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a part of “Halcyon”, a fictional universe by chrian..

From the ashes we shall rise, from the depth of abyss we shall awaken. Once again, we will protect this world [ Full ]

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Magic, by definition, is the mystical force that allows anyone with the capability to utilize it to harness the natural and supernatural elements all around them. It has long been considered as myth or even heresy by those so-called normal people, and is widely believed to be nonexistent. But in truth, magic has existed ever since the beginning of humanity itself. However, it is just that not everyone is lucky enough to be have the gift. Those who hold the ability to use magic, regardless of classifications, are all entitled as Magicians.

The exact origin of magic is yet to be decided. But many scholars who dedicated their lives to study it have come up with many different theories. Some would believe that it merely comes into existence the same way as human does, and those who bore the gift for it simply discovered it at some point in their lives, thus spreading its' existence throughout the whole communities of those who are like them. Others believe that magic originally did not exist in our world, it was taught by a descended god or perhaps by a being from another dimension like the Drakens. Many people who believe in this theory called this being 'Faylan', the bestower of magic. Some say that he will return to save humanity from the darkest era, but some also say his presence will also signify the end of the world.

Magicians are always born into a magician family, as there has been no cases of magicians born outside one as of now. Magic used to flow freely in the world, and the population of magicians used to take up almost half of the Earth's population back in the time before and during the war of myth. However, after the three Pillars were erected by the legendary magicians and the Drakens who turned to human's side, magic's presence in the world began to diminish. The capabilities to use magic within many magicians' clans and families also disappear throughout generations before completely being erased, due to the marriages between a magician and a normal human would almost always result in a human child. As of 2020, the population of magicians is reduced to only about 2% of the whole planet's population.

To prevent attracting too much attention and any problems that might flare up, magicians' families will try their best to integrate with the normal humans. They are not allowed to use magic outside places that are designated for magicians' meetings or within their own households. A secret bureaucracy known as IMSO - International Magic Supervision Office, comprises of magician polices, is tasked with keeping the activities of magicians under control, as well as dealing with any magician criminals there may be within each division's jurisdiction.

There are no academies or schools that specialize in teaching magicians, as building one would inevitably draw the notice of the normal humans, the population within every region is too scarce and most magician clans would prefer to teach magic to their children within their own house more. Magicians have different traditions in accordance to different families and regions. Also in every region, there are numerous of designated meeting spots for magicians. Here they can get together and hang out. Once every five years, a Tournament similar to the Olympics would be held in an ancient enchanted site in Italy that are completely invisible for normal humans, where the representative of each country will compete and show their capabilities.

Magicians are classified into three classes as below.


Magic Knights, as their title implies, are magicians with the power to utilize magic through means of magical arms. He or she is a combination between a warrior and a mage, who excels in both offensive and defensive. Through excessive training, Magic Knights are those who are built for the front line of a war. They are both a spear that strike through their opponents' rank and a bulwark that shields their allies who stand behind from any damages. They are truly a force to be reckon with on the battlefield.

Every Magic Knight is trained at martial arts and exercises that aid in building their raw physical strength, speed and resilience at a young age. They are built in a unique way that makes them extra durable against both physical and magical attacks in comparison with the remaining two classes of magicians. Most of their training since they were kids are very intense, which explained why it is impossible to find a Magic Knight who are out of shape and do not have well-toned body builds.

Magical arms are weapons that are crafted with the infusion of spells, blessings, magical runes and even curses that channels the proprieties of the said weapon with the magical force of their wielders. Each magical arm has their own different proprieties, and bestows their holders with different abilities. Most magical arms can only be held by Magic Knights, as they would only be as good as any normal weapons when wielded by Mages, Wizards or normal humans. Magic Knights can choose to yield any magical arms of their choices, but only those that are compatible with their inner magical force are efficient to use in combat and unlock the highest extent of their power. Magic Knights are only allowed to wield their own magical arms when they reached the age of maturity (from 15 to 17), but there are rare exceptions for those who showed promising potentials. Traditionally, there would be a ceremony held within Magic Knights' families where the elders will bestow the weapon to their children, though they need to go through a final test to truly earn it.

Magic Knights made up of about 35% of the worldwide's magician population. Many can be found working for the IMSO and human's police forces thanks to their unique traits and features. In terms of strengths, as stated above, Magic Knights is unmatched in terms of raw strength and durability in comparison with the Mages and the Wizards. The attacks they inflict can be both physical and magical damaging to their opponents and they have the fastest speed among magicians, in both agility and spell-casting. Magic Knights excel in fighting one-on-one battles and can fight against surrounding opponents within their vicinity with almost no effort. On the other hand, their weaknesses are that their magical energy pool, or mana, is quite limited. They do not have a wide variety of spells as most of these are self or party enhancing spells, energy blasts and several abilities that their magical arms bestowed them. While very resilient, they are vulnerable when dealing with long-ranged attacks and those who are too reliant on their weapons will be severely weakened if they are disarmed.

The Kotonoha family is widely regarded as the strongest Magic Knight clan in the world. Aside from descending from Sakura the White Valkyrie, one of the three legendary magicians, they also have achieved many remarkable feats such as holding the Championship of the Tournament in Magic Knight section for five times in a row, holding high influence in the IMSO, ownership of some of the most fearsome magical arms in the world, and the likes.


Mages, sometimes regarded as Magus or Magi, are magicians holding the powers to manipulate the forces of the natural or supernatural components all around them, or within themselves. They are well-attuned with the basic elements that made up this world, as well as the inner spiritual energy within every living being. With a wide range of spells and a large reservoir of mana pool at their disposals, Mages will and can rain down their wrath on their opponents before they could even know what was going on. Among the three classes of magicians, they are the true holders of the title Magic Wielders.

When a Mage reaches the age of 5, their magical affinities will begin to surface, and they will be tested to see which kind of magic branches are most suitable for them. It can be element bending, energy manipulation, conjuration, etc. Each member within a Mage's family can have different potentials for different branches. If the gifts of the children are the same with one of the adults in the clan, then that adult will have the responsibility to watch over the said children and teach them everything they know. Otherwise, tutors can be invited to the family to teach the said children everything they needed to know about their capabilities and the basis of magic.

Mages are very studious and learn everything that they were taught very quickly. This is due to the fact that all Mages are very intelligent, having IQ over 200 and can tackle any problems, matters, subjects, with little to no efforts. They are also inventors of magic and have created an inconceivable amount of spells. Those of the more powerful Mages even boasted that they never use a same spell more than once. Some of the spells that are considered to be basic for the Mages are otherwise too complex for a Magic Knight and a Wizard to recite. As a tradition among many Mage clans, a younger member is considered to be mature only after they defeated their tutors in a battle. And to show that they have earned the respect of the tutors themselves, as well as having made their first step as an adult, the tutors will bestow them with a trustworthy item, which will aid them in times of hardship.

Mages made up the most populous part of the worldwide magician community, with nearly 45% of magicians being Mages. They can be found working as tutors, scholars, teachers or any occupations the require a decent level of intelligence. Mages' most formidable capabilities are their vast reservoir of spells. As it is not necessary for them to recite the spell before casting, they can easily gained an upper hand over their opponents. Mages are masters in both long-ranged and short-ranged combat, and some of their spells can affect a wide area. However, the biggest weakness of Mages is their limits in defense. Even a veteran Mage will fall after taking a direct hit that are otherwise endurable by the Magic Knights. Any spells cast by the Mages, no matter how powerful, can be bypassed if the 'weak spot' of the said spell is found. Most spells carried by the Mages are complex and would require a certain amount of time to perform, easily leave them with many openings if they are careless.

The Vermillion family, descendants of one of the three legendary magicians, Zoilos the Black Sage, are hailed as the most powerful Mage clan in the world. All of theirmembers are extremely prolific inventors of spells and even their youngest one has never been defeated in a fight. They have vast knowledge of the world and are recorders of history, dated back even since the war of myth. Like the Kotonoha family, they have been holding the Championship of the Mage section of the Tournament for many years.


Shrouded in a veil of darkness and mysticism, Wizards, or Warlocks or Sorcerers, are of the more mysterious class of the magicians. They are the practitioners of the darker side of magic, from rituals, voodooism, shamanism to necromancy, demon summoning and curses. Contrary to the popular belief that they are all vicious, Wizards are of the most peaceful of the three magician classes and are no proficient battlers like the Magic Knights and the Mages. But that does not mean anyone should cross them.

Many Wizards' clans and families within a region would band up together and form a coven, where the head of the said families will perform a ritual where they will form a blood pledge, to forever be loyal with their cause and any betrayers will face the most terrible of consequences. Young Wizards began their training with simple spells, hexes and crafting and their potentials will be sorted into different levels as they grow up. The highest level that a Wizard could get is Level S, though only few of them have managed to be sorted into this level. When they reach the age of maturity, they will be bestowed with their own grimoire, where they will record all of the spells and crafts they learned.

While many people tend to look at the Wizards with disdain due to the dark nature of their powers, they are in fact the most civilian and neutral of the three classes of magicians. They always welcome visitors with open arms and with the utmost of sincerity, and will deal with any aggression with negotiations first, striking back only when they are seriously threatened. Wizards are known mostly for their unmatched ability to make and craft magical items. From potions, charms to runes and magical arms. There is nothing that a Wizard cannot make. As the saying goes. They usually cast spell with an object like a staff or wand that helps to channel their raw magic and materialize it into tangible spells, much like the Magic Knights, but the powers of the spells lie in the incantations in which they recite themselves.

Only 20% of magician population are Wizards, and it is not often that the other magicians would be able to meet them if they do not travel themselves to the territory of a specific Wizard's coven. Many Wizards make their livings by selling herbs, potions, charms or fortune telling. Despite not being proficient fighters, the capabilities of the Wizards should never be underestimated. A successful spell cast by a Wizard will work more efficiently in comparison with the Magic Knights and the Mages. They are a valuable asset in which they are powerful supporters, who will always be ready at the back to heal and restore their injured allies. Utilizing their arts and crafts on the battlefield are also unpredictable methods that may prove deadly to their opponents. But as mentioned above, Wizards are certainly not front battlers, and are the most vulnerable to be targeted in any circumstances. They need someone to watch their backs so that they can carry out the most of their abilities. Wizards cast spell mostly through incantations and through their magical object, so muting or disarming them will render them weakened.

Descended from Celes the Twilight Sorceress, also the last of the three legendary magicians, the Isharian family is considered to be the most fearsome Wizard clan. They are currently the only wizards sorted into Level S in the world. They have connections with some of the most powerful forces in the world and are tasked with the duty to keep the magicians existence a secret. None of any other coven dared to stand up against them in the Tournament after they have held the Championship for nearly a quarter of a century.


Drakens, or merely regarded as dragons in the language of human, are an extraterrestrial being that does not belong to Earth, the realm of humanity. They came from another dimension entirely and while other mystical creatures exist, none would be strong enough to be regarded as the only true god-like mythical being like the Drakens. Their existences are ones that make any other form of lower existences become dull, and even the most powerful of magicians will be at awe standing before their overwhelming majesty and fierceness. Holding to the belief that only the Gods themselves can match them, the Drakens will stop at nothing until this world grovel underneath their feet.

There is no record as of when and how the Drakens had come to our world, as any records of history prior to the war of myth are very vague and unreliable. All that we know is that they did not invade humanity until we have defeated any other attempted invasions of other mystical species that are lesser than the Drakens. In a way, they can be considered as the 'final bosses' of the war of myth.

There is not much that we know about the Drakens. But we all are aware that they a species of magnificence. Everything about them excels those whom they would acknowledged as 'mundane, insignificant forms of larva'. Aside from having much greater stature, strength, speed, intelligence and fierceness in comparison to humanity, they are the creatures of brutality and ruthlessness. Drakens have an outer scale that negates any human's weapons or spells back then almost useless against them. The only humans capable of harming them without proper means are the three legendary magicians, but even they are greatly overwhelmed by those stronger ones. A few among their ranks have the abilities to take human forms and perform their own kinds of magic, but most did not necessarily need to. Just one of their fiery breath or a flap of their wings are enough to wipe out entire armies with little effort. With these, the Drakens truly have turned the war of myth into a one-side one.

But, no matter how glorious the Drakens made themselves look, they still have one fatal weakness - the same weakness that had led to the downfall of many: arrogance. Because they were so prideful that everything will crumble before them, they were blinded from noticing that they were betrayed by their very own kinds. The three Drakens who turned to human's side were three of the most proficient members of among their ranks, and that alone is a crushing blow to their force. They have lost the war from that moment, and forced to return from whence they came.

Although they have vowed to one day return to destroy the world, none had ever caught sight of them again for thousands of years after the three Pillars were erected and they soon became a figure of history. However, the knowledge and strategies of how to counter again the Drakens are still being taught widely today in every magician's household, and newer, more devastating methods have also been developed. While the demise of the two Pillars were completely unexpected, the magicians are now vigilant and ready to fight against their invaders to once again protect the world.

So that their sacrifices and contribution never be forgotten, the three defected Drakens have also since then become the insignia for the three greatest magician family. Respectively, Yamata no Orochi represents the Kotonoha family, Fafnir represents the Vermillion family and Quetzalcoatl represents the Isharian family.

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