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Supplement: Occupations in detail

a part of “DELTA13”, a fictional universe by EvoPrime.

Congratulations! You have been offered a job opportunity on NanoTrasen Orbital Phasma Research Facility DELTA13. Everything will be just fine! (and god help you)

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Supplement: Occupations in detail

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby EvoPrime on Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:34 am

Captain: The big guy, the head of all the station. "Captain" is a cosmetic name in the sense that the station can't really move, but it still carries with it all the prestige, honour, and command. Able to authorize practically anything, but is held to account by NanoTrasen Executive Command.

Head of Personnel: The second-in-command aboard the station; tasked with administrating the civilian and cargo departments, as well as taking command when the Captain is indisposed.

Head of Security: Head of all security operations aboard the station. Overrides HoP's authority in Code 3 situations and is generally very, very dangerous to anyone without serious firepower.

Chief Engineer: The head of all engineering works on and off the station, the CE’s job is to make sure he’s aware of absolutely everything affecting his dear little station. He and the Captain are the only ones who can authorize expansions to the station.

Chief Scientific Officer: In charge of all scientific work on the station, especially all that revolves around Phasma. Indirectly also in charge of the Mining Division, despite it technically being under the jurisdiction of the Quartermaster and HoP.

Chief Medical Officer: The foremost expert in all things medical on the station, with licenses to perform everything from surgery to

Communications Officer: The station's lifeline to NanoTrasen Executive Command. He sits at a computer and trades messages and reports with them, basically, as well as snooping about on the station a bit. The lowest ranked of all the Command Staff but arguably the most powerful out of them all, as he has access and privilege to call in anything from extra supply drops to heavily-armed NanoTrasen Purge Squads.

Security Officer: The station's standard security officer. Entrusted with keeping everything safe or, alternatively, killing anything that makes it unsafe. Within NT-SOP, of course.

Brig Warden: The head of the station's brig for small-grade criminals, as well as the administrator of the semi-permanent Prison Wing. His job is to keep prisoners under his charge alive, as well as distribute equipment from the Armory and, when duty calls, take care of problematic prisoners.

Detective: Investigate crimes, interrogate witnesses, other such detective duties. If there is enough evidence, they contact the Security Officers to bring the suspects in.

Lawyer: In charge of keeping the Security team in check and obeying NT-SOP. Also present in larger court cases. The Lawyer’s agreement is required for formal executions below critical alert

Station Engineer: Tasked with general construction and repair jobs, as well as having EVA permissions.

Atmospheric Technician: Charged with overseeing the atmospheric conditions of the station. Also act as firefighters.

Mechanic: Maintains the more advanced machinery and computer equipment aboard the station.

Astrophysicist: A bit of a misnomer; in general, the people who discover new pockets of Phasma in the asteroid field and monitor space in general for signs of anything… unusual.

Phasma Researcher: The main force of the Science department; research Phasma and all its various uses and effects.

Bluespace Researcher: Specifically focuses on Bluespace and everything interesting with it. Often found teleporting random objects into and out of their secluded lab.

Research Assistant: Aides that help with all manner of work, from fetching materials to being the subjects in (harmless) experiments.

Roboticist: Creates and maintains robotics units. In charge of everything relating to silicons, including the station AI.

Medical Doctor: All-purpose general practitioners (the existance of Cryogenic Repair Tubes and Rapid Recuperation Units makes the existence of specialists unnecessary) that treat all manner of ailments aboard the station, unless they can be passed off to the Surgeons or Microbiologists.

Surgeon: Perform advanced surgical procedures, everything from attachment of robotic limbs to removal of bullets. Not like you’ll be shot with bullets, of course…

Medical Assistant: Effectively nurses; help out with general medical duties.

Chemist: In charge of brewing up chemicals for various purposes for use by everyone across the station.

Geneticist: Mainly in charge of cloning the many dead- not that there are many dead, of course.

Microbiologist: An unconventional job position, but one that NanoTrasen seems to demand for insurance reasons. Generally handles all manner of disease and infection, but have lately been tasked mainly with sorting out all forms of xenobiological pathogens to prevent them from becoming too virulent within the crew.

Mobile Rescue Officer: Effectively paramedics that also have basic engineering training and equipment for EVA work. Rescue people, be they miners in space or the Captain himself.

Quartermaster: In charge of the Cargo department; oversees the miners and handles all requests for item orders. These are then sent to NanoTrasen Executive Command if approved, who will then send an autonomous cargo shuttle to drop off the supplies after a few weeks of travel (“fuel concerns”, apparently)

Cargo Technician: The Quartermaster’s slaves. Offload requested crates and handle new requests. Also act as couriers, transporting things around the station when a hauler drone can’t be trusted for the job.

Miner: Ventures into the asteroid field and mine useful materials, but especially the holy Phasma. Often based on DELTA13’s satellite mining station, DELTA13b.

Janitor: Cleans the station. That’s about it.

Bartender: Serves drinks (but not too many) to the station’s crew. In charge of the entire bar-cum-cafeteria-cum-entertainment centre aboard the station.

Cook: Combines various ingredients, often unorthodox ones, to produce food. Cooperates with Bartender (who servers the food) and the botanists.

Botanist: Initially botanists only plants in special hydroponics machines, but now they’ve also been relegated the duty of raising and slaughtering animals. Not always ones from Earth, mind you.

Chaplain: Most people some have faith or other, no matter how conventional or unconventional. The Chaplain is in charge of handling at least one of those religions aboard the station, as well as hosting ceremonies such as weddings, funerals (cremation or burial-at-space), and more. Also relatively knowledgeable as far as certain… cults go.

Librarian: The holder of all important books on the station, from sappy fiction to actually useful scientific articles.

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