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Aislinn Buckeldee

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times."

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a character in “The Special Ones”, as played by Sanarith


Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя#068481
тнσυgнт cσƖσя#868669

Run ▮ Bring Me The Horizon
Power To Progress ▮ Darren and Stephen Loveday



Full Name:
Aislinn Mae Buckeldee
Pronounced ASH-linn
Meaning of Name:
Aislinn - Dream or Vision
Mae - Variation of May, the fifth month
Ash || Linn || Buckie
Ash prefers to be called Ash or Aislinn, doesn't mind Linn, but hates Buckie.
Reason for Nickname(s):
Variations of name
Date of Birth:
5th May
Zodiac Sign:

"User can create, shape and manipulate air, the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity, and wind, movement of air relative to the surface of the planet. It is an important factor in determining and controlling climate and weather, and the generating force of most ocean and freshwater waves. Wind occurs because of horizontal and vertical differences in atmospheric pressure, and include breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, zephyrs, gales, tempests, and hurricanes.

Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, making it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge."

Aislinn has Aerokinesis - the power to control air. She can use it to control the wind and air currents, shaping it into the desired shape. She can also lessen air resistance, or increase it. This enables her to levitate herself, move much faster than normal, and even fly. She can also use it to create tornadoes, hurricanes, and blasts of wind so strong that they could push someone over, especially when caught unaware. She can also move objects with blasts of wind, and divert projectiles. She can also increase air pressure, and make it denser. This means she can crush things relatively easily. She can also feel minute vibrations in the air, so noises seem louder, and lights seem brighter. Aislinn's powers work by taking the air from around her first, and using it to change the conditions around her. This means that she cannot breathe while using her powers. Aislinn can also move clouds and control temperatures - meaning she can summon different weather conditions, but not control them once they've been summoned.

Ash cannot breathe while using her power because of the way it works - this means she can't use her power for extended periods of time, and often causes fainting. Ash is also terrified of asphyxiation, which causes her to abstain from using it and this means she has no control over what she can do. She has very limited control over the weather - she cannot cause thunderstorms, or rain, snow, or hail directly, but she can move clouds and control temperature, meaning that she can summon weather conditions, but they are completely uncontrollable once started. She cannot control the humidity of the air, and has difficulty using her power in more humid conditions, due to the need to separate the water and air molecules from each other. Aislinn is also incredibly sensitive to light and sound, as well as heat and cold, due to minute vibrations in the air which she can pick up. Aislinn easily overheats or gets too cold, and bright lights or loud noises give her headaches. Pyrokinetics also affect her deeply - she can use her power to feed their flames, even against her will, which can sap her strength, and can even be overridden. Finally, Ash is terrified of her power, so she doesn't like to use it and it causes violent panic attacks.
Agile ▮ Aislinn is flexible, and can move her body in ways a lot of people can't. For example, she can do walkovers, and the splits. ◗
Intelligent ▮ Aislinn is incredibly smart, even if she doesn't show it. ◗
Strategic ▮ Aislinn is extremely good at coming up with tactics on the spot. ◗

Panic Attacks ▮ When Aislin is scared, she tends to have panic attacks. This can bring on hyperventilation, making it even worse. ◗
Fainting ▮ Aislin tends to faint a lot, especially after a panic attack, or using her power for a prolonged amount of time. ◗
Allergic to Peanuts ▮ Aislin will go into anaphalaxis if she eats or touches a peanut. ◗
Running ▮ Due to her fear of suffocation, Aislin doesn't run much. At all. So she's pretty unfit. ◗
Swimming ▮ Aislin will not go near water sources; it's too much like suffocating. Therefore, she's never learned to swim. ◗
Loud Noises ▮ Aislin can hear much better than normal, meaning that excessively loud noises give her headaches. ◗
Bright Lights ▮ Aislin cannot look at bright lights for long at all - they leave spots in front of her eyes for much longer, and can give her headaches.◗



Sexual Orientation: ▮ Heterosexual/ Sapiosexual / Heteroromantic◗
Relationship Status: ▮ Single (Subject to change. PM me!)◗
Sexually Active?: ▮ No◗
Relationship History: ▮ Aislinn hasn't been in a relationship before, but she'd like to change that. She tends to be very careful when it comes to relationships, so she tends to reject those she doesn't have feelings for to ensure she doesn't get hurt herself.◗
Virgin?: ▮ Yes◗



Height: ▮ 5'9"◗
Weight: ▮ 9st 6lbs◗
Body Build: ▮ Hourglass◗
Eye Colour: ▮ Ice blue/Silver-grey when using power◗
Glasses or Contacts?: ▮ Neither◗
Skin Tone: ▮ Snow white◗
Distinguishing marks: ▮ She has a beauty spot on the inside of her left thigh, and a 8 point star shaped birthmark on her shoulder. She also has several butterflies tattooed on her back and right shoulder.◗
Hair Colour: ▮ White-blonde◗
Type of hair: ▮ Layered and straight◗
Hairstyle: ▮ Either completely down, with her fringe and layers brushed neatly, or up in an elegant style, which may be plaits, or buns. Sometimes, Aislinn likes wearing her hair in a messy ponytail with a bandana.◗
Physical disabilities: ▮ None, apart from the fainting from panic attacks/holding her breath for too long.◗
Style: ▮ Very girly and elegant, Aislinn goes out of her way to pick light colours and floaty materials, apart from those rare occasions she decides to get a little more tomboyish in style. She is almost always seen in a skirt or dress, but if she is in jeans, she'll make sure she is cute.◗
Tattoos and Piercings: ▮ She has a woman tattooed on her back, surrounded with butterflies. The butterflies, blue and orange in colour, extend across her back and across her right shoulder. She also has a pink bow tattooed on the inside of her wrist.◗
Jewellery or Accessories: ▮ She almost always wears a gold wedding ring on a chain around her neck, and a watch. She'll often have a ring on, or several bracelets.◗
Overall Attractiveness: ▮ Aislinn isn't what you would classify as hot, but she is incredibly gorgeous in her own way. However, it would depend on the person. ◗




Mental or Behavioral Disabilities: ▮ Aislinn has a crippling fear of asphyxiation in any form, and quite a low self-esteem.◗
Good personality traits:
Altruistic ▮ Aislinn is extremely kind, and looks out for others consistently.◗
Affectionate ▮ Aislinn doesn't hesitate to show love or comfort to those who need it.◗
Loyal ▮ Aislinn sticks by her friends through the toughest of times.◗
Strong Minded ▮ Aislinn can stick up for herself, stick to her decisions, and stand against anything or anyone trying to push her down.◗
Bad personality traits: ▮ ◗
Reticent ▮ Aislinn tries not to show her feelings to others as much as possible - she tends to bottle up emotions, causing large emotional outbursts at the most awkward of times.◗
Introvert ▮ Aislinn isn't the most outgoing person in the world - she's a shrinking violet, and it shows.◗
Trusting ▮ She either trusts too much or too little - and she'll end up trusting the ones that are likely to hurt her the most.◗
Self-Conscious ▮ Aislinn compulsively watches her appearance and has to constantly get reassurance that she isn't annoying anyone.◗
Aislinn is, to say the least, a shrinking violet. She hides her feelings from everyone, preferring to appear happy to everyone and without a flaw, whilst being upset or lonely on the inside. She is never in a hurry to reveal how she truly feels, and often stays out of conversations to avoid showing that. She does tend to keep to herself, especially with strangers, but with a group of friends, or people she trusts, Aislinn can be chatty and being friendly. She spends hours making herself look 'decent' in the mornings, and can come off as modest.

In contrast, Aislinn is extremely loving, affectionate, and altruistic. She lives for the feeling of being kind to others - she just finds it so rewarding. She likes to give, but never take. Whether it's cracking a joke, laying with you and holding your hand for hours, or doing favours, Ash will always be there to help. Because of this, she tends to trust people way too easily, and ends up being used a lot, or getting hurt; she is loyal to her friends, though, and will never go back on her word.

Aislin could be considered a romantic individual, but she's not likely to pursue anything unless her partner were to make a move first. She is extremely affectionate, but just doesn't know how to show it, more often than not. She tends to become a bit of a shrinking violet in terms of love affairs, and will shrink away from people she hardly knows, or does not reciprocate feelings for. She would say that she doesn't even know how to flirt, and either doesn't register that she's being flirted with, or takes it the wrong way. In situations with a significant other, she would act rather conflicted - if she liked them back, she may jump at the opportunity, but she may also act very uncertain about the situation. She's always worrying about everything, and tends to worry that she is making the wrong impression, or pushing them away, which it does tend to do.

Finally, Ash is a very strong-willed person. If and when she makes a decision, she sticks to it. She also puts up a wall around herself, to stop herself from being hurt emotionally. This way, she can brush off insults or mocking comments, even if it hurts her inside. Occasionally she even makes a quip back. However, when it comes to fear, Aislinn breaks down. It's the one thing she can't handle very well. Crippling panic attacks, hyperventilation, and a racing heartbeat all signal that Aislinn is terrified. Occasionally, and especially when she is using her power, Aislinn can faint. She often comes out of this perfectly fine, but embarrassed. And that, to Aislinn, is a much worse feeling than sadness.

Summer ▮ The sunshine, and light breezes always put Ash in a good mood. ◗
Rainstorms ▮ The sound calms her nerves, and it feels nice on her skin ◗
Good Music ▮ Once again, it's calming and Ash enjoys being able to turn off the world. ◗
Rabbits ▮ She used to own a few when she was a child, plus they are cute, fluffy, and shy. She reasons that it's because they're like her. It's actually because she likes cuddling them. ◗
Video Games ▮ She owns the largest collection of video games that she can, and wrecks at all of them. She likes to use them to relax. ◗
Alcohol ▮ She hates the taste, and the way it makes people act. Ick. ◗
Smoking ▮ Like alcohol, except it will kill you faster. Plus the way it makes her cough reminds her of suffocation. ◗
Pushy People ▮ People that push their own way on Aislin and try to take advantage of her really annoys her. Just... What sort of person does that, anyway? ◗
Being High Up ▮ Being high means a low altitude, and a low altitude means thinner air. Thinner air means suffocation. Plus the idea of looking down at the ground is pretty daunting. ◗
Running ▮ When the thought of being out of breath gives you panic attacks, running is pretty much out of the question. ◗
Large Bodies of Water ▮ This includes baths. Now, Aislin's fear isn't exactly drowning, but to her, it's a little too much like asphixiation, and she avoids any large body of water as much as possible. ◗
Loud Noises ▮ They make her jumpy, nervous, and they hurt her ears. Why would she like them? ◗


Favourite Colour: ▮ Cream/White◗
Least Favourite Colour: ▮ Brown/Black◗
Favourite Music: ▮ It depends - some days it's Rock/Pop Punk, other days it's classical/instrumental. ◗
Least Favourite Music ▮ Country/ Deathmetal◗
Favourite Food: ▮ Medium-Rare Steak◗
Least Favourite Food: ▮ She doesn't have a least favourite food.◗
Favourite Literature: ▮ Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol◗
Least Favourite Literature: ▮ She doesn't have one.◗
Favourite Form of Entertainment: ▮ Video gaming or listening to music◗
Most Prized Possession: ▮ Her mother's wedding ring, now on a chain around her neck.◗

◖Aerial Silks◗◖Video Gaming◗◖Listening to music◗◖Ballet◗◖Walking/Hiking◗◖Climbing Trees◗◖Baking◗
◖Asphyxiation ▮ Due to a childhood trauma, Aislinn is terrified of asphyxiation. This includes her powers.◗
◖Drowning ▮ The same reason as above.◗
◖Being emotionally hurt ▮ Aislinn has an irrational fear of being hurt emotionally - hence why she pushes others away so often.◗

◖Believes in the Paranormal ▮ Aislinn reasons that if powers can exist, then so can vampires, werewolves and ghosts.◗
◖Organization ▮ Aislinn must organize everything neatly and in colour order.◗
◖Stuffed Animals ▮ Cannot sleep without something to cuddle, which is usually a stuffed animal of some kind.◗
◖Bites Nails ▮ She bites her nails when she is nervous◗
◖Walking ▮ Aislinn likes going on long walks with her earphones in if she's feeling especially introverted.◗

◖Swimming ▮ Aislinn cannot swim, and she likes people not to know.◗
◖The Hunters ▮ Aislinn has a history with the Hunters - one she is not willing to share.◗
Plays a musical instrument?: ▮ No◗
Plays a sport?: ▮ Ballet and Aerial Silks, if they count◗
Spending habits: ▮ Aislinn can splash out once in a while, but then save her money for another spending spree.◗
Smokes: ▮ No◗
Drinks: ▮ No◗
Other drugs: ▮ None◗

Aislinn was raised in England, with her parents and two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. It was comfortable, but could get lonely at times, due to the nature of rural living. However, it grew uneasy once her mother grew ill with cancer and died, and Aislinn's fear and powers began manifesting.
A rural village in England
Pets: ▮ Aislinn had a red and white irish setter named Taffy and a rabbit called Fluff
Childhood Hero or Idol: ▮ Her mother◗
Dream Job: ▮ An aerialist in a circus◗
Education: ▮ Excellent - Aislinn was incredibly smart for her age and excelled at school.◗
Finances: ▮ Not rich, but not poor either.◗

Currently Living With?: ▮ Her dorm mate Gisele◗
Pets: ▮ A rabbit called Snowball
Occupation: ▮ Student at California's Academy for Superhuman Children◗
Finances: ▮ More on the poor side than the rich side.◗
Home: Her family's home in England
Aislinn's dorm room
Transportation: ▮ She walks.◗

Family member name: ▮ Eoghan Buckeldee◗
Relation between father: ▮ Eoghan and Aislinn were close, especially before Aislinn's mother died, but now he spends more time at work than with her.◗
Relationship With (good, bad, complicated, ect.): ▮ Complicated◗

Family member name: ▮ Robb Buckeldee◗
Relation between brother: ▮ Aislinn was close with Robb, before her powers manifested. Since then, he's become brooding and stayed away from her, and Aislinn is worried he's joined the Hunters.◗
Relationship With (good, bad, complicated, ect.): ▮ Strained◗

Family member name: ▮ Sinead Buckeldee◗
Relation between sister: ▮ Sinead and Aislinn are very close, and Aislinn loves her more than anything. She'd do anything to keep Sinead safe - even if that means going away indefinitely.◗
Relationship With (good, bad, complicated, ect.): ▮ Extremely close◗

Family member name: ▮ The Late Shaunee Buckeldee nee Grace◗
Relation between mother: ▮ Shaunee and Aislinn were almost as close as Aislinn is to Sinead. Aislinn was devastated when her mother died, and cherishes her wedding ring immensely, which Shaunee gave to Ash just before she passed away.◗
Relationship With (good, bad, complicated, ect.): ▮ Extremely close◗
[/color]▮ ◗


It all started when Aislinn drowned.

Well, not quite. It was a summer's day at the beach in the south of England, and the whole family had gone out, excluding Sinead, since she hadn't been born yet. While Shaunee sunbathed on the sand, and Eoghan slaved over the barbeque, Robb and Aislinn swam in the sea. However, Aislinn was caught by a riptide, and was dragged out towards the cliff faces, before being pulled under. Aislinn, at the tender young age of 7, had her first brush with death. As she was pulled under and bashed against the side of the rocks, she remembers an overwhelming panic, before a rush of calm, and blackness.

Luckily for Aislinn, Robb had pulled her out of the water before performing CPR- but she was lucky. She had held her breath for an incredible amount of time, as made apparent by the time she was under and the amount of water that had entered her lungs. She was in the ICU for a week before being discharged.

After that, Aislinn's fear became apparent. She became terrified of large bodies of water such as lakes or baths, and began having violent panic attacks every time she got even slightly out of breath. She was withdrawn from her swimming lessons, and she began ballet and aerial silks instead. She focused well, and became agile and supple. However, Shaunee then got sick.

It was gradual at first, but symptoms started appearing. After an agonizing five months, Shaunee went to the doctor and got a diagnosis. It was pancreatic cancer. The news was devastating for Aislinn. She was old enough to understand, and the only female she could look up to was going out of her life forever. Shaunee, although optimistic and positive, lost all her hair, and grew weaker and weaker as the cancer spread. The family had to move to America for six months while Shaunee got treatment in a specialized hospital. Eventually, Aislinn was given the last present she would ever receive from her mother - her wedding ring on a chain. In return, she gave her word that she would protect the family in any way possible.

Two days later, Shaunee died, and Aislinn's powers manifested themselves. Wracked with grief, Aislinn caused a huge hurricane, complete with a huge tornado. This scared Sinead, who was only 5, out of her wits, and shocked both Eoghan and Robb completely. After that, Robb stayed well away from her, calling her 'Freak' and blaming her for sucking the energy from her mother. Aislinn was shocked. She hated herself and blamed herself. They moved back into their farmhouse in England, and tried to adjust to life, even though it would never be the same again. That was when the Hunters came.

Eoghan woke Aislinn in the middle of the night, urging her to pack her bags and assuring her that someone would be there to take her to her new school in a few hours. However, Aislinn could hear banging on the door downstairs, and although Eoghan assured her it was just the storm outside, Aislinn knew that Robb had betrayed her and had called the Hunters to kill her. Eoghan told her to hide, and Aislinn did so successfully, as Eoghan told the Hunters that Aislinn had already fled. The Hunters believed Eoghan, and they left, and Aislinn was able to take the car with the principal away. Upset and distraught at leaving her family, but knowing it was for the best, Aislinn has been living in California ever since. She misses her family, and has a picture on her nightstand, but will never forgive Robb for what he did.

Hex Colour:#068481 ▮ #068481◗
Timezone: ▮ GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)◗
Player: ▮ Sana◗
Other: ▮ Aislinn was created for another roleplay but I never got to play her, so I resurrected her. She has an English accent.◗

So begins...

Aislinn Buckeldee's Story


”Ladies and gentleman, I bid you all adieu. It was a marvelous party and I love you all and I know you all love me, but I must go, for even those who seem invincible must sleep. Adieu, adieu, and goodnight unto all of you,” Reed shouted over the temporarily silenced crowd crashing in one of the most popular kid’s rooms. Everyone cheered and Galen just smiled up at his brother before dragging him off the table he had stood on. He plucked the punch his brother attempted to drink from his hand, only then realizing his brother was drinking the spiked punch and still didn’t even know it.

He paused slightly as he felt a strong grip from Reed and realized, his brother had merely pretended to drink the punch, knowing it had been spiked and for the very reason, only pretending. He forgot how often his brother rarely missed things even though he couldn’t see it all.

Galen dragged Reed out the door, allowing his brother to pretend he was slightly drunk. As soon as the door closed behind him, Reed stood up calmly and brushed off his shirt before taking out his phone. ”Dude, you got a text,” Galen stated simply. He had seen it buzz in Reed’s pocket. Reed merely nodded, having felt it while Galen had watched it.

”From Samuel. Wants to know what we’re doing. What are we doing?” Galen asked as he paused slightly to wait for a response from his brother. Galen considered the question before shrugging. ”Sleeping?” Galen asked his brother, to see if he approved of the excuse.

Reed considered it then shrugged. He looked down at his phone and spoke aloud as he texted, ”We are plotting on what to tell you in response to your question. Dude, it’s New Years. What else would we be doing? Heading to bed now actually,” Reed responded. Galen rolled his eyes behind his glasses as he tugged at his long sleeved t-shirt for no real reason other than habit.

”You didn’t say we were sleeping did you?” Galen asked critically. Reed smiled and shook his head. ”Nope,” He said simply before the two began walking again.

Galen and Reed had to go down a few flights to get to their room on the second story. Galen opened the door to their room but looked back at Reed as he paused. ”What’s up?” He asks curious. Reed shrugs, digging the toe of his boot into the carpeted flooring. ”I think I’m going to get some fresh air… That place was so full of everything but oxygen, I need to get some properly,” Reed stated. Galen nodded, knowing his brother needed some space form time to time. He only did this when Galen and Reed were going back to their room so he would know where Galen was and that he would be safe and alright by himself.

Galen reached into their room, tossing Reed his coat before going in and laying down. He left the door open as he plugged in his earbuds and randomly pressed buttons on his iPod before music began to play.

Reed slipped his arms into his light jacket as he walked down the last flight of stairs and out onto a little patio that was outside the doors to the dormitory. He sighed softly. He hated leaving his brother, but he wanted to get fresh air. It was another year. One where he felt he was screwing up everywhere he turned and where he couldn’t protect anyone he loved or cared about much less provide for them or make them happy. His most recent girlfriend had broken up with him a week ago and he was still sore over it, upset that it had only been a relationship because she was interested in sleeping with him.

Reed sat in a chair that was on the patio, looking up at the stars and sighing. He ran a hand through his hair. The California air was cool, but not cold. It was winter, but it was still Cali. Reed thought about his life. It was pretty screwed up so far. There was a few positive moments, like meeting that girl Aislinn Mae. She had been so pretty and down to earth. Then she was gone from his life as if she was never even in it. He sighed again. He hated when he did this, self loathing. It was frustrating. People normally thought it was Galen who did the self loathing, but Galen was so chill and… Reed was careful with his thoughts so his brother didn’t hear them.

Galen heard someone behind him and glanced over his shoulder to see who it was, surprised to see the person before him. He was sure his surprise was written on his face as he stood.

Meilani Renai Valencia
Dialogue Color: #ff0055 || Location: Her Dorm || Outfit: X
ImageMeilani laid on her bed, staring up at the ceiling just as she has every other New Year in the past. She never really saw the point in celebrating a new year anyway. All that was happening was another year that was to be added into time, nothing all that great. It happened millions of years already, nothing real special about it. Mei sighed as she glanced over towards Ella, who was far from gone as she stumbled out their dorm room. Mei knew she should have been keeping an eye on her best friend, but she didn't see the point in it. Whatever it was she was going to get into, she would do it whether Mei was looking out for her or not.

The redhead finally climbed up out of her bed and stood to her feet before making her way over towards the refrigerator and deciding to mind as well start drinking. The only way she would be able to handle all of the chaotic noise going on was if she was drinking. Mei pulled a Four Loko out of the refrigerator and popped the can open before taking a sip from it. "Hm, peach," she mumbled to herself as she shrugged her shoulders.

She eventually made her way out of the dorm and closed the door behind her. Mei didn't want any drunken idiots going into her room when neither her nor her roommate was in there. The two of them had too many valuables that would be at stake. Once she was submerged into the crowd, she began looking around for any of her friends or someone who seemed approachable. After giving up she let out a soft sigh and pulled her phone from her bra and texted Aislinn, Chris, Ella, and Leo.

To Aislinn, Chris, Ella, and Leo
Hey, where are you guys?

Mei sent the message hoping that at least one of them replies to her. Yeah, she may not be all that interested in partying like this, but she would at least like to have some sort of company, maybe then she would even have some fun.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя#068481
тнσυgнт cσƖσя#868669

Run ▮ Bring Me The Horizon
Power To Progress ▮ Darren and Stephen Loveday

"Happy new year!"

The words echoed through Ash's dorm room walls as the party next door hit a new level of loud. She could feel the thumping beat through the floorboards, and through the air. It vibrated throughout her being, but Ash was glad she wasn't a part of it. As much as Ash wasn't a party type of girl, Ash wouldn't have minded going to the party - but she felt it was more polite to wait for her best friend and give her a quieter welcome - one she would prefer. It could be quite uncomfortable for both Gisele, Blair, and Ash to be around loud noises - Ash and Blair could detect the vibrations, and Gisele could hear minds. It gave Ash a headache just thinking about it, let alone being a part of it. Kat, luckily, didn't have a problem with noise, but then again, Kat was just awesome in general. Ash had to admit, sometimes she was jealous of Kat's ability to not get headaches caused by powers.

Then again, there was the issue of boys, too. Ash was, admittedly, saving herself for someone, but she was losing hope of ever seeing him again. As much as she'd vowed to never forget his face, it was slipping from her. She could remember his eye colour perfectly; Ash held onto this knowledge tightly, in fear of forgetting. She couldn't forget the boy who saved her from drowning a second time.

Snowball squealed in his cage just as something - or, more likely, someone - thumped against the adjoining wall. Ash sighed, sitting up on her bed, before getting up and walking around to his cage, scooping the small rabbit up, and resuming her place on the bed, cross-legged with the animal on her lap. She stroked him, making soothing noises to the ball of fluff, trying to calm her pet down. The screaming next door began again, and Ash clamped her hands over her ears while the small rabbit burrowed it's head into her lap. "Oh my god....
" She groaned to herself, resisting the urge to flop backwards on the bed and pull the pillow over her head. "I am never going to get any sleep tonight." She told the rabbit, before picking him up and placing him back in his run with a treat ball. She was sorry she couldn't do anything else for the creature, but she was hoping he would curl up in his nest and fall asleep.

Aislinn was shocked out of her thought trail by the sound of a car alarm. She was surprised she could hear it, but she headed over to the window, opening it as wide as she could. She shivered as she realized how cool it was outside. Ash had been in California for just over a year now, but the milder seasons always caught her by surprise. Back in England, everyone assumed that California was hot 24/7. However, this was definitely not the case, and Ash caught herself rubbing at the goosebumps appearing on her arms. She threw on a cardigan quickly, before hurrying back over to the window, and sitting down.


Ash's phone decided to receive a text just as she sat down. Sighing in frustration, Aislinn pulled herself off the window seat and grabbed her phone from the charging point on her nightstand, before typing in her code and flopping down onto her bed. She opened up her messages to see that she'd received a message from Mei. Sighing once more, she typed a quick reply.

Hey, I'm in my room at the moment. It's so loud.

She hit send on the phone and plugged it in, just as someone opened the door. Ash jumped, expecting it to be some drunken idiot stumbling in by accident, but to her pleasant surprise, it was Gisele. Ash squealed in delight, leaping off the bed in delight, before she noticed her best friend sink to the ground. "Are you okay? Rough journey?" She asked softly, sitting down next to her. She didn't want to push her, but wanted to make sure she was okay. The French girl had been there for her since Ash had arrived, and Ash reciprocated it towards her. She just wanted to make sure her friend was okay, catch up, and get to sleep.

What more could a girl want?

#, as written by mjolnir

T H E - D A R K N E S S



Old Time Rock and Roll

"Mmm... Herpes. Delicious." Landon chuckled as he scooted off the bed and moved over towards Synthia. He leaned his right arm against the wall next to her closet. glancing down towards her as she gathered her things... or whatever she was doing. "Just because I enjoy pleasures of the flesh, doesn't mean I'm a man whore and diseased, thank you. Plus... I wasn't talking about Spencer, smart ass." He took a slight step closer to her, smirking down at her, "I was talking about you." He glanced over at Spence, giving her a wink. Being his best friend, she probably knew exactly what he was doing. He loved pushing Synth's buttons because he could. Plus they sort of had a love hate relationship. He loved how much she hated him, but deep down they're sort of friends. "Isn't it obvious that your the only one for me?"

Landon glanced from her closet to her, she was probably preparing herself to leave the room. But he honestly just more or less came to hang out, sex wasn't the motive... Entirely. "So what do ya say darlin'? If there was ever a time for your black heart to open up to me it'd be now.... Just one kiss?" Then his mischievous grin turned more menacing, "Or better yet... Hit me! Yell at me! Walk away! I love it when you play hard to get. I enjoy the chase!"

Landon raised a brow as Synth spoke. "Perhaps you should retrieve video evidence of Blackwood's devotion to you, Spencer. Much and many can be done between midnight and-... 12:11, especially considering Landon's stamina. What was it the last time? 1 minute and 51 seconds? Congratulations. I believe that's a new record." He shook his head while laughing weakly. "Last time I checked, I last at least a good 2 minutes, ok?" He put out his hand in a calm the hell down manner. He was clearly just playing along with her snide comments. He wasn't going to go on the whiny defensive like most guys. He knew how he was in the sack and didn't feel the need to defend it. "Plus, how would you even know cupcake? Unless you were observing or participating you would have no clue the extent of my stamina... See this," He ran his hand down his chest, "Is all flesh. Pure, non-hackable flesh. If you wanna know its secrets you gotta explore it yourself."

His eyes glanced down as Synthia began to pull up her stockings. He bit his lip shaking his head. "Now that," He pointed down at what she was doing, "That's mean." He shook his head again with a grunt before walking over to Spencer's desk. He removed his jacket, and laid it over the back of the chair. He pulled the chair out, throwing his leg over the seat so he was sitting on it backwards. He then crossed his arms and rested them on the back of the chair. "So Spence... Did the Terminator over here give you a New Year's kiss?" He nodded his head towards Synth when he called her a robot.


T H E - M E N T A L I S T



Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

"Are you okay? Rough journey?" Gisele didn't even notice that Aislinn was in their room. Of course she should have known that, neither one of them was the partying type. "Oh hey Ash... Didn't see you there." She reached her hands down to grab her shoes by the 4in heels, yanked them off and threw them on her bed. She sighed, pushing off the ground to stand up. She grabbed her suitcase and duffle bag, putting them on her bed and decided to unpack while she recapped to her best friend about what all went down.

"Well... I went to Paris, which you already knew, but of course the she devil couldn't carve out one single day to be with me!" It was obvious she was upset because she began to unpack her things viciously. "So I traveled halfway around the world to spend Christmas in a hotel room with pay per view and Godiva. Which reminds me," She grabs a decent sized wrapped present from inside her suitcase and walked over to Ash, holding out the gift. "Merry Christmas!" Inside was Godiva, because let's be honest no women says no to chocolate, and a couple dresses she bought while in Paris. She gave her friend a hug before moving back over to her bags. "So then she pretends to care about me driving in the snow. Which wouldn't be a problem in the first place if she realized that having a Porsche at my age is retarded. All the car is good for is attention... Which I don't like."

She was rambling. She did this when she was upset and Ash knew this. But Gisele knew her friend would listen to her complaints considering she couldn't call her while she was in Paris. International calls cost a fortune. "But she wasn't even worried about me driving in the snow in a god damn Porsche!" She sat down on the foot of her bed with a sigh, "She wanted to make sure I wouldn't regress being around everyone partying and celebrating New Year's. She thinks I can't control myself since I had to go to rehab and everything.... That's why she made me come to Paris. Not to see me. But because she couldn't trust me to take care of myself and not slip back into the hole that was my former self... And, I come back to a tsunami of noise in my head and a drunk trying to kiss me at midnight." With a sigh, she lightly slapped her hands on her legs, smiling slightly towards her friend, "Alright. I'm done venting." She laughed softly.

Gisele's gaze moved past Ash to look out the window and saw that it was still snowing pretty heavily. Then it hit her. She quickly jumped up from her bed and walked over to her roomie, "Why don't we have our own lame PG fun tonight!" She held out her hand in an over dramatic fashion, "Be the Elsa to my Anna... And let's go build a snow man!" Gisele had a slight obsession when it came to Disney, that's all she watched while she was in rehab because who doesn't love Disney. She didn't wait for Ash's response before she hurried over to her wardrobe and began to pull out more winter appropriate clothing. "It snows maybe one day a year here. Let's make the best of it!" She had no issue changing her clothes in front of Ash, they'd done it hundreds of times. But the idea of playing out in the snow like she was a kid made her happy. Plus it'd give her a chance to get away from the parties and noise that was slowly giving her a headache.

Meilani Renai Valencia
Dialogue Color: #ff0055 || Location: Her Dorm || Outfit: X
ImageJust a couple moments later she received replies from all four of her friends, though she couldn't help but to let out a bit of a chuckle at Chris's response. If it weren't for the fact he had his shirt on, she definitely would have popped up to say hi. But of course he had to be a party pooper and work out with his shirt on.

Mei let out a sigh as she opened the next text. Two of them were from Ella, saying that she was with Sam and that she wanted some food. The redhead shrugged her shoulders a bit before sending her a reply.

To Ella
"Alright. wanna meet up at the bistro?"

Mei sent the message then opened the message from Aislinn. Mei really should have known better, she was always in her room whenever it was loud and things were overly chaotic. The two of them had that in common.

To Aislinn
"Wanna join me and Ella at the bistro, get out of here and get something to eat?"

Mei sent the text before she was flooded with messages from Leo. She sighed and shook her head when she read the last message. With a soft smirk she responded to him.

To Leo
"Meet me at the front door to the girl's dormitory."

Once the final message was sent, she pulled herself from the wall she was leaning against and maneuvered her way through the crowds of drunken students, some who were way too young to be drinking but she just shrugged it off. It wasn't any of her business.

Once she made it outside, she leaned against the brick wall and took a couple sips from her Loko. If it weren't for Ella buying her the Loko, Mei wouldn't have drank a single thing tonight. That was one thing she could say about her best friend and dorm mate, Ella definitely knew Mei sometimes she thinks even more than she knows herself.


K A T . H A Y E S

MOOD | content; enthused
LOCATION | outside the dorms

Kat weaved through the crowd, her eyes flitting over the faces of those she passed, searching for ones that stood out. She didn't really know why she was bothering, as she knew perfectly well that parties weren't exactly up Ash's alley, and as for Blair and Giselle, well, they couldn't go to one without surrendering themselves to nausea and migraines. Which was ironic, considering that a lot of the people here would be suffering from exactly those come morning.

With a sigh, Kat reached for her phone, typing a text to the three girls, asking about their whereabouts in a typical 'Kat' tone. Her thumb rose over the send button, only for a loud cheer to interrupt the act, as the sea of students around her began to chant in unison.

"Sixty! Fifty-nine! Fifty-eight! Fifty-seven-"

Kat's eyes widened in surprise, and her gaze flicked to the little clock at the corner of her phone. Seriously? It's midnight, already? The numbers nodded back at her, neon white, reading 11:59 and confirming her query.

"Thirty-eight! Thirty-seven! Thirty-six-"

Kat frowned, somewhat disappointed to not have her friends with her to count down the seconds. Nonetheless, she just as quickly shook away her gloom, replacing it with a grin as she joined in the counting.

"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four-"

Around her, she could see people pairing up, lips armed and ready for the obligatory New Year pash. A boy appeared in front of her, a smirk on his lips and a hazy look in his eyes. All about them, people screamed "One!" In jubilant unison, and the guy before Kat leant towards her, his lips curving in preparation. Kat stepped back, raising her hands in front of her as she eeked out a meek rejection, "Ah, no thank you, sor-" The rug caught beneath her feet, and she went stumbling backwards into the wall.

And through it.

Katherine landed with a thud on the wooden floor, and groaned as she raised a hand to her cranium, rubbing it where it had made contact with the ground. Looking up, she prepared an apology for whomever she had bugged, "Um, hello. Sorry about tha-" Her voice froze, and she blinked at the pair in the room. One of them -a boy with shoulder-length hair and a handsome face- blinked at her, clearly pretty out of it. His companion, however, stared agog at Kat, before looking down at herself in realization of her lack of clothes. Kat's hands flew to her eyes, and she spun around and ran.

Into the wall.

"Ow! Er, sorry. Really! I'm not a pervert! I- I-" She didn't finish her sentence before bolting, this time using the door like a regular person.

Her cheeks were still flaming as she left the party.

By the time she'd made it outside, her phone told her that it was half-past,before slipping it back into her pocket she sent the three texts she'd prepared before her incident with the kisser and the nakedness and the mortification. In that order.

To: Ash ; Giselle ; Lil Red
Happy New Year!!! Any of you in need of a New Year's kiss? ;)

Her faux-leather boot came crashing into the ivory mound, causing a spray of crystalline sparkles to shoot through the air, separating like the fireworks that powdered the sky above. She watched said fireworks with a bright smile, a soft ooh escaping her lips every time that another shot of color was fired into the dark abyss, exploding into a shower of peppering glitter.

"Happy New Year." She murmured it to herself with a wan shift in expression, as her hand reached out to catch the falling snowflakes.

{ The Shapeshifter ~ Location: The Bistro ~ Outfit }

Ella smiled in satisfaction, getting Sam out was a struggle and half. Ella's phone buzzed and it was Mei with a reply to meet at the bistro Thank god...FOOD! she thought happily.

They began walking down the hall and Ella couldn't help but think back on the first time she had been in this corridor. It was about 2 years ago and not only was she lost but the "dark" side of her kept tormenting her. She was also stressed due to the recent gaping hole in her memory. After what had felt like hours of walking around campus and searching for her room she ended up sitting down in the hall. She was in great distress until Sam came out of his room. He acted weird as per usual but was kind enough to help Ella out and having a friendly face shut up the other girl. Ella enjoyed Sam's company greatly and was pretty much her first friend at the academy before she met her awesome best friend and roommate Mei. At first Sam was like a younger brother to Ella but he had grown up so much in the last couple years that she felt her feelings for him shift, she ignored them for the sake of their friendship but every crush he's had over the last year or so, had driven her mad.

"So you'll be glad to hear Chris isn't meeting us tonight, I know you don't really like him. But we're getting food and to my knowledge it'll just be you and me and Mei. Weird thing, I've known both of you for quite sometime and yet you guys haven't really met have you?"

She walked in silence listening to his reply but couldn't help being distracted by her legs at the same time. The symbols kept pulsing, she hated it. The other girl always tried to get out when Ella was under the influence of something, but luckily she felt in control tonight regardless of her intoxication, that and the walk was sobering her up.

Finally they arrived at the bistro and Ella sat down on a near stone wall that fenced the area. She swung her feet and stared at the stars as she waited patiently for everyone else to arrive. "Gorgeous night" she noted "Only thing that sucks is school starts again in a couple days...sigh...might as well make the most of this"

#, as written by tigerz

Image Image



Teenage Dirtbag

Leo leaned against a wall and panted heavily while he waited for a text. He looked like a sweaty dog in pj's. Oh god... He never changed. Leo was bout to run to his room and changed when he got another text from Mei.

Meet me at the front door to the girl's dormitory.

Leo sighed and decided he didn't feel like running around to the other side of the school to grab his clothes and didn't feel like running into his roommate either. He could always run to his sisters dorm and steal her boy toy's clothes but that would take too long. Leo decided to suck it up and started running until he was finally able to gain enough strength to teleport to Mei's location.

He ran a hand through his damp hair and smiled nervously at the angel before him which made his cheeks flush. "Uh, h-hey Mei." He looked at the ground and put his hands in his pockets but kept with that nervous smile of his. "Happy New Year." He felt like a nervous mess. He couldn't look at her without blushing. He was all sweaty from teleporting and running around the school like an idiot. Plus, he was still wearing his pjs. I'm such an idiot.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя#068481
тнσυgнт cσƖσя#868669

Run ▮ Bring Me The Horizon
Power To Progress ▮ Darren and Stephen Loveday

Ash pursed her lips as her friend tore off her heels and chucked them onto her bed. She realized that this meant that her friend was upset, and as she began unpacking, Aislinn couldn't help standing up with her and shuffling over to the bed, sitting down and crossing her legs. Gisele began talking about her trip to Paris, and as much as Ash knew Gisele hated it, she was secretly a little jealous. She decided to cut the thought from her mind as quickly as it appeared, and instead replied with a quick, "As much as that sucks, I wish I could have visited Paris. Is it as pretty as the pictures?" before realizing that they were getting off topic and making a gesture to continue.

Ash's face split into a huge grin as her friend turned around with a box in her hands. She took it and placed it on the bed, before digging under her bed for the item she was looking for. It was a box, too, but slightly thinner and lighter. Inside, Gisele would find a scrapbook of English Flora, with little pressed flowers included in the book, gently sellotaped on the corners. Underneath that was a woolen shawl for cold nights, and alongside that were a couple of bars of clotted cream fudge. She placed the box on Gisele's bed before flopping back onto her own bed, trying to ignore the rowdiness of the party next door.

Just then, her phone pinged again. Ash rolled her eyes at her friend, holding up a finger in a one-second gesture, before reaching over and seeing it was Mei. She texted back quickly.
{To: Mei}
Sorry, G just got here. Gonna hang with her for a while!

She sent the text and turned back to her friend, mouthing a silent apology before placing the phone back on the nightstand. "She wanted to make sure I wouldn't regress being around everyone partying and celebrating New Year's. She thinks I can't control myself since I had to go to rehab and everything.... That's why she made me come to Paris. Not to see me. But because she couldn't trust me to take care of myself and not slip back into the hole that was my former self... And, I come back to a tsunami of noise in my head and a drunk trying to kiss me at midnight." Gisele continued her rant, and Ash listened to her, letting her best friend vent. "Welcome to the Academy.
" She muttered sarcastically, a grin across her lips. Her hand was on her ring, holding it gently. Gisele's mention of her mother - however much she bothered her - had reminded Ash of how much she missed her own, and it was out of habit that she was holding the ring now. She dropped it quickly before smiling at her friend again.

"Why don't we have our own lame PG fun tonight! Be the Elsa to my Anna... And let's go build a snow man! It snows maybe one day a year here. Let's make the best of it!" Gisele suggested, and Aislinn found herself moving towards her drawers before she could stop herself. "Hell yes!" She grinned as she dug through her drawers, finding some thicker leggings grey in colour and patterned with white and pink aztec designs, and she threw a grey jumper over the tank top she was going to wear to bed. She pulled on a pair of pink uggs and put a thin pink scarf on to top off the outfit.

Ash's phone received another notification, much to her annoyance, at the same time as Gisele's; her annoyance faded as soon as she realized it was Kat, and Ash sent one last text to her other best friend before turning off her phone.

{To: Kit Kat}
Meet you outside Party Central - Snowmen and snowball fights are on the agenda!

With text sent, Ash turned to Gisele with a cheeky smile on her face. "I'll race you out! Three, two, one, GO!" She yelled, before turning around and hot footing it out of the door. The corridors were rammed with people, making it difficult to move - or breathe. Ash tried to ignore it, but found herself slowing to a walk anyway, and gently pushing her way through the crowd. Other party goers, obviously completely wasted, formed what seemed an intangible wall between her and the outside world, but Ash was determined to win. She focused on keeping her breathing even as she fought through the crowds, and was disappointed to find not one pair of golden coloured eyes. She didn't even realize she was searching, but she pushed through, only stopping to push those hungry for another's attention away. At one point through the Party Corridor, she was kissed on the cheek, but a quick push and a glare was enough to get him to turn away and pursue some action elsewhere.

Finally, Ash reached the outside world, where the cold bit into her skin and went through to her core. She shivered, but ventured out into the snow, reveling in the fact that she'd won the race. The fireworks lit up the sky above her, turning the snow every colour Aislinn could name. She held out a hand, catching snowflakes in her hand. Just then, she heard something move behind her, and Ash turned towards the patio, realizing that someone was sat there. He - or she - was silhouetted, so Ash couldn't tell who it was, and she hoped that they hadn't seen her.

Time to have a little fun.

Ash scooped up some snow and patted it together into a ball in her hands. She made sure it wasn't too compact, so it wouldn't become ice, and she was glad to find that it was the right consistency to make a decent snowball. Her hand felt the sting of the cold, and she sneaked closed to the patio. Finally, with a grin on her face, she yelled, "Snowball fight!" threw it at the unknown person, hoping that they wouldn't mind too much. She giggled as she watched the snow explode on impact, showering them with the substance, and ducked down to make more of the soft projectiles, laughing as she did so.

#, as written by mjolnir

T H E - M E N T A L I S T


Winter Outfit

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Gisele was happy to be out of her blouse and pencil skirt. She always enjoyed looking nice but it wasn't the most comfortable attire in the world. She turned around to face her roomie and couldn't help but chuckle when she realize they were both wearing grey and pink. "You know... Eventually some day someone is going to ask about our strange friendship." She smiled as she pulled on her white beret just as her phone dinged. She grabbed her purse and it took her a minute or two to search its contents for her phone. She hated and loved technology. She didn't like how everyone was so dependent on them these days but it also gave her an excuse to avoid people's minds.

{ Kitty-Kat }
"Happy New Year!!! Any of you in need of a New Year's kiss? ;)"

Gisele chuckled at her phone, glancing up to see that Ash already replied. She wasn't as quick at texting as her roommate.

{ To: Kitty-Kat }
"Whatever Ash said! Be our Olaf!!"

Gisele clicked send, then tucked her phone into the pocket of her plaid skirt. She hadn't even had the chance to put her shoes on yet when Ash said, "I'll race you out! Three, two, one, GO!" "Hey! Wait you cheater!" She shouted after her roomie who disappeared into the crowd of people in the hall. She quickly grabbed her white boots, bouncing on her left foot as she tried to slip her right boot on. Once that one was on she did the same with the other shoe, but fell over into her wardrobe. "Dammit..." Quickly regaining her balance, she got her shoe on and rushed to the door. She made sure to grab a room key because chances were that Ash forgot hers.

Gisele slammed into someone the second she got out in the hallway, "Oh... Sorry." She weaved through people as quickly as she could but it wasn't very easy. She turned around the corner and that end of the dorm was rather quiet. There was a few people disappearing into their rooms but no blonde prepared for a snow battle running away. With a sigh, she slowed down as she walked down the hall, adjusting her clothes and hat. She came to a halt when she saw a door open to a room. Wondering if whoever was in there might have seen Ash, she slowly walked towards the open doorway. She was surprised when she saw the lights out. At first she thought someone just forgot to close their door but as she looked inside she saw someone laying on a bed.

She contemplated just continuing on but she honestly had no idea which way Ash went. So Gisele took a deep breath and moved into the doorway, raising her hand to knock on the opened door. She used her hand to brush back her brunette locks while clearing her throat. She hadn't realized that the male had his iPod in until she could slightly hear it throw his thoughts but the fact that all she could hear from his head was his music made her brows furrow. She didn't want to enter his room uninvited so after a moment she spoke, out loud while simultaneously in his mind, "Hello... Sorry to bother you..."

Gisele waited until she had his attention. She smiled softly towards him as she asked, "Didn't mean to interrupt your... Listening." She motioned her hand towards his iPod. "I was just wondering if you saw Aislinn fly past here not long ago? She thought a race would be a good idea but I quickly lost her. And these big buildings still confuse the crap out of me." She laughed softly while scratching her head at her own confusion.


Reed stared at Aislinn from where he had just stood. He had seen Synth walk out a few minutes ago, but ignored her since the two had a sketchy relationship. She had her blond hair like he remembered and the beautiful features that weren’t outright, god how are you not a model look to everyone, but screamed out in Reed’s head.

Reed was about to speak when she pelted a snowball at him. He laughed as he ducked for cover. Reed picked up a snowball of his own and threw it right back over the back of his chair before moving low and quickly towards her, running low to the ground. As he approached, he picked up another snowball and tossed it at her, lightly packed.

As he was a few feet away, he stood from behind his cover and called out gently, ”Aislinn Mae, is that you?” He walked forward cautiously, as if expecting her to throw another snowball at him in any second. He stood with his hands up as if in surrender as he approached her, not believing he was actually seeing her again.

He had seen her a few years ago when he had saved her from drowning. He remembered the night clearly. He had kissed her and she had given her a note which he cherished and held onto all the time. He had it by his bed upstairs and it was clear it had been folded and unfolded a bunch of times by the reader.

Reed stood before her, holding his arms out in a way that looked like he was presenting himself in a way but could appear to be offering a hug or something else. Reed couldn’t believe it. His breath coming out in puffs was visible but he was too distracted by the sight of Aislinn to even care or notice one of his favorite things about Winter.


Galen had just moved from listening to music to listening to an audiobook Reed had loved reading when he sensed someone near his door. He pulled out the earplugs and sat up, looking curiously at the girl. She knocked and Galen smiled, finding it a little funny that he had known she was coming before she had even announced her presence.

”Hi,” Galen stated simply. She responded and he shook his head with furrowed brows, indicating she wasn’t bothering him at all. It was merely the beginning of the book so there was no real issues.

Galen nodded his comprehension of her words before she continued on, waving away her slight apology. Galen thought back but shook his head slightly. ”Aislinn, Aislinn, Aislinn… Sorry, I actually don’t know an Aislinn,” He stated simply as he stood and walked towards her, trying to think back to why the name was familiar. He leaned against his doorframe as he looked down at the girl, but his eyes didn’t focus on her, causing them to look slightly off behind his glasses.

”Probably doesn’t help that I’m new here. Galen Lewis. What’s your name?” He asked curiously, offering his hand to her. She was a few inches shorter but he didn’t have to look down much. From the shade of the shadows her hair was darker rather than blonde and he wondered, not for the first time, how people would appear to him if he could see the more detailed features.

He looked for what she was wondering about him in his own mind, curious, but found nothing at the moment. He frowned slightly, confused, but gave a smile that showed he was just a little confused as to something else that she could ask about but he wouldn’t offer without question. It was clear he was comfortable with himself and that he didn’t mind her interrupting him, but was still a little confused as to what was happening, and why his head felt a little different than it did most times.

{ The Shapeshifter ~ Location: Walking to the Mansion ~ Outfit }


Ella got to her feet and began walking back to the school. "So that was fun" Liz noted. Ella rolled her eyes at the comment, she was exhausted and had enough "venturing" for one night. "What is little miss Ella tired? Don't like dealing with bad guys? Well face the facts sweetheart you brought this on yourself! Besides I did you a favor, Sam was sooo concerned about you and you got to be held by Leo! You are welcome. I mean the least you could have done is let me talk to Nathaniel, when he showed up my heart just...melted" Ella halted and turned to her left as if facing the dark version of herself, in her mind she could see her standing there in her leather jacket, hoop earrings, black liner while holding a cigarette. "Enough! God I don't know what you got me into and how dare you do anything like that to Mei! I saw the look on her face, she knew them didn't she? Look just leave me alone. I'm so sick of having you around!" Liz scoffed "Please, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't survive half the time.

The cold air was getting to Ella, after about 45 minutes she arrived back to the mansion. The whole walk she listened to Liz ranting about stupid stuff, like how worthless she is, how she's not strong enough for anything, how she's crazy and how if it wasn't for Liz, Ella would probably be dead by now.

Ella ignored her, everything she said was nothing new. She felt relieved when she saw a fun distraction, afar she could see a small collective have a snowball fight, she admired the group. Ella leaned against the wall of the mansion and watched as she waited for everyone to return from the bistro.


K A T . H A Y E S

MOOD | mischievous; competitive
LOCATION | outside the dorms

Despite the chill it was setting into her slender fingers, Kat's arm remained stretched out before her, her palm catching the icy white as it fell. As the segments began to pool in her hand, melting in the warmth of her skin, she finally allowed them to pour through her fingers, and dark blots appeared where the now-water met the snow.

In her pocket, her phone buzzed, and she hurriedly rubbed the dampness off on her thick coat before slipping the device from its pouch, and reading the pair of messages that had just arrived. The first was from Ash, which didn't surprise Kat in the slightest. Giselle was rubbish at answering her phone, and her speed of texting wasn't exactly Synthia caliber. As she read the message, a wide grin broke out on her face.

From: Ash
Meet you outside Party Central - Snowmen and snowball fights are on the agenda!

"Snowball fights, huh?" Kat murmured to herself, voice lilted with a tone of Bond-villain wickedness, "Unwise, Miss Buckledee. Very unwise..."

She shifted to the next text, and grinned once more.

From: Giselle
Whatever Ash said! Be our Olaf!!

Slipping her phone back into her pocket, Kat began to make her way to the aptly dubbed 'Party Central'. It wasn't all that hard to find the building, even if you were a stranger to the college. Basically, follow the music. If you're deaf? Sniff for alcohol.

The moment she got there, Kat knelt down in the snow, the powder soaking through the knees of her tights as she began rolling balls of the substance, smiling wickedly as she anticipated firing them into her friends' unsuspecting faces. Hearing the sound of a door opening, her frantically rolled the final ball. Looking up, she saw a familiar blonde figure rolling up a snowball of her own, and as Ash threw it right with excellent precision at an unsuspecting Reed.

As the pair interacted, Kat's eyes narrowed mischievously, and her Bond-villain voice returned with a pinch of mental moustache-twirling. "As much as I hate to ruin this romantic moment..."

She crept closer, snowball at the ready, metres away from Ash, she stopped, leaning her arm back, before leaping up with an epic battle cry, throwing the ball with all her might.


The ball, however, missed Ash by about a foot, and the maniacal grin froze on Kat's face.

"Ah. Well... Take this!" She knelt down, rolling up another ball at an astounding pace, before jumping up and throwing it, only for it to this time meet its target. Kat smirked triumphantly, "Ha!"

Image Image Image



T H E x S P E E D x D E M O N

{ Thursday, January 1st, 1:14am, 2015 || Outfit [x] || Location: The Mansion }


Samuel finally got bored of the Chris and Nathan's constant bickering at one enough and took off running, speeding away at a high velocity, making it back to the academy in about a minute or two and as soon as he made it, he waited at the entrance and pulled out his phone, immediately going to text one particular individual. First of which was Ella, he was still worried if she was still okay from the encounter a few minutes before hand.

[To: Ella]
[Ella, are you sure you're okay? Who was that guy, anyway? Whatever, I'm waiting for you at the entrance of the mansion with those other buddies of yours. Plus, if you're still hungry I can order pizza and we could all have a group thing in one of our dorms or something. If you are down, we could text the others and plan something. Maybe some party games and shit? You know, to lighten the mood. :D]

Samuel waited for about forty minutes later when, finally, Ella turned up and leaned up against the wall. "Yo, what's up." He looked around and witnessed a snowball between Aislinn Buckeldee, Reed Adams and Katherine Hayes. He didn't know Kat very well, but, she was cute. Reed was obviously a good friend, best friend actually. And Aislinn was a good friend as well. How convenient. "Hey, wanna join that snowball fight? We could wreck some fools. I could make heaps of snowballs and throw them all super fast, you know? It would be so cool! Come on!" He slowly ran up towards the three individuals, picking up a scope of snow while moving and rolled it up, immediately throwing it at Reed when he was finished making it. "That is for not answering my texts!" He quickly made two more. One went straight towards Ash, "That's for redirecting those paper planes I was throwing at the teacher back at me!" He threw the last one at Kat and laughed. "And that's just cause I want to."

#, as written by Layla

      [ song; arabella ] [ outfit; the immutable cold ]

      XXX"I should like some large fries with chilli mayo and a strawberry float."
      XXX"Uh..." The chef stood with his hand frozen on the handle of a frying pan he'd been about to bring over a hulking man's head.
      XXX"You are open for business, are you not?" Synthia prompted.
      XXX"Well, yeah, but..." he mumbled, shifting the pan to his other hand.
      XXX"Keep the change," she said, placing a fistful of notes in his hand. His eyes nearly bulged from his head as he raced into the kitchen. He whipped out his knife and sliced into a basket of potatoes faster than seemed humanly possible. Perhaps he was like Sam. He handed Synthia her chips and drink with a splitting grin on his face, before untying his apron and bolting out the door with a stream of praises in his wake.
      XXX"Really Chris, this whole 'alpha male' act is rather idiotic, don't you say?" Nathaniel's voice carried over the battlefield as his eyes slid over the writhing bodies to land on her. "Acting like a brutish hero for the attention of a girl." This last part he seemed to say loudly, as if wanting her to overhear.
      XXX"Well, don't look at me. I have a penis," said Synthia, her voice devoid of any inflection that might belay humour. "You just fail to see it beneath my layers of self-doubt and crippling anxiety."
      XXX"Isn't going to work on someone who has an IQ that weighs more than two of you," Nathaniel continued.
      XXX"I am humbled. Alas, IQ cannot be quantified in weight." She waved a chip at Nathaniel as she made the noise of a buzzer in a game, declaring an answer incorrect. "Try again."
      XXXSynthia slipped the french fry between her lips, stepping around sprawled bodies and fighting men. The door burst open and a gold-haired blur flew towards Synthia. She easily pivoted from the onslaught and took a sip of her drink as Spencer collided into a gunman instead, before hurtling into Chris. Synthia ate her chips.
      XXXShe walked towards them until she towered over her portable generator. She did not offer a hand to help him up.
      XXX"Will you look at that," she mused. "I think I like you better helpless and immobile. Let's go. Here, I procured some fried potatoes." She slipped a fry between his lips and turned to Nathaniel. Her eyes flicked to the apple in his hand, before returning to meet his gaze. "Did you know the seeds of apples are poisonous?" She quirked her head. "It would require approximately 87.33 grams of apple seeds to kill someone of your size."
      XXXSynthia smiled. A dimple appeared in her left cheek.
      XXXAnd without another word, she left for her car.

      ・ • ● • ・

      XXXWhen she arrived at the mansion, she was pelted with a snowball. She could not tell from whom it had come, but it had surprised her. She stared at the splatter of white that laid just above her heart as if she could not for the life of her, comprehend what it was for. She raised her head to find a gaggle of students running about. The sight was bizarre.
      XXX"Katherine." There was no "happy new year" or "how have you been." Synthia seemed to think her name was greeting enough. She was likely the only person under the age of 50 who called Kat by her full name, but Synthia had never been liable to shortened epithets. She even called Chris, Christopher, some days. Synthia looked at the dark-haired girl, who'd been standing nearest to her when she'd arrived. "Are we partaking in a practice drill? I do not recall a notice in the Academy's schedule. Should I retrieve the cannon?"
      XXXA year before, she had developed a snowball cannon that propelled ice at incredible velocities and with maximum reload efficiency. Synthia had reasoned that "rolling spherical clumps of ice" to be "rather tedious," and had built a machine that did so for her instead. Needless to say, it was clear who won the snowball fight that year. Many a bruise had been imparted that day.


K A T . H A Y E S

MOOD | mischievous; competitive
LOCATION | outside the dorms

The moment it had missed its intended target, Kat had taken her attention away from her first snowball in favor of a new, on-target one. Basking in the glow of her victory, Kat's smirk rivaled that of the likes of Nathaniel or Spencer.

"Katherine." The voice was as calm and somewhat monotonous as ever, and Kat almost leapt out of her skin as she turned back to face the speaker. She'd never been fond of people using her full name, but for whatever reason, Kat couldn't help but think as though it would be odd for Synth to do anything else but. Synthia was no robot, despite what people said, but she was nothing if not to the point.

Kat's eyes widened as she took in the snow that smattered Synthia's front, undoubtedly thanks to her rogue snowball. Kat couldn't help it, she laughed. "My bad." Synthia's matter-of-fact warning sounded like a death sentence, and Kat's eyebrows knotted nervously, "Are we partaking in a practice drill? I do not recall a notice in the Academy's schedule. Should I retrieve the cannon?"
Kat was about to answer when she heard a laugh, and a familiar, thunderous voice commented, "Nice shot Kat-Kit. But be careful, she has my jacket." Kat winked, smirking devilishly, "No promises."

As Chris prepared to make his way back to his dorm, Kat looked to Synthia, and raised her hands, gesturing the way one does when dealing with a ferocious animal. "Ah... The cannon won't be necessary. This practical is specifically hands o-"

A snowball collided with the side of her head, and Kat looked up in shock. "And that's just cause I want to." Her face contorted into rage, and a spark of humour lit her eyes alight. "Why you- take that!" She hurled the snowball, and fistpumped as it hit Samuel.

Her gaze turned back to Synthia, "I don't suppose you'd care to join me and these morons in a no-cannon snowball war, would you?" He lips curled into her infamous cheshire grin, and she knelt down in the ground, curling up another ball. "Otherwise, you could always be..." She fired the snowball directly at Synthia, making a teasing face as it hit her, "... Collateral damage!"

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.
ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя#068481
тнσυgнт cσƖσя#868669

Run ▮ Bring Me The Horizon
Power To Progress ▮ Darren and Stephen Loveday

Ash's eyes grew wide as the figure stood up and revealed himself to be none other than Reed himself. He was laughing - a sound Ash wasn't familiar with. She laughed too, when a snowball made contact with her shoulder and exploded in her face. She spluttered with shock, still laughing, as she gathered another together in her hands. He tossed another one before emerging from his hiding place.

"Aislinn Mae, is that you?
" He asked, approaching cautiously. He had his hands out, obviously unarmed. Ash hid the snowball behind her back. She remembered his face well, now - she could remember the feel of his body as he'd held her out of the water, as the weight shifted until it felt like they had been laying against the pole of the pier. She had been right, then. He was a super. She stood there in awe for a few seconds, too happy to move. A smile crossed her face.

"Reed!" She exclaimed, moving towards him. Hoping he didn't see the snowball lightly clutched in her hand, she ran over (a rare sight for Ash) and wrapped her arms around his neck, before pressing her face into his shoulders. Grinning into his shoulder, she quickly pulled at the back of his collar and stuffed the snowball down the back of his shirt, laughing as she did so.

Ash's antics were interrupted by the sneaky arrival of Kat. After her quick, villain-like speech, Ash braced herself for an impact, but grinned sheepishly at her friend when nothing hit her. She feigned a hit, clutching at her side. "I... can... see the light!" She exclaimed, just as her friend balled up another ball and this time, it hit her in the stomach. She stumbled off balance, grinning again. Just then, the three of them were assaulted by a barrage of snowballs.

"Hey!" She yelled at the thrower, before realizing it was Sam. "No powers! That's cheating! And give me a break, it was funny and you know it!" She retorted, before noticing the arrival of Synth. "Wild inventions are banned too! No snowball-making mechanical devices! They're cheating!" She protested, giving Synth a cheeky smile and a friendly wink to show she was joking. Ash hardly saw it as Kat's snowball smacked into Synth. She laughed a little, before waving to Chris as he disappeared inside and out of the snow, which wasn't surprising, seeing as the snow would cause his powers to act up. Just then, Ash was caught sideways by someone new - Ella. She laughed as much as she could; the air had been knocked out of her by the girl. "Hello, Ella. Happy new year to you too!" She giggled again, stuffing snow down her collar for good measure while she was down. The other girl got up and Ash took her hand, pulling herself up. Her clothes were sodden through with snow, but nonetheless, she turned and exclaimed, "What a beautiful snow angel we made. Would be a shame if another were to appear!" She turned and gently pushed Ella, aiming for the snow, carefully and sparingly using her power to cushion her fall so it wouldn't leave a mark if she lost her balance. She flopped down next to her, sending the snow into the air, before getting up and admiring her handiwork, and heading back over to Reed.

"Seriously, though, I told you I'd see you again, didn't I?" She whispered, pulling at his coat collar. "And if I get around to it, I guess I can explain everything a bit more." She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at him in a teasing fashion, instead just sticking to grinning. "I never properly thanked you for saving me, did I?" She asked, looking down at the snow and huffing out a sigh. She watched as her breath turned white, before disappearing again. "I'm just... I'm so glad." She sighed, wrapping her arms around his neck again in a tight hug.




T H E x S P E E D x D E M O N

{ Thursday, January 1st, 1:49am, 2015 || Outfit [x] || Location: The Mansion }


"Why you- take that!" A snowball hit Sam right in this face as he laughed. "Snow is in my mouth... It tastes like really cold water, it's so weird." He laughed, Katherine seemed alright so far. Hey! No powers! That's cheating! And give me a break, it was funny and you know it!" He laughed menacially, "Rules were made to be BROKEN!" He made a large pile of snowballs in a matter of seconds with his super speed. "Haha!" He threw a massive bombardment of snowballs on to Chris and Synthia with his arms moving at a million miles a minute. "Buwahaha! Oh, my god! That was hilarious, haha! They're covered in snow!" He did the same with Katherine and Ella, then Aislinn and Reed again, he laughed again. "Oh my god! Did you just see her face?! Buwahaha!" He then waited for some of the big group to retaliate back at him, he created a small snow wall, a hid behind it, knowing that it would eventually happen. He looked over the wall, "Hey, you two love birds, stop being love birds." He threw another snowball at the two of them and laughed again. "Hit me with your best shot!"

{OOC: Sorry my post is so short, guys}


Reed couldn’t believe his eyes as she stood there. That night when he had breathed slightly better for a moment, her breath had gotten labored… had she used powers to help him breath after all the effort it was taking to paddle that surfboard back to shore with her in front of him. He was still shocked from seeing her and the fact that she seemed excited to see him too that he didn’t notice her coming at him with a snowball until she hugged him.

He hugger her back, picking her up slightly so he wouldn’t be bending over much and laughed as he felt snow going down his back. ”How dare you attack your savior with snow down the shirt?” Reed declares with a smile and a joking laugh and tone.

He was surprised when he heard a voice and dropped Aislinn before turning to see a girl he didn’t know. She pelted Reed and Aislinn with snow and Reed laughed as he turned from the cold snow. First, she missed, but then she made it and Reed and Aislinn both laughed.

A moment later, Sam flew out from the doors to throw snow at Reed and Reed couldn’t help but smile at his friend. ”For the record, I answered your texts, I just didn’t answer all of them,” Reed declared as he made another snowball and threw it at his friend. Apparently Sam already knew Aislinn as he declared she had messed with one of his many pranks and knew that the other girl too. Or at least, it appeared he knew the other girl too.

As the war began, Reed reached to pull Aislinn out of the immediate line of fire to talk with her. She was amusing and beautiful with some snowflakes dusting her eyelashes from one of the snowballs that had hit her. Reed was so distracted he didn’t even feel the numbing pain that came with playing in snow without gloves. Reed glanced over to see Synth when Aislinn addressed her but didn’t comment on her presence. He didn’t know when their relationship went sour, but it had at some point, a while ago.

”Honestly? I didn’t think I’d see you again and please do, Aislinn Mae,” Reed replied, taking all his willpower to keep his voice from cracking or hitching with how close she was, how her hands had his collar in their grasp and how all he had to do was lean forward a few inches to taste her again like he had so long ago.

She spoke again and Reed gave her a smiling and odd look, as if she said something that wasn’t true. [colro=#f69d1e]”I don’t know what you’re talking about, except that that kiss was not entirely a proper one if that was what you were referring to,”[/color] Reed stated, waiting until she was hugging him again before he talked about the kiss.

”It feels like forever ago, you know?” He asks as he sets her down again from the big bear hug that he had ended up giving her just because he was growing cold and wanted to. He really wanted to pull her aside and make out with her, but the idea terrified him. He could mess up, or make her unhappy, or any number of things. How terrible would that be?

”Now I don’t know about you, but I believe it is time to join a snowball war,” Reed declared as he grabbed Aislinn’s hand and dove for cover before beginning to make snowballs to pelt in Sam’s direction. ”Yo Sam, don’t ask for what you aren’t prepared to handle,” Reed declared with a sneaky smile as he looked around Sam. He saw that he was right out from underneath an overhand coated with snow and winked at Aislinn before running over to the building and up the side, as if there was nothing but a jump and he was still running on the ground when in reality, he was running on the brick of the dorms.

He got to the overhang and pushed all the snow he could over, glancing down to see if he had hit his target with a wide smile.


Galen couldn’t help but run his hand through his hair in frustration, disguising it as something he saw Reed do a lot of the time around girls that appeared like they could be pretty. Galen was wearing a long sleeved thermic shirt that was snug but didn’t hug every line of his torso, and a pair of jeans tucked into boots. His sleeves rode up slightly as he moved revealing one full scar on his right wrist all the way across, and one half scar across his left, as if it was abruptly stopped for some reason.

Galen watched her movement carefully, making sure he stayed attentive so he didn’t miss anything he might be required to do in response. She shook his hand and he felt the warmth of it having gained more heat than normal thanks to the gloves. Her hand was soft and Galen marveled silently at that briefly.

She was nice and friendly, saying she was new too. It was reassuring to know that he and his brother weren’t the only ones new to the school. It was cool so far, but they were still getting used to not having to be careful when they walked around outside to keep their abilities hidden.

He suddenly realized what the issue was and drew his hand back to tuck into his back pocket. She was a mindreader. Reed had described the feeling Galen’s readings to him felt like and this was nearly exactly that. Galen blocked his mind the way he did when he wanted to try to focus away from getting other people’s thoughts. It was a way that he only heard bits and pieces of people’s thoughts towards him.

He noticed her hand movement as if she had announced it and took a cautious step back that gave them both a bit more personal space, working to try to make it look less like he knew what she was doing. ”Gisele, you can ask me what I’m thinking if you want to know,” He admitted with a smile that said he had caught her in the act.

”If you are 5, then I am 6. I would love to join you. Don’t knock listening to audiobooks until you try it. Without audiobooks, there is no fantasy worlds!” Galen declared excitedly, animately using his arms as he grabbed his coat and shut his room’s door before walking and gesturing even more.

”Oh… No way…” Galen says excitedly as he catches sight of his brother downstairs and outside, talking to a familiar form that Galen only remembered because Reed talked about her constantly. It was Aislinn Mae from that summer a few years ago. ”Would your Aislinn possibly be a girl named Aislinn Mae? I do see her in fact, she’s outside and she’s hanging out with my brother who looks like an idiot right now,” Galen states with a smile that shows he is happy for his brother more than most siblings are for each other.

As Galen made it down the stairs with Gisele, he held his arm out to prevent her from walking further outside and out from under the small roof in time to keep her from walking into a large snow fall that his brother had caused in hopes of landing it all on Sam. ”Hey Sam, need some help?” Galen offered with a smile as he picked up some snow nearby, seemed to consider it, then threw it at Gisele before going to help Sam pelt snowballs at everyone else, with or without his consent. He didn’t want to be on his brother’s team, there was no fun in both twins winning. One needed to taste victory and the other, defeat, as was their tradition always.

#, as written by mjolnir

T H E - M E N T A L I S T


Winter Outfit

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Gisele watched the male before her run his hand through his hair. The gesture didn't seem like anything but her eyes widened slightly at the sight of the scars on his wrists. It triggered a suppressed memory as her right hand went to grab her left wrist, her thumb brushing across her sleeve that hid her own set of scars. It made her wonder how he had gotten those scars... The same as her? Or maybe something else. Her brows furrowed as she tried to snake her way into his head. She generally didn't use her ability on others but she felt that asking a personal question like that the moment she met him might not be the best first impression.

”Gisele, you can ask me what I’m thinking if you want to know,” Gisele froze momentarily that she probably was acting strange but chuckled softly at the realization that she was caught. Her cheeks flushed and it was the one time she was thankful that anyone was blind so he couldn't see her blush. She brought her hand up to brush back her hair. "I'm sorry... I'm just fascinated by your mind." She put everything aside as she stepped towards him, cupping his head in her small delicate hands. She held his head as if she was examining it, standing on her tip toes as she rotated it slowly. "Why can't I hear you?... You're thoughts I mean. It's just... quiet." She quickly released his head when she noticed how strange she was acting, laughing nervously. "I'm sorry... This is just... Well I've never been around someone where it's... normal." She smiled softly while letting out a soft sigh, "It's nice."

Gisele chuckled when he said he was a kid too and his comment about audiobooks. She waited for him as he grabbed his jacket and closed his door. "Well..." She said playfully as she walked in step with him. "Actually, I don't think I have any audiobooks. You'd think I would. It'd definitely make Shakespeare more fun... Ya know with all the different voices and stuff." She smiled. "I thought about getting some to listen to while I drive. But I generally read while listening to some Bach... Or Mozart. Generally which ever suits my fancy at the time."

"Oh... No way..." The exclamation caught Gisele's attention, causing her to quicken her step to catch up to him. "What?" She allowed her gaze to follow his as he spoke, ”Would your Aislinn possibly be a girl named Aislinn Mae? I do see her in fact, she’s outside and she’s hanging out with my brother who looks like an idiot right now.” She stepped up on her tip toes to glance over his shoulder, giggling when she saw the two outside. "Yep that would be her... Wait your brother is the famous Reed?" She looked over towards Galen with a smirk, "Well that explains a lot. I've heard a lot about him... But not you." She playfully bumped his shoulder with her own. "Guess I'll have to figure that out on my own."

Gisele bounced lightly down the steps after Galen, rubbing her hands together evilly as she prepared to submerse herself into the battle. Just as she was about to run outside, she was stopped by Galen's out stretched arm. It was good timing because if she would have ran outside she would have been covered in a blanket of snow with Sam. She brought her hands up to cover her mouth as she giggled at him. Galen had headed outside asking Sam if he needed help while she walked up to Sam, playfully rubbing the hair on his head, shaking out some of the snow. "I think you're under there somewhere." She laughed softly, looking over at Galen just as he threw a snow ball at her. She was just barely able to step out of the way. The snow ball going past her and hitting Sam. She cracked up before trying to be serious but playful as she yelled at Galen, "No friendly fire!!" She grabbed a handful of snow, running over to him and smashing it on his head before quickly making another snow ball and pelting it at Ash.