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A Dark Gloomy Cave at night

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Rehab for the Disturbed

Several teens are brought to a hospital, a special hospital for those who are disturbed (8 chara max)

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Quiet...that was the best way to describe the scene before all who approached

This city lost in tie stood as a monument to mankind's creativity and its own demise. The buildings were crumbling and overgrown with plantlife, birds nestled warmly within their trees with animals on the prowl on the streets and in abandoned cars. It was as if the people mysteriously vanished from the place and left in a hurry from some impending doom. However, one place showed a little activity, the tallest spire with a Logo that read InGen: Paving the way to...

And read nothing else as the sign had blown away. Their was a blinking red light from within the entranceway as if placed there by some unknown power. Thus our journey begins....and dawns

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The Undead Dragon bowed her head once again and then spoke "Their was once a time I called Tamriel my home...but I was decieved by the Ideal Masters into unintended service for all Eternity. I wish for you to summon me there...through your Thu'um. I demand no answer...I demand no payment. My hope is that you will call me home, if you do, I promise to Teach you my Thu'um and fight along side you as your Grah-Zeymahzin, Your Ally" She said and looked him in the eye "Please...allow me a few brief moments of happiness through your call and I will forever be in your debt. Summon me when you feel the time is right" She said

Then the Dragonborne would feel himself disappear and in a nearby in with Varg sleeping at his feet and the new Shout in himself

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Keturah seems somewhat surprised by her father's response, eyes slightly wider then normal as she looked down towards her tail. The orb above her head pulsed with a steady thrum of Light and Power. Yet she held firm to the control over such a seed of Life, as if not even thinking of it's existence. Slowly, she walked towards her father and sat down at his feet, choosing in that moment to take such a position with a smile on her face.

"Perhaps this may be true. I know what the Maw can truly be. Perhaps it is my lack of memory which has hardened my resolve. I try to remember seeing mother enter His embrace yet even to this day, fog obscures my sight. I guess from my exposure thus far I could say my perception has been altered. Yet there is such a thing that I would have made a note of in my limited studies"

She continued, looking up at the sun above her head.

"When I see the Light, I see the flame of purity. I feel it's love and warmth upon my fur and in my heart. This fire represents the life of our people. It is our guiding principle and our gift from He who fathers us all"

She raised a hand and gazed up to the orb. She opened her mouth to spreak, and what came out was Agony.


Pain wracked the Weave around the three as the Orb was subsumed, Keturah herself winced as if she was in distress. The orb that once was a brilliant sun now hung above her head was a Void, a hole of Night and Nothingness that caused a visible distortion around the edges. It was as if they were staring into the heart of the Abyss.

"Yet the inverse must be true. The Abyss is cold, dark and hostile towards the Light. It craves and years for dominance, not realizing that the two must be in harmony for the Multiverse to maintain cohesion. To be fearful of what lies in the cavernous maw is natural as mortal creatures. We know not what dwells within the vestige of the Dark. But knowing what lay within it, we become closer to knowing Truth. That Truth is what I seek. What lays in the heart of the Abyss? What dwells within the heart of Erebuz? What machinations drive him towards endless destruction and oblivion? Is it a mindless obsession? Or is it more? If we could be saved, why not he?"

The void above her head grew in small centimeters until Keturah waved it free with a hand. The Void then shrank away into naught but a pinprick then vanished in a crack. Keturah herself looked like she had lost around ten pounds in weight yet her smile remained.

"I know you worry about me father. I worry about myself as well. Yet I shan't be delving into the Abyss alone. I will have Uncle with me to delve the depths of the Abyss, and I will have Leolik to guide me. I know both of them will not lead me astray. I am not timid, nor am I cowardly. Erebuz has absolutely nothing to tempt me with. No power he could ever offer could turn me from my path."

She got up a little wobbily from her position and embraced her father tightly, resting her head on his shoulder "I love you father. So much that it might cause me to burst" She giggled until her stomach growled at her in protest rather loud.

"Sorry Father...mind if I call for food? I'm starving!"