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For never was there a story of more woe... before this shit. Fight as a Redeemer against the hordes of demon spawn in a ferocious crusade to save humanity.

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Starving, hysterical, naked, the Redeemers took in your depraved body and raised you to destroy the Demoni which gives rise to heinous fruits.
But their creator, Dominatio, has made his move. In a monumental blow, he has slain his fellow god Sapentia and moves to strike down each of
the ruling demi-gods, her children, after her. His repulsive Darkseed has erupted all over the world in festering hoards, turning entire civilizations
into frenzied, rippling seas of madness and awful, abominable monstrosities.

Now you must drag yourself from the depths of the ocean to the heights of the cerulean skies if you wish for life to continue on earth. The time
has come to drag what is left of your humanity through hell and plunge your sword deep into Dominatio's mangled heart.


        "Story! Story! Story!" the voices of the children could be heard loud and clear as they clamored around a man so old it seemed he might burst into dust if one of them touched him.

        "Alright, alright," he agreed begrudgingly. His voice was deep and gravely, and it seemed he croaked and growled his words more than spoke them. "Gather round the fire, where it is warm," he hobbled over to a large comfortable chair seated right next to the hearth and the children settled around his feet. "Now don't get too close, I don't want your grubbby fingers touching me. And sit still," he growled. "So a story is what you want, is it?" He muttered more to himself than to the children, yet they excitedly nodded their heads in response anyway. Apparently this was part of a routine that they did often enough where they knew they musn't speak outloud.

        "A story. I know a story. Long, long ago," the elderly man's voice rumbled, eying each of the children somberly to create a sinister mood, "There were two gods." The children were watching the old man's face attentively, "One was inherently good, and her name was Sapentia. She was beautiful, gentle, and kind. All the beings on earth loved her dearly because she loved them. But," he paused, raising his wild white eyebrows, his voice grew quiet, "there was another being! And this being was very evil. His name was Dominatio, and he hated the earth and lived in constant agony. Sapentia grew so very sad for Dominatio, for she loved every entity. She wept over the earth for him, and each tear was a small part of her soul. They each became a child, a demi-god that would rule over the ten kingdoms of the world. The demi-gods were benevolent beings, who treated the humans kindly. We flocked to their cities for safety, for out in the wild it was growing very dangerous. Dominatio, unlike the others, despised the humans. His rage festered within him, tearing his soul apart. His hatred became so great, that it physically manifested itself into terrible beings, horrifying creatures that could paralyze a man with fear. These monsters were hell-bent on destroying all the living things on the earth's surface. The monsters ravaged every creature they came across, slaughtering everything and feeding upon their flesh while their screams echoed across the land."

        "That's so scary! Who will protect us?" a child chimed, hiding her terrified face so that only her wide eyes appeared from behind tense fat fingers.

        "Shut up and listen!" the old man snapped fiercely. Silence fell over the group as they awaited his next words, wishing them forth with all their might. "Now," he mused finally, "Where were we? Ah, yes. The monsters!" he growled, lifting clawed hands above his head in the attempts to seem frightening. Behind him, the fire cackled, almost at him. "If Sapentia were to ever leave us," he continued somberly, lowering his hands and placing them on his knees so he might lean forward towards the children, "we would all surely be doomed--devoured by hoards of the monsters, tormented and mutilated by their constant clawing and the gnashing of their hideous teeth." He paused once more, to allow the terror to settle deep within the childrens' bones. "But, there are those that would sacrifice themselves to save us," he added finally, "there are knights who will rise up, warriors with extraordinary power, some say chosen by Serpentia herself, who are charged with protecting the world from the dark monsters."

        "Is that true?" the young girl chimed again, clearly unaffected by the gruff old man's previous admonishments.

        "Of course not!" he glowered, gnarled hand reaching over and cuffing the back of her head, "These are just fantasies, none of it could possibly be true! That's it! No more stories! Clearly you can't handle it without being swallowed up by the tales!" There was an audible groan from the children, as they focused their disappointment on the youngest of them. The old man seemed to not notice their sorrow, and he abruptly stood and walked away, surprisingly spiritedly for a man of his age, disappearing into the shadows.

        Twenty years ago, the world was plunged into discord with Dominatio's murdering of Sapentia, causing the onslaught of hordes of Demoni and festering of evil in the world. Dominatio is rampaging, spawning putrid children and even transforming regular humans into creatures themselves with the infusion of Demoni blood. He plans to rid the world of all other life, and intends on killing all 10 of Sapienta's children first. Three of these demi-gods and the kingdoms they lead have been swamped, two of the leaders killed, the last one has been missing ever since.

        You play as a Redeemer, a warrior, both savior and monster. Redeemers are humans gifted with special abilities, allowing them and them alone to kill Demoni. What makes them different from all other citizens? They were recruited into the Redeemers--a last chance scenario only offered to those with no hope of redemption. Those who don't even have the strength to save themselves anymore. They were orphans with no mortal ties, wounded soldiers a moment from succumbing to death's icy grip, or criminals on death row. Each was given a dose of Demoni blood to ingest, and their soul was plunged into the depths of hell's darkness. Only 30% of the people return human. Those who are rejected by the Demoni's dark power, those who are weak of heart, desire, or will--are ripped to shreds in the soul, mind, and body. They become Abominations, monsters then claimed by Dominatio.

        The Redeemers who awaken are able to destroy other Demoni after their transformation. They are given a weapon, armor, rank, and the organization becomes their family. They live what remains of their life from that day on completing quests. There are currently 56 Redeemers alive in the world. Furthermore, besides facing the threat of getting eaten alive by monsters, they also need to worry about becoming one themselves. If a Redeemer overexerts himself, he can become an Abomination, you see.

        At this point in the story, all of the Redeemers must report to the nearest recruiter. There is one in each kingdom. You are situated in the largest sect, the kingdom of Litas lead by the god of industry, Litatio. This is an empire acclaimed for its strength and led primarily by humans, though there are despised city elves amongst their ranks. It is considered the center of the world, and little is known about other parts, even little is known about the other kingdoms by you. You are traveling to a ballroom in Vincere, the capital of Litas and a highly aristocratic haven. Only humans are permitted to enter Vincere's gates, and Redeemers are frowned upon as they are part Demoni. The Demoni haven't reached Vincere, and the ignorant humans have even gone so far as to convince themselves that neither the gods nor their children exist, therefore making Redeemers all cons who prey upon the weak of mind, naturally.

        You will meet Litas' highest ranked Redeemer, though you do not know why. In reality, he will send you and your fellow warriors off on a nearly impossible mission. You will travel out of Litas' gates and into the kingdoms of other demigods in attempts to save the world from monsters while you try your hardest not to become one yourself. The rest shall be history.

        Hello there! Welcome to the roleplay led by your faithful narrator (Averagebear) and my co-gm-and-founder, onetrickpony. For the record, I'm the nice one and Trick's the asshole. In any case, I want to spend a little bit of time addressing the universe this is in as well as how the roleplay will be run. The World (appropriately named, I know) is set in a distant past in a distant dimension, filled with strange races and creatures and varying cultures. Though it strangely parallels an earthly medieval feel, it's obviously not quite the same, what with gods and monsters running amok. Think almost Lord of the Rings or Oblivion if you need direct comparisons, but there will striking differences. There is no magic, per say, and while the Redeemers do posses special abilities, no one can conjure up fire or use telepathy.

        In this roleplay, the story will be feed to you via me. I'll be the narrator playing NPCs as well as Demoni as well as explaining the setting and chugging the plot along. Essentially, you'll be nearly as blind as your character, which I find rather exciting. We have a long story arch as well as quite a few twists and turns to throw at you and I assure you that you shall not be bored throughout this. I will play one character, a little girl named Nica who will guide your characters on their quest around The World. She'll tell the troupe (of about 10 Redeemers, mind you) what she knows about each land and demi-god along the way. Basically, you should just worry about interacting with one another and focus on character growth, as the rest is up to me! It'll be almost like playing a video game only with considerably more writing.

        The roleplayers will be picked based on their character's potential input rather than a first-come-first-serve basis. As onetrickpony insists, this is a competition (everything is a competition). After you submit your character, onetrickpony and I will review it with one another and then give you constructive criticism before you will be accepted into the roleplay. If a person becomes inactive or their character dies, we will fill the slot with another capable applicant that'll be switched into the party. So if you aren't accepted at first, just be patient, my child.

        When Redeemers are created, they fall into a certain class. Their class sign is embroidered on their uniform in some place, whether hidden or out in the open. Furthermore, in each class, they will become either a defensive or offensive combatant. This is decided by their motive for becoming a Redeemer. Should they have become one for either revenge or to protect certain individuals, they are offensive. Should they have done so under the intentions of being able to continue living or to save their soul, they are defensive.

        These men and women come back from the induction ceremony practically twice their original size, shooting up in height and bulking up with muscles. They're typically in the front line in a battle. Both offensive and defensive tanks give up agility in order to harbor their powers. They may have uncanny strength, generally wielding weapons like giant two-handed swords, axes, and hammers, a single deafening blow does tremendous damage on the field, though it takes them twice as long as other combatants to swing their mighty weapons. There is a legend that one warrior once took off the heads of twelve Darkseed with one swing of his mighty sword. Tanks are able to withstand unbelievable amounts of damage without falter, blows that might normally hack a person's limb off doing no more than graze their super-strengthened skin. Opponents end up feeling like inadequate children in the face of their mighty strength. Their skin has hardened to something like a shell, and most blows are deflected right off their hides.

        Individuals who awaken as Sensers almost always come to screaming, tearing at the offending orifices. Their senses become hyper-sensitive, and some misunderstand their abilities as psychic because they can read others so well. While a Senser is tapping into the power of one or more sense, they often lose the ability of another sense. For example, a Senser using increased hearing might go blind for the duration that it is in effect, or perhaps a Senser who has activated their sight might be unable to feel. All Sensers have very low defenses, so they tend to stick to ranged weapons such as cross-bows. Their near psychic ability on the battle field is absolutely necessary, for one blow might wound them fatally. Luckily, they exist as ghosts on the field, staying back and if a creature were even able to get close to do an attacked they are often able to avoid blows with intense concentration long enough to take an enemy down with a well placed arrow through the eye.

        The eerie contortionists of the bunch, manipulators can bend and break their bones to achieve unnatural movements with their body. Allowing for strange movements and unique battle techniques, they can often move their arms as gelatinous tentacles. These moves are typically unheard of and hard to predict, giving them an advantage in the battle field. This is a high energy consumption, so sustained movements aren't possible, and there is a high risk of becoming an Abomination if you were to push your powers too far. Some manipulators are able to move their body in such a way to give increases to attack potential. There is a legend of an warrior who is able to move their sword so quickly that it seems to ripple before her opponents--they are never able to see it in order to deflect it, as it skillfully moves around any defensive moves that could deflect it. This category is able to avoid attacks very well by breaking their body, contorting away from attacks. If a bone were to be crushed by an enemy, it could quickly repair itself with a cost to their energy levels.

        These warriors have an interesting ability to overexert a certain humanistic quality. A magnifier might be able to regenerate all wounds- an extension of the human's natural way to heal over time. They are lacking in strength and are usually not heavily armored, but their ability usually makes up for it. When magnifying, they take significant blows to other areas. If they were to be moving exceptionally fast, they might become exceptionally weak and a single bow may be fatal. Some magnifiers have been known to reattach cut off limbs, move at incredible speeds, jump extremely far and high. Think of regular body functions like screaming, puking, hair growth, breathing, or perhaps an enhanced mind.

        One out of twenty Redeemers become what is known as a Parasitic (meaning there's only two in the world). These individuals were more effected by the Demoni blood than their companions, their soul having turned into an Abomination for a split second before they somehow had enough strength to drag themselves back to humanity. Upon returning, the person's weapon comes already attached to their body, though there has never been a projectile weapon- only swords and hammers and such. The Parasitic learns to retract said weapon back into the original body part and with a short amount of time, is able to switch back and forth at will. The effected body part (usually an arm) is noticeably crystallized in appearance and touch. Upon awakening from the induction, the Parasitic is in extreme, blinding, excruciating pain and this stays with them for the rest of their lives. They simply learn to harness the pain, enduring the steady torture. Either that, or they kill themselves. Yes, these beings possess unheard of self restraint if they're able to function in society while undergoing such physical abuse. Strangely enough, Parasitics don't become Abominations easily. It's as if after having already tapped into it, they're able to control their limits and keep themselves from spiraling downward.

        Here are some things to take into consideration when creating a character!

        RANK: The rank of a Redeemer is actually fairly important. They are given a number between 1 and 56 (the number of Redeemers there are) based on how many Demoni they've killed. Both respect and ridicule is dished out because of a person's rank. You can't make your character anywhere from 1-10 and I don't want everybody crowding in the teens either. Besides, a rank isn't determined by ability, merely by how many you've killed. It's a deceitful number.
        RACE: While there are many races in The World, you can choose to be either elven or human. In the kingdom of Litas, you find what you might call "city elves" which are very different from their forested brethren. Elves are taller and thinner than humans, usually more graceful as well. They almost always have light eyes and the typical long ears, though their hair and skin color may vary as opposed to the elves out in the wild who almost always have fair skin and hair. Elves in Litas are treated poorly, not even allowed to enter their kingdom's capital of Vincere without direct orders from the imperium. Humans dominate here, though they are frowned upon in mostly everywhere else, spare two other kingdoms. They are shorter and stockier, though by no means beefy as an ogre or dwarf-ish.
        MOTIVATION/ DEFENSIVE VS OFFENSIVE: Your motivation is what decides your type (offensive or defensive). Explain why you became a Redeemer. If it was to save your life or soul, you are defensive. If it was out of vengeance or to protect particular people, you are offensive.
        EXPERIENCE: We should have characters ranging from a veteran to a newbie, I feel. Some of you may have never encountered a Demoni before! Some of you may have only killed Demoni but never an Abomination.
        WEAPONRY: There are only swords, axes, hammers, maces, daggers, bows, and cross bows. There aren't any guns or staffs. Just run of the mill, metal/wood weapons. Their power comes from their Demoni blood, not their tools.
        REPUTATION: How the Redeemers are treated is completely determined by their location and who they're talking to. Some see them as saviors, some as fakes, some as monsters.
        BECOMING A REDEEMER: It's not just the ingestion of Demoni blood. Most people in Litas don't even think the Demoni even EXIST, and therefore little have access to it. The blood is given to someone in an induction ceremony into the Redeemers. They go and find someone on their last leg (perhaps they go and grab him after an attempted suicide or have he almost drinks himself to death in the gutters for a year as a homeless man), and in a super secret ritual, give them the blood. Usually this ends in disaster for the person, and they turn into an abomination, and before they even get their senses about them, the Abominations are quickly executed by the warriors standing circle around the poor thing. However, those with some exceptional inner quality will survive the process and become a Redeemer. The recruiter is typically a Redeemer in the 1-10 ranking. In the changing experience, you need to tell a horrific account of the experience in hell as your soul and body change. It should be insightful in that it will give important insights into the character's fears, insecurities, anxieties, and ghosts and such.
        KEEP IT INTERESTING: Toss out something unexpected at me! We love interesting characters we've never seen before, so lay it on us if you can.
        NEW LIFE VS OLD LIFE: It is important to remember that once you're a Redeemer, you belong to the Redeemers and the Redeemers alone. You cannot visit your old family, cannot run amok doing what you wish, cannot act on your own free will. You are controlled by the organization. While some may resent this, anybody who acts out of line is exterminated on the spot.
        [color=#461B7E]RAZZLE DAZZLE:
        Feel free to add some pep to your skeleton. For all that is good and holy, don't treat it like a job application. You can edit it aesthetically however you want as long as the information remains.

Code: Select all
[center][size=200](CHARACTER NAME GOES HERE)[/size][/center]
[img](A picture- preferably drawn. If you need help finding one, just ask. Align it however which way you want.)[/img]

[b]Skin Tone:[/b]
[b]Body Markings:[/b]
[b]Description:[/b] (at least a paragraph)

[b]Personality:[/b] (at least a paragraph)

[b]Casual Clothing:[/b]
[b]Carried Items:[/b]
[b]Main Weapon:[/b][list]
[*][i]Type:[/i] (sword, bow, etc...)
[*][i]Made of:[/i]

[b]Natural Talents:[/b] (at least two) [list]
[*][i](useful attribute you were born with):[/i] (description of attribute)
[*][i](useful good attribute you were born with):[/i] (description of attribute) [/list]

[b]Skills:[/b] (at least two) [list]
[*][i](useful attribute you've learned were born with):[/i] (description of attribute)
[*][i](another useful attribute you've learned):[/i] (description of attribute) [/list]

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (at least two) [list]
[*][i](something you're lacking in regards to battle):[/i] (description of weakness)
[*][i](another thing you're lacking in regards to battle):[/i] (description of weakness) [/list]

[b]Demoni Powers:[/b] (be descriptive. this should correlate with your class. at least a paragraph)

[b]Old Life[/b][list]
[*][i]Martial Status:[/i]

[b]New Life[/b][list]
[*][i]Reason for Becoming a Redeemer:[/i] (remember that Redeemers are formed from people as a "last chance" sort of deal, whether they're orphans, criminals with a death sentence, or dying. This should also correlate with their motive.)
[*][i]The Changing:[/i] (describe the process of transforming to a Redeemer for you. Include what you went through in hell as well as what it was like waking up as a Redeemer for you. Each experience is different and personal, and hell is certainly not a uniform systematic process. Take some artistic liberties.)
[*][i]Opinions:[/i] (on the current mission, the Redeemers as an organization, on the Redeemers situated in Litas)
[*][i]Abomination Experiences:[/i] (have they ever almost become an abomination through pushing themselves too far? Have they fought an abomination before? Have they seen someone changed into an Abomination- perhaps in their induction ceremony?)

        γ€Ž c o m m u n i c a t i o n 』
        Like relationships, a healthy roleplay lasts through communication between the players and GMs. It’d be nice if you engaged in any conversation in the OOC thread, ranging from polite to batshit crazy. Remember that if you have any concerns, questions, or problems, I’m just a PM away. I’m always willing to help. If you want some "tuff luv", so is onetrickpony.

        γ€Ž m a n n e r s 』
        Never get sassy with another roleplayer in the OOC. Never ignore someone. We’re not beasts here, people! It’s so rude. The only reason I’d ever boot someone from a roleplay is if they instigate fights. And while I won’t tolerate aggression, don’t whine either! DO NOT BE OFFENDED BY WHAT ONE CHARACTER SAYS TO/ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER. I get this allllllll the time. When characters are fighting, it's to add spice, not to hurt your feelings. Also, even when the negative thoughts aren't vocalized, that's simply because they're thinking as the character, which is really what we're supposed to be shooting for. There's always that one person in the OOC who says something like "How mean!" and then talks about how their character is being so misunderstood. It's all apart of the roleplay.

        γ€Ž s u b m i t t i n g 』
        If you're interested or in the process of making a character, post in the OOC! Post your WIPs in the tab or through PMs, not in the OOC. If you have any questions or concerns about the skeleton, just ask away and I'll be glad to answer. You can submit the character to the tab, but if you're still working on it, make the character synopsis "WIP". Once you're finished with your character, change the synopsis to the rank, class, race and description of your character. For example: " No. 11 - Tank - Human - Stupid". This will let us know to review the character and it won't be long before we're PMing you with constructive criticism. :)

        γ€Ž b o o t e d 』
        If you're missing for a week without giving any notice, your character will be killed and replaced. If you speak up, it's A-OKAY. I'm not telling you to cancel all your family vacations and trips around the world for this roleplay.

        γ€Ž m i s c e l l a n e o u s 』
        Follow TOS, no godmodding, etc, etc. You know the drill.

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Character Portrait: Fallon Rothilion
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No. 29 - Sense of Visibility - Elf - "Tch. Don't cover your mouth."

Character Portrait: Lilith Cimon
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Character Portrait: Amaryliss Sage
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Character Portrait: Greyais

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Character Portrait: Ezekiel Aldain Mathis
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No. 14 - Parasitic - Human - "Stop talking. Now."

Character Portrait: Lucas Truesdale
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No. 53 - Senser of Touch - Human - A man with a penchant for one liners and curves.


Character Portrait: Amaryliss Sage
Amaryliss Sage

No. 8 - Senser of Auditory - Human - Benevolent Recruiter

Character Portrait: Lilith Cimon
Lilith Cimon

No. 13 - Manipulator - Human - Creature of Contradictions

Character Portrait: Lucas Truesdale
Lucas Truesdale

No. 53 - Senser of Touch - Human - A man with a penchant for one liners and curves.

Character Portrait: Fallon Rothilion
Fallon Rothilion

No. 29 - Sense of Visibility - Elf - "Tch. Don't cover your mouth."

Character Portrait: Ezekiel Aldain Mathis
Ezekiel Aldain Mathis

No. 14 - Parasitic - Human - "Stop talking. Now."

Character Portrait: Greyais

No. 18 - Manipulator - Human - Delightfully Mad

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Character Portrait: Fallon Rothilion
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No. 29 - Sense of Visibility - Elf - "Tch. Don't cover your mouth."

Character Portrait: Greyais

No. 18 - Manipulator - Human - Delightfully Mad

Character Portrait: Ezekiel Aldain Mathis
Ezekiel Aldain Mathis

No. 14 - Parasitic - Human - "Stop talking. Now."

Character Portrait: Amaryliss Sage
Amaryliss Sage

No. 8 - Senser of Auditory - Human - Benevolent Recruiter

Character Portrait: Lucas Truesdale
Lucas Truesdale

No. 53 - Senser of Touch - Human - A man with a penchant for one liners and curves.

Character Portrait: Lilith Cimon
Lilith Cimon

No. 13 - Manipulator - Human - Creature of Contradictions

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