Franklin Morris

Kilt Wearing Black Guy, Younger Brother of the Morris Brothers.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ironman11


Frank Morris is the younger brother of the Morris Brothers. He weighs around a scale of 300 pounds and stands a head taller than his older brother though also appearing as a fat man. He is an Afro American Man in his thirties with a trim crop of black hair and a trimmed full beard. Frank is a sort of man that applies black nail polish to his fingers and wears kilts for the comfort and has a great deal of tattoos often revolving on themes of justice and strength. On top of this, both of Frank’s ears are pierced and he is never seen without a pair of earrings of some caliber.

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Franklin Morris's Story


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The Irish never organize.

That was to say, they have not tried before. Street gangs or low level mobsters getting the ideas in their heads that they could make more money enterprising. That is as far as they often got, or more particularly that was as far as they were often allowed to get.

It was a really simple system actually. Mick 1 and Mick 2 want to form a gang to rob trucks, Mick 2 gets offered too much money to Mick 1 to not betray him and seize it all for himself, Mick 1 get supplied guns to fight Mick 2, have both groups fight each other than encourage Mick 3 to make a power grab.

Mick 3 in this current time was a man known as Patrick McMurphy. Patrick had been Veronica’s man in An Culpa for eight years, having a small crew of his own that operated a few chop shops and garages in this neighborhood, stealing the cars from tourists and shipping them off wherever American Cars were in demand. It made everyone good money, with a sizable cut that went to the gang running McMurphy.

This neighborhood was supposed to be under her thumb, so when she’d had to hear about the sudden rise in Mick Drug Dealers from someone that was not Patrick McMurphy she knew her horse was becoming complacent or just greedy. Yet from what she’d heard after she sent the Morris brothers to sniff it out, Patrick McMurphy was neither of those things. Patrick McMurphy was plainly stupid in the end.

Apparently Patrick and his Cousin had been seen on the street on Friday just knocking over trash cans and screaming at kids “I RUN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD! YOU PAY ME! WHERES MY CUT!?” Again and Again. And then Patrick McMurphy and said Cousin were never seen again. This was now a problem she had allowed to fester.

Louis Morris and Franklin Morris were now in a bach unassuming sedan sort of driving through the neighborhood. It was a hot day, but Phinneas McMurphy seated in the back was not leaking like a damn facet because of the weather. The short shaved heard hood was the last surviving member in McMurphy’s little crew, the three running most of the operations here. Needless to say, he couldn’t help but feel like Judas now with this target he could feel on his back.

“It’s a green station wagon! You’ll know it when you see it!” he spoke to the two that were quiet for a moment.

Frank stared out the window of the car, pearl earrings on each of his ears causing his older brother to simple wince. “Why are you wearing those today!?” He spat out as he continued to steer. Franklin just leered back his face wrinkling. “Cou-“ Phinneas almost jumped when he saw just a pair of kids run pass them on the sidewalk.

Frank turned back and offered Phinneas a smoke. “You need to calm down.” Was all he sort of said. “I am FUCKING calm! Just… sweating like a tit! Turn on the A/C!” he almost clamored as the car pulled up at another stop light.