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[center:1rk3jor3][img:1rk3jor3]http://txt-dynamic.static.1001fonts.net/txt/dHRmLjU0LmU1YzJmMC5VbVY1Ym1FZ1MyeGxhVzgsLjA,/zsynor.regular.png[/img:1rk3jor3][/center:1rk3jor3] [hr:1rk3jor3][/hr:1rk3jor3][hr:1rk3jor3][/hr:1rk3jor3] [right:1rk3jor3][img:1rk3jor3]https://68.media.tumblr.com/7e14214f20306098f66b306d278e0d31/tumblr_o9fs0vfCx31sebz5yo1_540.gif[/img:1rk3jor3][/right:1rk3jor3][right:1rk3jor3][color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3][size=153:1rk3jor3]β•Ž ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ ❦ [/size:1rk3jor3][/color:1rk3jor3][/right:1rk3jor3] [center:1rk3jor3][font=aa:1rk3jor3]❝The past that you want to forget is the past you never will forget.❞ 【[size=97:1rk3jor3]Ι—ΞΉΞ±Ζ–ΟƒgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:[color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3][b:1rk3jor3]#CD96CD[/b:1rk3jor3][/color:1rk3jor3] β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя [color=#A6D785:1rk3jor3][b:1rk3jor3]#A6D785[/b:1rk3jor3][/color:1rk3jor3][/size:1rk3jor3]】 [b:1rk3jor3]||[/b:1rk3jor3] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_lAgvch2PE:1rk3jor3]Beautiful Thing|| Grace Vanderwaal[/url:1rk3jor3] [b:1rk3jor3]||[/b:1rk3jor3][/font:1rk3jor3][/center:1rk3jor3] [hr:1rk3jor3][/hr:1rk3jor3][hr:1rk3jor3][/hr:1rk3jor3] [font=georgia:1rk3jor3][color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"A box?"[/color:1rk3jor3] Reyna taped her chin thoughtfully, [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"no, I don't think we have any of those."[/color:1rk3jor3] She shook her head, [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"but I'm sure we can ask around and see?"[/color:1rk3jor3] Wood that came from the ocean and was stripped off the boats was normally salvaged to make repairs around the house. Things had improved a lot in the past four months with Ally as the head engineer, she had a lot of ideas that she implemented to update their home and island. [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"One of the girls could always build you one too.[/color:1rk3jor3] They had been in the bath for a long time, Reyna figured that it was about time to get out. [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"Want to cuddle again?"[/color:1rk3jor3] She suggested, hoping that Corona would build up the nerve to take care of the heat. Corona was thinking about something, but she had no idea how she would ever get to the point of ever mentioning it. They were mermaids now, not humans, so marriage - well - okay, she was blushing just thinking about it which was probably not good if she wanted to try to be secretive. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"Um, well, I guess it doesn't matter, boxes are probably weird anyways."[/color:1rk3jor3] If her plan went well, she wasn't going to need to sleep in a box for comfort anyways, right? In any case, the dizziness was overhwhelming so thankfully Reyna decided it was time to get out as well. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"Let's go back to bed."[/color:1rk3jor3] She declared and hobbled out of the bath. Back in the room, there were two glasses of ice water waiting. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"I - um..."[/color:1rk3jor3] Corona was fidgeting, but she was too cowardly to just go out and be honest. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"I didn't look, okay?"[/color:1rk3jor3] She exclaimed, louder than she needed to, and it intensified her headache quite a bit. Reyna didn't exactly understand what boxes Corona was talking about, or they they were weird, but she figured it was one of those things she wasn't supposed to know. The mermaid shook her head and wrapped her torso in a towel before heading back into the main room, where two cups of fresh ice water were dripping with condensation. Reyna took af few sips of her's, the cold water feeling good after such a hot bath and sitting in there for so long. [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"Didn't look?"[/color:1rk3jor3] Reyna inquired, [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]'So you didn't like what you saw?"[/color:1rk3jor3] She felt daring as she allowed her towel to drop and stepped over it, baring her assets for Corona to see. The bodacious chest and supple curves that had driven plenty of men on land wild with desire. Would it have the same effect on Corona? Her face went even redder than before when Reyna bared everything, every curve, every slope, every hill, all there for her to see. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"U-it it wasn't that I didn't..."[/color:1rk3jor3] The girl was turning into a puddle of hormones, it was just embarrassing! Why was Reyna taunting her like this! She couldn't just - and then Corona realized that this was her chance to turn the tables. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"Aren't you just asking for punishment?"[/color:1rk3jor3] The girl dropped her towel and then pounced Reyna, her hands pressing against the soft mounds that Reyna posessed. And then sense snapped back into her head and she held up a finger first. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"O-okay, wait, before we... I want to make sure of... of something."[/color:1rk3jor3] Corona looked almost as if she were going to cry. [color=#9757ff:1rk3jor3]"I know m-ma... we're girls, we can't... and we're not even human... but a mermaid version of... of binding our souls together, do you think.."[/color:1rk3jor3] Corona shut her eyes, unable to speak anymore, too scared and shaking, just thinking of the idea that Reyna would say no. Reyna hadn't expected Corona to respond so quickly. At first, she blushed and squirmed exactly how Reyna expected, but then pounced, leaping like a lioness to claim her dinner. Reyna was pushed back on the bed as Corona grabbed and kneaded Reyna's chest. Reyna let slip a soft moan, the heat building up below once more. Corona suddenly stopped and sat up, still straddling Reyna's middle. [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"What is it?"[/color:1rk3jor3] Reyna asked, propping herself up on her elbows. Corona's question made Reyna blush. [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"Do you mean... marriage?"[/color:1rk3jor3] She inquired, hardly able to get the word out. Marriage? but they had just started-well-technically they had been on the same island, closely interacting, for over a hundred years. Was Corona asking Reyna to marry her? Reyna wasn't sure, this was all so strange. Could girls get married? Could mermaids get married? Reyna's heart beat faster in her chest, but as she spoke her answer, she knew it was the right one. [color=#CD96CD:1rk3jor3]"Yes."[/color:1rk3jor3][/font:1rk3jor3]