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The One Born Dead.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Aythr


Two pools of ebon death float in the eye sockets of the Old One's gaunt face, making it impossible to know where he is looking. From his eyes and mouth stream black, bubbling pitch combined with thick coagulated blood and gore. Adorned in the deep purple Armor of Dahl'ag, it seems as though his head is out of place atop the body of a massive behemoth of a man.


There is no distinct personality trait that anybody would enjoy about Bhal'yeth.


The Armor of Dahl'ag

Bhal'yeth's most distinguising feature is also one of his most potent pieces of equipment. Forged of personified purity and light by great forces of goodness and virtue, even it cannot stop the taint that Bhal'yeth exudes. Over the millenia, it had become rotten and putrid, turning a disgusting purple that reflects no light. There is little that can damage this armor, but even so, only a fool would attempt to pierce it, for it does not keep Bhal'yeth safe from the world...

It keeps the world safe from Bhal'yeth.


For there to be life, there must be death...

Bhal'yeth is the afterbirth of the creation of the universe. His power fueled creation, and as such the universe came into being. For there to be life however, there must also be death. By supplying creation with the power it needed to live, Bhal'yeth's original form was reduced to a shattered husk. The negative energy of creation was pulled to this broken husk, and from the life of the universe was born Bhal'yeth, the personification of all things negative.

Bhal'yeth traveled all of creation, with no meaning to his so called life other than to destroy and kill. To rot and corrupt. In his mere presence, the dead would rise, and all things would rot and decay. He destroyed many worlds before the Old Gods decided that he was a threat.

Forging armor the seal Bhal'yeth's true deathly power from the world, the Old Gods combined their strength and imprisoned his form in the armor. To this very day he continues to roam the universe, waiting for the day that he would once again regain his former glory by shedding the armor that seals him.

So begins...

Bhal'yeth's Story


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#, as written by Aythr
Bhal'yeth considers speaking.