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Chung Ae Sae

My world is lost, I don't know where I am.

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a character in “The Roommates”, as played by Limepepper


Name: Chung Ae Sae
Gender: Female
Role: James' real sister.
Age: 22
FC: Yoon Eun Hye
Sexuality: Homosexual
Appearance: Red-brown hair, dark eyes, rounded face, thin eyebrows, long fingers, thin figure, 5'6 and 126 pounds, very slender.
Personality: Chung Ae is a very happy person, always smiling and grinning. She's very calm though, and is smart. She's kind of nerdy like her brother. She's determined and thoughtful, and sets goals and achieves them. SOmetimes she's a bit too head strong though.
Comic Books

Other stubborn people
Admitting she's wrong
Disappointing her friends
Stage Fright

She hates to be wrong
She sometimes doesn't use common sense
HIstory: When Chung Ae was born, James was older then her. Their parents spilt up, so Chung Ae never really met James. Her father died and the mother couldn't take care of two children, so she left James at a store and raised Chung Ae in Korea. When she turned 18, she moved out to America and has been trying to find out who her brother is.
Other: She just located James, but he doesn't know that she did.

So begins...

Chung Ae Sae's Story


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(OCC: I'm just going to do a double post, now that I have a new idea,)

Chung Ae tapped on her keyboard quickly. Her grin lit up as she viewed another search. She read out loud. "I am looking for any information on my relatives from Korea, I was raised by my mother, you left me at a store when I was about twelve, my name is James Hart, I was renamed. My real name is Dae-Ho Sae," Chung Ae jumped up and down. "I CAN'T BELIVE IT!" She hopped up and down. She got back on her computer and started a people search, maybe she could find this James Hart. Of course, he might not remember her, but it was worth a try.

James wiped off his brow. "I'm going inside, do whatever you want to do," HE walked back inside the apartment and into his room. Nick laughed. "Wow, how lazy are you?" Gwen giggled. She saw a thin, red headed girl quickly running up to the apartment. Gwen shrugged and sat on her couch.

Chung Ae could see a teal haired girl out front, along with another woman and a man leaning up against a trailer, laughing at something. "Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but do you know where I can find James Hart?" She asked. The teal girl nodded. "Yep. Nick, go show her where James is," "Why can't you do it?" THe man named Nick asked. The teal haired girl just stared at him and pouted. "FIne. Come with me," He motioned for Chung Ae to follow. "How do you know James?" He inquired as they climbed the steps. "Long story," Chung Ae replied. Nick pulled out a key and opened an apartment door. "JAMES!" "What?' "Someone's here to see you!" Chung Ae felt like jumping up and down, she was so excited. She started to open her bag and pulled out a small box, all that was left of James' stuff.

James walked out of his room. "What?" HE looked the red headed girl over. "Who's she?" "My name is Chung Ae," THe girl said, pulling out a box. "I don't know if you remember me," "I don't," James replied. THe girl opened the box. James peered inside. There was a picture of a small boy with his front tooth missing, grinning as he held a little baby in pink next to a tall man and woman. There were also a few other scraps of assorted items. "Where did you get this stuff?" HE asked. "Mother's attic, like I said, I don't know if you remember it. Mother could only take care of me, so she left you at a store. I'm your sister,"

Gwen stood in the doorway of the apartment. "OHH! PLOT TWIST!" She teased. James spun around. "Gwen!" "WHat? I was curious!"