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"There was no meaning for me to be alive ...until I met you meow~"

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a character in “The Tribes of Imos”, as played by Lyysa


The lonesome tribe that hides itself from the others.




Full Name
Current cat name

The Shapeshifter tribe
Position in the Tribe
None, he left


Negative Traits
Lazy || Dependent || Possessiv || Kind of a pervert || Airhead || Clingy || Pessimist

Positive Traits
He got a really big heart || Reliable || A good listener || Comforting

He likes sweet Camio most of all, forever and ever! || Food || Sleeping || Being carried || Being petted by Camio || Pretty things || Fish

Cats || Humans || Being alone || Fights || Pain

What would happen if he showed sweet Camio who he really is

Sexual Preference
He loves everything that is cute

Personality Description
Ren is a convenient slacker who likes to be pampered, he wasn't always like this but after all the time he spent with Camio he grew fond of the easy life. He didn't talk much as a human but now while living his life as a cat he often makes sounds (meow and such) just to get Camios attention, he doesn't like people getting near his Camio. Not even the sisters, Camio is his and his only - it happens that he attacks the people getting to close but since Camio scolded him for biting Mios hand he is a little friendlier towards family.
He thinks a lot however, maybe a little to much but he only has himself to talk to so what should he do. Before turning into a cat he didn't think that much, it was too hard. It was easier just getting by and do things and maybe - just maybe - think after. A cats life is kind of boring so he can't help himself by thinking to much about stuff and other stuff... Hey he lives with his love so he can't help it!

Biographical History
When Ren was 15 he was sent out into the forest like all the others, but maybe his trip was a bit different anyway. When he walked into the forest he felt like he was being followed, but every time he looked back no one was there, so at night when he tried to make a fire and heard noises in the bushes he was terrified of course. He thought it would be some big animal that was going to attack him or maybe people from other tribes had seen his fire and was going over to look, so he grabbed his sword prepared to fight for his life. But out of the bushes came a cat. Not any cat but his mother’s old pet cat, Ginger.

Ren never liked Ginger, he thought she was lazy and did no good. She always just walked around in the house all day and snuggled up in his mother’s arms at night. He didn’t even like cats in general. But for some dumb reason that stupid cat was his soul animal. He was so angry and denied it for the whole week and even under the ceremony. It was not okay, he didn’t want this. It was stupid, he didn’t need a soul animal. They were just stupid! Everything was stupid! He hated it.

All the other boys his age teased him for being the cat boy, the boy who couldn’t do a thing. He was useless for the tribe. It’s not like anyone told him that but he knew it, he and Ginger didn’t bring anything to the tribe. The only thing they could do was to let the kids pet them and keep the elders company. He didn’t even like being petted, he hated everything and it was all Gingers fault.

But when Ginger died he realized how much he liked her company, she got killed by one of the other soul animals. It was just as aggressive as its owner, and Ginger just happened to be on the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a quick death, it was over in minutes and suddenly Ren was all alone. No one that kept him company while bringing joy to everyone else, no one to talk to anymore. He was all alone.

He had no friends in the tribe so when he suddenly decided to just leave there was nothing holding him back. So one day he just walked right out of the tribe, not telling anyone, just walked away with nothing. He traveled the forests as a cat because he was to afraid being detected by other tribes but that of course made him a target for bigger animals. One day an eagle swept down from the sky and attacked him, he defended himself so much he could but the eagle was stronger and wounded his right front leg real bad. That was when he met Camio, Camio came from nowhere and chased the eagle away. He treated Ren’s wound and gave him food. He took care of Ren while the wound healed and when the wound finally was gone, leaving the nasty scar Ren didn’t want to leave his side anymore. Camio was the cutest, kindest person he had ever met. Yeah Ren was deeply in love with the guy, but there was that big problem that Camio only saw him as his pet Sebastian. But at the moment Ren is satisfied with just being his cat and keeping him company, he is just happy being near him.

Hair ColorImage
Dark brown almost black
Eye Color
A slightly green brown color
He has a big scar on his right arm from the time when Camio found him, it has also made him a little disabled because he can't use his right arm like he used to anymore - he can't carry heavy stuff and move it around quickly.
170 lbs
Brief Appearance Description
Human: Ren is not as tall as some others nor as well built as them either, and that is most likely because he don't give a damn about being strong or big. He has always been kind of lazy and that's why he lacks muscles, he's just thinn. His hair has a dark color, you could think he has black hair but when the light hits hit you can see that it's actually is brown. His eye shifts in color, some days they are more green and others they are more brown, it can also depend on the light, the more light there is the greener is the color.
He dresses in dark colored clothing that covers his whole body, before he got the scar he didn't care but since it looks really ugly with it's red-purple color he doesn't want to show it. One thing he loves and will always wears his scarf, it has a beige color and is really long, but so soft and comfy. He loves it.
Cat: He is a really small black cat with white fur on the stomach and nose. When in his cat form he has light green eyes.

Cats don't carry stuff stupid

Notable Skills/Abilities
He once was good at sword fighting but since he injured the arm he had the sword in he can't anymore, but sometimes he sneaks out taking his human form and practice the left arm with branches in the forest.
He is as agile as a cat.

Soul Animal
Cat - or Domestic Cat
Rens cat form - or Sebastian as Camio calls him

So begins...

Ren's Story


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#, as written by Lyysa
Fi Lynx

In the middle of the city, just by the tribe’s biggest house - the leader’s house, all the leaders live there while still ruling - sat Fi outside the vault. Or vault, it was a house where the tribe’s treasures were kept, things like gold, jewels, secret tunnels leading underground to the most secret things. The stones. Fi knew she guarded those stones but no one has ever told her why, they called them "The element stones" but there was only three of them. A blue, a brown and a deep red one.


Fi looked up at the sky and yawned, it was nice weather today and here she was sitting all by herself with only a door and the scythe as company. She looked around at the people going around the square, looking at what the merchants had today, talking and having more fun than her. It was not like she was forbidden to talk with people while guarding. But she choose not to, she once nearly told a stranger about what she really was guarding. And since then she has only waved hi when people greeted her.

It was a peaceful day, some days where exhausting because people was bugging her about her job. Or just talking about how she should do more with her life than run around all day. Some days were a total chaos because someone had seen other tribes close by. When that happened she or someone else had to be inside that dark basement with the stones. She hated those days.

While she was playing around with the dust on the ground, making it fly around in circles one of the other guards came and smiled faintly. "Your shift is over, it's my time now."
Fi flew up from the chair, "Finally! Have fun." She smiled while grabbing her scythe and ran away as fast as she could.

Finally outside the village she exhaled, Free. She stretched her stiff body that was starting to hurt a little from sitting down for such a long time. No more chairs for today. She looked around at the forest surrounding her home smiling to herself, it was pretty. She ran a little further away from the village and then started climbing the highest tree she could see. It was a bit difficult because her body was still not that awake and she moved slowly. But she reached the top - or the highest place she could sit down at without breaking the branch, she looked out at the forest. The wind was swirling around her and tried to make her fall by pulling on her clothes. She looked down at the main road you traveled on to get to the village, Oh a person, oh... That's too bad, no white hair.

She closed her eyes and focused on dissolving herself, when she was completely gone or invisible she flew down from the branch and traveled along the road. When there was some space from her and the stranger she reappered with the scythe in hand smiling. "Well hello there stranger, may I ask why you are traveling on our land?"


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#, as written by Gladis
Camio was laying sprawled out in the grass beneath the shades of the large tree, his eyes shut and his chest heaving and falling in a steady pace. A gentle summer breeze blew across the plains, causing the grass to dance in the wind and the young man's hair to become even messier than it already was. It had just been a light disturbance, but apparently enough to stir the youth from his peaceful slumber.

His eyes fluttered open and a yawn escaped his lips as he sat up, tiredly glancing around to get a grasp of the situation in his newly awakened state. After rubbing the sleep out of his and yawning, Camio let his golden orbs wander to the ebony ball of fur resting beside him. The slightest of smiles flitted across his lips and as he carefully poked his pet, chuckling softly. "Wakie-wakie, Sebby~" he mused before pausing as a strange noise sounded through the air, disrupting the peaceful silence. After a moment of consideration, the blonde moron realize the noise had been coming from himself. Camio was hungry- and his stomach made a point of it by letting out a growl. Perhaps it wasn't too strange that he was hungry, considering it had been quite a while since he ate last. Luckily, Camio has prepared for a situation such as this, and packed enough province to last at least two days.

His lips parted in a a hungry grin as he opened his old leather bag.


Camio's good mood was short lived, however, as he soon noticed his bag was empty. Totally empty. His brows furrowed and his lips curled into a frown as he turned the bag upside down and shook it. Nothing came out. He shook it more violently, yet the outcome was no different.

"It's... empty..." he stated the obvious, momentarily shocked. Then shock turned into irritation, and he turned to his trusted friend- Sebastian. "You didn't happen to see where our food went, did you?" he sniffed, knowing it was stupid to ask ones pet such questions. Then again, Camio couldn't help but feel that Sebastian was more than just a cat, and even if that was not the case... it was obvious to the blonde youth that the cat was very intelligent. "Damn it, I'm starving!" he complained, standing up as he glanced around in hopes to spot a possible food thief he could put the blame on.

Another growl sounded from his stomach, causing a slight blush to spread across his cheeks. Then another realization hit him, causing his state of irritation stir even further. Hanging his head, Camio sighed dramatically.

"You know what's the worst part of this, Sebby? It's that we've most likely been outsmarted by an animal..."


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#, as written by Lyysa

Oh Camio, sweet sweet Camio. This is the true me, I'm human just like you, I'm a man... boy, something, just like you. Oh oh! Don't get shy, I like you you see. Most of all, you're so cute. Cutest thing ever. I just want to eat you. Or hug you, I can hug you? This is the happiest day of my life! Sweet Camio, I will never let you go, never ever...

"Wakie-wakie, Sebby~"

Ever...? Something was poking him and Ren slowly opened his eyes while growling disgruntled, Only a dream... Why, that's no fun. He stretched out his body and yawned while Camio started to shook the bag.

What are you doing? Lost something? Ah, if it's that red thingy you had inside I ate it. But it didn't taste that good, but it looked so good! Hey, why was there no food inside your bag? Are you going to let me starve? He looked sulky at Camio but couldn't help to laugh inside while he shook the bag even more. That's not helping.

"It's... empty..."

Ren meowed indignantly and buffed his head against Camios leg Yeah I know, give me food I'm hungry.

"You didn't happen to see where our food went, did you?"

Gone? The food is gone? There was food?! Ren crawled inside the bag to look, why he don't know. He had already seen Camio shake it more than once. Of course there wasn’t going to magically appear food from nowhere just because Ren looked. But the bag looked so intriguing he couldn't help himself. He could smell the food, but like Camio said it was empty and surprisingly comfy. He laid down again, sticking his head out and yawned.

"Damn it, I'm starving!"

Yeah me too, but hey let's sleep again! Maybe I can have that dream again, that would be nice. Ooor, you could sleep and I can watch you! Maybe poke you, hey I know... You sleep and I can turn human and hug you while you are asleep and before you wake I turn back into a cat! It's brilliant! Sleepy, sleeeepy, sleeeeeepy... Ren stared at Camio, trying to hypnotize him into getting sleepy again. It didn't seem to work, but Camio did blush and it was as cute as ever, Ren meowed happily. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!

"You know what's the worst part of this, Sebby? It's that we've most likely been outsmarted by an animal..."

Ren slightly looked around, Animal? he scratched at Camios pants, not with that much claw so it would destroy the pants but a little so it could show his dissatisfaction. I could gotten eaten! You need to be more carful, protect me! And the food, protect the food. He put his head down at the ground looking disappointed. I'm so hungry, maybe I should try to catch a mouse. Yuck, no no. Never. Hey Camio, if I was human I could help you but yeah... Sorry.


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#, as written by Gladis

Camio arched an eyebrow as he watched his cat crawl into the empty bag, as if to check if it was truly empty himself. Instead of crawling back out when he was done, however, Sebastian poked his head out and made himself comfortable. "You devious little kitten you," Camio scoffed, frowning slightly as Sebastian rested his head on the ground and gazed at him disappointedly, almost accusingly. "What?" he asked, a hint of impatience laced with his voice. Being hungry made him grumpy. "It's not like I was the one who stole the food! Don't look at me like tha-" he cut himself off mid sentence, his eyes narrowing as he realized something.

"Wait a minute... it was you who ate it, wasn't it?" Camio shook his head, sighing as he picked up the bag with the cat still in it, and carefully hung it over his shoulder. "Always up to no good, aren't you, Sebby? Oh well, we better head home..." he glanced out over the steps, feeling a gentle breeze caress his skin and ruffle his as he shut his eyes for a brief moment. He didn't want to go home. Even just the thought caused a slight knot to form in his stomach. Even if he loved his family, and knew he had no choice but to return... he hated the glances people were giving him, hated the indifference and coldness he was treated with. Most just avoided him best they could, but even so... it hurt.

He tightened his grip of his bag and took a deep breath before walking over to his horse, Serenity, who up until then had been grazing peace fulling a slight distance away. After patting and speaking a few kind words to her, Camio untied her from the tree he had fastened her too before settling for his nap, and then swung himself into the saddle, making sure to do so carefully, as not to make Sebastian getting flung out from the bag in the process. Once properly seated, he cast a glance back at the cat, smiling slightly.

"You okay, buddy?" he asked in a soft voice.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lyysa

"You devious little kitten you."

Ren laughed a little on the inside, Yeah, if you only knew.

"What? It's not like I was the one who stole the food! Don't look at me like tha- Wait a minute... it was you who ate it, wasn't it?"

Hey, do not blame me! ... I only ate that disgusting red thingy! It might as well be you who ate the food and puts the blame on me, and the other animals just to hide that fact! Ren growled getting irritated by the thought. If I were human I so would tell you off. Blaming everyone else like this... Hey, you know what you deserve punishment for that! I assume that honor, I can probably think of something fun. Or I most certainly can think of something fun.

Suddenly the ground disappeared under him as he slid down into the bottom of the bag, flustered looking up threw the opening he started meowing as he tried to climb up again. Hey, what the are you doing? Put me down! I can't see! I hate it when you carry me around in the bag! Noo stop this! Scratching the sides, still desperately trying to get out he began to growl even more. Put me down this instant!

"Always up to no good, aren't you, Sebby? Oh well, we better head home..."

Ren flinched, Oh no... Oh no! Put me down! I'm not going up on that horse! He dug his claws into the leather trying his hardest to get to the top. Just when his nose reached the surface and the slightest little hope he had grew the bag moved and he fell back down again. He knew what this meant, Camio was climbing up on that stupid horse he felt it. This movement always gave him chills and struck him with terror, so he laid down like a puny little ball at the bottom. Oh no... Oh no... Oh no. He cowered his fury face with the paws trying to go to his happy place, which was a far away from the leather bag and his stupid cat form. Somewhere with Camio however, but as a human, as equals.

"You okay, buddy?"

No I'm not stupid! Let me down! I walk on my own! Everything is better than this! Ren hissed again feeling the movement of the horse making him nauseous.