The Key to the soul

The Key to the soul

A force arises to challenge ancient ways. Will a hero arise to counter this force or will power simply tip the balance of the nation.

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Welcome to the first of my Roleplays on this site. Please feel free to skip this first paragraph if you despise pleasantries or whatever. In any case, i come from another site from which i have mostly been driven out of, from what i have experienced on this site it seems to move a lot slower in regards to posting, but that is all fine. This will probably just resort to a RP between some internet acquaintances and myself but if you feel like sticking along for an interesting ride then please feel free to do so.

Allow me to introduce you to Ancient Egypt? No, just a land very similar to such. Laws very similar to our earth reign here, but intervention from beings regarded as deities has bought down a curse on the very lands themselves. Strange objects began appearing throughout the land, granting people powers, but at a cost of course. Several individuals decided to take it upon themselves to use these powers to bring about a new Era, one in which they themselves may surpass even the gods themselves whom all others seem slave to. Of course there is always those who wish to wreak havoc purely because they can.

The World:
Imagelink Image Link
The story unfolds in a city nestled beside a river. The people live under the rule of Seisostris III, their warrior king, with the arrival of the 'artifacts' it was sworn that such powers would not be the cause of the country's demise and that as long as he ruled those who abused such demonic curses would not be allowed to walk free.

While these powers that supposedly come from the Gods themselves have not been outlawed as such, it is a known fact that the Pharaoh himself holds several below palace walls. Some of the few who have gained powers from the artifacts are disappearing, and all is not as it should be.

For the time being the kingdom is in a state of peace, but rumor has spread of the king's plans to expand the nation in several directions, tensions have risen as those running around with power begin to show objections to the current methods of rule; Using powers to advantage themselves or fuel greed.

All over the nation odd containers have been appearing, those who open or break the containers are given unique gifts but in return a hefty price is said to be paid. A price that shakes the very soul of the individual.

Artifacts appear in the world, often showing up in unexpected places such as buried in the sands or at the top of a temple only to destroy the temple once the priceless artifact has been removed. While always a container, their appearances range from golden boxes to ceramic pots, always of fine quality but regardless the individual who opens the container if gifted a unique power, but for which there is always a price to pay.

Artifacts can be sold for a high price but the nation's leader has decided that to minimize the risk of damage, all containers must be handed over to the his high priests who keep the artifacts buried away deep within the chambers of spiritual tombs. While not outlawed, the emerging powers of individuals are considered wrong by many, some cult groups even going as far to say that it is demonic possession.

A price to pay...:
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Upon opening a container an individual is seemingly whisked away into a strange realm of darkness, a soothing voice calling out from behind the shadows. "What price will you pay?" Their soul spread out beneath them a hefty toll is about to be enacted, the five parts of the human soul separated, one of them about to be severed.

Like a magical seal, each option is within grasp, it is well known that nothing can be achieved without sacrifice. The five aspects stood before oneself are "Ib, Sheut, Ren, Ba and Ka" A person's Heart, Shadow, Name, Personality or Vital essence respectively, each an important part of the human soul.

Very few limitations are placed on the resulting powers and they are usually uniquely tailored to an individuals personality and desires. Whether it be power for control, to fuel their greed, to pass judgement or just to become noticed in life, no two powers have been shown to be the same.

-Ib: The human heart, said to be weighed after ones death in the Hall of Two Truths, weighed against the feather of truth and justice. Without a sin free heart one would be devoured by the demon Ammit, but without a heart all aspects of the afterlife will just reject the individual. Forever doomed to roam the earth with the demon Ammit trying to corrupt and devour them.

Spiritual: Emotions tend to be dampened but not always the case.
Physical: The inability to enter the afterlife and the constant pull of Ammit, closer to their demise. You are also unable to enter afterlife based worlds including dream worlds (One is present in the first sub-arc)

-Sheut: Your shadow which holds part of you, those who choose to walk the path of the shadow are granted only a large portion of their powers, the other half given to their shadow which is no longer attached to them, only by defeating one's shadows can full power be attained.

Spiritual: Usually none, but a particular very important memory can sometimes be lost.
Physical: No shadow, slightly weaker at night. Powers are about equal with others to start off with, but trying to gain stronger powers may lead to your shadow killing you.

-Ren: Your name, It is said that as long as your name is spoken you will continue to exist, great efforts have been taken to preserve one's name within the past, from writing it in scriptures to preserving it within hieroglyphs. Walking this path your name will be erased from the writings and minds of all those around you, and the world will slowly try to fade you out of existence.

Spiritual: All aspects of your name are removed from your history, scriptures and your memories.
Physical: The world will slowly try to erase you from existence. (Not a joke, you will die if you do not try to find your name)
Bargaining with others is also more difficult. You cannot hold any official title.

-Ba: Personality, thought to be the main aspect carried over into the afterlife, without such one cannot exist within spiritually charged grounds and instead will be rejected.

Spiritual: Commonly a weakened personality in some way.
Physical: Upon entering spiritually charged lands, such as temples, your power is slowly drained until you have left the area for a set amount of time. Concentration of worship within an area determines the speed and effect of this drain. Physical pain can also be associated with this draining of powers.

-Ka: The vital essence, the distinguishing aspect between the living and the dead. In exchange for one of the four other aspects one enters a state of "Heka" or "Activated Ka", granting powers unique to that individual. All individuals know that to exchange their vital essence for power would not be advisable, as it would mean attaining power only through death.

Note: Ka is special in that it is the source of most powers, in giving it away the types of powers you can gain are limited. When you give this away you are considered dead. Most forms of powers with Ka as sacrifice fall under necromancy or demonic possession.
To use Ka as your sacrifice you will need to discuss with me the reasons.
Spiritual: ???
Physical: Considered Dead.

Opening two artifacts does not grant the user a second power, rather for their greed they are killed before even giving away a second aspect of soul. With sin in their hearts or a lack of hearts the individual is thrown into the underworld and devoured by Ammit.

There is also the option to play no powers, while you may have some skill at wielding a weapon or something, it will be a very different playstyle.

The artifacts grant many unique abilities, anything from control over elements to becoming elements themselves, powers are usually based on personality traits and the desires of individuals. While some go on lifelong quests to find artifacts, others simply stumble upon them just outside their cities walls, half buried in sands.

[This section is mainly for rules and facts in regards to abilities.]

Ability Rules:
1. No control over Time or Space. (Gravity, Time-travel, Instantaneous travel)
2. No Flight without wings. (This includes your crazy jet propulsion plans, you crazy pyro, you.)
3. No powers that break the Rules. (Mind control, Invulnerability, Mind reading.)
4. Each of these rules is subject to negotiations, but i will not move on my decision so easily.

Story thus far:

The artifacts began appearing around three years ago, their origins still yet unexplained. Early adopters praised the powers as a gift from the gods themselves, but there were always skeptics. The artifacts were rare and many did not want to go near them at all, rumors soon began to spread of the curse they bought upon their victims. Soon some wished to no longer live with the curse that had been bestowed upon them, but most learned to live with their powers as often they fulfilled lifelong desires.

A group of ability users recently appeared out of the shadows, calling themselves "The Key", they have stated that it is their plan to turn this nation on its head, believing that they soon will rule these lands.

Toggle Rules

0) Always accepting until it dies or too many people join. Your app needs to be accepted before you can post.
1) The usual, no meta, power or god modding.
2) Give me a heads-up if you will be out for a bit, or if you have grown tired of the scene.
3) Don't go overboard on the swearing, match personality and keep it professional. (Minimum)
4) There's no minimum posting limit, but you should at least try for at least 200 or something.
5) Romance is allowed/ encouraged but you know what you have to keep to yourselves. (Keep it SFW.)
6) There is no Rule 6.
7) Be nice to everyone OOC.
8) I don't even.
9) Rules might be subject to change.

Application shell. Personalizing it is appreciated.
Code: Select all
[Center][font=book antiqua][Color=black][Size=300]Full Name Here[/size][/color][/font]
[font=book antiqua][Color=black][Size=210]Nickname(s) here[/size][/color][/font]
[font=Georgia][size=90][b][url=theme song url here][i]Theme Song Title[/i] || Band[/url]
[img]image of character here[/img]
[color=black][i]age here[/i][/color][/b][/font][/size]
[i][b]gender here[/b][/i]
[i][b]birthdate here[/b][/i]
[color=black]|Sexual Preference|[/color]
[i][b]sexuality here[/b][/i]
[i][b]A few words to describe this character's playstyle, Eg. Defender, All out attacker, logic thinker,  Sharp shooter, etc.[/b][/i]
[font=georgia][size=80][color=black]|Eye Color|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote"
[i][b]eye color here[/b][/i]
[color=black]|Hair Color|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]hair color here[/b][/i]
[color=black]|Body Type|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote"
[i][b]body type here[/b][/i]
[color=black]|Standard Dressup Attire|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]Standard clothes here[/b][/i]
[color=black]|Height & Weight|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]height and weight here[/b][/i]
[color=black]|Birthmarks, Tattoos, and Scars|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote Here"
[i][b]blemishes here[/b][/i][/size][/font]
"Optional Character Quote Here"
[i][b]personality here[/b][/i]
"Optional Character Quote"
[i][b]strengths here[/b][/i]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]weaknesses here[/b][/i]
"Optional Character Quote"
[i][b]fears here[/b][/i][/size][/font]
[font=georgia][size=80][color=black]|Combat style|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]How your character fights[/b][/i]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]Your given Ability description goes here.[/b][/i]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]Choose from the 5 (4) prices listed above, explain what you have lost (Personality wise/ emotionally/ physically/ etc.[/b][/i]
[color=black]|Equipment & Weapons|[/color]
"Optional Character Quote"
[i][b][color=#FFD700]Highest quality item, most likely primary weapon(s)[/color]
[color=#6495ED]Medium quality item[/color]
[color=#6495ED]Medium quality item[/color]
[color=#6495ED]Medium quality item[/color]
Any other items, no limits.[/b][/i]
"Optional Character Quote."
[i][b]history goes here, also include discovering your artifact, choosing a price and anything else.[/b][/i]
[i][b]other information goes here[/b][/i][/font][/size]

1. I'll be using an anime-type image for mine...
2. Those who chose "Ren" as their Price shouldn't include their character's full name in the application. (Mark it as ???)

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Re: The Key to the soul

Finally got my character in. Sorry about how long it took. It was just really hectic for me at first, then the website was being an ass. But he's in now.

Re: The Key to the soul

Ooof dah, welp, I'm all finished. I'm looking forward to playing with you all!

Also, @Solawind, if there is anything you might like me to change about my character, please do tell me. This is, how they say, your party. I'm a guest here, so what you say goes. Thanks!

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Hrm, odd. It ends up as blank whenever I try to update my character..

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Haha, awesome. Cheers Vivi! :D

Also, Sir/Madame Solawind, I haven't yet finished my character. I still have to finish the history section. After that, however, I will be done. It's late over here and I've got an early day tomorrow. I'll finish it after work. Thanks for all your help/advice/really just answering some obvious questions that I over thought like a dumbass. :D Much appreciated!

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Hey Shio! Yeah, you too. :D

I'm going to work on my character now, sorry I took so long with it.

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@Solawind, splendid! Thank you! :3 I was always taught that it was polite to ask first, which is why I did. I shall now begin the process of Character creation. Thanks again!

EDIT: The choice of price is incredibly difficult. Job well done in making them so balanced.

@Vivi, hello sir! So nice to see you here as well. :)

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Okay, my character is posted, i may need to add to it but it looks pretty solid for now.

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@Shishio, Anyone can submit a character and be accepted. I will probably always be accepting but looking at this site it seems there are a lot more members here than from the last site i was on, so maybe later on there will be a limit.

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Well I'm glad people are responsive here. I'll work on a char as soon as I'm home, maybe burn away the 10 post limit asap too.

Re: The Key to the soul

Whoa... This is so original. It's so interesting and new. Would I be able to participate in such a glorious RP?

Re: The Key to the soul

Thanks for the feedback already, I will continue to work on the OP for a while. I spent quite a while on this RP, mainly balancing issues and deciding on a name.

I just want to take the time to ensure everyone acknowledges that each of the 'prices' have been well balanced, so their shouldn't be any reason for someone to feel the need to take one over the other, they are all even.

I will try to get my Character up as quickly as possible so that people have something to go by at least.

Re: The Key to the soul

I would like to join as well and will be making my character as soon as possible.

Re: The Key to the soul

I was interested by the description enough, but after reading it all I'm hooked. I wont be able to work on a character tonight, and possibly some of tomorrow, but I'll write my character up after.

Re: The Key to the soul

Sounds interesting and quite original, I'll throw up a character soon if I have time.

The Key to the soul

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