming up as he began to tread on dangerous territory.

"You know what, Andy. I saw what your brother did too you. How he handled you-"

He caught himself, but it was too late, the words had escaped his moth already.

She stared at him for a long moment, then looked away. She didn't look angry...just tired.

"Why would you want to talk about that? It's nothing." she replied quietly, pulling her knees up.

He sighed, shaking his head slowly "And-" The girl had been through enough today.
Instinctively, he bent forward and laid a kiss on her cheek. He pulled back, his face lingering a few inches from her's. "I-uh, im sorry. I dont know what came over me"

She blushed, remaining silent for a long moment before she drew in a breath and sighed.

"No, it's okay. I'm surprised you didn't ask me before...Eh, Shaun's always been a bit...possessive."

Gross understatement.

He leaned back "Possesive? You're not an object and you dont belong to anyone, especially not that bas-" He stopped himself again, anger strewn across his face.

"Easier said," she replied with a mild shrug. "It's hard to escape him when you grow up with him. Leaves a lot of opportunities, you know?"

He could think she was talking about the abuse, but she was hinting at something far more sinister.

"Opertunities?" He though of stopping for a moment, but if what he thought she was getting at was true...

"What do you mean by opertunities? For what?"

"Whatever he wants." she replied darkly, looking away. "He got away with a shit ton of stuff, Gabe."
She shuddered.

"Stuff my parents don't even know about. They wouldn't believe me if I told them."

His expresion grew seriious, stern as her words peirced him like a knife. "H-"

He didnt need to ask, he understood all to wel. He tried to control his anger, welling up inside of him and tugging at his chest. He moved his hand into his hair, forming a tight fist.

"I should of fucking know.." He muttered under his breath.

The anger was clawing at him. He was ready to erupt, find that bastard and put a bullet straight through his skull. He was lucky they were stuck here-

It wasnt a hollow threat

She looked at him worriedly, her hand coming up to rest on his shoulder.
"I, it's fine..he moved out. I haven't had to deal with him for a while..."

Shit. This was no good...

"When we get back, you're not going back to that house-

You're going to come and stay with me, unless you can find somewhere else to go. But you're not returning there"
He tried to control his anger, his hand still gently brushing her hair.

"I can't just do that, Gabe. My parents wouldn't let me." She was tempted, Oh how she was tempted, but really? What was the possibility of that happening?
"Look, it's sweet that you care...but it just... it isn't an issue now. It's just a bad time in my life. Nasty memories." She looked away from him, lifting a hand to rub at her forehead.

He sighed, looking away from her. "We'll talk about this later" He moved away from her, farthering the distance between them. "You need your sleep, go to bed. I dont plan on sleeping, ill watch over you" His eyes wandered back off to the tv, fighting back an angry expression.

She hesitated, staring at him for a long moment before looking away, choosing instead to curl up on the end of the couch furthest away from him.

What? Did he think she was dirty? Tainted?

It wasn't fair.

She rested her head on her arm, closing her eyes as tears burned at the corners, and tried to sleep.

He looked over to her, watching as she slowly drifted to sleep. "I dont think any less of you, Andy. I hope you know that" His voice slowly faded. "I love you-" He spoke in a faint whisper, half hoping she didnt hear it.

She was being pulled into the throws of unconsciousness, barely aware that Gabe was speaking to her until she heard the faint whisper brush against her ears.
"Thanks," she murmured back before finally falling asleep.