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Your problem is you've spent your whole life thinking there are rules.

Because some roads you shouldn't go down. Because maps used to say, "There be dragons here." Now they don't. But that don't mean the dragons aren't there.

I don't believe in an interventionist god. But if I did, I would kneel down and ask him not to intervene when it came to you.

all the truth i've tried to tell you
was as distant to you as the moon
born two hundred years too late
and two hundred years too soon
When I was a child,
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to look, but it was gone,
I cannot put my finger on it now,
The child is grown,
The dream is gone
I have become
comfortably numb.

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Re: arden

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Arden SchrΓΆder
small quote or writing or whatever you feel is cool / lit


[ β™₯ ] ; romantic xxxxx [ ☺ ] ; friends xxxxx [ ☠ ] ; enemies xxxxx [ ☯ ] ; neutral

    Claudia Areya | ☠ ☯
    "Idealistic girl..."

    In his eyes, she does almost everything wrong. Her lack of knowledge on composition and theory aggravates him, as does her way of composing, which relies on "feeling" rather than knowledge. Her overwhelming optimism clashes with his view of the world. He views her as an incompetent, unworldly, and underwhelming figure in the world of music that will amount to nothing.

    Jonathan Baliester | ☯
    "We share some similarities, but I will not chase after him."

    Arden understands the struggle of living with a lower class family, but that is the extent of his relation. He remembers listening to Brahms as a child, and becoming bored with the composer in his later years. He feels the same way about Jonathan. Bored, mostly. Maybe he has some interesting ideas from how much he reads, but Arden does not chase after people, and so will not speak to him unless spoken to (which does not happen often).

    Joan Bell | ☠ ☯
    "She knows everything so well, and yet she tries nothing new. Weichei. "

    The woman of God is an amusing sight to him. He finds her absolution to religion almost comical, and is just waiting for something to happen to her that will seize her belief in God. Though he recognizes that she is extremely knowledgeable of theory, he is disappointed that she chooses to just follow them all instead of forging a new path. He sees it as a waste of her talent. She is a coward.

    Leon Beyer | ☯
    "The man knows himself."

    Arden is relieved to see someone that finally has some confidence in what they are doing. He is sure that Leon is capable of some pretty amazing things, but of course his inherent dislike for anything even relatively normal still pushes him away from Leon. His opinion on the man remains relatively neutral.

    Silvia Carriera | ☺ ☯
    "Her German is not half bad. Her work is a different story."

    He does not like her music, that is obvious. However, Arden has come to have quite a few conversations with her through his desire to speak German once again. He tries not to criticize her too much, but has often gotten into a few debates with her regarding theory and their methods of composing. It is slightly more friendly than other relationships he has, and so he sees her with a bit more fondness than many others in his life.

    Cerise Fontaine | ☯
    "Too sensitive. But I understand some parts."

    Arden knows what it is like to be afraid of the world. So afraid of things that may happen that you are sure they will happen. His may be with numbers and omens, hers for performance, but he still understands what it is like. Sometimes he can hear it in her music. Sometimes he can hear it in his own music. The woman seems to avoid him, and so he only does the same to her.

    Graham Gao | ☯
    "I know so little."

    Arden does not know how to feel about him. On one hand, the man is rather unique in his style, rejecting regular classical forms and going towards something new, being blunt with others, using his keen eye to point out mistakes. On the other hand he can't take criticism himself and doesn't seem entirely sure of what he wants. Arden has some sort of hunch that they might possibly get along, if they were to discuss more often, but he has yet to do so.

    Frank Hayes | ☠
    "Does this man even make music?"

    Frank is a laughing stock for Arden. What does the man do? Make music or take pictures of food? Does he even compose? Arden believes that Frank is an absolute failure in reaching any sort of level of musical talent. He thinks Frank is too focused on what other people are thinking, and that is only proven by his social media obsession. While Arden may ignore others who's music he does not care for, he has a very strong opinion on Frank and is not afraid to let him know.

    Gavriila Holguin | ☯
    "Ah, the poor girl."

    He has a mild concern for the fact that she seems to be trying to use her music for something that it should not be used for. At least, in his eyes. It is amusing that she attempts to help people through the selfish act that is composing and writing music. It differs greatly from his own, which is entirely self-serving, and never for another. He lacks respect for her cause. In fact, he almost pities her.

    Jo Kim | ☺
    "Her music is nothing remarkable. Her ideas, however, are something else."

    An odd statement for the man who appreciates the woman so much. She remains to be one of the few people he can speak to about philosophy, his fears, questions of the universe, anything he has his mind on. Arden was initially drawn to her after his failed relationship, but his self-destructive tendencies have put a little distance between the two. He enjoys her thoughts and ideas, even though he may not like how they turn out in her music.

    Felix Ljung | ☠ ☯
    "His words win people over, not his music."

    Arden will insist that Felix's success is due mostly to how he is with crowds, how well he can flirt with the audience and charm viewers. He does not hate the man, or even really dislike him all that much...Arden is actually slightly jealous at how at ease Felix seems to be around people, how easily he can wield his words. However, Felix's arrogance is something that Arden sneers at, even though he harbours the same trait sometimes.

    Sven Ozols | ☯
    "Ist mir egal."

    Arden can appreciate that Sven tries to tell a story with his music, something more unique than others, but he has little opinion on the man besides that.

    Cyril Sevérin | ☯
    "What does he do?"

    Arden treats Cyril with, mostly, disdain. He does not care about the man, his music, what he likes or dislikes, etc. Considering Cyril hates almost everything Arden stands for, he doubts he would ever be friends with the man. And so, Cyril is just face in the crowd.

    Youra Tchai | ☺ ☯
    "I can show her my paintings."

    Arden is enthused that Chai is appreciative of his impressionist art; she seems to be the only person that is. More than that, he appreciates many aspects of her: her punctuality, her harshness, and the fact that she can actually be around him without being an annoyance. Something about her strict nature and self-assurance (in some aspects, at least) comforts him.

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