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Magical EVE Universe

Postby Nanamix on Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:18 pm

Hello everybody, I am Nanase Sakamoto, the creator of the Magical EVE Universe. What I am about to propose, is the recruitment of talented artists, storytellers, writers, music composer, game designers, art designers, etc... to partake their creativity on this Universe. A huge collaboration project, like Pixiv Fantasia. (If you don't know what's that is, look here)

-What is Magical EVE?

Magical EVE is a universe I created back in 2006 (Yes, I worked on this thing for 6 years already, still counting... and this is not a joke). Filled with familiar-yet-not-so-distant races, languages, settings, gods, power, etc. It's a wide on Fantasy Universe.

P R O L O G U E:

The Nalivian, or Goddesses, mothers of all that was created by their pure strength and love, sisters by sisters, explored the newborn universe and set to work on the world they encountered. They brushed and painted the skies and its stars, turning it into an atmosphere being. A millenia has passed, and their work is still an everlasting progress. One of the sisters out of twenty-two, the youngest Mother; Na'levine The Pure, set out to the midst left of the Saggitarius Galaxy to shape her new masterpiece. That alone would now be called Navelon, mountain by mountain, tree by tree, vast oceans connecting continent's borders, she raised thousands of pure crystallized landscapes, a truly unimaginable sight and art. The fifteenth sister, Mother Velera The Cosmic, who was neighborly crafting the two moons of Navelon, set out to devastate Navelon out of jealousy and envy, and eventually tried to destroy Navelon completely. Noticing her furious attempt to destroy Na'levine's own creation, she sought out help from her other sisters for support to stop the raging of sister Velera The Cosmic. Due to the law of creation that binds the sisters from harming the trinity of their creations, Velera has another plan than her direct action.

By the next two billion years, Velera's creation of the two neighboring moons is now complete, through time she begins planting the inhabitants of her new moons. By the next twenty million years, it became civilized, known as the Eledar, inhabited the second moon known as Foria.


There is a major and main storyline, consist of the main characters I've created which affected the series chronologically. However, with your ideas, you can definitely turn it into a meta-series that synchronize with the main story, or keep it as your side arc.

Some of the artwork and illustrations can be found here.

As this thread goes on, please help propose ideas and how you can help with the Universe. There are plenty of stories going on, as there are total of 5 arcs so far, which all placed chronologically:

Magical EVE: Origin [Project Currently Taking Place]
Magical EVE: Prelude
Magical EVE: Legend
Magical EVE: Frontier
Magical EVE: Genesis

I will post more of character and world designs in this thread as we go along as well. Thank you for taking your time and interest in this Universe! ^^

Fan artwork, musics, fanfic, ideas, are all welcome as well!
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Re: Magical EVE Universe

Postby Nanamix on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:11 am

The current settings of Magical EVE is currently Arc 1: Origin, Pre EVE Calendar 217. During the Eledar Civil War between the Great Majestic Kingdom, and the Nocus Libriarium.

Main Character's Artwork:




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Re: Magical EVE Universe

Postby Nanamix on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:43 am

M A G I C A L E V E : O R I G I N


We were sworn to protect the Mana Esprit, as our great ancestry did, and our past generation. We battled the Orcus to gain our independent. United as a civilization, we became dominant. Under one Majestic banner, we became an army. With a symphony, we became a country.
Peace and prosperity. A common setting for such Majestic Kingdom. However, betrayal is amongst us. Lusting for superiority, and power, there are those who would beg to differ from protecting the Mana Esprit. As our mother's will who created us for that sole purpose. War eradicated as our own brethren slay upon each other, lusting for power, abolition of friendship, and disregarding of trust.
The First Eledar Civil War.

Upon a beautiful afternoon. A young figure, not too tall, nor too short, brushing his vibrant hair with a slow sensual smoothing performance with his delicate hand, giving his chess board a focused glance.

"What is your opinion?"

As the young gentleman directed his purple iris upon the voice. "Why should an individual fight for one man who set his family upon annihilation?"

"I understand your grievance, but this isn't a fight for that man, but a fight for our kindship!" Returned the opposite voice, as he lean forward to the chess table, making his move. The illumination dawning upon his face from the ceiling, shading its texture with brighter color. Showing the true passive of the Eledar, the man seemed as if he is in his thirties, but a similar yet complex texture of his face preventing it to be so. "Fight for me, and I shall grant your right of repositioning your former military rank."

"A kind offer." Replied the young man, with a curved line of a smile traveling from one side of his mouth to the next. "You are a kind friend, Eodor. However, I have no interest in the war."

"Do not bluff with me, Terris. I have known you since childhood, as your mother took me in since orphanage, and I have been looking after you like an older brother until . . .-" A sudden pause from Eodor, recollecting his thought.

"Until my mother and father were murdered by the Orcus during the siege?" Terris finishes off. "Because our king refused to support the southern villages?!" With a furious attitude, he made his next move.


"How did you-"

Eodor rose up. "As you can see, my brethren, your anger distracted you from the main course of the dish." He then walk over to Terris's chair, giving him a pat on the shoulder. "Do not let your anger or grievance guide you. Realize the full logic of this war. This isn't about who's ordering who, but it's about preventing the abuse of the gift of our ancestor."

Terris looking up to his shoulder. "I told you that I have no interest in-"

"Yes you do. No, we do."

"What do you mean by we?"

"You and I both know that the Mana Esprit offer something special."

"I thought you said your intention was to preserve it?-"

"My intention was to change." Eodor replied with a swift answer, then walking back to his seat, crossing his leg.

"Change?" The young Eledar question his superior brethren with curiosity.

"Instead of preserving the power for absolutely nothing. How about we take the chance to use it? Make a better change to the world!" Taking the wine cup that was left on top of the chess table, waving it lightly around the center of his chest. "Our society needs a change."

"You're talking about treason."

"Treason you say? Not in particular. Just acceptance." Eodor taking a sip of the wine. "Delicious!"

"Is our society not friendly enough, for you to start speaking about acceptance?"

"Terris, you possessed magic since birth. If any of these news gets out to the public, you're surely going to be executed."

"But I have not used any when we fought the Orcus." Terris scrambled the chess pieces in exasperation.

"For how long? Until our distant cousins from the west start to storm the city with their magic power? Then what will you do? How will you fend off against those magic users?" Eodor chuckled, putting his wine cup down as seeing Terris's terrified expression. "Sooner or later, the truth shall be revealed, and you will be executed, Captain Terris Mastrillia."

"What is the plan?" Terris glared.

"I'm glad that we have come to an agreement. You see, I am no where in possession of magical power, the only thing I have is this little humble mind of mine that led thousands of men and women into battles. I am here to make an acceptance, first and foremost to the king, so that he can find the benefit of having magic users into his army." Eodor taking another sip of his wine. "And The Mothers knows."

Terris for a second, deep in trance, convinced, but not quite though he asked another question, "What if the king refused?"

"He won't."

"How can you be so certain?"

"Trust me, with the state of the war that is going on, he won't. Either way, I shall take my leave." He gets up once more, packing his military coat. "It's frigid today. It was a nice game, Terris."

As Eodor about to make his way to the exit, Terris tapped his shoulder, making him turned around. "How about another game?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

The dim light of dawn stirred Marie from her brief rest from the abyssmal sight of the medical section in a military camp. As she opens up her eyes, spotting the nearest injured soldier, she quickly rushed to his side, bandaging his wounds. Blood and gut spilling all around her as the medical staff brings back more soldiers that was injured during battles.

The wounded soldier looking up to Marie with a bitter look on his face. "Thank you . . . Major-"

"Save your breath and spirit to recover, as myself does not deserve any praise from my fellow soldiers." Marie replied, as she sealed the huge cut that was found upon the soldier's colar bone area.

"But Major, you saved us all!" The wounded soldier struggling to inhale more breath. "Without you, none of us would be having the will to fight for our life!"

"While that is true, but save it for your well being, it makes my job easier. Regardless, I can definitely see how grateful everyone are to me, and therefore, I bid my thank." As she finishes up sealing the wound of one soldier, she jumped to the next one. Overworking herself as a cleric for the Majestic Army, day and night she tend to the wounded, as the complexity of the wounds gets harder and harder to heal with magical afflictions to the flesh and bones to her fellow soldiers. Marie exhaled to recover her spirit as well. For the moment, she noticed a soldier figure walking up to her, with no armor to wear, but a long scarf wrapping around his chest.


"What is it, messenger? I'm busy." She turns back to the wounded.

"Major, we just lost Onibrium to the enemy!"

"Such ill news you bring, messenger. What is the casualties?"

"We haven't got the chance to calculate yet, our army is still in the middle of retreating."

"Our king is still being ignorant about taking advantage of magic users. Such news should be expected, unless that man have reached enlightenment to understand our current fate. This isn't about an orthodox religion, it's a war!" A firm, and tight grip upon the bandages to hold off the bleeding. "Thank you for your news, messenger, you're dismissed."

"Yes ma'am!" The messenger made a brief salute, and ran off to his next destination. As he is making his way through the exit, he spotted another victim that fell to the loss of Onibrium. A female, who is laying down on the stretcher, having a bloodied wound on her right shoulder. The female soldier silently glare at the messenger as he passed by with her gleaming red iris, putting grudge and regret into the vision that she sent the message itself into the eyes of the stranger who passed by her. Without saying anything, he continued on with his mission.

After the medical staff placed her next patient on a bed, Marie looked and gazed upon the opposite glare directing toward her. "Levila?!" With surprise, she quickly rushed to the individual which who's name she placed upon with no time wasted. "By all living thing our Mother created! I didn't expect you to be in one of the casualties!"

"Well, I'm not dead yet, you know." With a glimpse of smile. "Please- argh! Hurry and tend to my wound, I need to go back to Jumus and station the retreating army there-"

"Colonel, you are not going anywhere with those wounds." Marie interrupted.

"Do not question my authority, woman."

"As long you are in this medical quarter, the authority is mine, sister."

"Tch! What an insolent fool!"

"Said the insolent elder. Either way, you are as useless to the morale if they were to see that you are injured. The men think that no sword can touch you, but look at you!"

"Nobody could outmatch me in a mortal combat, yes, that is true. However, those magic users enhance their blade and sliced through my sword!"

As Marie sealed up the jagged cut, she then questioned her spiritual sister with another matter: "Did you sent Eodor for Terris?"

"Of course. I am waiting for Colonel Nakajima to report in."

"Do you think our king would agree to this?"

"Well, considering if we lose Jumus, the capital is next. So my obvious guess is yes."

"I truly hope so." Slap lightly on Levila's wound. "My, aren't you quite the lady? I can smell the beautiful perfume even after you bathed in blood!"

"I am a lady, you know." Brushing her smooth curly blond hair with her free hand.

"Who are you hitting on, sister?" Marie giggled.

"It is none of your concern, you little cat!"


(Current Map of Foria)
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Re: Magical EVE Universe

Postby ViceVersus on Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:23 am

Hey! I have a quick question - is this a roleplay, an artist dump, or a place to post written one-shots? Depending on what it is, it might belong in a different section of the website.

Please let me know ASAP!

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