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located in December City, a part of Trigun: The Search For Eden, one of the many universes on RPG.

December City

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Sister Mary Catherine

The old nun chuckled, "Oh son yes their here come have a seat", she closed the door to her office behind him. She then sat at her desk across from him, "Now I want to ask something you didn't keep to your pastoral vows now did you", she laughed she knew that he now felt very awkward and confused. "Well not that I expected you to you were all ways the little rule breaker, now your wondering how I know that don't you", she smiled and put her hands on his. "That lovely young lady of your Milly, comes here all the time to help care for the children but dear she thinks your dead", "and thats very hard on a young woman in the condition she's in now I let that sink in because I'd much rather you go there and figure it out for yourself". She knew that Wolfwood was no dummy but he had been out of it for a while, "Well don't worry about it Im sure the good Lord had his plan for you and well you'll be forgiven". She stands, "All three of them live in a little house between here and December City you probably passed it on your way here and didn't even realize, but now lets get a good meal and some rest in you and then you can make your way there in morning". She hugged Wolfwood and led him into the dining room where the children all tackled him.

Milly came downstairs holding her back she wanted to see this horrible person up close and awake. She sat down across from Knives in the arm chair. She didn't say anything she just watched him she had left the the Stun Gun at the top of the stairs just in case they needed it. "So Mr. Knives how are you feeling?", she asked with allot of spite in her tone but still trying to be civil. She just looked down at the floor she just couldn't look him in the eyes.