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Love me cancerously.

Love me cancerously.


Eleven young adults learn quickly the consequences of having romantic feelings.

671 readers have visited Love me cancerously. since Báltaí created it.


The Southern Affair.
Isabelle by GATH

A Southern Belle fell hard for the local, thick accent, Southern Rogue, who was known for good looks and well breeding, but Rogue's have a way of having wondering eyes, escepically Southern Temptations. Whom really just got caught up in a wild, Southern Affair, unknowng what was going on, but which they find themselves not completely wanting to get out of. Fears of hurting the Southern Belle are growing quickly, but the feelings a Rogue can give a Temperateness are growing stronger, quicker.

|Southern Belle||Willow Elizabeth Baxter| |Twenty-three| |Female| |Kristin Conlin| |DatingRhett Buchanan| |Best Friends with Southern Temptation| |Báltaí|
|Southren Rogue||Rhett J. Buchanan| |Twenty-one| |Male| |Taylor Kitsch| |Dating Willow Baxter| |Sleeping with Southern Temptation| |Forget~Me~Not|
|Southern Temptation| |Delilah Bissette | |Twenty-Three| |Female| |Anna Paquin| |Sleeping with Southern Rogue| |Best Friends with Southern Belle| |JellynPB|

|Girl With One Eye by Florence and The Machines | Girl With One Eye by The Ludes|
Wolf in Sheep Clothing
A Sheep goes out with a "troubled" sheep, knowing that rumors swarm around them, but what is the fun in dating good little sheep? Sure the troubled little one was rough around the edges and the night was young. But one Sheep learned a lot quicker than they wanted to, of the absolute pain and terror of having their wool shredded by a Wolf in Sheep clothing.
|Wolf| |Rembrandt Wolfe| |Twenty-Six| |Male| |Christian Cooke| |Had their way with Sheep| |Forget~Me~Not|
|Sheep| |Alice Eliza Phillips| |Nineteen| |Female| |Abigail Breslin| |Victim of Wolf| |JellynPB|

|Addicted by Kelly Clarkson|
Unrequited Infatuation
Addicts love to chase the Drug all over town, needing them constantly, begging for them to see them and be in them. But Drugs can be a hassle when they have their own lives and don't really want to have to deal with Addicts clingy attitudes. No one likes someone who is obsessed, but somehow this Unrequited Infatuation is working for the two, for now.
|Addict| |Name| |Age| |Gender| |FC| |Addicted to Drug| |ⓞⓟⓔⓝ|
|Drug| |Name| |Age| |Gender| |FC| |Controls Addict| |ⓞⓟⓔⓝ|

|Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon| Nicest Things by Kate Nash|
Hopeless to be in love with your Friend. Hopeless to even constantly hear of them wanting someone, and while you listen you realize you match E-V-E-R-Y requirement to be with them, so why is it that you cannot become a part of Friend's love life? Hopeless really to be trapped inside the Friendzone.
|Hopeless| |Matthew Knightly| |Twenty-Six| |Male| |Hugh Dancy| |Wants to be loved by Friend| |Báltaí|
|The Friend| |Lillian Marie Torres| |Nineteen| |Female| |Zoe Kravitz| |Best Friends with Hopeless| |Psst|

|Freshmen by Verve Pipe|
Merely Freshmen
Broken to have to give up on a life growing inside of your body, and dealing with guilt. Broken while sitting in class, trying desperately to finish the semester. Broken stuck with Irresponsible who refuses to take blame for something that couldn't be their fault. Sure they love each-other but the strain is becoming more and more for either one to really deal with, they are just Merely Freshmen.
|Broken| |Name| |Age| |Gender=Female| |FC| |Is with Irresponsible| |ⓞⓟⓔⓝ|
|Irresponsible| |Name| |Age| |Gender=Male| |FC| |Is with Broken| |ⓞⓟⓔⓝ|

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Character Portrait: Delilah Marie Bissette Character Portrait: Willow Baxter
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Southern Belle

Rays of lights beamed into her bedroom, awaking the deep parts of her thoughts. Sleep tears had dried and harden on around the eye lashes, forcing her to groan out a moan. As a reflex her dainty fingers rubbed away the sleep, and opening her green eyes to the window.
Three long eyelashes stuck to the middle fingers as she drew them away from her face. Blond strands of hair were stuck to the left side of her face due to the drool. As soon as this was noticed she blushed and wiped away the hair and dried saliva. Her mouth opened wide as a yawn escaped a tiny burp.
As Willow stretched her body arching her back, exposing her tight stomach, her phone began to buzz. She twisted her body to grab the iphone and turn off the alarm. Sadness peeked up as she looked down at the cover photo. There she was, standing next to the only person she had ever really cared for. Hair as rich blond as her own, and eyes that sparkled chestnut whenever they were together.
Though it was only seven in the morning, Willow decided to send a message to her best friend, Delilah.
Hey, what are you doing today?
As she sent the text she began to get ready for the rest of the day. Pinning her hair up, washing and steaming her face, as well as putting on make-up and prepping her fingers. The whole situation took an hour quickly after finishing she decided to go out into the garden and have her breakfast.
Her back was straight and her ankles were crossed as she sipped from the tea glass and embraced the warmth of the sun, and fresh smells of the flowers swirling around her. The toasted brisket dripped down raspberry jam onto her plate, and a crumbs dangled on the sides of her lips.


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Delilah Marie Bissette Character Portrait: Rhett J. Buchanan Character Portrait: Willow Baxter
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Southern Rouge

Rhett woke up, within seconds his feet found the cold hard floor. He slid his hand throw his hair, sweeping his hand down and grabbing his t-shirt from the foot of the bed. Standing up, he made it a point not to look at the bed he didn’t want to know if there was another occupant. Last night was such a haze he didn’t really remember what he had done, he remembered seeing Willow at one point then Delilah but damn it if he could remember anything after that.

He walked to the “kitchen” which was really just a fridge on the other side of the dingy small pit stain of an apartment he was renting over someone’s garage. Pulling it open he grabbed a slice of cold pizza and held it over his mouth sliding it down. Plopping himself on the couch, he flickered on the T.V, and sighed, Saturday s huh? he snickered to himself and turned on the cartoons.

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Character Portrait: Willow Baxter
2 sightings Willow Baxter played by Báltaí
Southern Belle
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0 sightings Matthew Knightly played by Báltaí

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Re: Love me cancerously.

um... ok so its just a casual rp... COOL!

and I just want to say if you need help with the site you can ask me, as it says below my profile pic I've been on for five years.

Re: Love me cancerously.

I know I am the GM or whatever, but I really don't give a shit, this is just a plot. These are your characters, so write them well, and write them complete.
Start where you feel the need is to start your character.
I have faith.

I might be a shitty GM, so if I slack, take over. I'm not use to this website. I don't want to be the only one in charge seeing how I didn't make your characters, it is a group activity. So say something, if you want something to change, or don't like where it is going.

Re: Love me cancerously.

please excuse me wail I jump on a tambourine...

*Jumps Jingle Jingle*

That's better, :) Getting excited for this rp :)

Re: Love me cancerously.

No prob Báltaí, and thanks for accepting. Im looking forward to roleplaying with everyone. :D

Re: Love me cancerously.

lol, I'm confused a little... nvm i'm better now :)

((stupid keyboard been messing up recently...)

Re: Love me cancerously.

Wow, I don't sign on for a day, and the OOC is talking.
I will be making my character tonight.
Sorry for the delay.

Re: Love me cancerously.

Yeeeah definitely wouldn't want you to be talking to yourself all the time. xD Im pretty sure it will work out. Also, I finished the Southern Temptation hope she's good enough!

Re: Love me cancerously.

Hmm, either way I can't be Hopeless. Then I'd just be talking to myself the whole RP. Although I can't say I'd be opposed to being in love with myself lol

Re: Love me cancerously.

Uhhhhh I think so, then again in the end it's all up to Báltaí anyway. xD

Re: Love me cancerously.

Pardon if I'm overstepping my bonds but that would mean Báltaí would need to take Hopeless then right?

Re: Love me cancerously.

You know what thats it Im doing it, I'll be doing the Temptation instead of the Hopeless. Its a challenge I have to take now. lol

Re: Love me cancerously.

Oh I know she sucked at Rogue xD, I just ship them so hard I'd do it just cause she played Rogue. lol And I'd probably use Sookie from True Blood cause her Rogue is not the temptation type. xD

Re: Love me cancerously.


If only I liked her as Rouge, personally I think she could have been cast better.

Re: Love me cancerously.

Hmmmmm the choices,either the tempting woman or the friend zoned guy. I think I'll go for the guy just to balance it out since I already have a female character. So I guess I'll go for Hopeless, still the Temptation is tempting as well just because I would want to use Anna Paquin to stick Rogue with Gambit :P cause I'm a nerd like that. xD

Decided to do the Temptation instead >.<

Re: Love me cancerously.

Submitted the Wolf, his name is big shocker "Wolfe" :) had too..

Re: Love me cancerously.

Okay so if Forget~Me~Not is interested in the wolf, then we need the southern temptation and the hopeless character so that everyone has a partner.

Re: Love me cancerously.

great, I know you said not to reserve, but I'm just gonna say I'm interesting in Wolf as my second. Just thought I'd inform you all, so we don't have any complications I guess is where I'm going with that.

Re: Love me cancerously.

JellynPB, I quite like your character, and I understand it is hard to make a character without knowing what the other person wants with theirs, I was kind of hoping more people would be joining to help with the awkwardness, so I feel though I should apologize.

To EVERY-ONE talking about doubling up, that's a grand fucking idea. :D
But, I ask to not create the other half, only because I want there to be real awkwardness. I want you to feel that pain of not being able to win the other over, or not knowing how to react with situations.

Re: Love me cancerously.

Well I hope she's what you're looking for. If you think something might need to be tweaked let me know and I'd be glad to make changes. I did my best to come up with something without really knowing much about the Wolf.