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Claire Rook

No one ever suspects a Hufflepuff.

0 · 380 views · located in Hogwarts

a character in “Hogwarts School of Witchcrafts and Wizardry”, originally authored by Agent, as played by RolePlayGateway




Why is a raven like a writing desk?

- The Hatter

β™” || Name || β™”
Claire Rook.

β™” || Nickname(s) || β™”

β™” || House || β™”

β™” || Year || β™”

β™” || Specializes In || β™”
Claire doesn’t really specialise in anything but likes to know a little about everything. She enjoys herbology and practical magic. She quite clever with a hex.

β™” || Age || β™”

β™” || Gender || β™”

β™” || Sexuality || β™”

β™” || Nationality || β™”
Born in Australia, Scottish/European background, now residing in Scotland.

β™” || Romantic Interest || β™”
None yet.

β™” || Height || β™”
Ever so slightly shorter than average.

β™” || Face Claim || β™”

Imageβ™” || Hair Color || β™”
Dark brown.

β™” || Eye Color || β™”

β™” || Skin Tone || β™”
Fair/tan. Some freckles.

β™” || Build/Appearance/Preferred Clothing || β™”
Claire is slim but curvy, not particularly athletic but simply blessed with a good metabolism, thank-goodness. She’s not particularly fond of skirts or dresses as she finds them impractical. That said, she doesn’t mind getting a little girly for special events, or lazing around in a sundress in the common room or on the rare occasion that warmer weather allows it. No, her preferred clothes often involve jeans or pants of some kind; comfy shirts, sweaters, or tunics. Her hair is usually a mess of fly-aways whether hanging loose or tied back from her face.

β™” || Personality || β™”
She presents herself as sweet and friendly most of the time, not someone you’d suspect of any mischief. Claire is generally easy-going, but this girl’s quite capable of causing trouble and getting away with it. She knows that no one ever suspects a Hufflepuff. Truthfully, she is kind-hearted and viciously loyal. She’s equally happy with her own company or in a group. Though she’s more likely to observe in a conversation. She has a sharp tongue at times and a temper when pushed. She sometimes flirts without true intention, just for a laugh or to make someone uncomfortable. She is protective of people, however much she teases, she doesn’t like to make or see people truly upset.

β™” || Likes || β™”
Chocolate, tea, reading/drawing, animals, being a nuisance.

β™” || Dislikes || β™”
Haters, spiders, the cold.

β™” || Talents || β™”

β™” || Flaws || β™”
Her temper and a bad habit of enjoying riling people up.

β™” || Fears || β™”
Maggots – just plain ol’ ick!

β™” || Family || β™”
Claire is very close with her family, who are very supportive and tolerant. She has a younger sister, who is one of her best friends and who she is fiercely protective of, but is currently studying abroad. Her mother is muggle-born and her father is half-blood.

β™” || Bio || β™”

β™” || Other || β™”

So begins...

Claire Rook's Story


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Character Portrait: Xing Hei Character Portrait: Claire Rook
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β†· Xing Hei

If it's not about some women, it is about bragging their wealth, trying to figure out who was the best, the richest, the most handsome, the luckiest - and whatever else there is to brag about. Xing soon adapted to that situation, where everyone tried to stand above anyone else, but refrained to do the same. He'd agree there and smile here, but there is nothing really a truth coming out of his mouth when talking to those 'brats' like he called them secretly. Well, their naive nature was easy to manipulate so he did not really case about his status in their group. Such things were a pain in the ass. Fortunately for Xing that his father once were a great magician, also there in Slytherin, and so he was easily accepted in groups, who only wanted members with high standards. 'Idiots' - if we're talking about Xing's opinion about those flies.

"Today, I will be getting the newest model! It has such a speed that no other will compare to!" He heard one bragging with such proud that'd make him puke. "It will be coming this noon, you see," Like he cared. But he smiled and congratulated which made him even higher of himself. Proud he exclaimed more or less the same, just rephrased it; trying to make everyone jealous. Honestly - Xing was sick of it; sick of those talks that won't ever find its end. Sick of this whole academy life he'd lead just a tad too long now. He was tired acting like a good student. And he wanted to raise and objection about everything that'd been bothering him up until now - tell them face to face that they are so good damn losers - because the money they all posses do not even belong to them. It was so pathetic. He was so pathetic, even intended to hear that useless jabbering.

Suddenly, the chit- chat ceased until silence was among the Slytherin, all eyes seem to be fixed on something... or more like someone. It was a Hufflepuff. A woman. And plus, she named Claire Rook. Xing sometimes had the same classes as her, so he knew. He knew what kind of a weird Hufflepuff woman she was - almost made him wonder why she ended up in that house. Xing did not like her the moment she began sweet talk, but in the other hand, he couldn't entirely hate her either - he would lack of reasons likewise. Nonetheless, that woman suddenly dared to come to the table of Slytherin, and really had the guts to sit next to him - honestly, he was confused. But only a smile was decorating his face as he responded. "Good morning, Ms. Rook," Like always, polite and never failed to express a distant. He knew that the other Slytherin students won't like him to help someone from the other house - they all were strict with those, who seem to want to betray. And additionally she was a troublemaker - not someone that should be accepted in that high class group of them. Even by knowing that, he still gave her an answer. Finding that situation a good excuse for doing what he wanted to do. Not like he is obliged and chained to be by their sides forever - those pigs. Without him, they won't ever succeed, he knew it. "How did I go, you ask? Fairly well. Is there anything which causes you problems?,"

The second he said that, he stood up, smiled to his Slytherin β€˜friends’ and then announced: "Then I will be helping this young lady, and I just hope, you all will continue doing good with your studies," With other means, do not count on his help anymore. "Have a nice day failing," Those were the last words he spoke as he dragged Claire along, away from the Slytherin table. Kind of relieved he said that, he again showed a smile to her new company. "So? Where can I be any help to you?,"

The setting changes from Great Hall to Hogwarts


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Character Portrait: Xing Hei Character Portrait: Claire Rook
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β†· Xing Hei

She was even weirder than he thought she is. After understanding that she'd came for him only because she forgot what class she'd have first... Xing couldn't help but to find that amusing. Probably also because his relief was possesing him after that risky announcement he'd made after such a long time holding it in. She was remembering Xing of his little brother, before they'd gotten into that conflict. Like a puppy, small and always stammering. Though he knew that she didn't really have a choice after watching such a rare scene. Not like Xing cared though. Instinctively he patted the girl, trying to calm her down - somehow - like he'd always do with his little brother before. It was a conflicted smile he showed, but it didn't really matter. But then, observing her variety of exoressions, Xing chuckled, something that never happened before.

"You're weird. Coming to the Slytherin table only to ask for that simplicity of a problem, aren't you ashamed? For that, you even showed such a grumpy attitude... pretty exaggerating if you ask me. There are plenty of others who could answer your question without you getting into any unneccesary conflicts. Judging from that, you're a fairly spontaneous person, aren't you?," He would bet for it that she just picked to ask him because she saw him coming into the Great Hall without even considering that other Hufflepuff in her dormitory might know it also. Such a simpleton... probably a rarity in the academy. But suddenly his smile froze, only kept the fake within as he answered. "Oh yes, it is indeed very significant. You should ask them for forgiveness then. Although I am almost very sure that they won't keep it at that only," He shrugged, blaming everything on Claire, wanting to know her response to that matter of fact. But truly, it was something Xing should concern about - who he'd ditched the company from are some of the few who possesed a family of a very important position for the academy. However, Xing did not care. Even if that meant every family would go against him soon or later - what is with that anyway? It is not like he'd cared about his family from the first place. His current family, that is.

"That's why you have to pay for what you did," A threatening, but amused grin after minutes of letting her reaction of Xing's previous words take place, showed on his pale but almost innocent face. "You will have to act appropriately, and must bear my presence every time, and never leave my side. Easy, is it? You only have to protect me, that's all," His eyes flickered, telling the actual truth behind his words full of hidden meanings. "The first class is indeed transfiguration class. Who would have thought that this piece of information would be so expensive?," Only amusement was heard behind the words he spoke.


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Hey guys, remember to post in the places inside of Hogwarts! Not in the Hogwarts placement itself! Thanks!

And important information! Class starts now! After I make my post with each of my characters, school will start and you may then post yours! All Gryffindors will go to Quidditch! All Ravenclaws will go to Potions! All Slytherins and Hufflepuffs will go to Transfiguration! This is all regardless of age or year in school!

Teachers! I put three classes for each of the three teachers! Please remember to get your teacher onto class in your next post so the day can finally start!

Thanks guys! My post will be up soon!


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β€œHiya JJ, causing trouble?” Jemima looked up as she heard someone address her by one of her favourite nicknames. She smiled when she saw it was Claire. "As always." Jemima replied as usual. Even if the reply was often false, she thought it was quite clever. β€œYou been harassing the kitchen staff?” Jemima jokingly put a hand on her heart and made an expression of shock and disbelief. "How could you think of such a thing!" Jemima chuckled. "Nah, you know they don't mind me asking for food. They do love chatting with me about New Zealand's pavlova occasionally." Jemima smirked and in her head she mischievously giggled as she brought up the pavlova with the Australian Claire. She smiled at Xing Hei as he was introduced. "Ah, I've seen you around. I've heard that your potions theories are amazing.We should work together sometime. Studying with other people is always more fun and efficient I've found." Jemima gestured to Ayumu and Jared. "Oh, this is Ayumu and Jared. They're Hufflepuffs like me and Claire." She pulled the three Hufflepuffs into a sort of mixture between a group hug and huddle. Her short arms barely reached Jared's other side, as he was on the other side of Claire. "If Hufflepuff had a chant I would get it started right now, but there's only a school chant, which is cool, but I won't." Jemima spoke of what she was thinking aloud as usual. β€œSo, what are we doing in class today and who do I get to practice on?” Jemima furrowed her brow and blew a strand of her green hair out of her face before answering. "I'm not really sure, but I'm sure I'll completely fail at it anyhow. Potions and Herbology is more my thing." She grinned sheepishly, still holding her fellow Hufflepuffs in a tight hug. She'd actually kinda forgotten she was doing it. She looked at Claire beside her. "How have you been? Haven't seen you much lately." She let go of Ayumu for a moment to pull a sandwich out of her bag. "My last sandwich. You want it?"

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