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De' Seil Carnival



a part of De' Seil Carnival, by SweetCinderella.


SweetCinderella holds sovereignty over Azure, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Azure is a part of De' Seil Carnival.

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Pachid Coyotas [2] Deleted
Arina Lécuyer [2] Manipulative, cunning and very tramp like, Arina would stop at nothing to get what she wants.
Andracos Soleviel [2] Deleted
Aaina [1] I will be her mirror, her shadow, her shield.
Loralei Van Hook [1] Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.
Thomas Gallagher [1] Cynical and critical, his anger burns those who stand in his way.
Rosalina Bell Siel [0] Deleted
Starla Carlotta - NPC [0] Deleted

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6 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Mr. Reficul Seil - NPC (Restricted Use) Character Portrait: Loralei Van Hook Character Portrait: Pachid Coyotas Character Portrait: Andracos Soleviel Character Portrait: Arina Lécuyer Character Portrait: Mogue Blackfeldspar - NPC
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A small girl sat in front of a mirror in a tiny room applying makeup to to her face in an intricate design. She was practicing a new creative design that she was considering using today for her performance. She enjoyed doing this often because it kept life interesting. She also loved figuring out new and creative ways to put her hair up and at the same time keep it out of her face. As an acrobat and dancer, any stray stands of hair could be dangerous. They could get in her face and cause her to mess up, which becomes extremely dangerous when she's 100 ft in the air doing aerial acrobatics.

Finally she finished the design and smiled in satisfaction. Then the girl, who went by the name of Loralei, proceeded to jump up and flit around her small abode. It really was small, barely being able to fit her bed, a dresser, mirror, and small chair in it. She figured she didn't need much more anyways since more stuff meant more of a hassle hauling it around as they traveled.

After minutes, the red haired girl had gotten dressed in something easy to move around in. It was what she typically wore if she was going to practice acrobatics or dancing and that is just what she intended to do. So, being satisfied with her attire and makeup, she quickly threw her hair up into a simple bin and headed outside.

Once outside, Loralei began stretching and warming up in order not to injure herself. She had learned from experience that if she didn't do this, even though it was a tedious process, then she would year a muscle or ligament which put her out of her job for awhile. This had happened back when she first came to the circus. Loralei was overly excited to be performing for others and to start her souls collecting so she decided to skip her warm up. So she went on to perform and went into a split and tore a muscle. This resulted in a scolding from numerous people including Mr. Seil and her not being able to perform again for two weeks. She learned her lesson after that.

After awhile she ended up sitting in the splits and slowly stretching her body by teaching for her toes. As Loralei did this, she watched Andracos, Pachid, and Arina walk in front of her and head toward Mr. Seil's place. She had a good view from where she was at and could hear everything if she stayed real quiet. So Loralei decided to listen in as she continued to stretch. Andracos bothered her, though she couldn't honestly say she feared him. In fact he irritated her, but at the same time fascinated her. Actually all that weren't human fascinated her and she couldn't quite explain why.

As she scene unfolded in front of Loralei and ended with Mr. Seil mocking Andracos, she couldn't help but laugh. She also allowed her power to skip out of control slightly and so anyone nearby could feel her humor, but weren't forced to display humor themselves. It would almost feel as if someone was tickling those mind. They would also realize, if they knew her and her powers, that it was her that caused this mind tickling sensation.

Loralei then realized that Mogue had shown up. She actually didn't mind the dwarf at all and held a little respect for him. She then heated what he said about the meeting and made a little note of it in the back of her mind.


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#, as written by nepeta
It was too early in the morning for there to be so much noise. It filtered into her sleeping mind like a jackhammer, jerking her awake. Granted, it was mid-morning and with a performance in the evening, most of the circus members were busy setting up the grounds for the audience.

Still, it was too early for Aaina, especially as she had spent the last night hunting and killing a man. Cracking open an eye to see the grey sky, she growled and tried to turn herself over and go back to sleep. It was too late though, she was already awake, and sluggishly she sat on her haunches. Her mind felt foggy and she shook her head in an attempt to clear it. No good. If anything, she felt worse. Stretching herself lightly, she gave her black coat a quick groom, pausing only when she reached her right shoulder.

The blood on it had dried, matting the dark hairs surrounding the wound. Testing it with a roll, she hissed softly at the pain--while more of an annoyance than anything else, it was bound to get in her way this evening. She couldn't perform as either animal or human with this hindering her. If only she hadn't broken though that window...

Gently, she licked the area around the wound, using the pad of her tongue to clear the blood and feel for glass shards. Fortunately it felt clear--she must have managed to pull them out properly last night then. Standing now, she applied her weight to her right foreleg and was pleasantly surprised to find she could still use it.

Somewhat. She growled when her body dipped slightly as she tried to walk.

There was no point in putting it off--she'd have to find Thomas and have him fix her. Just as she was about to leave her room, she remembered Mr. Seil's order and with a huff, she grabbed the bag holding her clothes with her jaw. Why people were so worried about her clothes, she'd never understand. They only provided minimal protection.

And in the circus, it was even worse. As she sauntered through the grounds, she snorted at the impractical outfits she spied. The long capes, the bagging shirts, the ballooning pants. So easy to rip and tear and pierce through. So easy to trap a person, to slow them down. No, there was no sense to any of this and she had long ago given up on it.

Sniffing the air several times as she moved, she managed to finally catch his scent properly. It led to his room, as usual, and she snorted again. Without fail, he was almost always here. He'd probably never leave the room if it weren't for the performances and soul collecting. Though she had no idea how Thomas managed the latter.

He was a creature of habit. Easy prey. Perhaps one day she should tell him that. Not now though. Using her claws, she scratched the door for his attention.

Oh wait, she wasn't supposed to do that. Dropping her bag, she shifted back to human, the black fur on her body melting into the warm chocolate of her skin. Her claws shrank, her canines shortened--all that strength, all that power disappearing into the ordinary human limbs she possessed. She could feel her muscles shift, her veins and arteries changing to match her new physiology, a process of diminishing and she couldn't stop frowning throughout the process.

Her wish would fix this.

Pulling herself together, she reoriented herself to her new dimensions, slowly getting to her feet and knocking on the door properly this time. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out the bright orange shorts and lime green tank top. The bare minimum to be considered 'covered'. For some reason her circus mates really liked this combo, their faces always brightening when they spotted her.

She dressed slowly, waiting for Thomas to open his door. "My shoulder hurts," she said as she pulled on the shorts. He probably could hear that through his door.