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Sorcha comes from another dimension that is quite identical to our world. They call this realm Concordia, meaning "Harmony". This realm had once been in a peaceful state, it's ruler, Harel making sure that every argument was settled right before it escalated into something far worse. His regions were divided into six different continents. The first, being ruled by his eldest son, Markell, kept to the north of Harels palace. To the east, were the lands of his second son, Keegan, Taran to the south and Tristan to the west. Southeastern region was ruled by Jaegar and the northeastern, Orlan. His youngest, a daughter by the name of Sorcha would one day rule over all of Concordia, for the youngest always took over and she would wed a man chosen by her parents. Harels wife, Trynna, acted as housekeeper of the Palace and obeyed her husbands every whim. After thousands of years of being in nothing but peace, Concordia was suddenly overtaken by a league of twelve men, who claimed Harel was not a fit King of their nation. Each members of this league came from each of the six continents, calling themselves the League of Twelve and since Concordia had no need of a militia, Harel and his wife were quickly overrun by the men. The two were murdered, and soon Tristan, Jaegar, and Orlan followed their parents to the Underworld. The other three brothers were captured and sent to another world, Earth. They have no recollection of their past and blend in well with the rest of Earth's people.

Back in Concordia, Sorcha was kept captive for five years after the league took over Concordia. The world was now in shambles, the civilians involving themsleves in disputes that turned into a multitude of civil wars. Animals were hunting down the people, and vice versa, just to have food to eat. Poverty and despair rang out among the nation, and the League of Twelve forced Sorcha to watch the endless ravaging of her homeworld. Sadness closed around her and by the time she was eighteen years of age, she planned an escape that would allow her to rescue her brothers. Using the help of her powers, she summoned the most loyal of her friends, a wolf by the name of Malikye. With his keen instincts, he was able to help the young woman escape her imprisonment and led her to the Chamber of Reflection where a mirror held the passage to Earth. Now, anyone who wanted to be transferred from one world to another, had only to say the name of said world and the mirror would transfer that one person. Fortunately, Sorcha had overheard the league of men say the name of this other world. After voicing the name, she walked towards the mirror and went right through it.

This is where the story would begin. If interested, reply or PM me and we will discuss it further! I'm open to ideas, so don't be afraid to ask questions!

Here's the names of the Gods and Goddesses of Concordia. They can be played by anybody, seeing as they are all NPC, just as long as it makes sense with the scene.

Concordia: Order (Harmony/Peace)****Wife of Imfamel
Imfamel: Chaos (Destruction/War)****Husband of Concordia
Halikair: Death
Parthenia: Purity
Cytheria: Love
Orthniel: Wisdom


Character Sheet

1.Name: Choose one of the characters I've mentioned or, with my approval, one you would like to bring in.
2.Gender: Choose the gender of the character you will be using.
3.Age: Their age. I will list the ages of the brothers and League.
4.Race: The League has a mixture of races, and they can be what you decide. Concordia has a multitude of races.
5.Appearance: You may choose the appearance of the character you choose to use.
6.Alliance: Are you choosing to play as one of the members of The League of Twelve or one of the brothers or the Hero or an additional character?
7.Personality: You may choose their personality, but keep in mind, the brothers all share one similar trait and that is they are very protective of their one and only sister.. They just don't remember her yet.
8.Occupation/skills: The League of Twelve are open to whatever skills you want to give them and you may choose to have them as leaders before they took over Concordia or woodcutters, miners, whatever you want them to be... Just make them evil. I am not opposed to magic being used, just none of them can be demons or Gods.


Name: Sorcha
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Human
Appearance: 5'3”, Slender, Grey eyes, dark strawberry blonde hair that hangs down to the small of her back, always wears a white dress that either hangs down to just above her knees or all the way down to her ankles, always walks around barefoot, and wears a necklace with a heart-shape pendant that holds a family picture of all her brothers and both parents.
Alliance: She is the future Queen of Concordia.
Personality: Sorcha has a fiery, but sweet sort of personality. She has been known for her mood changes, but it only depends on the person she is keeping company with at that particular time. She loves all creatures and anyone who doesn't endanger others. Her feelings are very tender and she hurts easily because of her gentle nature. Most take advantage of Sorcha because of this, but she immediately recognizes such tactics and gives others a piece of her mind.
Occupation/Skills: Sorcha has a few skills: telepathy, the ability to make things grow/heal, adapt to different temperatures, and can speak to animals. Powers she inherited from her mother are: the magic that will allow Sorcha to give her brothers back their memories (control over the mind; dreams, thoughts, etc), and the power to restore energy to those who are weak and close to death.

Brother #1
Name: Markell
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race: Human
Appearance: Whatever you want it to be.
Alliance: One of Sorcha's brothers.
Personality: However you want him to be. Just make sure he is protective and loves his sister.
Occupation/Skills: Was the ruler of the Northern Regions of Concordia, but now since he's been sent to Earth, you may choose his new occupation and whatever skills he's developed. He will not have any of the skills that include magic when he was living in Concordia. He is to be a simple man, making a simple living or a leader, or, again, whatever you want him to be.

Brother #2
Name: Keegan
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human
Appearance: Refer to brother #1.
Alliance: Brother of Sorcha.
Personality: Refer to brother #1.
Occupation/skills: Refer to brother #1.

Brother #3
Name: Taran
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Appearance: Refer to brother #1.
Alliance: Brother of Sorcha.
Personality: Refer to brother #1.
Occupation/skills: Refer to brother #1.

The League of Twelve:

Going by the same character sheet with the brothers, choose the name, age, etc of the member of the League of Twelve you'd like to choose. You may choose more than one to play as. In fact, you may also use any other character to use because the League of Twelve will not be used that often, unless your character decides to follow Sorcha to Earth, which will probably end up happening as these men will find out she has escaped and will need to find ways of finding her and bringing her back before she finds her brothers.

The Hero:

The Hero can be any sort of man that you choose. Vampire, demon, God, etc.... But, first, you MUST run it by me first and say what your intentions are. I am not opposed to Romance developing between Sorcha and The Hero, in fact, it's preferred. What I mean by Romance is: limited amount of smut. Whatever sexual encounters happen, it must NOT be without romance. And it must be limited as well. We will discuss this further before agreeing to the roleplay. Use the character sheet I have provided and make this Hero what you want him to be.

Other Characters:

If you have a character in mind you'd like to bring into the role-play, fill in the character sheet and I will look over it. I am not opposed to adding additional roles in the story. In fact, it would make the story more interesting!

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Character Portrait: Saige Marie McKinley Saige is a girl of many talents with a knack for making friends and defending others.
Character Portrait: Drake Deonte Is a Sa'larin. He has a dragon tail that he usually keeps around his waist and out of the way. He has several jobs, one of which is as a tattoo artist for the humans and humanoids that required his service.
Character Portrait: Taran
Taran played by FunnyGuy
3rd Brother
Character Portrait: Arctaurus Once a bastion of justice, now this angel has committed a horrid sin and now is Fallen. He has a fraction of his power remaining, just enough to finish a quest, to redeem himself in the eyes of the gods.
Character Portrait: Valius Pendus Evil... Evil!.... EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Character Portrait: Markell
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The Eldest Brother
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The Universe will burn, The Flames set by my hands
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Character Portrait: Nazar
Nazar played by shinigamiriku
Born of the original chaos and steeped in death. Will he rule all or devour it?
Character Portrait: Keegan
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The Second Brother.
Character Portrait: Reicha Sharite A bounty hunter famed for craving excitement and adventure, who's morals are somewhat skewed.
Character Portrait: Kiel Tornath
Kiel Tornath played by Aufeis
One of the League of Twelve.
Character Portrait: Pyrus
Pyrus played by FunnyGuy
Likes long walks on the beach...
Character Portrait: Shien
Shien played by Magix
Fighting is too much effort. Why does "Peace" bring so much violence?
Character Portrait: Black Lotus
Black Lotus played by Jaybt9
Sorceress of the League of Twelve

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Concordia: Tournament Grounds (A Mystical Upbringing)

Black Lotus, the silent sorceress, had observed her surroundings. Her yellow eyes were primarily on the large creature, and the man drifting it, bringing itself forward to the royal castle, and making itself known, physically. Another proud warrior stood in front of the royal seats. Even standing near her, the sorceress could sense pride in his veins. She came to view of the king's satisfaction regarding the unknown man. He must have been proud of this man's status, as the warrior even stood more heroically than Shien.

He unveiled himself by removing his mask. A face of nobility. He looked so passionate for someone involved in many gruesome battles. As he told the news to the king, Black Lotus had felt negativity in her skin; cold as ice, that it began to give her a chill. Something was not right. Something mysterious, suspicious, and even.....wicked, was hiding in their midst.

"Black Lotus, Demetrius and I need your assistance."

A male voice of royalty called her name, turning her attention to him. She looked at Valius with her irises still golden.

"What do you need me to do?", her words transferred into the king's mind.

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Aus to the castle

Krystal smiled, acting casual as Zack said that there was nothing really the matter just that he felt weird. This was the kind of thing that she was meant to be looking out for, it was part of her mission. However she didn't push the point and instead made a mental note of what had happened. If something like this happened again she would certainly ask more about it. She kissed him one final time before sighing softly. "We should get back to work..." Krystal said letting go of him and moving over to the sink behind the bar to wash some of the glasses which needed attention. It wasn't a pressing task, but it still needed to be done.

Zack returned her kiss and nodded. He loved spending time with her, but they did have a business to run. Zack went out to the back and started to move things around. One thing was for sure, telekinesis was certainly helpful in checking stock.
Shien went inside the pub as Jason left to get some air. Shien didn’t pay all that much attention to his surroundings. After all he wasn’t in a rush though he really should have been. He went to the bar and saw a woman behind it, though her back was too him. He just called over to her. “Excuse me. If I could just get a quick beer I would very much appreciate it.” He did have a mission to do and wanted his bed. However the time away from the league, was certainly nice too.

Krystal was just casually cleaning the glasses when she heard the sound of someone entering, the creak of the door was a dead give away. She didn't turn around though. People were constantly coming and going inside the pub that she didn't tend to bother looking round anymore. However she did turn around when she heard someone speaking to her. "Yeah sure, that's fi..." She said, her voice stopping as she realized who it was. It was Shien. "What... what are you doing here?" Krystal said as she walked over towards him. It then suddenly occurred to her. "Don’t call me Cleo... Markell knows me as Krystal" She said. It was very important that he didn't start messing things up for her.

Shien looked up as he heard a familiar voice. He had inadvertently found Cleo, by slacking off. Here everyone said slacking was bad, well they were wrong. He didn’t get a chance to answer before she was saying not to call her Cleo. That was right there were certain rules that had to be followed. “Oh so this is where you work... Krystal. I was just here looking for you. Is there some place that we could talk a bit more privately however? You know the walls sometimes grow unwanted ears, and certain details getting out would be unacceptable.”

Krystal was a little taken back when he said that he was looking for her. "Why are you looking for me?" She asked trying to think of what could have happened for him to come and find her. Something pretty drastic must have happened. When he mentioned going somewhere more private she thought for a moment. Where could they go? "Umm... I guess we could head upstairs to our apartment" Krystal said, figuring that would be the safest place. Also she was sure that Zack would be able to hold down the bar for a little while and he would be busy out the back and probably wouldn't notice her disappearance.

Shien nodded. “Sounds fine to me, just lead the way. As far as what I can tell you out here, is Daddy dearest want’s to see you. Some real big changes have happened recently. Real big ones.” Shien though about what he should name himself, since he couldn’t be Shien there. “Come on, lead Detective Lee Rayborn wherever we can talk.”

Her father? Krystal was more than shocked to find out that he wanted to see her. Every time she was called on to see him she couldn't help but feel excited. Maybe this time he would show how much he cared? Yet another part of her was terrified. He scared her. "Ok... lee?" Krystal said as she picked up on the fact that he had named himself. It made sense. Krystal then led him upstairs to the small sitting room which she shared with Zack. Once they were there she turned to face Shien. "So what is going on?"

Lee sat down backwards in a chair in their room. He looked at Krystal and sighed. “Well for starters I have been sent to get you. Your dad seems to have it out for me when it comes to making me do stuff. Forced me into that stupid tournament and then now since I ruined that he wanted me to come get you. I woulda rather just came here in the first place, but Nooooo.” Lee caught himself starting to rant and stopped. “Let’s see where to start. As I said major changes have happened. For starters, dear princess Sorcha escaped.”

Krystal was glad that her father wanted to see her. It made her feel a little bit special. "So her highness has gone and run away" Krystal said in a sarcastic voice. She had never liked the princess. To her the princess was the entirety of everything she didn't have. At least her father had loved her. "Seems like a lot has changed, but why does my father want to see me?" She questioned. Although Krystal could tell that things were probably going downhill quickly if the princess had escaped.

Lee sighed once more. “You see it was Scythe that found the princess had escaped and went on without waiting on orders. I’m sure you can imagine how your daddy felt on that one. It’s been hell for the rest of us since. I’m pretty sure he has decided to make all our lives hell now, so he probably wants to give you more to do. I do need to warn you though. Before me he sent two others. A bounty hunter, whose whereabouts and skills I currently do not know. However the second person was Vann. Now Vann isn’t the capture and talk type. Vally not wanting Sorcha dead, only leaves the brothers.”

Krystal wasn't at all surprised when he mentioned that all hell had broken loose. What she was surprised when he brought up the bounty hunter. She didn't want Markell getting hurt but at the end of the day, it wasn't her choice. Krystal would do anything that her father asked her to do, and he knew it. "I can imagine my father was pissed off about all of this... why does he want to see me?" Krystal asked as she ran her fingers through her hair

Lee shrugged. “Not really sure. Probably to update your mission since he’s in his pissy mood, so no one can escape his... I’ll say wrath for lack of a better term. I can say one thing as your friend though, Krystal. All hell is about to break loose on both Concordia and Earth. Better choose your side now. Things aren’t as simple as they were 5 years ago.”

Krystal knew better than anyone how wide spreading and intimidating her father's wrath is. Lee mentioning it only made her smile. However the smile vanished as he mentioned choosing sides. "You know there is no choice for me... I'll do whatever my father asks me to do" Krystal said, snapping a bit.

Lee shook his head. “Such a shame that one would give up their free will just to impress another. I thought you would be better then that. However perhaps it isn’t my place to say. There are more then two sides to this upcoming war though Krystal. Would be a shame for you to look back, and find out you regret choices in your life.” Lee grinned a bit. “Maybe I’m not exactly the best one to be preaching.”

Krystal's mouth dropped open as he spoke about her not having her own free will. "That is sooo none of your business... maybe you should just shut up" She said defensively. Krystal paced a little as she ran her fingers through her hair. "When do I have to go?" She asked, wanting this over and done with.

Lee was taken aback a bit. “I apologize for overstepping my bounds. I will keep my opinions to myself.” He thought about a time. “Actually they never said. Although this is me so I’d expect them to not expect us for a while. And on top of that, I’m not ready to go back. This is like a vacation for me. So you have plenty of time to get ready.”

"Hmm..." Krystal said when he mentioned overstepping. She really didn’t like other people commenting on the relationship she had with her father. It was personal and complicated. When Lee went on about times she figured he was right. Her father wouldnt expect her right away after sending Shien. "Maybe we should go in the morning... get it over and done with" Krystal says before groaning. "God... I need to come up with something to tell Zack"

Lee though for a second. “Just tell him we’re family or something. You know we never were close or anything. Maybe my mom is sick. Hell she’s dead but he doesn’t need to know that. Whatever, I’m pretty flexible on a story. Would explain why I need to stay here tonight, and of course get wasted. I mean my family member owns a pub and I’m not gonna get drunk when my Mommy is sick. That doesn’t seem logical, so I’ll need to sell it.”

Krystal rolled her eyes when he finished speaking. "Any chance to get drunk right?" She teased, calming down a little bit. However what he was saying made sense and it would be easy to work on the story and make Zack believe her. "Sounds like a great plan... although make her still alive. When we leave I can be going with you to visit her" She said with a grin. This was all working out. "Now you just have to meet Zack"

Lee acted as if he was shocked to what she said, though it was an obvious act. “Drunk? Of course not I’m on a mission, however I need to sell the story so I’ll take one for the team.” When she mentioned meeting Zack he wasn’t very happy about it. That meant more effort, but as long as it got him some free or cheap booze that was okay. “Of course she can still be alive. Wouldn’t make sense if she wasn’t. So where is he? Also what’s the deal with you two? Still pretending to go out or whatever?”

Pretending? Krystal couldn't help but flinch at the word a little. She really did care about Zack and sometimes she was even able to delude herself into thinking that it was real. However Lee's words brought back the reality of it all. "We are engaged" Krystal told him. "And he is downstairs in the store room... I can go and get him now if you want? Or we could head down there" She offered, figuring the sooner they met the more time Zack would have to come to terms with it.

Lee turned his head at the news of the engagement. This wasn’t part of her assignment. Was she getting that close to him and not even realizing it? Maybe she was just lying to herself. Unless she was just that good of an actress. “Interesting.” Was all he could muster up to say. “I shall accompany you down to the bar and wait there for you to retrieve that fiancee of yours.” He was very interested in meeting the brother. After all he may have been part of the League, but he had no hand in the murders of the Royal Family. In truth he didn’t do much more then just taking care of some soldiers. He wasn’t very savvy on the whole murder thing, and he didn’t even kill anyone he came up against. Only the member that he replaced. Before that incident, he had been a loyal citizen. If they brothers did take over, perhaps he could be once more... No what was he thinking. He had life made here, and even though he disliked Valius, he couldn’t just throw everything he had away and have to put in the effort of helping. Could he?

Krystal could only guess what was going through his mind when she announced that Zack was her fiancee. She knew that she had got a lot closer than what she was meant to, but it was the only way she could think of making Zack stay with her for a long period of time. It also helped when her ability was weakening... one would run out on a girlfriend a lot quicker than someone they had promised to marry. This was the reason she at least tried to convince herself with. As Lee spoke about going down to meet him she nodded her head. Krystal led Lee back downstairs to the bar. "Wait here..." She said before heading out the back. "Zack?" She called out as she wondered out to the store room.

Lee had followed Krystal out and sat down at the bar. He wasn’t going to waste time though. Instead he was going to start making a list of what to try first. It was like he was a kid in a candy store. He just hoped they accepted Gold as payment.

Zack was finishing up the stock work. He only had to cover the counter once, but he did wonder where Krystal had gone since she hadn’t said anything. As he heard his fiancee’s voice, he put down what he was doing and walked over towards her voice until he found her. “Ah there you are my dear. I was wondering where you had went before. Is there something I can do for you?”

Krystal smiled as she spotted him. "Sorry, my umm... cousin showed up" She explained quietly as she wrapped her arms around him. "I was upstairs talking to him. Turns out my Aunt is sick and he came to find me to let me know. He's out in the bar if you want to meet him?" Krystal offered as she kissed his lips softly.
Zack Smiled. Krystal very rarely ever mentioned any family. In fact she almost never did. “A cousin of yours? Of course I would love to meet him. I am sorry to hear about your aunt though. Are you okay? I mean we can close down the pub for a few days and go visit her if you would like to.”

"No..." Krystal said shaking her head. "I'm fine, we were not that close... I mean I haven't seen her for years" She said pretending to go quiet for a few moments. "Umm anyway, come out and meet Lee, you might really like him" Krystal said, pretending to avoid the topic of her aunt.

Zack nodded to her. He trusted her completely so there was no need to question her decision, although she seemed like something was bothering her. He wouldn’t push the issue of course. He nodded as she said to come and meet Lee who he assumed was her cousin. He followed her out to the bar and looked at the man sitting at the bar. Zack Smiled and walked over to the man who looked at them. “Well hello there, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Zack, Krystal’s fiancee.”

Lee returned the smile and extended his hand. “Hello.” He spoke softly as if something weighed heavily on his mind. “I am Lee, Krystal’s cousin. The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.”

Zack shook Lee’s hand and laughed. “No need to be so formal boy. Not when your family. I heard about your mom, and while all I can do is hope for the best for her, drinks are on the house for you tonight.”

Lee had to hold back his excitement. He really wanted to jump up and yell his joy to the world, however, he was supposed to be upset. “Thank you. I appreciate that.” Lee looked at Krystal and smiled, while it seemed innocent to Zack, Krystal would know why the smirk covered his face.

Krystal led Zack out to where Lee was sitting at the bar and then watched the two of them. She was glad that both of them seemed to being nice to each other. When Zack offered unlimited alcohol for the night she just shook her head. "Just no getting too wasted Lee" Krystal said in what came across as a teasing voice but Lee would be able to see the truth behind it. "Zack... I said he could stay with us tonight, is that alright?"

Lee shook his head as Krystal seemed to tease him. “Of course not. Scouts honor.” He mocked her. Reading all those books on Earth, he knew a lot of their quirky sayings. Zack put his hand on Krystal’s shoulder as she asked. “Bah like you need to ask. He can stay as long as he needs to and drink as much as he wants. We’re all family in this pub so why not add one more who actually is a blood relation to you?”

Krystal smiled as Zack spoke about family in the pub. "Yeah that is true... Although you really don’t know what you are saying when giving him permission to drink as much as he wants" Krystal said, continuing on her teasing happy attitude as she kissed Zack once more before moving behind the bar. "What did you want Lee? And Zack, did you want a drink?" Krystal offered.
Zack shrugged as she mentioned him not knowing what he was saying. Lee possibly couldn’t drink that much, could he? Lee just grinned a bit as Krystal asked what he wanted. “Whatever you would recommend dear cousin. Please both of you at least share one drink with me. It isn’t often I get to visit here, and it would be the ultimate shame, if I couldn’t at least get one drink with you two.” Zack’s thinking was broken Krystal and Lee speaking to him. “Well after that little speech I can’t really say no, can I? I will have whatever your offering dear.”

Krystal certainly couldn't argue with that logic of that. It had been an interesting day to say the least and she could do with a drink. Maybe it might even stop her from thinking of that meeting she had to have tomorrow morning with her father. "Ok you two... three beers coming right up" Krystal said as she moved over to the tap and proceeded to pour three, one for each of them. "So Lee... what have you been doing with yourself?" She asked, making conversation.

Zack Smiled as he took the beer, although he was still behind the counter. Lee looked at the beer for a second and picked it up. He was a fan of beers, as well as various other hard liquors. He drank some of it down and looked at Krystal. “Well you know me. A bit of this and that, mostly lazying around the house.”

Zack looked at him. “Shouldn’t you be helping your mother if she’s sick? I mean I don’t wanna sound preachy but I’m sure she could use a hand.” Lee looked at him for a second and though up a quick lie. “Oh did Krystal not tell you? We’re pretty wealthy, so there’s nothing I can do. The best doctors are taking care of everything, and if I’m there for more then just a visit like you would visit someone that didn’t live with you, I am just in the way. So I figured I’d come find some of the family that she hasn’t seen in years. Never know when it’ll all be over ya know? Life as we all know it could end tomorrow for all we know, so may as well meet up with all that long lost family now.”

Zack smiled, it all made sense the way he layed it out like that. “Yes family is very important. I don’t really have anyone other then Krystal, so I really don’t know mine. If I did have any others though, I’m sure it would be important to me to know them.” Lee just smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

Krystal remained quiet to let the two men 'bond' however she was shocked when Lee so quickly forgot the story that he was meant to be sticking to. She could have hurt him so badly. If he screwed this up for her then she would murder him, no questions asked. To make matters worse, Zack seemed to even pick up on the irregularity in the story. Lucky for both her and Lee, Lee managed to cover up quick enough and thankfully Zack believed him. "Hmm yeah well it wont be long until we are a real family" Krystal said grinning at Zack. Deep down though she was thinking about her real family and worrying what her father had to speak to her about.

Zack turned to Krystal and smiled. He put his arms around her and gave her a kiss. “Nope. It won’t be long at all.” Lee just shrugged laughing on the inside as he noticed Krystal notice where the conversation was going. “Well it’s good to see that your both doing so well. You know you could have family anywhere. Maybe some that you don’t even know of. Just food for thought right there,” Lee smiled as he drank down the rest of the beer.

Krystal grinned as he kissed her, playing her part to perfection. Then again she'd had years of practice. When Lee mentioned that he could have family anywhere and not know about it she turned to glare at him. Why was he bringing this up? She was meant to be keeping Zack away from his family and stop him looking too deep into such things. "We could all have family we dont know about... but I for one am happy with the family I know about and love" She said, trying to make it sound like they didn't need any more family than what they had.

Lee shrugged. “True enough I suppose. Can I get another beer?” Zack actually pondered it for a minute and looked at Lee. “Of course.” He said filling up another beer for him. Lee took it and stood up. “I’m just going for a quick breather outside. I’ll be back. As I said that was just some food for thought.” Lee walked out smirking to himself. Zack turned back to Krystal. “I couldn’t be happier about our soon to be family. I love you after all.”

Krystal shook her head a little as Lee walked away. Having him here was turning out to be a lot more challenging than what she had originally though it would be. When he left and Zack spoke to her, Krystal just smiled at him. "I love you too, and I consider you more my family than Lee or anyone in my real family" She said, not meaning it but still saying it

Zack hugged his fiancee and kissed he once more. “With you around I don’t need any other family. Even if I did have more family, if it meant losing you, I would give them up in a second.” Zack really did love her. That would make the truth hurt him so much more. Lee walked outside and breathed in a deep breath. Earth air was much easier to breathe in then Concordian air. Probably because it is less polluted with the constant war.

His words which were meant to comfort did the exact opposite as Krystal felt a huge His words which were meant to comfort did the exact opposite as Krystal felt a huge amount of guilt rising up in the pit of her stomach. He loved her so much... yet they could never really be together. She was his enemy, he just didn't know it. "Promise?" Krystal said in a small voice as she looked into her eyes. Deep down she loved him. Everything was just so complicated and messed up that for the most of the time she didn't let herself believe it.

Zack nodded and held her close. He had no reason to not love her with all his heart. She was his world and has been for years. “I promise. I will never choose anyone or anything over you. You are my whole world. Nothing will ever come close to you. Nothing can ever change that.”

Krystal looked up at him with a hesitant smile. She wished that she would have been able to say the same thing to him in return but she couldn't. Her father had always been number one in her life and always would be. Krystal couldn't explain it but she desperately needed her fathers approval. "I love you" Krystal simply replied.

Zack looked at Krystal once more. He trusted her with all his heart of course, but he couldn’t help but feel as if she should visit her aunt. “Are you sure that you don’t wish to visit your aunt? I mean you don’t want to regret anything if the worst happens.” He really didn’t want her to worry about her and even if she didn’t want her aunt to meet him, he wanted her to at least have a chance to avoid a decision she could regret.

Krystal looked at him for a moment as he spoke. She thought about it for a moment, now would be a great time to agree to go just so she could see her father and have an excuse. "Hmm... maybe I should, I dont know" Krystal said thinking about it. "Maybe I should just go and see her, spend one night...." Krystal said as if she was thinking out loud.

Zack nodded. “Yes, yes you should go visit her. Would you like me to accompany you, or stay here and avoid the added burden of me being there?” Zack didn’t want to be a burden or push Krystal however he did want to make sure that she didn’t have any regrets in life.

Krystal shook her head. "You would never ever be a burden on me" She said kissing his lips softly. "Who would look after the bar though if we both went?" She said looking around at the bar and the customers which were still around and dependant on the bar being open as a place to go and get away from things.

Zack smiled and nodded after she kissed him. “Your right. I will keep everything in order here, and you go and don’t worry about a thing. You stay as long as you need to, just call every so often and let me know your okay if it will be an extended time. That’s all I ask.”

"I'll miss you" Krystal said as she looked into his eyes for a moment or two. "And of course I will call you, no way could I go for over a day without talking to you" Krystal said teasing him a little. She became a little more serious. "Thank you for being understanding" She said quietly.

“I will miss you as well.” Zack said. It was true, but he could deal with it for as long as need be. “You don’t need to thank me. I would do anything for you, and that will never change. Are you packed up to go or do you still need to?”

"I still need to... You will be alright holding down the fort right?" Krystal said, giving him one more kiss before she pulled out of his arms and heading towards the stairs which led upstairs. She turned back with a grin though. "Watch how much Lee is drinking... don’t let him get carried away" Krytal said before heading upstairs to pack. It took her about an hour to get things packed and sorted and then another hour or so to get things for dinner ready. She also showered and made herself a little bit more presentable before she began to head back downstairs to check on the boys and what they were doing.

Zack nodded as she went up to get ready for the next day. Soon after she had left Lee returned and discovered the wonders of Vodka. By the time she came down three quarters of the bottle was gone, and he was chugging straight from it. “Hey Cousin” Lee yelled out leaning back on the stool he was on and very tipsy. “We are having a great time here. Why didn’t you tell me Jimbo here golfeded.” He said referring to the man next to him, who was actually named Charlie, who spoke to him about bowling, not golf. Zack just got a kick out of it that Lee was enjoying himself. What was the point in having a pub, if you couldn’t laugh with the drunks ever now and then?

Krystal was a little shocked when she came downstairs to find Lee the life of the bar. He was completely drunk as he was almost falling off the stool he was perched on. Krystal gave a warey look towards Zack. "Hey Lee... ready for dinner? I have cooked up some pasta?" She offered, thinking it would be a good idea to close up shop at this point in time and get some food into him.

Lee laughed and chugged the rest of the bottle down. “Nah let’s not do thats. I have another friendy to meet named whiskey. He is calling me. Do you hear it? Sh...Sh...” Lee passed out right there the chair tipping over and falling to th ground. Luckily, the bottle fell on him and didn’t break. Zack walked over to him and knew that Krystal would be upset with him. He picked Lee up as Charlie picked up the bottle and Chair. Zack just looked at Krystal with a goofy awkward smile

Krystal watched him as he swayed on the chair. He looked like he was incredibly drunk and there was no way she was going to allow him anywhere near the whiskey. She almost forgot how to breathe though when he went to scream out his name. Krystal had taken a step or two across the room to silence him when he feel off the chair and passed out. Krystal just rolled her eyes as the other two boys helped him up. Her attention turned to Zack as he gave her that goofy grin. "Don’t you dare smile at me like that... I told you not to get him drunk" Krystal said, although a smile on her face. .

Zack shrugged almost dropping Lee at one point. “I’m sorry, but his mother is sick. I wanted to give him a chance to unwind. The way he drank, he’ll be okay in the morning. Although I would prefer it if you did the driving.” He chuckled a bit and carried Lee upstairs laying him in the guest room. Then he returned to Krystal and looked at her. “So about that Pasta....”

Krystal couldn't really argue with his logic. In some way, it was kind of sweet of him to be so nice to Lee. Also it was half her fault as well since she should have been keeping more of an eye on Lee, after all she knew what he was like. When Zack mentioned the driving she nodded her head. They wouldn't be driving anywhere but Zack didn't know that. She followed the men upstairs and watched as Zack put Lee in the spare room. "I am meant to be angry with you and all you are thinking about is your stomach" Krystal teased as she walked over to the small kitchen and dished him up some and handed him a bowl before getting herself some. "Enjoy" She said with a smile.

Zack smiled a goofy smile again. “Well I’d really prefer it if you weren’t mad at me.” He looked at the food and dug in. Between chewing he looked up and smiled. “It’s great. I will miss your cooking tomorrow you know.” He was only busting her chops, but that didn’t stop him from saying it.

Krystal just shook her head as she sat down at the small table to eat her own bowl of pasta. She knew that he was only teasing her and that he was really supportive of her. It upset her to know that she was betraying him but it had to be done... at least that was what she told herself. The rest of the night was like any other normal night for the couple, simply just spending time together before heading off to bed. The next morning Krystal woke up at around nine to get ready to head off to see her father.

Zack was up early the next day to open the pub. There were a few regulars that liked to come on in early and just hang out there shooting some pool or something. He also had to finish the stock duty that he neglected the day before. Around 8:30 Lee strolled out of his resting spot and walked down the stairs. Zack got him all situated with a nice pot of coffee and was all finished with stock duty by the time Krystal was up. He ended up just letting her get ready and went to play some pool with the few people that were there. Lee just sat at the bar drinking his coffee an ice pack and some asprin. He wasn’t used to getting hangovers, Valius barely ever let them drink. However he wouldn’t deny that he had a hell of a night.

Krystal showered and then spent about twenty minutes trying to pick something to wear. She wanted to look nice for her father but not over the top or anything. Geez she was starting to stress out alright. Her body was trembling a little as she ended up picking out a dark pair of jeans, some black heels and a white blouse. To Zack she might look a little dressed up but she would just put it off to her aunt living in the city. Slowly she walked downstairs and that was when she spotted Lee at the bar. He looked shocking. "Morning, any regrets about last night?" Krystal said to Lee with a teasing grin as she went behind the bar to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Lee looked up as Krystal came down stairs and spoke to him. He smiled to her and shook his head a bit. “Nope not one. Although I can’t say I remember half of it. Let’s see I had two beers, you left I had that Jack Daniels and then I remember trying Vodka. I don’t remember much after that. Wanna fill me in cousin?” Zack didn’t notice that Krystal had come down yet so he just kept playing pool. Outside Jason was walking around. He had returned this day, but was weary of more pranks so he was just there trying to muster up the courage to go inside.

Krystal looked at Lee as he seemed to find it amusing about what had happened last night. She clearly didn't find it as funny. "Well I have no idea how much you had to drink but you almost gave us away. You were going to call your name out across the bar when you passed out. I told you to watch how much you were drinking" Krystal said in a stressed out voice. It wasn't so much over what had happened last night, but more over the fact that she had to see her father today.

Lee was a bit surprised that he almost blew things accidentally, but he also found it pretty funny. “Hey I did watch how much I drank. I watched it go up and up and up. It’s weird though. I remember my tolerance being slightly higher. I think it has been much to long since your father has let me drink.” It was obvious why he didn’t but Lee still liked to drink as often as he could. “If I passes out before anything was said then no worries. Don’t sweat the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.” It wasn’t long before Zack noticed Krystal talking to Lee, and he made his way over. “And how are we both doing today? All ready for your trip?”

Krystal was still angry with Lee. He still seemed to be taking this a joke. Krystal was too stressed out to be playing his little games. However before she could yell at him some more, Zack walked over. The angry expression on her face turned to a smile as she looked at Zack. "Good Morning. Yeah I am ready, how about you Lee?" Krystal asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

Lee stood up and nodded. “Yes I am ready to go. Although I will need to come and visit more often. Thank you both for your hospitality. I hope one day I can return the favor.” Zack nodded. “Please come visit all you want Lee. It was very nice having you here.” Lee bowed a bit and looked at Krystal. “I will meet you outside Dear Cousin.” Lee turned around and walked outside. He adjusted his jacket which temporarily made his demon arm visible. It would have been fine, had Jason not seen. Not understanding what he saw he instantly hid. Meanwhile inside Zack walked behind the bar to Krystal. “Have a nice time. I hope your aunt get’s better soon. Don’t worry about a thing here. I can take care of it all.”

Krystal listened quietly as the boys said their goodbyes. She was glad that the two of them were being separated. Shien had almost stuffed it up more than once and she couldn't imagine what would happen if he actually had. Everything would be ruined. When Lee said he would meet her outside she nodded her head before turning to Zack. "I'll be back before you know it" She said, leaning in and kissing him softly as she wrapped her arms around him.

Zack returned her hug and kiss. “I know you will. The pub will be here when you return just as you left it. I promise.” There was another incident in the past about 2 years ago that Markell had almost let the bar get ruined when a fight broke out. However he did stop the fight and everything turned out okay. He was also more serious now, believe it or not.

Krystal raised an eyebrow as he spoke about it being just as she left it. "Hmm... so there will be no out of hand bar fight?" Krystal said, teasing him a little. She knew that he had changed a lot since then but she still couldn't help but bring it up. "It's ok, I trust you" She said kissing him. "And I love you" She said, giving him one more hug and kiss before pulling away and collecting her bags from the bottom of the stairs. "I'll see you tomorrow at some point" She said with a smile.

Zack laughed as she mentioned the bar fight. Despite it almost destroying the pub, it was a hell of a brawl. As she collected her things and walked out Zack just smiled. “I love you too and I will await your return my dear.” He stood for a moment before he heard the patrons calling for him. He was up in pool. He walked over and continued the game knowing Krystal would be fine.

As Krystal came out Lee looked at her and what she was carrying. Now the gentleman thing to do would be offer to help her. “Damn, did you bring enough crap? It’s 1 day maybe even less depending on Daddy’s mood. This pendant better bring this crap through because I am not coming back for it.” He started guiding her to where they needed to go.

Jason had noticed Krystal join the man with that weird arm. Somehow he was hiding it though. It was like something out of a ghost story. Krystal was kind to him though, he couldn’t just let her go with this guy unknowing of him. He followed them quietly. They didn’t seem to see him so far luckily. Jason really wanted to pounce on the guy and tell Krystal to run but at this point he was too nervous. He couldn’t even hear what they were saying. What was he going to do?

Krystal rolled her eyes when Lee commented on how much she had packed. "I am a girl... Zack would ask questions if I didn't pack a lot. He has to believe that I really went to see an aunt" She said as she continued to follow him over to where they needed to go. Krystal didn't even notice that Jason was following them, or that he was planning on trying to protect her. She was more just thinking about what her father would say and hoping that he would be pleased with her.

Lee just shook his head. “Girls and their stuff.” He stopped her when he saw the mark on the ground . It was pretty wide so it would surely fit a large group of people if necessary. Lee walked inside but didn’t turn around, He figured Krystal would come close to him. “Come on, you wanted to get this over with right?” After she was inside he took the pendant off his neck and looked at it. “I guess we are ready then.” The circle they were inside began to glow and Jason looked up. He ran at them and yelled. “Wait don’t go with h....” Just then he stepped inside the circle and they were all teleported to Concordia. The stood near the mirror in the Castle and Shien just turned around. He looked down at Jason and took off his jacket. “Shit.” That was the only word he could muster up. Other league members would just kill him, but Shien didn’t make it a habit to kill kids. He turned to Cleo. "A friend of yours?"

Krystal half turned around when she heard a voice yelling out behind her. It caught her off guard and caused alarm to rise up in her face as she realised who it was and how close he was to them as they began to teleport. As the arrived in the castle next to the mirror she instantly dropped her bags and turned to face Jason. Shien had already noticed him. "Shit is an understatement" Cleo said as she ran her fingers through her hair. "I dont really know him... he's been in the pub before though" She said looking at Jason. Things were not going to end well for him. He would either be killed or put in a cell somewhere and forgotten about.

Shien sighed. “Just great. More crap to deal with.” Shien’s arm was once again demon looking and he just looked at the boy. He shook his head and picked him up dragging him to the cells. “Come on Krystal.” As they made it to the cells he threw Jason in one next to Sorcha’s wolf. He locked the door and turned around. Outside of it was some kind of Zombie. “What the hell is that?” Before anyone could answer though it lunged. Shien quickly put it down with his gun. The corpse lit on fire and burned into nothingness. “We need to get you to your father, but first I need my sword.” Shien’s chambers were closer then the throne room so it would more be a pit stop. “You can fight, can’t you Cleo? I can cover in front of us no problem, but I can’t cover us both from front and back at this point.” He could really, but he wanted to try and keep Spirit’s Bane hidden in case of an emergency.

Cleo didn't say anything as Jason was dragged into a cell. She felt bad for him but it was just the way things had to be. Back on earth she acted very submissive, but here, well she knew where she stood and with her father in control she held quite a high position. Cleo looked at Jason before turning to leave. "Sorry..." She said and as she turned she was confronted with a Zombie. Shien was quick to act. Cleo was caught off guard. It had been a long time since she had been in any sort of action. "Can I fight? I bet I could kick your ass without even trying" Cleo said confidently, she'd had a lot of practice growing up. "Are you going to give me a weapon?" She asked, a little bit of attitude in her voice.

Shien looked at her. It didn’t seem like Zombies were everywhere at least where they were. He looked down at his gun though. He pulled out a few clips and Charged them all with his own Magic. “Here” he said handing her the gun and the few extra clips. “It’s got a hell of a recoil so be careful with it.” He didn’t have a weapon per-say at the moment, but he did have an incredibly strong Demon arm and lightning magic, He would be fine. “Stay Close and let’s move” he said as he walked cautiously out into the hallway. He really hated doing this crap, and then protecting someone else too? Valius owed him big time for this one. It was something a bed wouldn’t cover.

Jason just stared at who he knew as Krystal. She said she was sorry? Sorry? She was letting this psycho lock him up for god knows how long and she was sorry? He would’ve been tempted to yell, had he not been in shock of the Zombie rusing the room. Instead he just fell back and sat in the middle of the cell. Next to him was an empty cell on one side and on the other a wolf. He was completely freaked by all this. He just sat there wondering one thing. “Why does this have to happen to me?”

Cleo felt a lot better when Shien handed her a gun. She had been taught to use one at the age of ten so she was well aware of how to use it and how to brace for the recoil, especially on a gun she had never used before. When he handed it to her she weighted it in her hand and tested it in a firing position before nodding her head a little with approval. "How about you stay close?" Cleo said in a teasing manner. She was a little taken back by how protective Shien seemed to be. He must really want that new bed.

Shien lead her down the halls blasting a few of the Undead with some lightning as they got in the way. He didn’t like to kill, but was it really killing when they were already dead? Nope, in Shien’s mind that was fine. “Oh Cleo a detail I forgot to mention. The kingdom has had some smaller villages attacked lately. We didn’t know what was doing it. I think it’s safe to guess now though.” They had made it to his room with ease. Shien ran inside and grabbed his sword, although not without also putting on his Concordian attire. If he was going to do work, then he’d look his part. Now in his usual clothes and his sword in hand he turned to Krystal. “Ready to go see Daddy? I’m sure he’s thrilled right now.”

Cleo waited outside the door for him, standing guard. She thought over what Shien had said. So villages were being attacked, a princess had escaped, her father was having trouble with Scythe... and now she was being called back. This was not going to end well. When Shien came back Cleo looked at him with a nervous expression. "I guess... should I get changed or something?" Cleo asked since she noticed that Shien had changed into normal Concordia clothing.

Shien looked to her and thought for a moment. “Well you could. Although he’ll probably be upset and knowing that you changed before coming to see him may upset him. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass if he get’s upset at me. He usually is anyway. You on the other hand for some god knows what reason, long for his approval. So it’s your choice.” Shien knew she’d probably say to just take her to Valius. Besides he wouldn’t even know where to start looking for clothes for her. She had been with Markell since they took over this place.

Cleo thought about it for a moment. "Fine... just take me to my father" She said with a sigh. Cleo was just really hoping that he wouldn't be angry with her. She had done everything he had asked of her. She had given up the possible life of living as almost a princess in this castle to go to earth and not once had she complained. As eager as she was for his approval, she wasn't holding her breath.

Shien sighed, hoping that she would just defy her father and change. “Follow me then.” He said as he cut through the undead in his way. The odd thing was that the ones that didn’t burn, still could move even when sliced up. Interesting information. Shien led Cleo to the throne room and surprisingly it wasn’t under that much siege. It wasn’t until he opened the door he realized why however. Valius wasn’t in there. Then it hit him. He read about the pendant Valius gave him before. It not only returned you to where you were, but it also returned you with only a fraction of the time gone. While about 12 hours had passed on Earth, it had only been 2 or 3 on Concordia.

Shien realized Valius must still be outside, overlooking the tournament site. He looked around the throne room and huddled in the corner were a few maids along with Valius’ Royal Teleporter. “Great you come here now.” He demanded the of the teleporter. The teleporter reluctantly came over. “Send us to Valius at once. Then you can return to hiding.” The teleporter looked over to Cleo and realized who she was. He nooded furiously and raised his arms. Instantly the two were outside. Near them were Valius, Demetrius, and Black Lotus. Of course they were surrounded by Undead as well. Shien stuck his hand out to Cleo for his gun back and looked around. “Geeze. I leave for a few hours and the whole Castle goes to hell? Who did you piss off this time Vally?”

Cleo followed along quietly, even managing to shoot a few of the undead as they passed them. Her shoot was actually pretty good with how long it had been since she had fired a gun. Once they entered the throne room she had been expecting to see her father but instead he wasn't there. She remained quiet as Shien demanded a teleporter to take them to her father. She watched as the man seemed to recognize her and who she was. Cleo wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. When the instantly appeared outside she saw her father for the first time in two years. When Shien helf out his hand for the gun she handed it to him. Cleo then kept back since she didn't have a weapon. Her eyes were glued to her father though, hoping for some sign that he cared.

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Castle Oblivion: Too much work...

Valius grinned at Black Lotus as he heard her voice in his mind. This wasn't a grin of mischief, but one of that appeared to be heartwarming. Her voice was soothing to him, and made him feel as if his stress had been discarded. Black Lotus's skills weren't meant for battle, but they were greatly prized. Just as he was about to speak to the sorceress, he heard the sounds of waling and screaming people. Demetrius looked over toward the chaos that had just begun. Valius's grin faded into a frown immediately as he gazed upon the blood shed. The attackers looked wounded, but combated like healthy soldiers. Demetrius didn't even move, only watching along with his king until he received an order.

"Pyrus and Kiel are going to miss out..." Demetrius said coldly before turning to Valius. Valius had no compassion for the lives being taken. Most were insignificant to him. He felt that if you couldn't survive, then there was a good reason why you were dead. The victim was either not important enough, or didn't hold great power in the palm of their hands. "Our talk will have to wait I suppose." Demetrius said trying to break Valius's silence.

"Indeed. Let's he-" Valius said not turning his head. the castle guard began to defend against the invasion.He was cut off when both Krystal and Shien appeared in his midst. He gave Shien a look of spite at first, but smile appeared on his face. He waved his hand to Demetrius as one of the zombie soldiers had advanced close enough to attempt a slash with its sword. In that instant, Demetrius blocked with his own sword and half looked at the zombie before its body began to come to a stand still. The zombified elf was quickly encased in ice before Demetrius withdrew his blade and stabbed at the frozen creature, shattering its body. "I see you actually completed your mission right this time. Good, but tell me this. How can you receive your prized bed, if the castle is destroyed? I'll need you to remain here with... Black Lotus. She can assist you while you save my castle. Kiel and Pyrus may come to your aid if they find this battle to their interest." Valius said as he placed a hand on Demetrius's shoulder. "I'll need you to escort my daughter and I to the throne room."

Demetrius nodded before looking at Krystal with his almost never changing cold expression. Valius however, had only set his eyes on Krystal long enough to just notice she had arrived. It wasn't that he didn't care for his daughter, but to him, she was like another one of his valuable assets. She didn't receive any special privileges. It had been this way since the death of his wife. Looking her face to face, she wasn't his daughter, she was one of his subordinates. Valius's attention was mainly on the invasion and the status of the eldest brother. If they are attacking my castle, then they are targeting its King. Whoever is attacking should be well aware that their effort is fruitless.

Demetrius took the lead, leaving Valius and Krystal to walk side by side. Undead soldiers were being frozen and taken out.

"It seems like the cold of death isn't enough to withstand my magic." Demetrius said to himself after several successful kills. In back of Demetrius, Valius walked beside his daughter with his hands clasped at his back.

"Cleopatra... How have you been?" Valius asked. This question seemed simple to answer, but he truly wanted her to tell him everything that was going on Earth.

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Earth: Landing in Ireland/Hotel

The flight seemed to take forever but finally their journey through the air ended and it wasn’t long before the group of four found themselves inside a taxi. Saige, knowing a small bit of the hotels in Ireland and at the request of Sorcha, directed the cab driver to a small, but cozy hotel called Castle Hotel. The front of the building resembled a castle with an extended area held for the one hundred and thirty-one rooms for its guests. After Masaharu paid the cab driver, Saige led the group into the main lobby of the hotel and found it fitting for a princess like Sorcha.

The Princess smiled, hearing the beautiful music that she soon learned was called Irish folklore. The accents spoken by the people here mesmerized her and she could no nothing but listen to them speak. When they approached the lady at the desk, Saige arranged the rooms; she purchased a suite with two rooms, both with double beds in them. Once Masaharu dished out the money, with Sorcha giving it the illusion of Irish currency, Saige led them to the rooms.

Upon first glimpse of the suite, Saige and Sorcha both stood in awe of the intricate decorations, the carpet was a plush red color, a bright blue couch with gold lining sat in the middle with a table holding a tv sitting across from it. To each side of the couch were doors leading to the two bedrooms. Another door to the right from where they stood opened to the bathroom which had marble floors and counter-tops, the tub was marble as well with jets on the sides. The shelves were well stocked with white, fluffy towels and wash cloths; equally white and fluffy rugs were set neatly on the floor, one next to the tub and the other in front of the two sinks. A hair dryer hung from the wall and another door led to a closet with an iron and ironing board inside. A small trash can sat underneath the countertops.

Walking further into the room, the group searched the rest of the suite finding the double beds in each room were both king sized with fluffy pillows covered with red and gold pillowcases. The comforters upon the beds were red and gold as well. End tables were on each sides of the bed, the middle having a phone. Tvs sat before the beds atop dressers and mirror next to them. Quite happy with the suite, Sorcha turnSeans around and moves to sit upon the couch. Saige joins her and the other two find seats as well. After a few quiet moments passed by, Sorcha sighed softly and looked at the other three, first giving Reicha a knowing glance before looking at the other two. “I know you and Lord Masaharu have questions for me. I will happily answer them, as I see fit. Now, who will go first?”

“Wait! Maybe we should order some food. I am starving after that long flight across the ocean and I’m sure everyone else is, too. Do you all agree?” After a moment or two of thinking, Saige grins and jumps up from the couch. Withing moments, the group have settled around the living area with an Irish dish in their hands: Irish stew with bread on the side to eat and an Irish wine to drink. “Okay, now we can start.” Said Saige nibbling on some of the bread after dipping it into the stew.

Earth: Corissa, dragged by Will to confront Sean

Corissa entered the building and rolled her eyes as Will and Sean both got into it. She followed them to where Will dragged Sean. She’d ignored the little minion speaking to her and went to stand in between the two guys, a hand pressed against each chest. “Okay, you two. Break it up and let’s go back to the estate where we can discuss this at home. I want to see to Will’s injuries and make sure they don’t get infected. If he dies, I will revive him and kill yall both myself.” Grumbling, she walks away and out of the building, knowing they’d have no choice but to follow her. Sean hardly ever let her out of his sight if she was not within the safety of the estate.

Concordia: In the Prison Cells

He lifted his furry, white head and looked with blue eyes as Shien entered the dungeon. He noticed the Princess, Cleopatra, walk in behind him while Shien dragged in a human boy then threw him into the cell neighboring his own. After they left, Malikye raised to a sitting position and then opened his mouth, panting. He wasn’t quite sure why the boy was being imprisoned, but he could guess why Princess Cleopatra had been returned. Hearing the boy speak, Malikye walks over to where their cells joined and looked at the boy, tilting his head to the side. He sensed panic and fear coming from the boy and felt the need to soothe him.

“Listen, boy. You should not have followed Princess Cleopatra. She is the daughter of an evil man and the man she follows, Shien, is one of the evil father’s minions. You are in grave danger by staying here. We must find a way to free you.” The wolf’s mouth never moved, but his blues stared deeply into the boy’s. “Do you hear me, boy?” Though, the wolf’s intentions were to make the boy feel calm, Malikye’s words were surely to set Jason into panic mode even more.

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Cleo watched as her father only quickly glanced at her. It was for a split second and barely long enough for him to notice that it was her. He seemed to notice though as he turned his attention to Shien. Cleo felt a surge of jealousy and anger. It had been two years and her father hadn’t even looked at her, yet he had looked at Shien who had would have seen not that long ago. It hurt. Cleo remained silent though. She knew as well as anyone that you cant stand up to her father... he would just order her locked up or give her some sort of punishment. He didn’t play favourites.

Listening to her father give order’s she noticed Demetrius looking at her with a cold expression. Cleo just glared back at him. Despite knowing that her father didn’t play favourites, him being in control did give her a degree of respect around here. In that sense she wasn’t going to look away or be intimidated by this man. Cleo waited until he looked away before her attention turned back to her father who was leaving. She couldn’t help but feel a little better since she would be alone with him for the most part but it also made her anxious.

As he made a motion for her to follow him she dropped into step along side of him, her gaze looking down at the ground in a very submissive action. His question she knew was not about her. It was asking about her mission and Markell.

“I have been good father. Markell still has no idea of his real identity and I have managed to get him to the stage where he trusts me and it is easy for me to keep watch and control him. I rarely have to use my ability on him anymore” Cleo said quietly, holding her breath and hoping this was what he wanted to hear.

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Ireland: Castle Hotel

After the flight and the hotel check in, Masaharu sat down in a chair and faced the girls. "Okay. Not to sound rude or anything, but why did you drag us to Ireland? How did we get on the plane and to Miami? Are you from this planet? I'm confused right now and I just want to have things cleared up." He picked up a glass of wine and took a drink, placing it back down on the table slowly. The stew before him, as appetizing as it looked, wasn't something he wanted right now. He took a bite of the bread and looked around the room. 'I'm going to be out of money before we even get back to the states,' he thought. He sighed and took another drink of the wine.

"Sorry for the onslaught of questions. Let's just start from the beginning. "How did you get here in the first place and who was the man with the scythe that appeared out of nowhere? He seemed to be after something."

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Ireland: Of Flowers and Knives

Reicha was amazed at the grandeur of the hotel room, but she didn't let it show on her face. When they took a tour around the place (with Reicha secretly checking for stash spots, ambush spots, and trap locations). Eventually, they settled on the couch and ordered food from the country. It tasted much better than the drivel she was used to, that was for sure. And the wine was much better than the ale, which tasted like dirt in comparison. However, there was something that had caught her eye. As they began to talk of questions, Reicha silently began to take off her mask and head wrap, letting her long crimson hair spill out and revealing the young face underneath the cloth. There were scars here and there under her cloak as she draped it over a chair and let the tunic and leggings breath for once, though they were dotted with blood of all different shades. She even began to unwind the bandage wrap she had on her hands, letting the glove like wrappings drape over her cloak. She gave the others a bit of a smile, now looking very much like a teenager as opposed to the intimidating bounty hunter she was with the mask on. However, the sheer amount of weapons belted to her body was slightly amazing, and as she paced back and forth, she began undoing the straps of knife belts and satchels, peeling them off until she had a small pile of knives, metal workings, and other assorted weaponry stacked on the table. She then turned to the group.

"As much as I would love to share story time, there is something necessary that I must attend to." She said, excusing herself and walking into the bedroom on one side, stripping the bed completely, threw it all on the floor, and made a small bed out of it, then shut herself in the bathroom. She looked at the large contraption that looked like a tub, but with holes in the side. If there were holes in the side, how did the water fill? She shrugged and ran the shower instead, fascinated by the miniature waterfall that was created by the spigot. She ran a hand under the water and jumped in surprise at how hot it was, scalding her hand and causing her to draw back and hiss, "Foul contraption." She muttered, tampering with the knob until the water reached a naturally cool temperature, as it would in the wild. She undressed quickly and stepped into the water, relishing the feel of it on her aching muscles. It had been far too long since her last bathing, and she was disgusting. As dirt and blood and who knew what else trailed off of her body, she was surprised nobody had mentioned the stench she had no doubt been emitting. Perhaps politeness still existed in this world. Sifting through the soaps that were there, she was assaulted by an assortment of flowery smells, hardly befitting a bounty hunter of her stature....Well, maybe just a little wouldn't hurt. She globbed it into her hair and lathered, thinking somewhat laughing, somewhat bitterly what others would say about Reicha, the flowery bounty hunter. When she got out and toweled off, she saw a stack of books in the bathroom bin, for pleasure reading while business was done. She picked one up and looked it over. It was entitled Harmony's End. There was a man's picture on the back. James McTavin. A strange name, if she had seen one. Absentmindedly, she rejoined the others and snacked on some of the left over food, very aware of her new flowery scent. She sat back and crossed her legs, stretching a little, and folding the book across her lap, before looking at Masaharu "So Earth doesn't have Magic? How quaint. It's kind of like an ancient Concordia."


Ireland: The Puppeteer.

James leveled out, finally, taking his seat back at his stool, though there was now a strange eeriness to the house, and it seemed to be sapping his concentration. He shuddered but couldn't shake the feeling. Finally, he sighed and decided to drive over to Emily's. Sure he'd be early, but he was bored out of his mind and couldn't get any work done. Loading the cake, the presents, and a few decorations into the back of his truck, he took the twenty minute drive over to his editor's house. When she came to the door, she gave him a generous smile, helped him unload the car, and they went back inside to set up. Lizzy was at a friends house for another hour or so, so they had plenty of time.

Little did James know that there was someone else pulling the strings, seeing from the woman's eyes, controlling her every move as she was imprisoned in her own body. For five years. She and her daughter had been controlled to be used as pawns for Valius and her father's sick ruse. Jarev Zakiea sat in the attic of his daughter's home, the glowing puppet strings trailing through the ceiling and into his daughter's body. Alyssa, as she was truly called, was much harder to control than Evera, her daughter. But he maintained control, even in his sleep. In this way, he had as much imprisoned his own daughter and grand child to prison as much as Keegan had been, but they were aware. They KNEW. He smirked. Occasionally she would cry herself to sleep against the will of his bindings, but she was incapable of much more.


Concordia: Interruption

Kiel would have continued the fight if he hadn't smelled the massive amount of death and blood at the castle. He simply blocked Pyrus and began flying toward the castle, "We are needed." Was all he said before racing off.

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The Meeting with Valius

Shien stared at Valius as he spoke. He was correct in assuming that Shien would have to fight to protect what he wanted, at least for now. However, he did not get to choose where or how he did so. Shien ended up following Cleo, Demetrius, and Valius to the throne room. Once the others were all inside of course. He just helped himself right in and layed his sword against the wall. He cursed under his breath at what he was about to do, since even Valius was ignorant of this hidden strength. However, when facing an army, with so few at hand, it was a terribly effective strategy. He placed his gun down near Cleo. She would know why, which was of course in case she needed a weapon.

Shien didn't say a word, instead he just stood in the middle of the Grand room and began to pace his breathing. "Protect my body." That was all he said as his demon arm began to glow in an icy blue flame. "Harviel I call upon you once more." Suddenly a giant legless spirit appeared behind him taking the same stance as Shien. "Split and purge the enemy from this Castle." Suddenly Shien went into a trans like state, his eyes glowing as his arm. The spirit behind him had disappeared and in it place smaller spirits all with different weaponry began appearing. They spread throughout the castle like wildfire, numbering in the low hundreds at least. Shien could control them however, he could not fight at the same time, and even his control could be a bit shaky with such a large number. It was worth it in his mind though, because Valius would owe him for this. At least that is what he would tell Valius. After witnessing his attack, he was sure that Valius wouldn't want to lose him, so a few extra demands were a small price to pay in his eyes.


Locked Up and All Alone, kinda

Jason was just sitting there wallowing in his own self pity when he heard a voice. He looked around him but there was no one he could see except for the wolf. He stared at the wolf, right into his eyes. Was this really possible? Was this really happening? Jason really had to yell out Holy Shit a Talking Wolf, however he was at a loss for words. So much so that his voice had seemed to escape him. He just stared a few more moments and was barely able to get out a few words. "Is this.... for real?..."


Sean's estate

Will just stared into Sean's eyes. If looks could kill it would've been a more brutal murder then anything Scythe had done yet. He stared into Sean's eyes, with his own cold heartless eyes that burn into ones very soul if prolonged for too long. As Corissa came over and separated them, Will just scoffed and turned away from him. "If ignorance is bliss, you must be in paradise." Will began walking back toward the table. He took out the gun but he wasn't holing it an any threatening way. He was more studying it. "You all think that your so tough because of your big bad guns. Well I have news for ya all. There are much better weapons out there then guns." He laughed as he tossed it into the air, pulled one of his knives and with a bit of blood rage sliced the weapon in two in one fluid motion. He sheathed the knife as the two halves of the now useless weapon came crashing to the ground. He didn't stop or anything however. He just followed Corissa towards the doorway laughing as he went along. "See you all in hell soon enough." He said as a one last shot to them all before leaving. His hand was bleeding a bit from Blood Rage, but a display of power every now and then to those to sure of themselves was a favor to them. If he really wanted them all dead, he could've quickly disposed of them with Halikair. Not even their silly guns could stop him with his weapon of choice, surprise, and Omniscient Sight. He caught up to Corissa rather easily and walked with her. "I was doing him a favor you know?" He didn't need to explain himself to her, and he didn't even need to attempt to help pure ignorance, but he couldn't lose his bait to get the princess, all because Sean wanted to play an idiot hero.

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Castle Oblivion: Mystical Upbringing cont.

Black Lotus wasn't afraid of defending herself. However, she was afraid of the many signs of chaos heading her way. She looked at the tall knight by her side; Demetrius, who helped, along with Shien, bring Valius and his daughter to the throne room.. Her eyes were as brown as her skin at the sight of the man in blue. The knight was quite brave, and he seemed loyal enough to fight for the king.

One zombie elf in particular, was beginning to lunge towards her, but using her telekinetic abilities, she lifted his dry, decomposing corpse high into the sky, and simply....let go, making him fall and land onto the ground, shattering its entire head. She never saw the elf fall down, as the sight of it would weaken her. She didn't like death, but she knew that she would have to witness it one time or another.

She continued using her abilities to guard the royal father and daughter, backing the zombie elves away from them by telekinesis.

Once they entered the throne room, safe and unharmed, Black Lotus watched as Valius and his daughter had their happy, yet dangerous, reunion.

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Castle Oblivion: In His Palm

Valius had really hoped that he could speak to his daughter one on one, but that didn't seem possible. The whole group had come into the throne room. Valius however, would continue his conversation with his daughter. "Hmm... That is very..." Valius was testing his daughter's composure as he stalled in commenting on her progress. Before he could say his last few words, Shien began speaking. Valius scowled at the man at first, until the man's arm started glowing brightly. His eyes widened as if he had found prospect, but then, a wicked grin appeared on his face.

Demetrius had been staring at Shien until he looked toward Valius. The look on his face showing victory over the fallen. Demetrius knew what his king was thinking, because this was not the first time he saw this expression when Valius had looked upon his League. Demetrius was now making his way out of the throne room. Before exiting the room, Demetrius looked back on everyone in the room and stabbed his sword into the floor of the entrance. The armor equip onto his body vanished in white light that resembled falling snow. Valius gave Demetrius a nod, and he exited the room with his weapon blocking the exit in a thick wall of ice where the sword was stabbed.

Shien was doing a lot of damage to the undead, but there were still many to get rid of. Demetrius threw his cloak white cloak of his body, appearing shirtless as he walked outside. In the palm of his hands was a faded blue mist. It slowly enveloped his hands before he reached out toward a mass of undead. Demetrius was a good swordsman, but his true power lied in his magic. He froze the soldiers with ease before he clasped both of his palms together in order to make a shock wave of cold air that froze anyone who exposed themselves to it. When Demetrius unclasped his hands, all that stood around him were what appeared to be ice sculptures in various poses.

"There has to be some reason to this assault." Demetrius said as he pondered his words.

Meanwhile, Valius looked back upon his daughter. His wicked expression gone from his face.

"You are working exceptionally well. Markell is the most powerful of the three brothers, so you not being able to use your power over him, means you have gained his trust." Valius answered with a voice that sounded proud. There is a problem though..." Valius's hand began to glow with a bright light before he placed his hand on Cleo's forehead. He had given Cleo the news about Sorcha, and the Concordians that had ventured through the mirror. "If he gains his memory, and attempts to leave your grasps... I want you to snap his neck before he does so." He said with neither compassion or remorse. "Besides that, you are fine. I wanted to see if one of my top tier was still worthy enough to carry my name." Valius said, mildly joking.

Concordia: What the Hell?

Pyrus was so lustful for battle, and was prepared to go for a second attack on Kiel as they clashed before Kiel stopped the fight. Pyrus would have launched an attack anyway, but he could clearly see the attack on the castle. Demetrius is probably having so much fun. Pyrus's body was caught by a dracule before he spoke.

"Let's go! Aren't we hungry!?" Pyrus shouted before the creature's screeches reigned across the skies.

Sean's Estate: Good News?

Sean and Will's stare down gave some of the gang members chills. Some questioned where Will had come from. Some men were reluctant to take a shot, until Corissa came between the two. Her words were heard, but not listened to by Sean. She was the only thing he truly lived for, but he wouldn't listen to her when he thought of her as foolish. Sean felt that he knew better than her. Sean was ready to chuckle at Will's comment about being in paradise, but decided to let flames feed off of its own fuel. Sean made his way back into the meeting room, as did all the men who had left to get better shooting positions.

"That asshole is nuts." Elliot said as he looked down at the pistol that had been sliced in two. Everyone sat down at the table, but none of them were as comfortable as they had been before Will showed up. Sean looked undisturbed with his cold expression.

"Okay now... We're gonna start things with the hostage... now." Sean said, which meant 'bring the hostage in.' As soon as the hostage was brought in though, she was shot in the center of her skull. Blood splatted in variable directions. Members of the gang looked in shock as they traced the bullet to Sean's gun that he held out and set on the table. "Get her in costume. We're going with Eric's plan." Sean ordered. Eric took two men with him, and they grabbed the dead body before leaving. "Okay, now that we have that settled, I sugge-" Sean was cut off. Elliot had been writing on a piece of paper and using a calculator while seated.

"Boss! Come here!" Elliot said urgently as he walked to the back. Sean followed with a bewildered look on his face. The rest of the men had no idea what was going on.

"What's going on?" Sean asked.

"Sean! This do you have any idea what this attack will do? Do you!?" Elliot drew a circle on the table in the back. Before Sean could say that he was wasting a perfectly good table, Elliot spoke. "This is the city. The profit we get in drug sales, weapon sales, and let's just say miscellaneous goes up twice as much. We also get all the shit they lose. This is a risky move, but if we get this... No, if you get this." Elliot explained. A look of shock appeared on Sean's face. A smile of hope, something that Elliot didn't think exist on his leader's face. "We both know you want this, but we have to really plan this out. We can't go out tonight or tomorrow, but we can hit them as soon as possible.

"Good work Elliot... I need time to... think. Leave me here for a moment. Go make the plans." Sean said. Elliot nodded to Sean, and walked into the meeting room. Sean leaned against the back room table, his thoughts away from nothing more than his 'past.' He was only days away to accomplishing what he promised Corissa and himself. The sky was dark, but it was cloudless, allowing the moon to shine onto the city. They say that you have to go through hell, before you can get to heaven... Or maybe I should think paradise. Sean laughed lightly to himself, while remaining deep in thought.

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Cleo noticed that Shien was following them towards the throne room and couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened. She had kind of been hoping that she would be able to have some time alone with her father. It had been years since she had seen him and Cleo was in a way desperate for his attention. Sure it sounded like she was some sort of spoilt little brat, but Cleo was anything but that. For so long she had been denied the love and attention from her father that she would take anything she got.

When her father spoke to her she looked up at him. When he paused a worried expression crossed her face as she studied her father’s face for any sign of where this sentence was going. She was desperate for some kind of reassurance from Valius, that what she had been doing was good and was valued work. However before he could finish the sentence he was interrupted by Shien. Cleo also turned her head to watch him, a look of surprise on his face. She had never seen anyone do that before. Cleo remained silent though as she left the situation up to her father. It wasn’t her place to interfere.

She then watched as Demetrius left the throne room. Her attention then turned back to her father as he started speaking to her again. A smile appeared on the girls face as her father told her she was doing “exceptionally well”. The words rang in her ears. It was much better than she could have ever hoped for. Maybe somewhere she was beginning to prove her worth... that she was just as valuble as any of the men at her father’s service. The smile drifted from her face as her father touched her forehead and instantly she knew everything that had happened. Things were just as bad as Shien had said they were. Despite this, her father’s cold words still shocked her.

He wanted her to kill Markell if he tried to escape. Cleo wasn’t sure if she could do that. She really liked him... maybe more than liked. However it was her father asking her and she knew that when push came to shove, she would do it.

His next words forced her eyes to avert to the ground. He may have been joking but to Cleo his words were all too real. She had always been trying to prove herself. Her whole life had been about trying to show him that she was as good as any son. Probably without realising it, he had said that one thing that Cleo had wanted all her life... yet it wasn’t said in the context she longed for it to be said in.

“Yes Father” Cleo said quietly, unable to think of anything more that she could say to him.

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Castle Oblivion

Black Lotus had left the throne room behind Demetrius, the knight. Valius and Cleo may have wanted some privacy to converse with each other, and it would have been disrespectful to intervene or be involved in it.

On the other side of the wall, there was still many undead, flesh-exposed elves heading their way. Black Lotus was beginning to attack, but Demetrius and the others did not need any assistance. Demetrius had proven so with his cold attack to match his cold aura. She was actually relieved that he had appeared to rescue the castle, and stood tall, along with Shien and his many spirits. Her expressions, however, didn't show it.

Shien was another person who she was impressed by. Surprisingly enough, this was the same usually inactive person that was really quick on ending the dedicated tournament from earlier.

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Earth: Ireland “Castle Hotel”

Sorcha stood from where she sat and paced around the suite. She’d heard Masaharu’s questions and needed to put her thoughts together. Needed to find the best and most least confusing way of explaining. Also, she wanted Reicha present and Sorcha knew the Bounty Hunter felt the need to cleanse herself of the stink permeating around her body. The time Reicha spent in what Sorcha called the bathing chamber, gave the Princess plenty of time to gather the bits and pieces together. When the Bounty Hunter reappeared and sat upon the couch, Sorcha smiled as the scent of flowers passed by her in Reicha’s wake. She most definitely smelled much better and, by the looks of it, much more beautiful as well. Reicha had an exotic look about her, that matched the different accent she had compared to the mainstream of Concordia. Sorcha returned to her seat, between Saige (who had been watching Sorcha while the Princess paced and seemed to be lost in thought) and Reicha. She leans forward and begins her tale….

“I come from a place that is very similar to Earth. It is almost like Earth’s twin sister but with differences. Concordia is a world that only knew peace and nothing else, until about five years ago. Concordia is also filled with magic and many different types of peoples. Humans, as far as I know, are the only ones inhabiting Earth. On Concordia, we have elves, dragons, and people like Reicha, Relequiste. There are many others, but the list is too long.” Looking down at her hands, Sorcha presses the fingertips together before continuing, “Five years ago, Concordia was attacked and taken siege by a group of men who call themselves the League of Twelve. Each man comes from a different part of the world, different lands, and different kingdoms. Some are great lords once allied to the royal family, but they betrayed us. My father was the King of Concordia, and my mother the Queen. Their names are Harel and Trynna Wolfsbane. Both were murdered by the current King, Valius Pendus. I have six brothers altogether: Tristan, Jaegar, and Orlan were all three murdered; Taran, Keegan, and Markell still live.”

Here, Sorcha raised her head and looked around to Masaharu and Saige, meeting their eyes; Reicha already knows the story. “Which is why I am here. They were all three sent here, to Earth, and it is my duty to rescue them. Their memories have been taken from them and replaced by ones the League implanted into their minds. I must find all three and return their memories to them. After I have found all three, I must return with them to Concordia and defeat the evil men who have ruined my peaceful world.”

Sorcha reaches out to Saige and Masaharu, taking their hands into her own. “ I need your help. I, myself, do not know of this world. Neither does Reicha.” Looking into their eyes again for emphasis, she runs the tip of her tongue along her lower lip. “That man with the scythe came here to bring take me back to the League, where King Valius can either kill me for escaping or torture me for the rest of my life. I pray the Goddess Concordia will take me from the world and into her sweet embrace before that happens. Reicha here sent to retrieve me as well, but we have made a pact that can never be broken, or else, I may die.” She grinned over at Reicha before turning back to Saige, who had a look of bewilderment and awe on her face, and to Masaharu. She’d already let go of their hands and leaned back in against the couch.

“So you see, the League are very much aware I have left and are sending many people to try and capture me, to take me back to the League. I will understand if you are both unwilling to help, but know this, your assistance will be greatly rewarded. I will allow you both to think it over. In fact, I need to step out for awhile and my time away will allow you both the opportunity to think upon what I have said. If you have any more questions, I will answer them gladly.” She stood from the couch and took a step towards the door, but then remembered one small detail she’d forgotten to mention. Grinning, she turns back around to face them. “I apologize for my lack of manners. Perhaps, I should introduce myself?” Making a small curtsy, she bows her head in greetings. “My name is Sorcha Wolfsbane, the former Princess and future Queen of Concordia. It is a pleasure to meet you both.”

While rising from her curtsy, Sorcha looks over to Reicha and begins to say something, but quickly forgot what exactly as her eyes skimmed the book sitting upon Reicha's lap. Curious, she leans closer to look at the picture and saw a man's face staring at her, with barely a smile on it. Sorcha's eyes lit up with recognition and she closed the remaining distance between herself and Reicha to snatch the book from her lap. "Where did you get this?" Without waiting for an answer, Sorcha runs a finger along the man's lips, then his eyes, and pretty much, over the man's entire face. A soft smile had formed across her lips. It took a moment or so before words finally came to her and without lifting her head, she sighs and speaks softly, "This is one of my brothers. This is why we are in Ireland. Keegan is here and his Earth name is James McTavin. Just as the Goddess had said. We need to find his exact location, soon, for evil surrounded him last I connected with him."

Finally, she looked up to face them. "I need to think of a plan. First, I need some fresh air and wish to step away for awhile. I shall return momentarily." Still holding the book, she turns to walk towards the door, unable to tear her eyes away from the photo. It seemed like a lifetime since she'd seen Keegan and he looked just the same as ever. To her, he was the most handsome of all six brothers.

Earth: Sean’s Estate “Trouble”

Corissa looked back to see if the two men were following her, but only saw Will as he caught up to her. She rolled her eyes at his words and continued walking towards the house. I need to get away from this place, if only for awhile, she thought silently to herself. “Once we reach the house, I am going to leave you there to go for a walk and don’t even think about following me. You need to rest and a walk won’t help you.” She spoke without looking at him and firmness in her tone. It didn’t take long for them to reach the back door of the great mansion. Not bothering to walk inside, she turns her back on Will and walks towards the front while calling over her shoulder. “I will be return in no more than an hour. Just need time alone.” With that, she walks around to the front and starts down the sidewalk. It wasn’t until she was at the corner when trouble came barreling around the corner, literally, in a black utility van.

Concordia: The Prison Cells

Malikye stuck a white paw between the bars of the cells and into the boy’s. “Do not fear, boy. This is all very real and should not be taken lightly. I promise you, I will free you from this evil place.” The wolf opened his mouth, giving the boy a wolfish kinda grin. “Just know, that I am your friend and anybody else who enters the cells freely is not. They are your enemies. Do not trust anybody unless I say it is alright to do so. Do you hear me? Do you understand, boy, what I am telling you? You are no longer n your world. You are in Concordia, where everything is quite different but similar in many ways. The biggest difference being: Concordia is filled with magical beings, whereas, Earth is filled with people who wish to know real magic. You understand?”

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Concordia: Hey Zombies, What Temperature Do You Favor?

Demetrius had left his enemies to freeze and shatter with his overwhelming magic. He was ready to take out another group of undead, until blast of flames burned through them. Demetrius looked toward the origins of such an attack, only to see Pyrus on his deadly mount, hovering over the battlefield. Pyrus laughed at his successful attack until he met eyes with Demetrius.

"If it isn't my favorite person in all of Concordia!" Pyrus exclaimed. His creatures were taking the dead bodies of the fallen, and killing the undead that attacked the castle. Demetrius ignored Pyrus's comment, only to turn around to see Black Lotus.

"You should be careful out here. With the arrival of Pyrus, I may have to help guard you more carefully. He doesn't put a weight on life, so I would suggest you make yours unbearably heavy for yourself." Demetrius said, before turning back to the fire elemental that was now rampaging against the undead.

Miami: The Girl Who Cried Wolf... or Should I Say Kings

The black van that had pulled up next to Corissa was currently occupied by vengeful Kings members. When the news broke out about the Kings breaking the pact that was made, some members of the Sharks found it necessary to return the favor. Several Kings members were assaulted, never expecting a fight. The infuriated group started targeting stray Shark members. beating them on the sidewalk with bats, until they eventually either got bored, or bashed the brains of their victim. These Kings members had been lucky tonight. Not only had they found a victim, but she was perfect. They recognized her as Sean Walker's younger sister, Corissa Walker. The men knew that this would be perfect for getting back at the Sharks that ruled over half of Miami.

"You sure that her?" The driver asked the passenger.

"Yup that's Walker's bitch of a sister. I wouldn't forget the face of a girl who denied me like she did. The bitch made me look like a pussy." The passenger commented. "LET'S GO!" The passenger ordered. Three men left the back of the van swiftly, all holding a bat in their hands.One of the men ran toward Corissa ready to swing at her head, until the man who had been in the passenger's seat raised his hand up. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! She's a lady!" After those words, the man delivered a punch to Corissa's stomach. The other men nodded as the swung the bats at Corissa's legs legs and torso, causing he body to collapse onto the floor. She was no good to them dead. One of the bats slammed against Corissa's ribs, which was one of the last pains she felt. The men dragged her into the Van, and within thirty minutes, they had dropped her off at the sidewalk where they had found her, with a Kings jacket covering her unconscious body. They all had giddy grins on their faces, knowing very well what they had done to the girl who was no longer a virgin. Corissa's body lied on the sidewalk for minutes, until a vehicle pulled up.

"What the hell!? Corissa! Corissa!" Elliot yelled as he ran to her side without even closing his car door. He had to take her back to the estate, but something told him that if he did, all hell would break loose. By the tears in her clothing, Elliot could already tell what happened. His hands trembled as he lifted the girl up and put her in the passenger's seat of his. Elliot would make sure the Kings paid for this, but he was afraid of what Sean's reaction would be.

Meanwhile... Sean had finished helping out with the plans to take full control of Miami after he had taken some time to think. He sent his men home with a smile of tranquility. Some members found it strange, but Elliot knew exactly what was running through his bosses mind. Moments later, Sean arrived in the mansion, only finding no one to be present in it. It had been a while since Corissa and Will had left the meeting, and Sean was worried as to why Corissa wasn't home when it was so late. He grunted with anger, but then he sighed in order to relieve himself for a bit. He headed to the refrigerator, grabbed his bottle of champagne, and poured himself a drink. He sat down at the table, taking sips of success.

At this time, Elliot had pulled up to Sean's driveway. He shut his eyes for a few seconds, trying to figure out what was going to happen next. When he opened his eyes, he was facing Corissa. A sense of duty showed on his young face.

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Will is pissed, The Kings are fucked, and Elliot get's a raw deal. Enter Scythe, stage right.

Will had returned to the home as Corissa had requested. He wasn't really sleeping, just sitting and thinking. After a little while he heard something. No Someone. Wait he knew the voice. It was calling out to him, or rather Scythe. It was Corissa. He got up and headed outside. Will was suddenly very restless. It wasn't all that much longer before a car pulled up. It was one of Sean's goons, and a very beat up and tattered Corissa. Will saw her and lost it. He rushed over there and grabbed Elliot by the throat, ripping him away from her.

He raised Elliot in the air and tossed him using blood Rage at the wall of the mansion. The whole wall almost collapsed in, and the mansion shook. Will walked over to Elliot and picked him up once more jacking him up on the severely damaged wall. "What did you do to her?!" Will growled. Elliot coughed up some blood and for sure would have some broken ribs, but he would survive this. He sang like a canary when his life was threatened.

So it was the rival gang. Well this was it. He wasn't going to stand for this. He threw Elliot to the ground. "Go and find that boss of yours. Tell him to get his car keys and get the fuck out here because we're gonna go visit these kings, and I will personally end each and every one of their miserable piss drinking worthless lives. He better be out here and ready to go within ten minutes, or I will find you, rip out your spine, and floss my teeth with it!! Now Go!!" Scythe roared.

He finally walked to Corissa's car getting Halikair a then he went over to Corissa. He pulled her out of the car and just held her unconscious body in his arms. "Wake up. Please... Please Aliana.... just wake up......"


The Cells with the freaked out kid and the talking Wolf. Not every day you get to say that.

Jason stared at the talking wolf and almost pissed himself. This was really happening? Talk about a what the fuck situation. "So I should trust you, the talking wolf.... Well I guess it's not like I have much of another option..." What was he saying? He was actually replying to this wolf? He has definitely lost his mind. At least that's what he thought. "I understand what your saying just fine.... I'm having trouble believing it though. I mean....... We don't have talking animals on Earth....."


The Pub being run into the ground, err I mean...... The Pub that is running perfectly fine

Everything was going alright the whole day since Krystal left, but Zack's strange feeling was getting worse without her there. It was such a familiar presence almost calling to him, yet it was so distant and far away. He couldn't get it off his mind all day and as it went on further, it was apparent he wasn't his normal self. He seemed so distracted by something. That day not much got done more then the normal bar tending.

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Ireland: Blissful Ignorance

Reicha listened to Sorcha's story with little enthusiasm, for it was all a very uninteresting tale to her. However, when Sorcha turned to her and looked as though she were about to speak but then stopped and quickly crossed the room toward her, she couldn't help her hands subconsciously reach for the weapons that were no longer there. But then she snatched the book which Reicha hadn't even realized she still had, and began going over the face of the author. So that was Keegan. She wondered what exactly had made her pick it up. She had never laid eyes on the royal family other than Sorcha before, so the face was new to her. As Sorcha went for the door, she spoke simply, "You do realize I'll be following you, right? Whether you want me to or not. That's what body guards do. Otherwise someone could snatch you and be off with you in a second, especially in this blissful state you seem to be in right now." She was not being mean or trying to invade Sorcha's privacy, she was just doing her job. She stood up and took a choker with the knife going down the back, which would be covered in her hair, and then slid two knives into her boots, and finally, one on her belt. She considered taking the gun she had snagged from those thugs in America, but it felt impersonal. She liked the feel of the kill when the time came for it. As she walked toward the door after Sorcha, she sent a glance back to Saige and Masaharu before, turning her head. For now, she would not count them as allies until they had made their decision. And as such, they could just as easily be enemies. She turned to Sorcha as she made herself invisible, "You don't need to speak to me. Take your air and calm your thoughts. Just know that I am nearby should trouble arise."


Ireland: A Party Planned...

Emily received him with open arms as he stepped through the door with a smile on his own face, "How's the party coming?"

Emily nodded toward some decorations, "Everything's almost ready. Just need you to help out with the fireworks out back and we'll be good to go." She said, helping him to carry the small box of fireworks out and over the crest of the hill, where they would remain out of sight until they were ready to be launched. It didn't take long before they were set up according to the instructions. Emily turned to James and gave him a smile, "I just want to thank you for making this all possibly, Jimmy."

James smiled, "Hey, you made my books possible. If all you want is one birthday party to return the favor, then sign me up."

Emily folded her arms and gave him a small look of contempt, "Hey, I never said it was just the one birthday party." She couldn't help but let the look fall from her face as they both started laughing.

Not long after, guests began arriving, and then finally, the birthday girl herself showed up (and walked straight back into her grandfather's strings, though they were much more loosely woven) and began to celebrate. Though it was a child's party alcohol was definitely there (Irish, what are you gonna do?) and finally everyone was heralded outside, and the fireworks were let off. It was a beautiful sight that could be seen for miles around, and Lizzy simply adored it. (Though James couldn't help but wonder if maybe they could get in trouble for this.)


Ireland: Wish I had a LAN Line

Jarev sat with his hands crossed as he tried to focus on Valius' half of the Linking Gem. Temporal Telepathy. Ugh. So unresponsive. Concordia only knew how long it would take the "King" to answer him, "Valius, it's Jarev. Give me a damn update whenever you get the chance, I can't keep this link open forever. You initiate next time." He muttered, taking the headband off and nearly chucking it across the attic of his daughter's home, which he had turned into a nice little room. Or, he had forced Alyssa to do it. Either way, it was nice, though he found himself missing the lavishness of the castle every so often.


The Castle: Ooh Look, Marshmallows.

Kiel watched as spirits rained past him, but he sure as hell wouldn't let that lazy half-demon have all the fun. As soon as the fight with Pyrus had concluded, he had abandoned his polearm, though his familiarity with it as opposed to other weapons was lightly annoying. Instead of grabbing a new one, he resorted to using his claws and fire, slashing and burning his way through the creatures. They burned like paper and sliced almost as easily, making his progress through the castle relatively swift, (not to mention the fact that the damn spirits kept stealing his kills. Damn kill whores) and painless. The zombies, though they were stronger than he had at first anticipated, mostly just bounced off his heavy scales, allowing him to breath fire on their worm-food bodies.

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Decisions, Decisions

Masaharu turned his gaze to Sorcha as she told her story about where she was from and about her brothers. It seemed a lot to take in at once but he listened intently. When she finished, he saw her grab a book and walk out the door. 'I still have to find out why I recognize her,' he spoke under his breath. He stood up and noticed that Reicha had shot him and the other girl a strange look. He shrugged his shoulders then put his hands in his pockets, picking up his coat and sword and placing them on the bed he'll be sleeping in tonight. He looked to Saige, "I'm going to the lobby to make a phone call back to the states." He took out his wallet and exited the room.

Minutes later, he arrived in the lobby. He walked to the front desk and rang the bell. A man came up, "Can I help you sir?" "I need to use a phone to call the states. It's urgent." "The phone is located just around the corner to the right," the man pointed. Masaharu nodded and walked over, taking out some change and dialing the number. Several rings went by before someone picked up. "Hey, it's Mas. Listen, I'm in Ireland and I need you to check the status of the accounts. This trip has burned through a lot of cash in the last couple days and I need to know what's left." He gave the person on the other line the account numbers and nodded. "There's something else. I've had quite a few people come by the store and look at some of the weapons that my father had made. They seemed interested in purchasing them. Price wasn't a factor for them. Call them up, tell them they have a deal and deposit the money in my account right away." He hung the phone up and stepped back, letting out a sigh. "I'm glad for those business accounts. Now to discuss this whole rescue mission." He turned the corner and walked outside. He could use this trip as a little vacation, some time away from work. He smiled and saw who he was looking for next to the pool.

"Excuse me. Sorcha, is it? I wanted to talk to you about whole ordeal. I already got dragged into it so I might as well stick it out." He looked up at the sky, which was darkening by the minute. "There's one more thing I wanted to get out into the open too, if you don't mind." He glanced over at her then at the pool.

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Nazar walked along a clear dirt road,surveying the landscape. It was not unlike concordia in some ways. There was a scarce number of dwelling around. None of them possesing the decorum of the royals, not that they should. His face was composed as he moved. None who passed him gave him a second glance and he was fine with that. Animals though screeched and yelled at him, sensing the death about him. He gave them a withering look, in truth. The second he passed them, there souls fled there bodies. Suddenly he halted. In front of his lay a large structure. He frown distactfully at him. The air of it reminded him of a temple for prayer. On a whim he pushed the doors open and stepped inside. The inside belied the vastness it held within. The room was flooded with light, shone in through windows of glass with imagies etched on them. There were rows of long seats, all stuffed with people. In the very front stood a man, garbed in a long white robe, his figure strong and erect. His voice was loud and strong, seeming to feel and vibrate through the whole building. Nazar intuited he was speaking about earths main deity. Suddenly the preaching man was alerted to Nazars presence.

" You there. Young man, are you lost. Come up here and be found! "

Nazar cocked his head and started forward, amused. This man thought him lost. He would soon no otherwise. The walk up to the front was annoying, all of the humans gazes were locked on him. Whispers ran rampant around him. He ignored all.

The preacher gave Nazar an appraising look " THIS BOY WHO HATH COME TO US THIS FINE DAY. TAKE HIM INTO YOUR HEARTS, LET THE LORD, THE SON, AND THE HOLY GHOST ALL WITNESS. FOR SURELY HE IS AFFLECTED BY TERRIBLE ILLNESS, WROUGHT FORTH BY SATAN, THE DEVIL!!! " This got a loud reaction from the people. While Nazar just starred at them. He was ill? and the cause of it was this Satan fellow? Such lunacy. As the man continued his rant Nazar let his his gaze wander behind the man. A large statue of a woman with robes covering her, behind that one was a man wearing only a loincloth. Bound to a cross. Were these the deities worhipped here.Nothing as grand as the concrdian gods, but a simple if not plain adorment. This was clearly a place of the good. A place of healing.

Nazar thought back to his human days, in the temple of the gods. Where he'd been trained, he'd lived and laughed. Praying to the gods to bless him and others, wanting to use his powers for good. Suddenly a strange feeling started welling up inside him, his very soul was tingling.

The preachr continued his wild preaching, unaware to what was occuring behind him. Finally someone in the audience got up and screamed " ANGEL!! "

The preacher whirled around, there stood Nazar, bathed in light. It coated his body in a light haze, but soon grew in intensity and shape, till it was rapped around him in armor. Large wings poking from his back.


Nazar felt calm, and...balanced. The light a part of him. But the preachers words awoke him from the revery. The light around his body slowly began to burn his flesh. Of course, he was undead. The very light that was his power,posessed the quality of finality for him. The light died away, replaced by the coforting cool of the darkness. He'd forgotten himself for a moment. But now, as the humans all looked at him with great fear. He knew his true self.

The preacher gripped his bible to his chest, as if it could protect him. Nazar proved him wrong by commanding the darkness to grabb him and pin him to a cross of shadows. He resembled the statue behind him and Nazar laughed, a hollow and wet sound. Liek drowning children. He turned his gaze on the rest of the humans " Pitiful breathers, the flush of life in your cheeks, that disgusting beating in your chest. STOP IT THIS INSTANT!! " Nazar screamed, his voice making the entire building shake, the lives of the people. There life-force sucked out of them, swirling around the church in a horrible swirl. Nazar opened his mouth and sucked all of them in. He turned back to the crucified preacher, just barely alive. The shadows digging into his flesh and draining him painfully slow.

" Have you nothing else to say? "


Nazar grinned darkly " No, he isnt " with a snap of his fingers, the preacher was devoured by the darkness. All of the corpses in the pews rose up, there eys gaunt and filled with death. Nazar exited the church, the zombies trailing behind him. With a quick incantion, the church was enveloped in a box of darkness. A Second later, the darkness receded leaving, nothing but a pile of debris. Nazar hummed himself,being surrounded by his fellow undead was wonderful. He wondered how the royal was doing now. Out in the wide area, he felt something amiss. A soul of concordia was there. Though he couldnt pinpoint it.


Morganna crawled through the castle. Every crack she split her body up to look down. She could feel powerful magic. The leader of the league no doubt.Every now and then she caught scraps of sound, detailing the battle below. The undead were fairing poorly against the league members. She giggled to herself, they meant nothing to her, though she regretted not being able to see the look on that cow Uriels face when he learned of her defaction. Peeking down into what looked like the throne room, she spotted three figures below. One a young man laying on the ground from some infliction, a young woman, and an older man. She pegged the man as the leader, from the power emanating from him.

She dripped down from the ceiling, as soon as she touched the floor, her normal form was returned to her. She was dissapointed to not find Valius alone. She'd planned to seduce the man. She had no issues with an audience present. But felt it wasnt exactly prudent with this lot. " Greetings Vamius, my name is Morganna of the blood walk. It is an honor to meet you. I shall not waste time. I am a Blood Magus, brought back by the undead Necromancer Nazar. Ive been bound to his servitude. But now I feel a change is in order. Surely theres a place for me within your organization? " she smiled ploitely, but let her eyes wander over Valius with scandilous intensity.

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Castle Oblivion: The Snake

Valius was ready to make small talk to his daughter until a drop of blood dropped down from above. Valius looked up at first to see where the blood was coming from. Through his eyes, the blood was more than what it appeared. He was correct as he witnessed the blood become a woman with beautiful form. He grinned at the woman, until he heard of Nazar. He was suspicious at that very moment.

"So you are responsible for this attack? Do you expect a weasel to trust a snake after it had been struck at?" Valius asked skeptically. He had heard the faint voice of someone attempting to communicate with him. He made the assumption that it was Jarev, the league member he had assigned to keep watch over Keegan. He would get back to Jarev soon enough, because he was expecting to be able to update every watcher of the three remaining brothers.

Sean's Estate: Dropped from Elevation

Elliot was badly hurt, only managing to poorly limp to the door of the Mansion. He couldn't get around how strong Will was or what went through the young man's head. He didn't care for Will's threats. Elliot wasn't just one of Sean's thugs; He had been there for Sean ever since Sean joined the Sharks. He valued respect, which is something Sean found to be genuine. Elliot banged on the door as hard as his body would let him.

Sean had been sipping his champagne little by little, when he suddenly heard a loud banging noise. His glass left his lips swiftly. Sean was skeptical of the sound. He knew it was the door, but was hesitant to move toward it. He set his glass down as he ground his teeth. The banging continued, until Sean heard his name being called out.

"SEAN! Let me in! It's Elliot!" Elliot yelled. Sean raised a brow as he started for the front door. He grabbed one of his wakizashi swords from off his wall. He unsheathed the sword as he approached the door. He put his eye to the peep hole, seeing a ruined Elliot struggling to stand as his banging on the door became softer. Sean flung the door open giving Elliot a bewildered look.

"What the fuck hap-" Sean was cut off. The first thing Elliot said to get Sean's full attention.

"Corissa... The Kings targeted her... I think they..." Sean hadn't let out a word until everything seemed to piece together the way didn't want it to. Sean's breathing got heavier, his hands trembled, his grip tightened. He wanted to see her, but then he didn't.

"Take your phone out. Now!" Sean ordered. His eyes didn't meet Elliot's. "The Kings are gonna die today. Everyone of them."

"What about the plans!?" Elliot found Sean's sword against his throat after his words. He wouldn't argue back with Sean this way. Sean walked back inside, his face showing the coldest of expressions. Outside the winds had picked up almost violently. Dark clouds blocked out the moon, and heavy rain showered down upon the whole city. Lighting flashed and thunder boomed. Civilians in Miami thought there was a hurricane that they hadn't been warned about.

Within a few short minutes, Sean exited the mansion. Elliot was seated on the doorstep, slouching as he held his hurt body.

"Everyone is going out. I called for an ambulance." Elliot said as the bottom of is pants legs were soaked. Sean left the house with a wakizashi blade sheathed at his waist. An Uzi machine gun gun was held on the other side of his waist, while two Glock pistols equip with silencers, were strapped to his chest.

"Alright, I nee-" Sean was cut off yet again.

"That kid Will wants to go. He wants to get at the Kings too." Elliot said before Sean nodded and continued on. Sean didn't care for Will, not even a little bit. He knew little about the guy, and didn't even like the snippet of the guy he was. As Sean walked through the driveway, he saw a figure being poured on by rain. Sean had fin ally made up his mind. He wanted to see Corissa... To see how bad it was. This could be the last time he would ever see her face. Corissa was the closest person to him, The only person he trusted. The only person he lived for. He had never told her why he did what he did, and her not questioning made things easier. Sean could watch let the whole world slip away for her.

When Sean approached the two, his cold facial expression had altered. His expression seemed blank, except for how wide his eyes were. His eyes scanned her tattered body. The insignia on the yellow jacket on Corissa, the bruises, the tears at her clothing, and her unconscious face was what set off the deepest of rages in the her older 'brother.' Sean hadn't even looked at Will as his hand stroked hair out of her face.

"I"m getting the car from the garage. If you're coming... Leave Corissa here with Elliot." Sean managed to say. He started walking toward the garage. The rain had soaked his clothing, but that didn't phase him at all. All that kept going through his head was Corissa being assaulted by men who represented the Kings. Sean walked over to his black BMW, and quickly checked the trunk. There was a grenade launcher stored in the trunk. Sean closed the trunk upon seeing the weapon and got into the car. He drove out of the garage and onto the driveway. He would only wait for Will for a few seconds. He wasn't going to waste time with what had just happened.

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I was gonna list all the places but, it's Miami. A bunch of places in Miami and there's a lot of the killing, and the best trophy/art project ever and a relationship possibly blooming and yeah. Read it. Now. Especially you Aufeis. Especially you.

Will didn’t move. He heard Elliot yelling and explaining the situation. Still no movement, barely even breathing. He didn’t even acknowledge Sean coming over to Corissa. He just sat there holding her. As Sean left and mentioned that he was going to the car, Will just looked up. He stood and carried Corissa in his arms. He walked passed Elliot and brought Corissa inside laying her in the nearest room. He leaned next to her and whispered into her ear, hoping she would hear.

“Worry not Aliana, those who have done this to you will pay. Death shall become their life. I will carve their souls so badly that Halikair won’t even want them. This I promise you. When I return I hope to see you have awakened. I.... Be well Aliana....”

Will walked out towards Sean’s car. Letting the Rain wash over him. He stood just outside the doorway as Sean prepared his car. His voice no longer contained any kind of compassion or happiness. It was pure rage and anger, in the form of a monotone voice. “Turn down the weather. I want them to scream as I tear the life from them, I don’t need the weather doing it. Thunder and Rain for cover, that’s all.”

Sean likely didn’t know that Will knew about his ability, however pain and fury clouded Will’s judgment. In fact Will was gone by this point. He was now driven by pure terror and rage. Scythe was here to stay, and the kings would live to regret it. Well at least for a short time until they drove there.

Sean didn't watch Will step into the car, but he did glance over to him when he spoke. Sean was perplexed by what Will had said, but he was too driven to wiping out the Kings to care. He thought that he would regret bringing the young man along with his odd choice of weapons, but the look in his eyes were similar to his. Neither of them gave death the attention that was needed. They ignored that segment of reality, with only goal at hand. every single one of those men were going to be killed without mercy. He put his foot on the gas pedal and the car drove off the estate.

"It won't be a problem. I don't mess with lightning, and we're gonna be indoors for the most part. They're packing a lot of heat, so we're gonna have to knock the power out for those bitches. You got that?" Sean informed as his eyes peered at the rear view mirror, thinking about the grenade launcher.

Will placed his Scythe in the back seat and entered the car he stayed silent for the most part and just sat there thinking about all the painful ways he could kill this group. As Sean mentioned that they’d need to knock out the power, Scythe just turned and looked at him. “That won’t be a

Scythe had already activated Omniscient Sight so his eyes were glazed over with a white film and out of the corner of one, one was bleeding. He no longer cared if Sean saw or not, if he began to question things, then Scythe would just kill him. It wasn’t like Valius gave a shit anymore anyway, which was apparent by the appearance of Vann. “You kill the power, I will strike swift and mercilessly. If your quick in getting in, perhaps there will be some left for you.”

Sean let loose a clever smirk at Will's words. He hadn't noticed Will using his Omniscient Sight, as he had kept his eyes on the road. Sean could hear the faint sounds of sirens through the city. The fight was already breaking out in other areas. Sean didn't stop to aid in the gun fights, but instead headed for the docks.

"Get ready!" Sean said before his car stopped about 20 meters from a warehouse. There were at least a dozen men around it, and lights were shining down upon nearly every inch of the dock area. "Let's go." Sean said as he flung the car door open and headed to his trunk that he had opened up. Sean quickly grabbed the grenade launcher and loaded it. He didn't waste any time at all, as he quickly aimed and shot in what seemed to be a random location away from the warehouse. He had hit the generator that powered everything on in that area of the dock, including the warehouse. The rain was their cover, the thunder their distraction, and the lighting was their decoy.

Scythe grabbed his weapon from the car and readied himself. He waited until Sean shot off the grenade and lunged. He could see straight where it was headed. His shadow was the only thing seen before the lights went out. Those standing guard on that side of the warehouse were dead before they could scream. There were people all around this building, however the entrance was most heavily guarded.

Their point was to hit them where it hurt most, and quickly. He looked at the now unguarded wall, that was covered in the blood of the decapitated gang members. He raised his scythe as it began to un noticeably glow blood red. He slashed the wall three times, nearly collapsing the whole thing. He turned and looked at Sean. “Don’t you dare die unless I am the one killing you.”

With that Scythe lunged in through the hole in the wall. The darkness mixed with a sneak attack, and Omniscient Sight. Those who saw him in a brief moment from the light of the lightning, saw his face as their last moment of sight.

Sean followed Will's lead, and barely even caught the sight of the first several deaths. Sean grabbed his two silenced pistols and started shooting, hitting vitals with each shot. The Kings had no idea what was happening, they were being taken out so swiftly and fluently, that everything seemed too easy for the duo that massacred their numbers.

Scythe held nothing back. He struck quick and mercilessly. He jumped up on a crate and threw his scythe. It ripped through a few men like nothing and finally stuck into one. It killed about 4 people as Scythe jumped for it, tossing his daggers into another two guys. He grabbed his scythe and then cut through another three to retrieve his knives. He grabbed one man by the throat and squeezed him dead tossing the body up, slamming through one of the upper rooms. “Who are the kings now?” He hissed as he looked around for more to slaughter.

Shooting down as many of the Kings as he could, couldn't quench Sean's thirst for vengeance. His pistols had run out of ammo after a while, but instead of resorting to his Uzi, he sheath his sword. He slit a man's throat, but before he could grasp his wound, the blade stabbed through his open hand and through his chest. Sean's main target was the head of the Kings, Felix. as much as he would have loved to slaughter the entire gang, he had to get rid of the root of the problem. Sean moved through the warehouse, heading toward the farthest room on its second level. He quickly disposed of any men in his way by blindsiding them with sword. Sean headed into the room, spotting Felix leaning against his table, a magnum aimed straight at Sean.

"You thought you could come up in my turf and wipe us out? You must be stupider than I thought. First you break the pact between us, then you launch a war against us. The Kings aren't to be fucked with. We're gonna tak-" The loudest boom of thunder crackled in the sky. It was so powerful, Felix flinched, and without letting the opportunity slip, Sean whipped his sword at Felix. Felix was impaled through the gut by Sean's sword but he hadn't died. Sean pulled out his Uzi and ran toward his enemy who was now barely holding himself up against the table. Felix managed to aim his magnum toward Sean. Another tremendously loud crackle of thunder echoed through the sky. Both men had pulled the trigger. The perfectionist, the man who didn't even give death enough attention for it to be a faint thought. He was the same man who missed his shot. He had hit the window behind Felix, while Felix got a clear shot at him. Sean fell to his knees, a smirk on his face as he reached out. He didn't care if he was going to die. He didn't care about anything... he never did. He only cared for one person, and he had done right for that person up to this moment.

A streak of lighting suddenly flew through the window and made contact with Sean's sword. Felix had been electrocuted to the point where his body was unrecognizable. Sean collapsed onto his stomach. Everything was fading, going to black. He knew people would ask if it was really worth it. For one girl. These people would never learn to understand Sean's true self. The person he had casted aside in order to get to the top of the most foul summit.

"Love ya... sis..." Sean said softly before his surroundings fade from him, becoming the nothing in but the darkest of voids.

Scythe continued his onslaught as long as he could while Sean headed for the bigger target. He fought for another few minutes and then suddenly stopped. It wasn’t that he had learned any self control or anything, it was just that there was no one else left. They were all dead, at least on this floor. Streaks of blood stained the entire place. It was a description of the battle in a way. With each swing of his scythe, with each toss of his knife, there was a new blood stain left. It was like a documentary of sorts.

Scythe had decided to decapitate most of the men and hang their heads from a chain that was hanging down from the ceiling. It was a task that kept him busy for all of 20 minutes tops. When his work of art was complete however, there had to have been at least 50 heads now hanging from this chain. With that, Scythe had gotten bored and headed up. He increased the range of his Omniscient Sight, dealing further damage to his; already battered through self inflicted injury via blood rage; body.

He witnessed what went on inside the Head bosses office. Sean had taken victory, however in the process also went down. Scythe ran into him and looked at the unconscious body. “Damn it Taran...” He mumbled to himself as he took out three potions. One for himself since about 60% of his body had blood covering it from it at this point. The second would be for Sean aka Taran, to save his useless life. The third was to make sure that their message was sent.

Will drank one potion, and forced Sean to drink another. He then returned his scythe to his back, and tossed Sean over another, while careful to not hurt Sean on the scythe. He carried him downstairs and layed him on a crate for a second. He then retrieved his art piece for prosperity and returned Sean to his shoulder as he now also dragged the Chain of heads behind him.

Once outside he layed Sean on the hood of the car and grasped the third potion, infusing it with Blood Rage, he tossed it into the building. It exploded and the surroundings caught on fire. As everything burned Scythe just smiled. “The universe will burn, the Flames set by my hands. Now I think it’s time we get out of here.” Will turned around and looked at Sean. That’s when it hit him. “Shit...... I can’t drive........”

Coughs were heard from Sean as the potions began to work their magic. Sean contained too much pride to give in to his helplessness. He managed to sit up on the hood of his car and watch the warehouse burn to the ground. He watched the hot flames erase the center piece of the Kings' whole operations. Sean hadn't questioned how he had survived that shot. He see the blood on his clothing, but the wound seemed like it had been treated for a few days. Sean looked toward the atrocity Scythe was carrying along with him with a raised eyebrow.

"That's not going in my car. It's better off being thrown of the docks. Food for the sharks." Sean said before moving to the driver's seat while using the car for support. He was glad he left the door open. He sat in the driver's seat, and immediately let his body lay against the seat. He sighed thinking about Corissa. He had to go home first though. He couldn't walk to a hospital with a bunch of weapons on him.

Scythe looked at Sean as he spoke and got into the car. He said that his trophy wasn’t getting in the car, but it was a present for Aliana. He would bring her the head’s of those who attacked her, or at least would guess on it. He didn’t know if they were actually there, but it was the piece of mind he was offering. Of course this probably wouldn’t help a normal person after what she went through, it quite possibly could make things worse, however Scythe isn’t exactly someone who is used to doing something nice to know how she’d react.

Scythe placed his bloody weapon in the back seat and then tossed in his trophy anyway. He shut the door and got in the car before Sean could say anything. He looked out the windshield and finally deactivated Omniscient sight. His eyes were still bleeding now since it was still active after his potion but he didn’t care. “That was coming with me either in the car or on top of it. I thought back there the better option since we’re getting your car all bloody anyway.”

Sean shook his head, unable to understand Will. He would have asked him hundreds of questions, but... he didn't care. Sean didn't agree with bringing the heads of gang members to sit in the back seats of his car, but arguing would get the two nowhere.

"I could always have you walk back... Corissa wouldn't like that though." Sean said before putting his foot on the gas pedal, and pulling a U-turn. "I'll never understand your crazy ass or Corissa's bizarre taste in guys. The only thing that matters though... is that you love her." Sean said as he kept his eyes on the road.

Will looked at Sean as he said he could always have him walk back. “I could always have left you on the ground in the warehouse to burn too. However as you said, Corissa wouldn’t like that.” He grinned as they turned and started heading back. After they started back and Sean spoke once more Will didn’t know how to respond.

“Don’t try to understand my crazy ass. I don’t think it’s possible, since at times I’m not sure I understand myself.” He thought about what he said about loving Corissa. “What does it mean to love someone? How can it be described, proven to be? Do any of us truly know when you are bound by that emotion, if it even exists? All I know is that around Corissa.... I am different. A better person I suppose one may say.... and I never want to see he hurt like this again. If the world must burn for that to happen, so be it.”

He was caught off guard by the statement and forced to confront his own feeling that he denied. Sean was maddening to him, yet it was almost a relief when he spoke about it. It was something that he needed to search out on his own, and now he knew that. Sean may or may not like the answer, however, Will didn’t really care. Right now all that was on his mind was keeping Corissa safe. Even if that meant the demise of everything else, the League and the Gods included.

Sean nearly drove through a red light when Scythe spoke. For the first time since they had been in the car, Sean turned to Will. He almost saw himself saying the same exact thing. Anyone else would have been angered that the young man questioned his own feelings toward the person's sister, but the way Will explained his feelings seemed to mirror his own. Sean had done everything... everything, for Corissa. He took them out of the slums, and now he would take her away from his life of crime. What Elliot had showed him was something he had thought to only be possible after years.

"I guess Corissa has you under the same spell as me. I'd do anything to see my sister's pleasant smile. It could make angels jealous." Sean said as a smile appeared on his face. Will wasn't someone who he needed to stare down... He was someone Sean could see at his side... Someone he saw worthy to be with his sister. Sean was glad to see that Corissa had a someone who thought of her the same way he did. Someone he could tell, genuinely cared for her. "You should really wipe those tears. Corissa don't think Corissa likes criers." Sean said with a smirk. The car was pulling into the driveway of the estate and into the garage. "We're switching cars. You can keep your shit here." Sean said as he stepped out of the car. He had almost forgotten how much pain his side was in. He held his side as he stepped into Mercedes. He took out his phone which had received several text messages and phone calls. He only sifted through Elliot's texts. He got the location of the hospital and Corissa's room number. He didn't bother texting Elliot back. The weather outside had calmed, but rain still fell from the sky.

Will chuckled as Sean spoke of them being under the same spell. “This isn’t Magic. I know magic and this is no spell. That would make this seem almost logical in a way. At least explainable. No this is a phenomenon that bewilders the mind and lures those close to one another. Perhaps that is what love truly is, if it can be defined.” Will wasn’t even talking so much to Sean anymore, it was almost as he was thinking out loud, just in Sean’s direction.

After they pulled into the driveway Will wasn’t sure what Sean spoke of. He wiped his hand across his cheek, just to find his fingers stained with the crimson color of his own blood. Did Sean not realize it was blood? Did he possibly not care? It was dark so Will just figured it was that. He wiped his face in his shirt since his clothes were drenched in blood anyway, most of it his own, not that Sean would know that. As Sean mentioned they were switching cars, Will was too hesitant to get in at first. He just opened the passenger door and peeked his head in.

“You may not realize it, but we’re covered in blood. If you wish to avoid troublesome questioning, I suggest we change and then burn these clothes. And your supposed to be this big shot crime boss. Sloppy, very sloppy work.” Will just shook his head. He may have been connecting somewhat with Sean, but he had to remember that he needed to be ready to kill him when Sorcha arrived. He couldn’t allow for these attachments because of his connection with Corissa, whatever one would call it.

Sean laughed out loud when Will mentioned the blood stains. He shook his head at Will, and ended his laughter. A smile is what remained on his face.

"You're funny. Get in the car." Sean said. The Sharks had connections everywhere. They practically ran Miami in the shadows.

Will stared for a second and got in the car. “Alright. If I have to kill someone because you wouldn’t let me change, It’s your ass.” Will sat back and shut the door. He leaned on the door and just stared forward. “Call someone and have them meet us there with new clothes.” He didn’t mind walking around in blood covered clothes, however there was that whole trying to keep a low profile thing, that he’s already failed at so much.

Sean chuckled at Will a little, before actually getting out of the car.

"There's three bathrooms in the mansion. I just remembered who we're going to see. I don't want Corissa catching a heart attack when she sees us. If you don't have a change of clothes, just go through my closet and find something not so expensive. There should be some linens in every bathroom in this place, unless Corissa decided to slack off lately." Sean said as he entered the mansion through the garage. Once inside, Sean slipped his shoes off. The rest of his clothing was stripped off of him when he entered the bathroom upstairs that was closest to his room. He would take a shower just to wash the blood off of himself. It would take about five minutes at the least.

When he had finished his shower, Sean got himself dressed in a black button down, blue jeans, and black dress shoes.

Will chuckled a bit as he mentioned Corissa having a heart attack seeing how they looked. ”She’s seen much worse then this” he thought to himself. He always kept extra clothing in Corissa’s room in a trunk so it wasn’t a problem. He went to her room first and took his trunk from her closet. He took out a change of clothes and washed off in the nearest shower. This wasn’t his first visit to Earth so he knew how this kind of stuff worked.

After about ten minutes or so he had finished his shower, making sure to wash the blood off of him and out of his hair especially. He got dressed in a pair of black jeans, a deep red t-shirt and a pair of black sneakers. Underneath his shirt was where he was now wearing the cases for his knives. It was much like an undercover cop. He put on a pair of finger-less leather gloves and his black leather jacket last. Unlike Sean, Will didn’t dress up. This was about as dressed up as he got. He headed back to the garage and waited for Sean.
Upon entering the garage, Sean spotted Will who was ready to leave. Their attires clashed, but he couldn't say that Will's style was bad.

"Let's go West Side Story." Sean joked before getting into the car. he shut his door. Whenever Will decided to step into the car, Sean would immediately drive off to the hospital.

Will got in the car as Sean made his joke. He didn’t know what Sean had meant by the comment, but played it off as it was just stupid. He sat back in the car more comfortable, now that he was dressed in more personality fitting clothes. “Let’s get there quickly."

Sean didn't waste any time getting to the hospital, he pulled into a parking space in the hospital parking lot before stepping out of the car.

"I know where to go." Sean said as he led Will through the automatic doors of the hospital and to the elevator. Corissa was in room 319. As the two were in the elevator, Sean let his eyes look straight toward the door. He wished the elevator moved faster. As soon the doors opened Sean quickly walked out. Sean's shoes clicked against the smooth floor. He was walking down the hall, wanting to see Corissa in the light. Elliot knew Sean was arriving before he even saw him. The quick footsteps of expensive footwear gave it away. After being checked on himself, Elliot had taken a seat in Corissa's hospital room. He was on the phone the whole time, ordering in attacks and sharing his information on the Kings. Sean's appearance in the doorway caused a serious look to show on his face.

"Everyone thought you were gonna get wasted out there." Elliot said. Sean paid almost no attention to the man though. Sean looked straight toward Corissa's bed.

"Sis." Sean said almost instinctively.

When Sean and Will entered the room, they would see bandages wrapped around her torso, both arms in casts, a shin wrapped in regular bandaging while an ankle had a cast. Her face was bruised, with cuts on her forehead, but all healing nicely with the medical attention given by the doctors and nurses. Her long, brown hair was pulled back neatly into a ponytail. Her lips were chapped and a bandage covered her small, delicate nose.

Why couldn’t she move? Why did she feel so restrained? Were the sort of thoughts running through Corissa’s mind as it became slowly aware of something holding down the slave’s body. She could hear voices in her head, one sounded vaguely familiar as it called out her true name, Aliana. Was that—Scythe? It must be, because Sean did not know it and if he did, they were all in trouble. But, somehow, she knew this to not be the case as Scythe would hold true to his promise of using Sean as bait for the Princess. She could also hear other sounds surrounding her.

Beeping noises assailed her ears, the many whispers amongst peers as they talked to one another, and the occasional rolling of wheels as patients were transported down the halls and to other rooms. It was then the familiarity of the sounds hit her. She was in a hospital. But, how could that be? Pain suddenly made itself known, and it seemed to be all throughout her body, throbbing in most places. Corissa heard another familiar sound, and soon recognized it to be Sean. He was calling out to her, but she seemed to have trouble responding as both eyes tried to open, the lids fluttering.It took a couple tries, but she managed to open one eye, though squinting as she sought out Sean and whispering softly, her voice nothing but hoarse. “Sean.

Sean had been looking upon Corissa's bandaged body with a face of worry. He let himself take slow steps toward the bed where Corissa lay. Looking at her was hard for him. He wondered if he could have killed those men more violently. Sean's mood seemed to go into a free fall. He almost felt like he had failed her. He would have let his look of depression remain on his face, but the fluttering of one of Corissa's eyes caused Sean to become alert. His hand was at her wrist just as she spoke his name. Sean's face looked as if he could cry as he saw his sister's face, but not a single hint of tears showed up on his face. His eyes shut before he spoke to his 'sister.'

"Corissa... You don't need to talk yet... I'm so-" Sean paused as he caught his reflection in the window of the hospital room. "This is was all my fault..." Sean clenched his fists at the sight of himself. "I made it my obligation to protect you. To make your life better than just great... I don't even deserve to be here." Sean said before letting his had slip away from his sister. "Elliot, you can take Will back to the house when he's done here." Sean said as he walked out of the room.

Will followed Sean through the halls into the elevator and all that jazz. It was his first time experiencing an elevator ride, and he was not a fan. Sean knew exactly where to go, which was good since Will didn't know how this "hospital" worked. It wasn't like the infarmaries on Concordia were built. Once inside the room Will let Sean go in first. He stayed in the doorway and soon found himself shaking.
It wasn't pure fury at the sight of her body, it wasn't nervousness either. This was all his fault though. He made her come here, he put her in this position. There was some more Blame to go around. The blame didn't fall on just 1. No the blame fell on 12, more so the league of 12. If they never took Concordia none of this would have happened.
As Sean left the room Will looked at Elliot. "Go after him. I won't be leaving without her." he then turned back and walked over to Corissa after she had woken up. He looked her straight in her eyes. "I'm.... Sorry...."

Corissa may have been injured, but that didn’t mean she didn’t see the blame cross Sean’s face. He could not really know who was to blame, for if he did, Sean would surely go insane; in a manner of speaking. She heard his words and before she could tell him everything was okay, he left the room. Her heart fluttered for a few moments, the strength of the pain deepening, until she heard Scythe’s voice. She felt anger towards him instantly, but there was another little emotion battling out the anger, one she couldn’t quite pinpoint. The look on his face, though, as he stepped closer was enough to wipe all anger, replacing it with sadness. She felt sadness for them both, for all of Concordia, and even for—Sorcha.

Yes, for the little Princess. None of this had to have happened if the League hadn’t been so greedy, wanting all the power for themselves. She looked straight back into Scythe’s eyes with the only eye opened and spoke, clearing her throat between nearly every word. “Scy—Will, please do not… apolo… gize. It was not… your fault.” She winced, finally recognizing where the pain was coming from; her broken ribs. Realization of what happened finally dawned in her mind as memories of the Kings came flooding into her mind. Squeezing both eyes, she tries to hold back the tears but they, as had the memories, flooded down her cheeks. “Scythe… what have they done to me? To all of us?” By them, she meant the League.

Will looked at Corissa and then turned around walking over to the door. He closed it gently and returned to her side. From his pocket he pulled out a potion. It would be loads better then anything Earth could offer, but they were mainly effective for counteracting his magic. It did save Sean however. “Do you think you could drink? I have a potion here.”

He avoided her question at first. He just stood over her and finally placed the potion on the table next to her. “I forced you into this Aliana. It was my fault, well no longer. You are free to do whatever you wish to do. You are no longer my Slave. No longer look at any of this as your duty, you are free to do as you wish.”

He stared into the tears running down her face and closed his eyes. “They? I am one of them. I am just as responsible. We all were in it to get what we wanted, not caring about those we hurt.The God’s will judge us for our actions. I’m sorry that you are a victim of out war.”

With her one open eye, Corissa watched Will walk to the door and close it, then return to stand by her side. He placed the potion on the table next to her bed after asking if she could drink the stuff before speaking more. His words shocked her, not only because he freed her from slavery, but also because she actually liked--- liked what? Being a slave? To him? How could anyone enjoy being Scythe’s slave? He usually mistreated his slaves, but not her. For some reason, he treated her differently. He allowed her to roam freely throughout his castle, eat whatever she liked, sleep wherever she wanted. The best thing he ever allowed Aliana to do was come to Earth and be Taran’s Keeper, to be his watcher just in case something happened. As for calling it her duty… she never viewed it as such. She loved being here. Being with Sean and living an Earthling life. The only thing she would change would be to no longer call herself Sean’s sister, but something else….

As the thought came to mind, Corissa felt absolutely no enthusiasm towards it. Had she just been imagining her feelings for Sean all this time? Who knew. With a soft sigh, she manages to open both eyes and slowly reaches out a hand to take hold of Will’s, calling him by his true name. “Scythe, you had no control over what Valius did. You only went along with the ride because it was something to do. You like chaos. You like to fight. Do not blame yourself. If anyone is to blame, it is Valius.” Squeezing his hand as best she could with the lack of strength, she went on. “Help me drink the potion. I’m sure it will help more than Earth medicine will.”

Scythe stared at her as she looked into his eyes. “Valius.... Does he need to pay then? Do we all need to pay? Must I burn the worlds now, saving only few? The answers that once seemed clear to me are now clouded. All I know is that I cannot allow you to get hurt again. You’d think for someone that loved the death and chaos as much as I do..... It wouldn’t matter, but it does. I can’t explain why exactly, but it does.”

He looked over at the potion and picked it up. He opened it up and helped sit her up. He waited for her to open her mouth and slowly poured the potion in slowly ensuring she wouldn’t choke or drown from it. After it was all done he layed her back down. “If you would allow it, I would like to stay with you until you are ready to come out. Would that be alright?”

Corissa was rather dumbfounded by Will’s words. A bit speechless even. What did he mean by what he said? Will—or rather, Scythe—usually didn’t care who got hurt while whatever battle or war was going on. He could care less about who died and why they died. Why should she being hurt by a gang matter to Scythe? Was the name Will beginning to have some sort of Earthly effect on the carefree Scythe? Did he actually feel for her, now? Or had he always? Hmm—it was worth finding out about it all. Deep down inside, Corissa knew she cared somewhat for Scythe, which is why she’d remained his loyal servant, even up to this moment and any time afterwards. Perhaps, she was right about Scythe having positive feelings towards her and if she was right, maybe she could find out the sort of feelings he felt. To test her theory, she thinks using the whole ‘I-need-comfort’ thing may bring more out of him.

As he helped her in sitting up in the bed, she leans against him while trying not to choke on the horrid potion as it slid down her throat. She shuddered from just the taste of it. “Ugh. That stuff is horrible, Will. Don’t you think you can put a better taste and smell in it?” The potion was obviously working already for Corissa’s voice sounded a little stronger. Remembering her plan, though, she doesn’t lean back against the bed and instead continues leaning on Will. His next set of words her smiling inwardly. So, the great Scythe didn’t want to leave her? Other times… or perhaps, just other people, Scythe would have just left or not even had come to visit at the hospital.

“Yes. Please, stay. The Earthly hospitals scare me for some reason. As for the burning of both worlds, don’t be ridiculous. But you are right, someone does need to pay and I believe it is Valius. He has brought nothing but despair among everyone. I think we should join with the Princess and her brothers. It will surprise the League to find Scythe joined the enemy. What do you think?” She leaned more of her weight onto him, keeping him close by her side. “We could pretend to become their allies and then when the Princess defeats Valius and the rest of the League, we can kill her and the brothers. You could be the King of Concordia. How does that sound?”

Scythe looked at her and laughed, yes actually laughed, as she mentioned the taste. She would’t want to know what was in it, that was for sure. “I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe some Earth ingredients could help a bit.” He noticed her leaning on him instead of the bed, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t really mind it in all honesty. “I will stay as long as you need me to stay.” He listened as she talked about joining the brothers and bringing Valius down. To burn the worlds was Halikair’s wish. Could he not only defy Valius but the God of Death as well? Hell yeah that would actually be kind of exciting. Besides after working with Sean in the last attack, he wasn’t that bad a guy. Perhaps this visit on Earth was changing Scythe. The question now is, was it for the worse or the better?

“It seems that Valius must be punished for all he has done then. I never really liked the lot of them anyway. It would do me some good to cut them down. Although I have no desire to be a King. If betraying the Ex-Royal family leads me to that, then just let them get what they want.”

Kings had a lot of duty and rarely saw the battlefield. Wasn’t quite the job that interested him. This prospect however was interesting. They would be outnumbered and out skilled for the most part. What an interesting Challenge. Scythe liked Challenges.

Pleased with her new findings and not quite knowing why, Corissa closes her eyes finding Scythe to be quite warm and very comfortable to lean against. The pain had lessened thanks to his potion and she could feel sleep beginning to once again try and claim her for its own. “Hmm, sounds like a plan to me. We will let the Princess find Sean and do what she came here to do.” Once she spoke Sean’s name, thoughts of him came flooding into her mind. The way he left seemed to be bothering her subconscious and she wondered why he’d left in such a hurry. He’d mentioned something about it all being his fault and she wanted to comfort Sean and tell him everything. Tell him who he really was just to wipe the hurt she’d seen in his eyes. Breathing in deeply, she let it out slowly, knowing Sorcha had to be the one to give the brother’s memories back. No use in dwelling on it, especially when sleep was so close to claiming her.

Leaning all of her weight on Scythe now and eyes still closed, she mutters sleepily. “In the morning, I want to go back to the estate. I cannot stand hospitals. Do you think you can do that for me?” She feel asleep as the last words were spoken, not giving him the opportunity to answer.

Scythe knew that it had to be the Princess to return the memories to Sean, but after their last encounter, it may not be easy for them to get the courage to get to Sean, if they even knew where he was. However he just nodded giving Corissa the satisfaction of a good plan before she began drifting off to a world of slumber. He thought of Sean, but Elliot would go and take care of him. There was something about the loyalty of that man that was admirable.

As Corissa leaned on him and asked something of him he just smiled and layed her down on the bed. He pulled the covers over her and just stood there watching her sleep for a moment. He moved his hand close to almost touching her face, but when he realized what he was doing he pulled away. He pulled a chair closer to Corissa just so he’d be near if she needed anything.

He knew she was asleep but he didn’t want to leave her question unanswered. “Of course I can do that for you. I can do anything... for you.” What were these feelings? One would have thought that Scythe barely felt emotion. Hell Scythe barely thought he had emotions. could this really be that concept of love? A concept he barely believed in, but why can’t one unexplainable thing, be the cause of another? Sitting there just thinking he felt his eyes grow heavy. He closed them and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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Concordia: Prison Cells

Malikye tilted his head to the side and grinned wolfishly. “Yes. You should trust me for there is nobody here within this castle that is trustworthy. I can free you from this prison cell, just give me a moment or so to plan the details of our escape. We will need.” The white wolf stepped away from the bars connecting their cells and went to sit upon the small pallet of blankets lumped together in the far corner. His eyes closed but opened a second later, the pupils no longer blue as they were covered with a sheen of white. He seemed to be some sort of hypnosis state, but in truth, he was communicating with his pack.

Earth: The Hospital

Corissa woke to find the white face of some man close to hers. He had a stethoscope around his neck and held the cold, shiny part against her skin where he listened to the beating of her heart. The man looked somewhat perplexed and when he realized she was awake, he pulled away and stuffed both hands into his white jacket.

“Hello, Corissa. I am Dr. Aikenhead and I have been treating you since the ambulance arrived with you. You have suffered numerous wounds: a couple of broken ribs, both arms have minor fractures, your shin had a big gash and your ankle also had minor fractures. I was worried about your nose because it looked to have been broken several time. In fact, I was altogether surprised you survived the injuries. And now—I have to say, I am quite shocked.”

He lifted a hand and rubbed his smooth chin, then pushed the nose of his glasses before returning his hand to his pocket. “Your face is not as bruised as it was yesterday, in fact, it almost looks completely healed. I want to take another x-ray of your bones and see how they are healing as well. How are you feeling?”
Corissa smirked, knowing exactly what it was that sped up the healing process. “I am feeling much better, actually. Do you think I will be able to leave today, Dr. Aikenhead?”

Clasping his hands together behind his back, he shrugged. “I will need to check out your x-rays first and see how well your bones are healing. Then, we will see about releasing you. I will have the nurse in here within the next thirty minutes.” With that, the doctor left the room. Remembering Scythe, she looks around to see him sitting in the chair next to her and his eyes were closed. She wondered if she was still asleep or if he’d heard the entire exchange between herself and Dr. Aikenhead. What a funny name…

Earth: Ireland “Castle Hotel”- at the pool

Sorcha had found her way down to the pool and now sat with her feet submerged below the water. She knew Reicha was close by somewhere and the felt safe even though the woman was a Bounty Hunter. Sorcha knew Reicha would hold true to their pact. Sighing softly, she leans back and looks up at the sky and to the stars that were arranged in the same way as the stars covering the Concordia night sky. It was odd, this world. Everything was so similar, but yet so different. The people spoke the same language, even had similar accents, while others spoke an entirely different language she’d never heard. Earth wasn’t too bad of a world. Lost in her thoughts, she jumped at the sound of Masaharu’s voice and turned to find him walking towards her and speaking at the same time. She smiled softly and patted the empty space beside her. “Come, Masaharu. Sit with me and tell me what thoughts plague your mind.”

Back in the hotel room, Saige had turned on the television, already having made the decision to accompany the Princess on her journey. She didn’t anything about what tv shows Irish people watched, but she managed to find something decent: a movie about some weirdo and his girlfriend robbing some castle.

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Miami: The Rain Replaces His Tears

Elliot had followed Sean out as Will had instructed. HE had never seen Sean react like that. Sean was someone who didn't away from things. Him being unable to to look at Corissa without feeling an immense amount of guilt, was something Elliot found surprising. He knew Sean was a human being, but the man had been nearly ruthless in his presence.

"Sean! Sean wait!" Elliot called out he started jogging down the hallway. HE had just entered the elevator with his boss, before the doors shut. "Sean, you gotta keep your cool bro. What are you about to go do?" Elliot asked with concern. Sean's face was blank... Not cold, but blank.

"I'm going home... I can't be here. Not right now." Sean answered. before the elevator doors opened up to the ground floor.

"Come on Sean, Cori-" Elliot was cut off. Sean had stopped and turned to the man with a cold look on his face

"Take your gun, and go find the person you care about the most. When you find them and shoot until they're at the brink of death... Tell me if you can look them in the eyes... She wouldn't be in there if it wasn't for me! The Kings attacked her to get to ME!" Sean yelled before continuing out of the lobby. What Sean had said, struck Elliot. He didn't know what to say to that.

"Sean... You have to calm down... Just think about what's happening now. We shut out the Kings. You have Miami in your palms. You're still alive after doing what you did." Elliot said as he walk into the pouring rain. There was no lightning or thunder... just rain.

"You're right..." Sean said as he opened his car door. Elliot got into the passenger's seat, wondering why Sean had agreed with him so easily. Sean's mood didn't seem to change at all "I should look at the brighter side of things. Those things don't matter though. I don't care about any of it. Corissa being alive and safe is all I want to think about.... Thanks." Sean said as he drove from the hospital. "I won't forget that I'm guilty though." Elliot smiled at his half successful attempt to ease Sean of his troubles.

"Well, how about we get rid of some of that built up tension and aggression." Elliot said with excitement. Sean just raised his eyebrow as he barely looked at his subordinate.

"What do you have in mind, because I kind of wish there were more Kings to shoot." Sean needed a stress reliever, so he wasn't going to argue with Elliot's proposal... Not yet at least.

"Just be ready tomorrow morning. Dress... loose. Like when you go on your jogs." Elliot said.

"But tomorrow is the day I take Corissa... Never mind, I'll be ready. What time?" Sean asked knowing that it was pretty late already. He usually took Corissa out to the mall or the strips of stores around Miami on Saturdays. It was his least busy day, he always found it interesting to find out what things piqued her interest.

"I'll be at you place at 10:00." Elliot said as the estate came into view. Elliot didn't enjoy today's weather. It had rained all day. Then again, this wasn't such a good day in Miami. Sean nodded in answer. After parking in the garage, both men made there way through the mansion and to the front door. Elliot's car was where he left it; parked out front. "I'll see you then. Don't drink yourself to death." Elliot said as he walked out of the front door.

"Who's the boss again?" Sean asked rhetorically before waving to Elliot. Elliot laughed and closed the door behind himself. Sean then made his way tot he kitchen, and gulped down the champagne he had left on the table. He took off his wet clothing and changed into shorts and a tank top in his his bedroom. He was calmly sitting on his bed, until he looked toward his mirror. He stared at himself for what he thought was an hour, but only several minutes passed. "I became this, so Corissa would never have to feel pain in any way... But what i have become has hurt her the most." Sean said before looking away from the mirror and laying down onto the bed. He stared at the ceiling until he fell asleep.


Today Sean would have been woke up by Corissa, who would have been ever so excited to go out into the city. He would have wore his most expensive of clothes. He would have eaten a delicious cooked breakfast that Corissa would have prepared. They would have gotten into the Mercedes, and they both would have had one of the best days of their lives. Instead, Sean woke himself. He didn't smell the delicious aroma of a prepared breakfast. He just put shoes on and a sleeveless shirt to replace his tank top. He put on his Asics; his running shoes. He grabbed a meal bar, and ate it on his way out to the Elliot's car. Elliot was dressed in a t-shirt, basketball shorts, and Nike's.

"You're on time! You ready!" Elliot exclaimed. Sean still had no idea what they were going to do. The rain was light this morning, almost like a mist.

"I'm always ready. Now what are we doing?" Sean asked in monotone as he stepped into the car.

"You'll see!" Elliot really wanted Sean to keep his mind off of yesterday.

"You know I hate when I don't know something." Sean said sternly.

"I know." Elliot replied before driving off.

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Miami Hospital

Scythe slept kinda well that night for a sleep in a chair. However the next morning he was alerted when he heard the door opening. He didn’t even flinch, he just cracked one eye open a bit. It wasn’t even enough to notice, but it was enough for him to see throughout the room with Omniscient Sight. He heard the whole conversation and almost smiled as he heard about her “remarkable” recovery. So his potions weren’t completely useless to others.

After Dr. Aikenhead had left the room, he noticed Corissa look towards him. He looked up and opened his eyes. A bit of blood falling from one as Omniscient Sight was deactivated. “It seems that your injury’s are healing well. How are you feeling?”


Concordian Prison Cells

Jason stared at the wolf, still clearly in shock. Strangely however he was almost getting used to it. “I guess worse comes to worse, being eaten by wolves can’t be much worse then rotting in an alien prison cell until I die.” He was more talking out loud to himself, but it was easily heard. “Umm... So how can you get us out of here? I mean you don’t exactly have usable thumbs and why wouldn’t you have escaped yet if you could?”

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Castle Hotel: Poolside

Masaharu nodded and sat down next to her on the ground. He took in a breath and looked up at the night sky. "It's about this trip we're on. I have no problem with helping you find your brothers. I just want to know what lies ahead as far as problematic issues." His mind instantly flashed back to Scythe then back to reality. "I mean, there's only so much that I can do as a human. Sure, I can defend myself pretty well but cutting through roads seems over-the-top for me."

Sorcha leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees while looking at Masaharu as he spoke. She couldn’t help but admire his young face and how handsome he looked with the light from the pool reflecting off it. She almost didn’t hear his questions but she managed to listen with half an ear. Once he was finished, she smiles.
“The problems we will face are without doubt the members of the League. The man with the scythe as I said before was sent here to prevent me from accomplishing my tasks; Reicha was as well. I am positive more will be sent. I know you are only human, but so am I. The only difference is I have magic at my disposal and you do not. I may have a way to solve this problem, but I am sure once I find my brothers they will aid you in preparing you for battle.”

He glanced out over the pool then back to her. "Why, err, I mean how did your brothers come to be on this planet if they're from a different realm? I don't mean to be nosey or anything but I'm curious. Are they like you? I mean, having magical ablilities and whatnot?"

“Hmm, yes. They are very much like me with magical abilities and, uh, what—not—“ Not familiar with the word but able to guess it’s meaning, she merely agreed. “They came here to Earth because the League wiped their memories and sent them here. They used a mirror, which is the portal between our two worlds, to transport them. They were each sent to three different locations and I must find where each of them are now living. Keegan is here, in Ireland, just need to find where.” She picks the book up from earlier and holds it out to him, Keegan’s face pointed straight in his direction. “This is what he looks like and this is the name he goes by; James McTavin.”

Looking at the picture on the back of the book, Masaharu shook his head. "I've never heard that name before nor have I seen him." He shifted a bit to get comfortable then looked up to the moon. "Keegan. An uncommon name but a name nonetheless." His gaze shifted over to her, the moon casting a gentle glow over her skin. For a second, the dream he had a few weeks ago, flashed in his mind. He shook his head a bit then smiled. "I'm sure we'll find them. Another thing, and this might sound really strange." He swallowed, "For some odd reason, you look very familiar to me. I didn't say anything awhile back but I recognize you."

Without realizing it, Sorcha’s face fell. She’d been hoping Masaharu knew of Keegan and would have the information to lead her to where he currently lived. Looking away from Masaharu, she stares down at Keegan’s handsome face and sighs, tracing a finger tip across his facial features. Sorcha’s head snapped up though when hearing her companion’s next set of words. “How is it we have never met before and yet I look familiar to you?”

"I'm not quite sure how to explain it. A few weeks ago, I had a dream where I was in a place I didn't know. It was almost like medieval. I remember seeing horses, knights with lances, people wearing tunics and elegant dresses. It was like I was thrown into a medieval fairy tale. After looking around for a bit, a young girl, such as yourself, came up me and asked me my name. That girl, looked exactly like you. Ever since I saw you, I've had deja vu. It's like you've never met me before but I've seen you in my dreams."

Sorcha listened and a soft smile teased her lips as he described what he saw in this dream of his. It was very—interesting to say the least and unusual, close to amusing. Perhaps, Masaharu held a bit of magic in him and what was this déjà vu he spoke of? She must remember to ask later, but for now… “That is a very interesting dream, Masaharu. Are you do not contain the magic of seeing the future?” She said, her tone somewhat teasing. “But, what do you suppose it means? You were meant to aid me in my quest or just a mere coincidence?”

He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm pretty sure I can't see the future, even if I tried. I'm not exactly sure what it means, myself. Perhaps, it means that were meant to meet each other."

Her brows rose; lips smiling. “You may be correct. Perhaps, the Goddess Concordia is pleased by you and has chosen you as my Protector. She has excellent taste in people.”

Masaharu felt his face burn slightly then he smiled back at her. The moonlight reflecting off the water accentuated the glow about her. For a second, he was lost in her beauty. 'She is beautiful,' he thought to himself.

Sorcha soon realized she was blushing while he seemed to just stare at her in such a way that would make any girl blush. She then heard a small splash and looked down, gasping softly, for there in the pool floated Keegan’s book before it started sinking to the bottom. “Oh no! My brother’s book, it is ruined.” Sorcha stood up but somehow slipped and went flying straight into the water. Landing on her side, she makes a big splash and starts sinking. She didn’t know how to swim and fear of drowning was quick to enter her mind, causing a negative reaction of flailing in an attempt to pull herself back up to the surface.

Masaharu snapped back to reality and saw Sorcha in the pool. He reached his hand out towards her and grasped her hand to pull her to safety. "Don't worry. I have you. You're not going to drown." He slowly began to pull her back up to dry ground.

Coughing and sputtering, Sorcha stood in front of Masaharu, shivering violently as a cool breeze blew against her wet clothes. She stared up at him with her gray eyes, not quite realizing how close his face was to hers, though she was mesmerized by his red eyes, wondering why she had yet to see their crimson color. How were they so red? They seemed hypnotic to her and like a moth to light, they pulled her face towards his.

Masaharu looked into her grey eyes, which seemed cold, but were warm. Without noticing the gap between them close, his body leaned in closer to her. As they both moved closer, Sorcha’s hands slide up his arms to rest lightly on his shoulders. Due to his height, her body raised up on tip-toe, bringing their lips closer. He felt her hands and he placed his hands on her sides gently. He felt the warmth coming off of her body, despite her clothes being soaking wet.

One of Sorcha’s hands slid to the back of his neck. Her wet body had stopped it’s trembling as his body moved closer, that gap between closing completely as their lips finally meet, very softly at first. Her lips felt warm and soft against his. He wrapped his arms around her in a gentle embrace as their lips met.

Sorcha might have shivered the moment their lips met, and as the kiss deepened a bit, she was sure something in her mind exploded. At first, it made a whistling sound before the explosion, and she thought she saw stars of different colors as another explosion shook the--- ground? Opening her eyes, Sorcha looks into Masaharu’s face, realizing their lips were touching and moving in a soft, passionate dance. Her gray eyes almost closed again for his lips felt so good on hers, but she heard the same explosion and it was enough to drag her back to reality. As she pulled away, she saw something lightening the night sky and turned swiftly around to see those beautiful colors from before. Awed by the spectacle, she mutters softly, pointing; the kiss still fresh in her mind but time to analyze what happened would have to wait til later. “What are those? I want to a closer look, Masaharu. Do you think we can do that? Let us fetch Reicha and see what magic this is.”

Masaharu pulled away slowly as the explosions echoed through the air. "Look at that, fireworks." He heard the whistles as the shells whizzed through the air before exploding into a vast array of colors. He looked at Sorcha and smiled. "Fireworks sound fun. Maybe one day we can light some off."

“Fireworks? Is that what they are called? Well, they do remind me of fire.” She smiled, blushing while looking up at him. “Let’s go find Reicha. She may be nearby already.” She blushed again thinking about Reicha witnessing the kiss. Taking Masaharu’s hand, she began dragging, having forgotten about the book.

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Earth: The Hospital

Corissa smiled when Will confirmed her thoughts earlier. He’d been awake the entire time and had used his magic. It never really bothered her before when the blood appeared as it did now, rolling from his eye and down his cheek. She wanted to wipe that the tiny dot of red liquid away, but that thought seemed to scare her. Not certain why she thought it, she pushes it away and moves her arms, trying to get comfortable but a sharp pain shot through them, causing her to wince. “Ah, yeah I suppose you can say they are. I need more morphine. Tell the nurse to get me more morphine. I know you don’t know what that is, just tell the nurse I need some.”

Concordia: Prison Cells

After Malikye finished sending a message to his mate, Mayka, he moved from his pallet and walked back to their adjoining bars. He laid down on his stomach, crossing his white paws. “We will not eat you, human. We do not eat humans. Their meat is too tough and causes our teeth and stomachs to ache.” He whined softly, just remembering the last and only time his pack ate human meat.

“As for escaping, I have not yet attempted an escape because I await for her Highness to return with her brothers. You have fallen in the middle of something big, my friend. A war is approaching… slowly and you will need to well equip. Soon, a few members of my pack will arrive and break us free from this place before anything worse happens. Then, we will all take you away from here and once her Highness returns, you, me, and my pack will return here to fight alongside her.” Malikye spoke in that firm way of his, as if saying the boy had no choice in the matter and that this was the way it had to be.

Concordia: Out Of Character (OOC)

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