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Black Angels Corporation

Black Angels Corporation


B.A.C is a custom car and bike shop with a deadly secret. Made up of military men and women they not only put out beautifully crafted vehicles they also go on top secret Black Ops missions assigned by the POTUS himself.

1,458 readers have visited Black Angels Corporation since BenjimynFrankielyyn created it.


B. A. C.
Once a Solider, Always a Solider.



The hulking body of the four story warehouse right off the bay in New York, looked like any other in its respective little neighborhood. The only difference was the thick concrete and re-bar wall that surrounded it at seven feet high, a thick armor plated fence with a guard booth that was also armor plated with bullet proof glass. Not that the common person would realize any of that, mostly because the additives were carefully done as to make it look as normal as possible.

Above the gate was a decent size sign that read “B.A.C” and right under it was another that read “Black Angels Corporation: New Yorks Finest Custom Cars and Bikes.”

Inside the building the first level appears to be much what it claims to be, a custom car and bike shop with loud music blaring, grease stains covering the concrete floors, random parts scattered here and there, tool boxes lining two of the walls. The second floor pushes this idea further into your head with a decent sized lounge and a couple small offices, two large fridges filled with greasy easy to make microwavable food and three industrial sized coffee makers.

Its only when you try to get to the third that you might question if the cars and bikes below you might be some sort of cover, a pin pad in on the door to the enclosed stair way but its an easy enough code to guess “BIKES or 24537” which makes a lot of sense considering the building, Living quarters are on this level, all with strong locks and heavy doors. The fourth floor though, its startlingly clear that the employees of B.A.C are not normal civilians upon seeing it. All clean silver with an armory of weapons on display and five high-tec computers that lined one wall, a wall of monitors, and the large wood desk with comfortable chairs.
Little known to the outside world the B.A.C is a secret Black Ops team that is only on call to the POTUS himself and only the POTUS. Created by Nathanial Harrison Black when he left the NAVY in 1990, the Black Angels Corporation was a simple custom car and bike shop. He accumulated workers from all walks of life but all had backgrounds in the military or government agencies. It wasn’t until four years of relaxing and having fun creating things of beauty instead of taking lives that he and his men were called up. He had unknowingly created a team of the best and the President himself needed their help. It was supposed to only be one mission, one mission then back to their lives of peaceful retirement but as a group, when it was over, they decided that they liked working in the gray area. Being able to do the things that the military couldn’t for fear of causing wars.
Twenty one years later the B.A.C is still going strong, pushing out beautifully designed and crafted cars and bikes daily and doing deadly missions at least once a month. Most of the original members have long sense officially retired, or at least retired from covert missions, and Nathanial passed away three years ago leaving his adopted son and biological daughter to take over the reins.
This is where our story starts.

P R E M I S E & R O L E S


The premise of this story is that we will be playing the B.A.C members and the few trusted civilians that know the secret, if we get enough players for actually team members not everyone will go on each mission. This will allow for character relationships to really get going. Now to start off I think we need at least five or six team members and two or three civilian friends.
You may choose your own FC but you have to use the given CS. Try your best to fill it out how I ask but I know that it might not be possible. You may change the codename I have listed, though it needs to match either their role, personality, or history I think I gave pretty good examples with the names I have connected already.). The characters can’t be younger then twenty-one though if they have been in the military/government agency I would prefer it if they were twenty-five or older.
To start the slots that we need filled are listed below. If bold they are open, if italicized with FC name attached they are reserved, if a FC gif is present the role is taken.

CODENAME: Sunflower
{Do to her typically sweet and sunny personality she was dubbed at an young age ‘Sunflower’ it didn’t help that she also has a love for the large flower, or that she was a tendency to drift toward the warm yellows and oranges the bloom is known for. Don’t let her personality or codename fool you, she was raised by hard as nails Veterans and bikers and can hold her own in a fight. That an, she out shoots most of her men for the simple fact she was raised with a gun in her hand.}
NAME: Symphony Constance Black , AGE: 21, ROLE: Leader/Boss, FC: Elisha Cuthbert, STATUS: Taken

{Raised for the first five-ten years by his single mother, his fellow soldiers nicknamed him Knight for his need to save women and children. When he left the service to come work for his adopted father, it was quickly accepted as his codename/radio name.}
NAME:, AGE:, ROLE:, FC: Stephan James, STATUS:Reserved

{Hacker extraordinaire, they got the codename Glitch after hacking into several Government Agencies and ‘glitching’ their servers, oddly enough, they didn’t get in trouble for their pranks and were recruited to work for one of those said agencies. It was comfy job but when B.A.C was in need of a computer specialist POTUS himself requested for them to go work with the Black Ops team.}
NAME:, AGE:, ROLE:,FC:Troy Sivan, STATUS:Reserved

{Never Seen, Never heard, Always undetected. Their preasence is unknown until its too late. Either there is a bullet in the targets brain or the information they were in charge of getting is missing. That is their job and they are good at it, its no surprise that their team mates started calling them Ghost.}
NAME: Rey Lux, AGE: 24, ROLE: Sniper/Spy, FC: Lynn Gunn, STATUS: Taken

CODENAME: Mad Hatter
{Little bit crazy, little bit genius, all pyromaniac. If you have questions about explosives, fire, or tea he is your man. The same no nonsense way he can explain how much gun powder it takes to explode an armored door in an emergency, he can also explain why certain teas are useful for certain bodily problems such as period cramps to nausea. Useful to have around but… more then a little eccentric.}
NAME:Jackson Turner, AGE:, ROLE: Explosive Expert, FC: Jack O'Connell , STATUS: Taken

{Just because they were born under the zodiac sign of leo and happen to have a thick head of russet colored hair. Its that simple, they were told that they looked like a lion and sense they were born a leo it was destiny for them to be called the Lion. Luckily, it also fits their personality.}
NAME:, AGE:, ROLE:, FC: Kurt Russell, STATUS: Reserved

{Steady as rock. That’s what the others said at least when they got to see first hand the medic in action, because honestly it takes someone as steady as a rock to not even blink twice at the sight of a gizer of blood where there had been a leg. It takes someone steady as a rock to calmly stop the bleeding and cauterize the wound while bullets are still flying by their head. It’s a well deserved nickname.}
NAME: Annette Quigley, AGE:24, ROLE:Medic, FC: Rose McIvor, STATUS: Taken

These are not all the roles that will be available, also we probably need more then one of all of these outside of the Boss and Second in Command.

The necessary civilian positions I think we need to start are listed below.
Reporter (they need someone to make sure nothing outside of the Shop is mentioned in the news connected with their name)
NAME:, AGE:, ROLE:, FC:, STATUS:reserved

Accountant (someone needs to deal with the bills and between making the orders and their deadly missions we all know it wont be the team)
NAME:, AGE:, ROLE:, FC: Emily Bett Rickards , STATUS: Reserved

NAME: Kingston James Marrow, AGE: 32, ROLE: Bar Owner, FC: Stephen Amell, STATUS: Taken

Of course, any other civilian roles are open but I think these will be necessary to start.

Code: Select all


[center]N A M E: | C O D E N A M E: | A G E: |
G E N D E R:  | T Y P E:

[url=]THEME SONG HERE[/url]~THEME SONG HERE[/url]~THEME SONG HERE[/url][/center]

[center][size=150]B A S I C S[/size][/center]
[center][size=125][color=#different then word color]quote[/color][/size][/center]



[color=#][Romantic Interest][/color]


[center][size=150]T A L E N T S[/size][/center]
[center][size=125][color=#different then word color]quote[/color][/size][/center]






[center][size=150]A P P E R A N C E[/size][/center]


[center][color=#]Over view of appearance here[/color]


[color=#][Height and Weight][/color]




[center][size=150]P E R S O N A L I T Y[/size][/center]
[center][size=125][color=#Different then word color]quote[/color][/size][/center]


[center][color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](Trait here)[color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](trait here)[color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](trait here)[color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](Trait here)[color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](Trait here) [color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](trait here)[color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](trait here)[color=#Different then word color]❃[/color](trait here)

[color=#][Likes and Dislikes][/color]

✔ ✔
✔ ✔ ✔
✔ ✔ ✔

✘ ✘

✘ ✘ ✘
✘ ✘

[color=#][Strengths and Weaknesses][/color]

[color=#][Oddities and Flaws][/color]


[center][size=150]H I S T O R Y[/size][/center]


[center][color=#]History over view here[/color][/center][/font]

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Re: Black Angels Corporation

Heads up, I'm going to be floating in/out this week due to our county stock show, and doing a few committee meetings for the San Antonio major as well. I hope to have Christopher's profile done sometime this week, but I will not be able to post until sometime next week. Thank you!

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Hey guys, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to unreserve my character. I wish you the best of luck!

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Both are reserved.


You copy the CS, then fill it out and then submit it for acceptance.

I will accept a work in progress.

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Oh I forgot to ask whats the next step?

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Hey all! I'm hithers to reserve the accountant role with Emily Bett Rickards as her face claim.

Re: Black Angels Corporation

I would like to go with The Lion.
FC Kurt Russell (just with both eyes)

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Lovely, Thank you!

Re: Black Angels Corporation


Thank you for the update!!


Yes he is, I'll reserve him for you!

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Hello there! I would love to join and reserve the "Knight" (FC of Stephen James) if he's still available?

Re: Black Angels Corporation

I'm gonna go with Jack O'Connell for the face claim XD

Re: Black Angels Corporation


Yes of course! Cant wait to see what you create!


They dont have to be a celebrity but I would like to be able to find a gif of them to out on the front page and it does make it easier if they are pretty well known. Also, the Reporter will be reserved for you.

Re: Black Angels Corporation

I'm not entirely familiar with RL face claims, so I might be a while until I've found one, but I was wondering if it'd be much of a bother if they weren't a celebrity of some kind? On that note, I'd planned on making a character for the reporter if that's alright. Seems like that'd be a fun role to play, and I've got a couple of ideas for it.

Re: Black Angels Corporation

I definitely would love to join if the mad hatter is still available. Just gotta narrow down the 4 choices I have for a face claim XD

Re: Black Angels Corporation

@ WritersVoice and @afreerobin

Reserved!! Great to have you aboard!!


Either one would be fine. Its up to you!!

Just give mean FC when you decide which one so I can reserve them for you!

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Hello! I'd like to reserve The Ghost. I'm searching for a FC at the moment and will get back to you.

I'm going to use Lynn Gunn.


Re: Black Angels Corporation

Hi I'm new to the site.
I found your RP and it looks really fun!
I was wondering how I sign up for a player?
I was looking at Lion and Mad hatter but I think I could play The Lion better because I don't know a lot about explosives.

Re: Black Angels Corporation

i absolutely love these kinds of role plays! Although the sniper really speaks to me, I'm gonna ask to reserve the hacker, because I have a face claim and concept that would be just perfect for the hacker. I want the face claim to be Troye Sivan, but like, how he looks right now and not when he was active on YouTube. The older he looks the better the gif.


Re: Black Angels Corporation


I thank you for your interest, if you decide to come back later on I would be more then happy to have you. Also, as i said in the intro, the Codename can be changed to be more fitting of a character of your creation. I understand though that sometimes an idea sounds great on paper but then it just doesnt get your creative jucies really going.


Of course, I thank you so much for your interest and cant wait to see what you come up with.

Re: Black Angels Corporation

Hey, may I reserve Steady (the medic) with a face claim of Rose McIver?