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A Tale of Seven Children//Rebirth

The Seven: Transformations and Demon Powers

a part of “A Tale of Seven Children//Rebirth”, a fictional universe by zody.

Clouds of darkness coat the world in fear and terror. Humans, non-humans and Demons war with each other daily. Seven Children chosen to bring the end will rise- but will they fall to their destinies or create their own?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “A Tale of Seven Children//Rebirth”.
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The Seven: Transformations and Demon Powers

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby zody on Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:17 am

The Devil's Blood!

The Blood of the Devil runs through your veins, Children, and sure- that's cool and sweet and awesome and all, but, erm... just what does it do, exactly? Well, I'll tell you what it does!

Basics: Since you have the blood of the God of all Demons inside of you, when you activate your powers, your appearance will change slightly. The tips of your ears will grow and become pointier, and your canine teeth will seem ever so slightly longer than a normal persons. The whites of your eyes will darken slightly and your pupils will become much more bestial. You also may, or may not, grow a tail, although tails are usually only given to male demons, they can still appear on females. You will be stronger than normal humans, and faster as well. You can see in the dark much better and your wounds will heal much faster than those of a normal human, but more advanced Demons can heal almost instantly. Holy Water will suddenly be the Kryptonite to your Superman, the garlic to your vampire, your mortal enemy. Although it won't harm you as much as full-blooded Demons, it'll still blind you temporarily, and also revert you to your human form. Keep in mind, these are the powers you have all the time, even in your normal, human form.

Demonic Transformations: Aah, now we're onto the good stuff. When a Child or any other half-demon or demon goes through massive physical or psychological trauma, their seal is broken completely and their full power is released. A shockwave bursts forth from the awakened, a defense mechanism to prevent attacks while awakening. Eyes begin to glow, and the body then undergoes a physical change, becoming much more demon-like in appearance depending on the level of transformation. If you decide to, you can seal your Demonic heritage into an item with the assistance of a Paladin, making it so your powers will be latent unless you 'activate' said item, ie unsheathing a blade or opening a locket. However, this can only be done once your powers have awakened. However, be careful, as you will still transform under intense distress even if you've sealed your powers- it'll just require much more pain to do so. When you transform, your new form, if any, is completely dependent on your character, so in OOC language, it's whatever you want it to be, Mr or Mrs Author! So go wild- just not too wild. We don't want any ten story behemoths. Certain Characters are exempt from this rule though, such as the full-demons, and the 'Kings', and those above a certain rank. Keep in mind, you may also have multiple transformations depending on the strength of your Demon. More will be covered when the roleplay is actually made to make it much tidier.

Primary, or 'Major' Powers: Contrary to popular belief, it's only the lower-to-middle class Demons that have only one Major Ability. Most Demons have none, some have one, but the Demon Kings and their higher class Children can have at least three majors (like an evil, demonic university!). These can range from flame manipulation, to summoning lesser Demons or familiars. Go nuts, but once again not too nuts.. One thing to note is that Major Abilities can only be used in your non-human form.

Secondary, or 'Minor' Powers: The majority of these are exactly the same as your Primary Powers, however where your Majors are considered your forte, these could be considered auxiliary skills your character has. Maybe they increase the strength of you Majors, or maybe they just make you overall more badass. These also differ from Majors in that they can be utilised even outside of your Human form.

Control: Yes, at one stage or another, your Powers may or may not take control of you, and if they do, a squad will be sent to calm you down. If you aren't working for the Warriors of the Divine Light, then you're on your own. If you're calmed down, your powers will increase dramatically, and if you fail you could lose them completely. It's a win-lose situation, so be cautious.

- ~ - ~ -

Demon Forms!

The following information is important to the Seven, however it also applies to full-blooded Demons as well.
Stronger Demons have more than one form, although they're only unlocked when the user has reached a stage where it is absolutely necessary to get stronger (as in a life or death situation) as this transformation carries the same risks as losing control, and sometimes the two are the same. Examples of these Demon Forms will be listed below:

Awakened Form: A form below Demon Form, Awakened Form is where the user begins to take on the visage of a Demon. Pointier ears, sharper teeth and glowing eyes all begin to appear here.

Demon Form: The Basis of all Demon Forms. once you get this form you become much more powerful, and can utilise your abilities with much more skill and expertise. Your appearance will shift slightly more than that of the Awakened Form, with parts of your body or your entire body changing to suit your powers.

Advanced Demon Form: An upgraded version of the Demon Form, it grants even better upgrades to it's user.

Neo Demon Form: Neo Demons are among some of the most powerful and dangerous in all of Gehenna. They usually focus on melee and physical combat, but have been known to use spells, although their main focus is physical attacks.

Augar Demon Form: Much like the Neo Demon Form, with the major difference being that they focus on their Magic Abilities instead of their Physical ones, so some of the more powerful witches in existence have gained the blood of an Augar Demon to enhance their already scarily powerful abilities.

Ex Demon Form: A hybrid of Neo and Augar Demons Forms, they combine the powers of both forms for dramatic strength, and are extremely rare, only being created every few hundred years. Ex Demons and above are hunted personally by Angels.

Nexus Demon Form: Nexus Demons are rare. Extremely rare, and actually so rare that there hasn't been a Nexus Demon for the last thousand years. The Nexus Demon Form increases the power of the previous Demon Forms, and no matter if you were a Neo Demon, Ex-Demon or an Augar Demon, once you become a Nexus Demon, you're classified as one of the strongest Demons in the entirety of existence, and the WDL will send out anyone and everyone they can to take you down. Nexus Demons have the increased abilities of the Ex Demons, and have taken them to borderline Mary-Sue levels, although they can't stay in their Nexus Form for too long, otherwise they'll lose all of their powers.
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