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Mitchel Elway

*laughs* "So the mutant got hurt, but that was hilarious wasn't it?"

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a character in “Mutant Rivalry”, as played by yogitheambrangyl


.:Name:. Mitchel Elway

.:Age:. 17

.:Grade:. Junior

.:School:. LakeView

Image.:Description:. Mitchel’s head is topped with shaggy length black hair, much like his younger brother Myran. Out of his brothers, his hair is probably the most cooperative, seeing as he could get it to fall the way he wanted it to if he tried, but being him, the most he does is run a hand through it throughout the day to keep it from falling in his eyes. His eyes are a dark story grey, almost hypnotizing to those who stare into his eyes for too long. His smile is somewhat seductive, making it a little easy for him to gain peoples trust.
His build, like both his brothers is lean, making him look like he could easily be snapped in two by any of the stronger ones at the school. Standing at five foot six inches, his small frame is contradictory to his true strength. Though he was built for speed and stealth, he has a fair amount of strength in his lean muscles so that he can hold his own in fight if he needed to.
His attire is more that of a skater and a rebel than the prep outfits of his older brother. He normally wears loose jeans and t-shirts, preferring to be comfortable than appropriate. Along with this he will always have on finger cut gloves, a collar of some sort and a necklace with a single charm on it.

Image.:Personality:. Mitchel is the most one sided, and the most straight forward, of the three of them. He is very talkative and tends to be the one who everyone knows as has friends in all parts of the school, from the smart people, the jocks, to the musicians and performing arts people. He is the nice guy, even though his appearance makes him look like he would be a bad boy, he is always nice to the adults and rarely has enemies. He is easily to get along with and it is hard for him to be mad at anyone. If he does find reason to be angry at someone, he tends to make a game out of it, finding the best way to pull a prank on them instead of getting into fights. He is always following behind his older brother, he doesn’t mind being second as long as he gets something out of the deal.

.:Extracurricular Activity:. He is on the combat team, he tends to be one of the ones who helps sabotage the mutant schools to fail.

.:Mutant or Normal?:. Normal

.:Strengths:. Based off of his attitude, it is hard for many of the adults to see that he is one to do wrong.

.:Weaknesses:. Sometimes he can be too cocky, thinking he can get away with anything though he can’t.

So begins...

Mitchel Elway's Story


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He laughed as they pulled up to the stadium, ”What are we doing this time? Rigging the sets, couple loose bolts on the major’s platforms?” Mitchel looked excited, ready to through with whatever his brother told him to do. He ran a hand through his hair, sweeping it out of his eyes then readjusting his cutoff gloves. ”Or are we just going to make sure that Myran doesn’t get home until after midnight?” He sounded a bit bumbed at the last, he was all in favor for it, but messing with the lot of mutants was better than just their youngest brother.


He sighed a little as he turned the car off, adjusting the collar of his button up cream colored shirt. ”We’ll just watch today. You can pull your pranks at the competitions, until then, we just watch.” He got out and headed to the stadium, paying for both their tickets and going to find a seat in the stands, which they always could on the mutant side, once they mentioned their brother was one though he almost hated the fact. ”And yes, we’ll make sure he doesn’t get home until late.” He glanced at his younger brother who chuckled and cracked his knuckles. Marcus rolled his eyes and sat down, brushing his white hair out of his eyes.


Myran frowned a little at the laughter that was coming from the guard and he could tell it was making Julye uncomfortable. ”Sorry I wasn’t there, my brother booby trapped the car again. I was going to try and fix it this weekend instead of right before a game and be really late.” He watched her turn and head back behind the stand to get a burger from the band food line. He felt somewhat bad, he could have called huh? He would have to remember to do that next time so that she wasn’t running the whole way here. He looked up at the drum majors started to get people’s attention, getting ready to play music he headed up to the stands, mallets in hand and already motioning out beats. Then they stopped, and he saw someone coming up the stands on the other side. His brothers went and sat down, looking much like they should be there, but he knew different. He wished once again that he could read minds and know that they were planning. Mitchel caught his eye and gave him a smug smile, and Myran knew his night was going to end with just this game. He just hoped Julye didn’t see them, or Cade see the resemblance in the three of them.


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As Myran talked, the world only seemed to become duller and duller with each word he said. All the cheers zoned out. The only thing he heard was the quiet sound of Juye's soft sobbing and Myrans comforting words. It was utterly heartbreaking to see his friend lie this, and now that he knew the truth, it only made it worse. "What kind of low down piece of trash would do that to Julye..." he growls, gritting his teeth to the breaking point. He sighs calming himself down before he started to rub Julye's back. It was a small gesture but he didn't want to interrupt Myran and Julye. Plus, he always found his back being rubbed comfortable and calming. But ever since the divorce he hadn't had that treatment in a while so he decided that Julye deserved it. "It's gonna be alright Julye...As long as me and Myran are alive, nothing would ever hurt you..."


She listened intently and was a bit surprised as smoke started to rise above the feathers covering her hand. It almost seemed like he was turning into it. Mali wasn't the least scared though. I mean, both were mutants and both were weird in their own way. She couldn't even control more than half of her powers without completely passing out. She smiles before playfully punching his arm lightly. "Hey uh...I was wondering if you knew any...teacher person that could teach me how to control some of my powers. Do you know of any?" She asks shyly. She always hated getting help from someone but this had to be done.


Iria watched the field from afar. The band was certainly great. Everything seemed to be going just fine. After about what seemed like 10 minutes, there was a slight feel of uneasiness before it suddenly left her body completely causing her to shiver. Eyes darting around the crowd, she saw some people from her school, like two brothers, Mali-who used to be at her school until people found out she's a mutant-, even Ayden was here which, astonished her. She'd never thought of Ayden coming to one of these games but hey! She wasn't the one to say that in his face. She was just a bit surprised.