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Calina Brehon

That which doesn't kill me had better start running

0 · 313 views · located in The village of Kiken

a character in “The Tale of Six Heroes”, originally authored by phoenixheart, as played by RolePlayGateway


Calina Brehon
Calina is a fairly laidback soul and it takes a fair bit to really rile her up. She does get annoyed but few have ever seen her really lose her temper, and it's really not a pretty sight. She usually just goes with the flow and lets the majority decide the action, only digging her heels in when something is hugely important to her, and then she can turn into a stubborn little madam. Calina rarely takes the role of leader, not liking to make the end decision, but if she has to step up to the plate, she will, particularly when people are taking too long to make their minds up.

Calina hates to be the one to dish out the harsh home truths to people and usually just lets people get on with their own lives. She is a fiercely loyal friend and will always have your back in a fight unless she also likes the person you're fighting with, in which case, she will walk away and let you two figure it out, or someone else. She refuses to take sides among friends. . Calina tends to keep her head down and just get on with the job at hand and doesn't mind the concept of getting her hands dirty. She might not always like what she has to do, but believes that sometimes, the means justify the ends.

Weapon of choice:
Bow and Arrow
Archery, Music, Spring, Autumn, Climbing trees, Lakes, Ale
Storms, Those who underestimate her, Loudmouths, Dancing, Early mornings

So begins...

Calina Brehon's Story

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Calina shifted her bow on her shoulder, the twine digging slightly into her shoulder. The night was beginning to roll in over the village. Calina quickened her step, heading towards the tavern. Inside the tavern, it was warm as people gathered in small groups, variably discussing the events of the day or conning one another out of money. Calina took her bow from her shoulder, carrying it to the bar. She placed it on the bar, catching the attention of the keeper.

"Ale and a room," She said, handing over a few coins, "I trust that covers me?"

The keeper looked at the coins in his hands, giving a disinterested nod as he disappeared to fetch Calina's ale. Her hand hovered over the curve of her bow as the keeper returned with her drink and a key. Calina hooked the key onto her belt and took her ale. Tightening her grip on the bow, Calina took a glance around the room, searching for a suitable seat. She took a seat at a table only occupied by a girl dressed in blue, similar to Calina. Calina leaned her bow against the table leg, somewhat bemused by the girl's obliviousness to the world around her as she read. Calina took a gulp of her ale, studying the spine of the book. Arcane. So this girl was interested in the magic of the world. More so than the actual world around her it seemed. Calina rested her elbow on the back and crossed one leg over the other, "How do you do that?" Calina asked the blue-robed girl, "Completely tune the world out," She explained, "Sometimes I wish I could do that. It gets far too noisy sometimes."