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Star Wars: The Hoth War

Hoth War NPC's

a part of “Star Wars: The Hoth War”, a fictional universe by Loxley.

The Hoth Monarchy has grown into an economic and military superpower threatening the Old Republic. A ragtag band of Jedi and Republic agents are tasked with investigating the mysterious kingdom.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Star Wars: The Hoth War”.
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[OOC] Hoth War NPC's

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Loxley on Sun May 22, 2011 8:16 am

General Jinn Kunaki

A Jedi knight, war hero from his service to the Republic in war, and Grand Master of the Jedi Order. He is an honorable man and a skilled leader, and also a military tactical genius who doesn't hesitate when he's on the battlefield. He's one of the best lightsaber swordsmen in the Jedi Order. ... ht-TOR.jpg

Mandalore the Just

Leader of the remaining clans of Mandalorians who live scattered and in hiding throughout the galaxy, he is known by the few who know of their remaining existence, to be a wise and just ruler, who have found balance between the war-like nature of his people, and the honor and dignity of a warrior king. He hates the Hoth Monarchy with a passion for what it did to his people during the rule of the last Mandalore; Hoth crushed the Mandalorians in a war that scattered the Mandalorian clans - and he despises, even loathes those Mandalorians who have allied themselves with Hoth under the New Mandalore. ... heWise.jpg

Groba the Hutt

A powerful crime lord on Nar Shaddaa, Groba controls one of the wealthiest and most powerful crime syndicates in the Y'toub system, though his influence and business ventures reach far beyond that. His real name is Groba Nakaashke Sszarshk, though simply Groba will do for most people. His power and influence is such that few dare to cross him, even outside the Y'toub system. Groba is an enemy of Hoth's because of his smuggling operations having been thrown off the ice planet when the Monarchy was declared. ... NEGTC2.jpg

The Hessian/Tesla Carid

A mysterious and ruthless mercenary working on Nar Shaddaa as Groba the Hutt's silent but extremely efficient enforcerer. Nobody knows who he is, nor where to find him. He hides his face with a Mandalorian helmet, making it impossible to identify him when he's out of his Mandalorian armor. He is wanted by the Hoth Monarchy and the Republic both for countless acts of violence against Hoth citizens, Republic citizens and not least, Jedi. When Groba has a problem that nobody else can help him with, he sends the Hessian to solve it, and the Hessian usually does, in his characteristically ruthless fashion.

The Huntress/Lana Kin

A mysterious female mercenary wielding an orange lightsaber, who lives in the dark Shadowlands of Kashyyk. Once the bodyguard of the 'Forest King', she is now ruthlessly fighting the Wookies and their allies, the Hoth soldiers both. Some say she's gone mad - others say she was never sane to begin with. Only Lana Kin herself knows. ... aehral.jpg

The Forest King

An old and seasoned Wookie who rules the Wookies of Kashyyk. He is wise and strong, and has ruled longer than any other wookie. But he is also prideful and stubborn, and some say that age has gotten the better of him lately, that discent is stirring among his people. He has declared Lana Kin an enemy of the wookies, who is to be hunted down and captured or killed by his hunters. He has, in a radical step for a wookie, forged an alliance with Hoth.

Senator Medaea

A wise and peaceful senator in times of war, she's one of the most influential in the Republic senate, and one of the voices that suggest diplomacy with Hoth rather than war. She's a good friend of the Jedi, and share their world view. As such she has been criticized by some in the senate for putting the needs of the Jedi Order before those of the Republic, though this is wildly debated in the political and social clubs of Coruscant. ... ors001.JPG

Nim Ferra

Nim Ferra is a female Twi'lek mercenary and captain of a mercenary band known as Ferra's Regulators. Working for every side in the current conflict, they're known for their flexible loyalties and their ruthlessness in getting their job done. She has a grudge against Groba the Hutt, and wages a private war against his smuggling transports. As such there's a bounty on her head in the underworld, a bounty that the Hessian is out to collect. ... Female.jpg


An assassination droid of mysterious origin, who lives on the planet of Endor, where it serves as a protector of a local tribe of Ewoks. The droid is exceptionally skilled as a sniper. It is cynical, with a rather macabre sense of humor, but contrary to its cynical words, it doesn't kill indiscriminately - as one would expect from an assassination droid. It is marked with the coat of arms of the Twin Kings of Hoth, but doesn't seem to serve. ... C11282.jpg

Argos Vale - "The Shadowmaster"

A Republic spymaster, Argos Vale is a Miraluka, and as such, force sensitive. He is said to be one of the most powerful force users outside of the Jedi Order. An orphan he was offered to train as a Jedi Padawan at a young age due to his high force sensitivity, but the young Argos turned down such an offer. Instead he opted to live his life in the shadows, initially as an information broker on Nar Shaddaa, but later as one of the best spies of the Republic. His codename within the Republic Senate, is "the Shadowmaster". He has very strong ties to Republic Intelligence and Republic Special Forces, though neither the ties nor his position is in any official capacity. He is also good friends with senator Medaea. ... masked.png

The Twin Kings

Kings of the Monarchy of Hoth, the two are the twin rulers of the ice planet. They are embracing an aggressive expansionist policy, which has made the Hoth Monarchy into an economic as well as military superpower. It has also turned the once remote ice planet of Hoth into a highly civilized and inhabited planet, with its center of power being the Royal Hothese Palace in the capital of Nobath, guarded by their bodyguard, the elite green-clad Hothese Citadel Guard.

The Nine

Nine of the most deadly warriors of the Hoth Defense Forces, the Nine are each recruited not for their skills as soldiers, but for their individual skills as warriors. They are the best warriors that Hoth has to offer, and are loyal to the death to the Twin Kings. Each one of the current Nine was recruited from the Twin Kings' bodyguard, the Hoth Citadel Guard. The Nine rarely if ever leave their kings' sides, and if they do it is on covert missions for them.

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Re: [OOC] Hoth War NPC's

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aftershock on Mon May 30, 2011 9:19 am

Mandalore the Bold

A friend of Sovan during his training as a Mandalorian, Mandalore the Bold come into contest for the position of Mandalore long before he turned to the Dark Side. When he heard his old friend was now co-King of the now powerful monarchy of Hoth, he decided to from an alliance with Sovan to lead the Mandalorians forward into 'an age of glorious conquest and prosperity'. A major pillar for this alliance, as well as the mutual interest in galactic expansion, was that both he and the kings were practitioners of the Dark Side, but refused to allow it to rule them. The first of the Mandalorians to turn to the Dark Side, he effectively combined it with his great prowess in Mandalorian skills and techniques to become a truly formidable opponent. When the alliance was formed, he and his followers, in union with the forces of Hoth, launched an attack on those Mandalorians that were too weak and feeble to use this new weapon, and were afraid that the Dark Side would rule them. Those that did not join them were scattered, and he became Mandalore of all Mandalorians that wielded the Dark Side. He denounced 'Mandalore the Just' as a fool who did not have enough faith in his own people to trust them with this new weapon.

Known by his people as an ambitious, confident, possibly even somewhat arrogant ("in the based-on-shitloads-of experience" ((couldn't put it better myself Loxley)) ) but kind, never leaving anyone behind. A vicious fighter as well as a tactical genius, he is often in the forefront of combat, combining his Mandalorian and Sith training to deadly effect. The only thing that stops him from fighting all of his people's fights is that he respects their honour, their dignity, and their pride as warriors.

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