Aytak Tilki

"Doguda gunbatiminin gibi, seni bulacaksiniz emin olabilirsiniz."

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Aytac Tilki - Translated from Turkish it means "Moon Crown Fox"


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Name - Fox

Title - First Mate aboard the "Constantinus'un Goz". (Translated that means "Constantine's Eye")

Age - 25

Gender - Male

Height - 5'10

Weight - 140lbs

Race - Middle Eastern

Ethnicity - Turkish/ Byzantinian

Species - Human

Hair color - Dark brown

Hair style - Down to his bum... Often wore in mixture of braids, dreads, and a ponytail/bun

Eye color - Brown

Skin color - Mediterannian/Middle Eastern/Persian Complexion

Alignment - Byzantine Imperial Fleet

Occupation - Sailor/Naval First Mate

Outfit - Often seen wearing a loose shirt, knee pants with long stockings and buckle shoes or boots. Over the shirt is usually some sort of naval officer coat though it's rarely ever buttoned. In his hair are various accessories like beads, and other things and can often be seen wearing a bandanna along with a classical naval officer hat which resembles something like a 'pirate' hat.

Tattoos - He has a tattoo of the 5 pillars of Islam on his back

Piercings - His ears... The one on his right ear is some sort of animal fang and the one on the left is a very shiny gold coin

Scars - Several... Most he obtained from the ship itself but there are some cut and bullet wounds.... some robe burn scars and also some bite marks from different sea creatures like sharks and other creatures.


Aytac is the laid back type of guy... He doesn't like to cause any form of confrontation, especially not between his unders and the captain of the ship. He loves the seas and all forms of sea-lore... He adores the ideas of merpeople and buried treasure but some might say that's his pirate blood talking. Many people often mistake the Byzantine imperial fleet ships as pirate ships, mostly because of the lack of dresscode aboard the ships, when infact they're the farthest thing from... though some of the people that work on them might be descended from pirates, like Aytac. However that doesn't mean that he's going to go plundering, raping, and pillaging everywhere he goes.

Sexual Preference - Pansexual

Religion - Islam - Yes... He is a Muslim.

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Aytak Tilki's Story


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Aytak Tilki swaggered into the bar, in all of his Mediterranian, Turkish glory. It seemed that this man wearing 18th century naval attire had a satisfied look upon his face and an incrediply peaceful look in his eyes. He had just come in from praying at one of the, if not the only, Mosques in the city limits of Wing City and rolled under his arm was his prayer mat. This man seemed to slowly proceed to the bar counter and place his mat against the counter itself while he ordered a cup of wine as his calm light brown eyes scanned the bar of the other inhabitants. "Rather chilly this evening, isn't it bayan?" He said, his voice carrying a rather exotic Turkish accent. "I'm not used to this weather myself. I'd prefer the sun and sand rather than chilling winds." He explained, not really talking to anyone in particular.


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Character Portrait: Aytak Tilki

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o-o well then aren't you just a nice little bundle of sunshine XD