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Myths of the Forgotten

Mythical creatures

a part of “Myths of the Forgotten”, a fictional universe by Pantheran.

A small town deep in the forest called Veraloia: a safe haven to the few mythical creatures that still exist. Many races have become extinct when humans have destroyed the forests and the seas. But what will happen, when rumors start to spread?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Myths of the Forgotten”.
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Mythical creatures

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantheran on Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:40 pm


Shapeshifters: Four forms under one personality
ImageShapeshifters can transform into animal form and into more human-like form. But even in their human form they don't look fully humans. There's always some animalistic features: maybe a tail, ears or eyes. Shapeshifters can change up to three different animals, but only a very few are able to so. Most often they only have two. Shapeshifters always have a main form which is the one they have features in their human form.The animals they change into reflects their personality and the main form comes from their qualities: foxes are sneaky, felines are independent and owls like to sleep at day times. The other two forms fills them in this. Shapeshifters abilities varies as they depend on the animal they transform into: bears are strong, cougars are fast and eagles can fly. Same goes with their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Shape shifting is a process of life energy manipulating where individuals have a natural talent in this rare ability. However, this leads to the loss of life energy as a new form is made, the process itself is also very painful and can even be damaging. However the more you change the less pain you feel as your body gets used to process. Too much shifting at a short time can lead to the loss of too much life energy, as described in the magic OOC, and the body will quickly fall apart to death.

Tieflings: Reborn demons
ImageTieflings are half-demon half-human. They have become half-demon trough blood or other kind of pact with full demon, even a pact made generations ago can lead to the birth of a Tiefling. Tieflings can have different kind of resemblance with their "core demon" like horns, wings, tail/s, eye color etc. or even all of them. It varies with each individual as their characteristics depends on their core demon, how long ago the pact was made and their gender. The less time has passed since the pact to be made, the more demonic you look. The common thing to have is abnormal eye color or horns, wings usually only come as shrunken version of "core demon's" and usually won't even let you fly.

There's two subtypes to Tieflings: ones originated from infernal demons and ones originated from abyssal.
Infernal Tieflings have normally red or orange colored features and spiky wings, tails or horns. They are more resistant to fire than humans are and have the ability to control fire. Abyssal Tieflings have black, blue and violet, more flat and smooth features than infernals, because there is huge pressure in the abyss. Abyssals on the other hand are resistant to the cold and can use ice magic. Both subtypes of Tieflings are weak to holy energy and light, for example looking straight at sun will momentarily blind them, since they're hellish creatures. Tieflings aren't usually physically strong. Instead they are fast and accurate.

Tieflings holds a strange mixed Life energy of demon and human, this Life energy is very chaotic and near to impossible to control. This caused magical ability to be limited in quantity, but extremely powerful in quality. Tieflings only have an affinity towards fire or ice magic types due to this chaotic energy.

Dwarves: short, strong, fearless fighters
ImageTypical Dwarves are short, strong, fearless and often arrogant towards other races. Their most common weapon is the war axe. Heavily armoured and short footed they're slow, but they cover it with their strength and teamwork. If you piss off one Dwarf you'll probably have ten more coming after you. However, if you gain Dwarf's trust, they're extremely loyal and willing to fight for you. It's not only male Dwarves that are fearless fighters. Female Dwarves are just as strong as their husbands. It might be hard to tell if Dwarf is a male or female; the only difference is that females don't have beard. As the tales tell they have a bad habit to drink too much, especially after a good, victorious fight. A good meal is also something they appreciate. Mountains are their home and they prefer dark caves over forests. However, now when the humans have forced them to hide, even Dwarves understand to be more careful.

Being a race based around physical strength and the use of tools, Dwarves have no magical ability, their life energy is small and compact as it is used in the muscles which leads to the immense strength of these short people. Instead of using their own magic, the Dwarven race have moved on to a new rare metal found in the Meningr mountain range, a metal which holds some strange magical power. The truth, however, is that this metal holds massive concentrations of nature energy, leading to its name of 'Naturite'. It is this metal with which Dwarves forge their armour and weapons with, after the familiarisation with modern weaponry sold to the mythical creatures by human traders, Dwarves also use human firearms, using ammunition formed from Naturite.

Valkyries: Winged female warriors
ImageValkyries are fierce warriors. All Valkyries are female and they have grayish bird-like wings on their backs, which they're able to hide when needed. Even if Valkyries are skillful warriors, they're not physically strong. Their skills are based around their speed and accuracy. An unarmed Valkyrie that has no ability to raise warriors can easily be held down by a stronger man or even another female. Valkyries' also prefer to work alone, which also makes them more vulnerable. When in the battlefield they're pretty heavily armoured and their most common weapon is either the spear or bow.

In old tales Valkyries are the ones who decided which men stayed alive in the battle fields: they had the ability to resurrect them. Nowadays, Valkyries might gain a similar ability. They can collect souls from the dead and raise a ghost army of warriors. However, the skill comes with conditions. First of all, they must be skilled warrior who have gained reputation among other Valkyries and maybe even among other mythical creatures. Secondly they must be at least 22 years old. Thirdly there must be no humans who could have seen them and stayed alive. Even if these three conditions fulfill they might not get the ability. It all depends if they get their god's blessing. And if humans capture them they lost their skill immediately.

Since all the Valkyries left are females, the race is near extinction. No tale tells how it's even possible to have a race without any men. Some old books however mention Valkyries being children of a god and a human.

Cerberus: Three headed hellhound
ImageCerberus is black, big, three headed dog with a serpent's tail. It can change its size from humans' waist height to three times higher than human. They can have from one to three tails. The amount of their tails tells how strong they are. Three-tailed Cerberus is extremely rare, but one-tailed is a joke among them. Cerberus has no human-like form, but instead they can take a form of another canine to blend in.

They have ability to take control over either fire, shadows or earth. Fire can't hurt them but instead being exposed to too much water will make them weaker and might affect their ability to use magic. They can't stand daylight, although they don't burn or are killed by that. It just hurts their eyes and if Cerberus is too long in bright sunlight, they may become momentarily blind. They have, however, extremely good night vision. Seeing Cerberus is extremely rare since they prefer to stay in shadows and move at nights.

Cerberus has an ability of telepathy of sorts. However they can't decide who they talk to but everyone in certain range (what you could compare loudness of regular speech) can hear them. But everyone around them are able to understand the speech so they can communicate with others without problems.

With three heads, Cerberus hold three different life energies which intertwine and fight as the creature continues to live. These three energies can only hold the affinity of one magic type and can never be improved. It is rare for Cerberus to control all three magic types of their race, most often they only control one. The affinities of the three life energies is random. If more than one life energy holds the same magic type, the magic that is used is much stronger, controlled and mastered.

Humans: Not a mythical creature
Ordinary people with ordinary jobs and ordinary daily life. Most of them doesn't believe in mythical creatures, others do but even they have never seen one (or at least haven't survived from it). Do they believe in myths or not: it's up to you. However there's also the darker side of the human kind: The H.O.N -members that hunt and sell mythical creatures or parts of them.
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Re: Mythical creatures

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantheran on Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:33 pm

Character sheet

* You're free to use your own CS as long as it has the same information.
* Prove that you have read the race description by putting the last word of the description on your cs
* Also remember the story when you choose shapeshifter: cougar could have survived, rabbit not so likely.
* Valkyries are females. No changes.
* Pictures can be anime or art, no real life FCs
* Possible positions for H.O.N members: hunter, scout, medic, troop leader etc. If you reserve H.O.N member, tell me which position you want. You must choose some other position that has been already reserved.

Code: Select all
[center][color=choice of color][size=400][font=choice of font]Full Name Here[/font][/size]

[img]Picture here[/img]
[size=200][font=choice of font]"Quote"[/font][/size][/color]

[color=choice of color][b]Nickname[/b][/color]
[Fill in Here, code name for H.O.N members]

[color=choice of color][b]Gender[/b][/color]
[Fill in Here]

[color=choice of color][b]Race[/b][/color]
[Fill in here]

[color=choice of color][b]Age[/b][/color]
[Fill in Here]

[color=choice of color][b]Appearance[/b][/color]
[Fill in Here. Eye and hair colour, height, weight, tattoos, scars etc.]

[color=choice of color][b]Occupation[/b][/color]
[obligatory for humans, for HON members their positions, optional for paranormals]

[color=choice of color][b]Personality[/b][/color]
[Fill in Here]

[color=choice of color][b]Skills and flaws[/b][/color]
+ [Skill 1]
+ [Skill 2]
+ [Skill 3]

- [Flaw 1]
- [Flaw 2]
- [Flaw 3]

[color=choice of color][b]Weapons[/b][/color]
[obligatory for paranormals and H.O.N members, optional for other  humans ]

[color=choice of color][b]History[/b][/color]


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