Barry Masterson

A young man currently down on his luck in looking for a well paying job.

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a character in “The Tomorrow Project”, as played by PirateofPie


Name: Barry Masterson
Age: 18
Appearance: Standing at around, 6 feet, Barry is tall and is an even mix of lanky and stocky. So pretty average. His average clothing of choice is a dark green short sleeved polo shirt with blue jeans. His skin is dark and his hair is cut short. During colder weather, he wears a black hooded sweatshirt.
Occupation: Clerk at an Electronics store (part time), Pizza boy (part time)


Generally Barry is a bit of a lazy person. While, he takes his time to get something done, he often does so at the last minute, which often leads to trouble. He thinks rather highly of himself, which cause s him to believe it's best to do things at his own pace, which cost him many a job. Despite his shortcomings, he has a rather good relationship with his parents, distant as they may be due to working long hours.

He is fairly interested in scientific pursuits, though as science isn't exactly his best subject, the most he could do is visit the lab with his parents and catch some the experiments they permitted him to see. Beyond that, Barry enjoys crime novels and has a collection of them shelved in his room.


Car used for getting around the city. Wallet. House keys. Uses company hovercar for pizza deliveries.


There isn't much to say about Barry in his younger days. Currently he is trying to hold a decent job for the summer, but hadn't found any that held his interest/payed him enough until recently. Currently, he lives in a currently declining neighborhood with his parents hard at work to ensure they eventually move up in the world. His parents both do office work for the Hydra Corporation and as such don't spend a lot of time home, though Barry doesn't particularly mind. Currently his mind is on his upcoming year in college and making a decent amount of pay at work.

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